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My car is a masculine car

I love my car. I knew it as soon as I test drove it. It's fun and masculine and versatile. I don't take it off road nearly enough but that's my fault. It's a bit underpowered but that's fixable if I wanted to spend the money. the only thing I would change is the windows in the back don't open and I would make the back window capable of cracking open so that the hot air can escape when I drive.


Toyota fj combines fun, style and utility for a great all purpose vehicle.

Good fuel economy, power and fun to drive. Handles well. Back seat is a good size. Seats fold down for hauling items. Reliable and safe. Braking system is good. There are annoying blind spots due to half back doors with small windows. Cools off and heats up quickly because of compact interior cabin.

- Melissa G

Toyota fj is simply amazing.

We have not had any performance problems or reliability problems thus far. The back seat area is not comfortable or spacious enough. Those are our only issues. There needs to be double the rear space. Also prefer to have full doors to the back seats.

- J A

FJ Cruiser for Safety & Comfort

I absolutely enjoy my FJ Cruiser. It is very reliable as it has been maintained well over the years. The mileage per tank of gas is not ideal, but it was purchased for safety more than gas mileage.

- Cynthia J

The safety profile and gas mileage.

It is a deluxe model so there is a lot of extras, very roomy and can get a lot of stuff in it. There is 1 con to it the gas mileage it hurts a little but other then that I love it.

- Elizabeth L

It has a few blind spots,

This car has been very dependable mechanically and the ride is one of the smoothest that I have had. It is also very good in the snow and bad weather.

- Jason O

It is fun to drive and makes you feel like you can go through anything.

My FJ Cruiser is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I like everything about it and it is fun to drive. I do not have any complaints about it.

- rick u

Pros and cons of an FJ-Cruiser

The FJ cruiser is an amazing car. Very safe: feels as if you're driving a tank and nothing can harm you. Only downfall is gas consumption.

- Chris C

The suicide doors make for easy access to the inside.

I love my FJ. It's roomy and the space inside is easy to access. There are some blind spots, but I've learned to compensate.

- Andrea U

It's unique and very capable off roading! Can camp inside as well.

I love the unique look. I love how capable it is when off-roading!

- George C