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Save vehicle that is worth the money.

The 2016 Prius c is a great car. I like how silent it is. I especially love the amazing gas mileage on this car. Anyone who has ever owned (or driven) a Prius c is likely to never own anything else again. The design of these cars is nice as well. The hatchback makes it so that you have tons of room for moving, traveling, or working on the road. My husband had another Prius c prior to this one and was rear-ended by a drunk driver. These small cars can take a beating - he came out of a major crash (his car rolled) with just a few cuts and scrapes. The car was completely totaled (only the drivers seat area remained unsmashed). He immediately opted to replace that 2012 Prius c with a 2016 Prius c.

- Yvonne G

I have been pleasantly surprised with how much power this small hybrid has.

After having this car for 2 years I can honestly say I have had no issues with how it runs. Of course I do my part in taking it for tune up According to dealers recommendations. I am very happy with the gas mileage, which is one of the major reasons I chose this vehicle. The only thing I am looking forward to in my next vehicle, is more cargo space. But once I do decide to get a larger vehicle, I will be keeping the my Prius c for everyday use.

- Victoria P

Toyota is the answer for every family, especially the Prius.

Performance is very good, no real problems. The Prius Toyota is very reliable and comfortable. Our 1st Prius was purchased in 2003 and we have only purchased Prius vehicles since. We first purchased a Toyota Avalon in 1998, which we also enjoyed. One Prius that we purchased was a hybrid using electricity as well as fuel, only regret that Toyota did not construct a Toyota hybrid in 2016 when we purchased our last hybrid.

- Elvira W

75 Mph collision totaled my Prius c, and I walked away without a scratch.

I chose the Prius because it has the absolute best gas mileage. People ask me if I felt safe in such a small car, but after I walked away from a 75 mph collision on the interstate, I proved to everyone how well built these vehicles are. I was protected with 3 airbags in my drivers seat, the fourth wasn't set off because it wasn't a side impact. The car was totaled, so 2 weeks later I purchased another Prius.

- Christina T

Porthole window is small to see out of.

I love my car. The best things are the featured that are on it: it has a great radio, is a great brand, great gas mileage, awesome color (orange). The only thing that I hate about it is that the back window is more of a porthole then a window. So if you have 5 in there you cannot see out of that window at all. Or if someone just decides to sit in the middle then the driver cannot see.

- Sofia S

Too small to store stuff inside.

It performs fine and is small and easy to park. My problem is the inside is too small. Previously I had a regular Prius and had plenty of storage. I liked the smaller car and price when I went to buy it - I had originally gone for a regular Prius, but I didn't realize that the small size made storage inside the car minimal, and the trunk's too small too.

- Joan G

Great, very compact, car for urban travel.

Great, small car for urban travel. It gets great gas mileage. I can go from Minneapolis to just about Milwaukee on one tank. Most of the modern features and lots of places to take it in. Hard to turn off the check engine light if you do your own service work. Barely fits a bike without taking off the wheel. Could make the seats more store and go.

- Ellen K

Great driving - fuel efficiency.

This car is perfect for someone who both drives in town a lot but also likes to go for long car rides. The hybrid helps the gas mileage tremendously! I can drive basically the whole length of California on two full ups. The inside is roomier than expected and I can fit a lot of stuff in the hatchback. I can also fold the seats down if needed!

- Christina L

Great car but not as gas efficient as I thought.

The car is compact but spacious and it is very easy to drive. It drives well in long road trips. My only issue is it is not as gas efficient as I thought it would be. I was hoping for better gas mileage since it is a hybrid but honestly I am not very impressed. I am definitely planning on going full on electric for my next car.

- Guadalupe M

Prius c is a very good car in every category.

I love my Prius. This is my second one. It is very good on gas and I get around 38-40 miles per gal. The only maintenance I have had is the regular routine oil change. I am completely satisfied with its performance. I like this one better than my first one as it is easy to maneuver and I can turn around on a dime.

- Rose C

Toyota Prius c great for the environment and your wallet.

With a Toyota Prius c you can get great gas mileage. You can park anywhere since you can park in the compact parking spaces. It has a super comfortable driver's seat. The car is part battery part gas so it is a hybrid which is good for the environment. You can hook up phone to the car and make & answer calls.

- Lisa M

Prius-c is compact, efficient, and cozy.

I love that the Prius is quiet, compact, and is extremely fuel efficient. I also have had no major repairs purchasing it. It is comfortable to sit in. The sound system is excellent and the speakers are clear. The only issue is we would like more trunk space and there is a blind spot when merging lanes.

- Gina B

Small car gets big mileage.

It's a great little car. That is the issue is it is small. Two bags of luggage and the trunk is full. The gas mileage is amazing. Getting up a San Francisco hill is always an adventure as the car doesn't feel like it has the power. Great commuter car but not a good everyday family car.

- Mike S

Great car for daily driving.

Car has been very reliability and fun to drive. It is very comfortable to drive long distance and short trips. Great gas mileage especially in town. A perfect car for that drive that needs to drive on his own or carpool with coworkers. It is very quiet ride and a pleasure to drive.

- John R

Best gas mileage ever, drive forever.

I get amazing gas mileage. Best purchase I ever made. It is also good for the environment. It has amazing safety features. The hatchback is very spacious, I am able to fit 2 great danes comfortably. It is a very reliable car. Good for families, couples or just individual use.

- Dale M

Hybrid vehicle that is perfect for in town errands or long trips.

I love the hybrid car! Ever since I switched, I get great gas mileage and because I drive in town often, my car is usually in electric mode. I fill up gas about twice a month and it is about $15-$20 each time. I have had no problems and would recommend this car to everyone.

- Ricky P

Great gas mileage, and roomy despite being compact.

The Prius c is good on gas, and spacious. However, if you are looking for a more speedy vehicle this may not be the best option for you. Thus far I have not experienced any problems with the vehicle. The Bluetooth is a fine feature, but it is standard in most vehicles.

- Jennifer B

The gas mileage is amazing.

The vehicle is great might look small. But super spacious on the inside. Great on gas especially if you have to commute everyday. In love with the fact that the car can go fast when it needs to. Very quiet car especially when driving throughout the neighborhood.

- Maria L

I have taken it across the state and was able to get 54 miles per gallon.

I like the I really like the color and is blue. It gets very good gas mileage I have had no problems with my vehicle. So far maintenance costs seem to be fairly low. While the vehicle was under warranty it did have a part on the seat that needed replaced.

- Brent S

Mileage Star in a Cute Little Car!

It's a great little car. Despite its size, you can fit a lot into it, that's the beauty of these little wagons. It's not very powerful but it gets the job done and the mileage can't be beat. I get in the upper 50's MPG. It's comfortable and very cute!

- Elayne T

It operates and handles in a fantastic way.

I like the gas mileage. Operation of the car motor. Handles very well. I dislike that it is put together with staples! There is no protection from bumps to the sides and back. The operation book was written by non Americans and is hard to understand.

- Charles K

This car has amazing fuel efficiency and will save you money.

I have a Toyota Prius because I love the gas mileage on this hybrid car. I'm currently averaging 54 mpg over the life of the car. In addition, it's a smooth ride, with some nice features including bluetooth and gps.

- Kristen L

It has amazing mpg. It is easy to park.

It has excellent mpg. It is easy to park. It has really great steering. It is comfortable for five people to sit in. I take it on road trips all the time. And I love not having to go to gas stations very often.

- Brandon B

It is very fuel efficient. I average 45-50 mpg on the road.

I get incredible gas mileage from my car. It has an awesome turn radius and is easy to handle on the road. It's not as affordable as I would have preferred, but it gets me from point A to B with relative ease.

- Scott R

Prius C: A wonderful car if you need to make the switch to help lower emissions.

Dislike that it would only take so long to speed up compared to most cars that use gas. However, love that I can save some money due to it being gas efficient. Also, love the design of the Prius as well.

- Steven L

It gets between 48-52 miles per gallon .

I love that it gets great gas mileage. I do wish the tank was larger so I could get gas once every couple of weeks. I wish there was a little more room in the front seat for tall people.

- Shannon Y

It is a hybrid so it uses both electric and gas to move.

I love the color and the hatchback. I also love the gas mileage that it gets, as I can usually go 50 mpg. I dislike that the gas tank is only about 8 gallons, I wish it was larger.

- Shan W

Tremendous fuel efficiency in a great dependable car!

It is too small for my three dogs and me to go together and can't hold a week's worth or groceries. Works a little too hard on the highway. Would like the next size up of prius

- gayle r

And it's really good gas mileage, usually around 45 to 50 miles per gallon.

I really like the style of my car. As small as I can fit into any parking space. The one thing I don't like is that it doesn't have it heat gauge on the dashboard.

- Yvonne J

It is a Hybrid so when when the battery needs to be replaced you are looking at a few thousand dollars!

I dislike that it is such a small car. I like the fact it gets great gas mileage. It is also excellent in the snow, although I had to buy aggressive tires.

- Susan B

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It has great gas mileage, low maintenance costs and it is easy to get in and out of traffic as well as parking spots. I wish it had vents in the backseat.

- Tom F

Having no rear axle helps make your ride smoother.

No problems, love the rear having no axle, ride is firm, gas mileage is great, holds the road firmly on turns. Cabin noise is louder than expected.

- Richard M

It's a really good car and they have many color options.

The back window is very small its like looking out a porthole-i hate this. I love the size of my car, the good gas mileage and the color options.

- Sofia S

It is a great car for families looking for a safe vehicle with cargo space.

I like the small size and the easy maneuvering of my car. I love the gas mileage, of course. It is comfortable, and just the right size for me.

- Virginia S

The truck is very versatile. The inside is large and the bed is very functional.

Fuel efficient. Small easy to park. It has not needed service other than maintenance. No complaints. I plan to buy it when my lease ends.

- Kathleen N

Vehicle saves money on gas.

I love how quiet it is. It saves a lot in gas. It is very stylish and comfortable. It is very reliable and have never had a problem.

- Kc S

I think the vehicle is a little hard to see out of. But it gets great gas mileage, which was the main reason to purchase the vehicle. I do think that for the cost of the car there are limited bells and whistles.

It gets amazing gas mileage and handles most terrains very well. I've never had a car/hatchback handle city to rural so well.

- Mackenzie L

Cost efficient for gas, can go for many miles without filling up

Frequent maintenance for oil changes and tires. The seats get dirty quickly and the hubcaps and tires are moderate quality.

- Allysn R

Great on gas and reliable!

My toyota prius c is great on gas, I only have to fill up the tank a few times a month. I've never had any issues with it.

- Victoria F

There is a large blind spot compared to the last model I owned.

Cheap gas. Great sound system. Fold down seats that have a lot of room. Put surf rack on top of it. Keyless engine start.

- Helena M

The gas mileage is the most important thing.

I like the gas mileage, ease of handling and the blue color. It is just the correct size for me/ I have no complaints.

- Mary P

it has good gas mileage so you don't pay as much for gas

It has good gas mileage. It also is a pretty safe car. I don't like that it is so small and not very good for storage.

- Jo W

It's an economical car with great mileage and great control

I really like the control I have of the vehicle when I'm driving, I like the acceleration and the quality of the brakes.

- Zach B

I love the bluetooth and touch screen monitor. I also like the simplicity of it. It has what it needs.

I love it. It drives great. Not the best power and doesn't have cruise control for long trips but gas mileage is great.

- Joyce R

Small but efficient. I don't need a lot of car, but this really suits me.

It is a bit smaller than perfect for me, but i like small. Handles well and smoothly. Has nice zip--and 44 MPG

- Michael E

Save fuel and comfortable drive.

I have no problem with Prius c car. Good fuel saving, lot of save gas when I drive in the city or snake road.

- Gary H

It has a small trunk but it otherwise pretty good.

I like it a lot. It uses less gas and is more eco-friendly. It has too small a trunk, which is annoying.

- Karin T

The gas mileage is important to us.

Love the hybrid issue,, excellent gas mileage easy to drive. Nice to handle, and low cost of price.

- Stephanie S

I get over 60 miles to a gallon.

I like the gas mileage I get. I like how quiet the car is. I do not like that storage is limited.

- Michael H

Very easy maintenance, nice comfortable drive while getting up to 80 mpg

Great Gas mileage, easy care meaning oil changes every 10k. Comfortable drive

- Dave P

Great gas mileage, plenty of room and very smooth drive.

No need to compromise to get great gas mileage, comfort and convenience

- cathy l

Economy (gas saver). Comfortable

I like big trunk with folding back chairs that makes even bigger space

- Gevorg b

Been a great vehicle to own, milage is terrific. Sadly, the seats could be a little more comfortable, obviously not a great car if you like sitting high. If you drive it nicely, the millage is fantastic.

Millage is terrific. Responsive, does impressively well in the snow.

- Christopher B

I love the compact size of my car; it makes it incredibly easy to park in all situation. The gas mileage is amazing and probably the best part! Everything else is fine, but those are the most remarkable parts!

Its mileage is incomparable to anything else you've ever driven!

- greta j

I drive a 2016 Prius C Toyota and it drives smoothly. Rarely gives me any problems and I have it insured in case I get into a car accident. I love the model and design, makes me feel comfortable and clean whenever I'm driving it.

My car makes me feel safe whenever and wherever I'm driving

- Lizeth R

Love my Prius C! It is very economical (hybrid!) and fun to drive. Just the right size for easy parking. No complaints!

50 MPG! You will love how far a tank of gas will get you!

- Uli W