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From bringing home the groceries to carpooling kids, it can handle anything.

Our 2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited Gold Package is the most reliable vehicle we own. It has over 24000 miles on it and is still going strong. Besides the regular maintenance the only repeating problem we had was the catch on the rear door breaking. We've taken it off road, up mountains, on countless road trips, and even towed trailers. It's comfortable for the whole family, even when all the seats are filled. We've put three adults on the third row yearly with no issues. Visually it's held up beautifully, it still looks quits new almost two decades later. I have practically nothing bad to say about this car.

- Emma W

Love the space that the car offers.

The car runs really well. The space in the car is wonderful, plenty enough room to put two booster seats and another person in the same row. Fits 7 comfortably with enough space in the back end to fit all the luggage needed. The split air/heat function works really well as we can have the back portion of the car be on a different climate then the front of the car, which works great for those who chill or get hot easily, the biggest drawback is the back door, we cannot seem to keep it working and can sometimes be hard to open when it does work.

- Tiffany S

Old faithful - extremely reliable. Traction control issues.

This car is super reliable. I generally get anywhere from 15-20 miles per gallon (depending on if I am in town or on the highway). I have 309,000 + miles on it and it is still trucking along. . The main issue that I have had is with my dash sensors and the sensors for the 'trac control'. I have experienced this traction system engaging when it is not supposed to, had it fixed, and now the sensors are starting to pop back up at random times. It has not 'engaged' again, but the dash lights will act like it is. Great car!!

- James M

Large SUV. Very spacious. Very reliable.

The Toyota sequoia is an amazing car. It performs incredibly well in all weather conditions. It has traction control incase of ice or short quick stops. It has 4 wheel drive in case of off-roading or snow on the ground. It has lots of space to fit 8 people comfortably. It handles well and drives smoothly with little to no repairs after 16 years of use. It still has so many miles to go on it even at 240, 000. If you want a reliable car that can last you a long period of time, this is a car to consider.

- Emmy T

Wonderful vehicle that I highly recommend to anyone.

The Toyota sequoia is a safe, reliable, comfortable vehicle. I have never had any issues with it. I bought it new in august of 2001. I have changed the battery once and the tires once. I live in a very snowy state and this four wheel drive is wonderful. It starts up on the coldest mornings and warms up nicely. I have a sun/moon roof and have never had it leak. I think all Toyotas are great, but this the sequoia is fantastic.

- Kathy W

Reliable safe and family oriented expensive on gas.

Gas guzzler but overall a very nice family size deluxe SUV style vehicle. We've had it in my family since we purchased it in 2002 and it has lasted through the year with minimal problems and upkeep. We only had to change the tire shocks once out of almost 20 years of having it and we have driven it from la to Texas and back, Vegas, palm springs and more it is a very reliable and safe vehicle.

- Lulu D

Roomy reliable good with gas just great for people with big family

It very big. A Lot of room for my large family.. Good for moving too without renting a uhaul. The drive is clean smooth with little rocking. Good of gas with v8 engine. The back seat are removable just in case we're going somewhere and I have to pack things. The seats are adjustable so you can lay back in backseat if need which is good for long trips.

- Tilly J

It's a very good vehicle for the price. The value of a Toyota stays for the lifetime of the vehicle.

I love the fact that my suv is very spacious, I can carry all of my grandkids and their belongings comfortably. It is great on long trips, there is enough room for everyone. The power is awesome, the gas mileage, though, leaves a lot to be desired, especially in the city. It is very reliable, I trust the Toyota brand exclusively.

- Sandricka J

She is a silver, Toyota limited. Has a sunroof

The car is 16 years old and I've only had to bring it to the shop 3 times. It has great gas mileage and perfect for big families. Features are sunroof, large truck and extra row of seats that can be laid down. I currently am not facing any issues with the car, still drives very well for its age and looks amazing.

- Gabrielle G

Perfect for large families!

I got this vehicle a few years ago because I needed more room for my kids and all their sports equipment, etc. It has not let us down! We often take it on long road trips, it drives great! However, it does have a recurring problem with the locks.. the back hatch won't open and the car locks itself all the time!

- Annette W

Sequoias: the early 200's' take on a Cadillac.

Constantly going to the gas station, it can get expensive. Squeaky belts when the motor gets cold. Back door hatch breaks a lot. But, I do love it. Huge and awkward to navigate in cities. Giant car. But an amazing car. My friends always gaze in amazement whenever them see me successfully parking in a space.

- Nick B

Review of Toyota sequoia.

It's pretty versatile. It is pretty comfortable and has not caused much trouble for most of it is life. It recently broke down twice and whatnot but was repaired each time with relative ease. It is gas mileage leaves something to be desired but that is to be expected considering the type of car it is.

- James V

As a mom on the go, I love my SUV.

My truck is 4 wheel drive which works excellently. It has been reliable and easy to fix when maintenance needs to be performed. We comfortably have traveled with two car seats and five adults and could have easily fit one more person. It is fully loaded and came standard with a six disk CD changer.

- Tiffany J

The V8 is wonderful and powerful. Toyota makes a great vehicle!

I love the size of the vehicle, there is plenty of room in the back to transport basically anything. The vehicle is bulky but it's capable of off-road performance. I love the room inside. One flaw is the electronics. I've had issues with the radio, a couple sensors, and small aesthetic faults.

- Russ B

Large 8-passenger vehicle.

The sequoia rides smooth. I have not had any issues with it and I have had it for about 5 years. As long as you maintain it and have it serviced regularly, it will last a very long time. The only drawback I have with it, is that it has a v8 engine and it gets expensive filling it up with gas.

- Dora B

It sucks. Really do not like it. Too big.

Old and too big. Way too load, uses so much gas, hard to park, brakes are terrible, needs to be replaced. Mileage is way too high. It is very gross I do not like it, color is bad, so noisy, everything is broken, I hate it so much, terrible car. It is the worst ever I hate it.

- Rebecca B

My Toyota is reliable and convenient.

The truck has really good mileage and drives great. I almost rarely have to change the oil. It fits 7 to 8 people which is great for large families. The truck has great horse power. This model of Toyota is very reliable and I recommend it to anyone who has big families.

- Anna M

Old Car Problems: Toyota Sequoia

It is really old now, but it performs well, the gas mileage is pretty trash and so I will probably want to get rid of it soon. The battery on such an old car also dies pretty fast so if you ever leave your headlights or a light inside the car on, it will die by morning.

- George T

Toyota - very reliable vehicle. Would definitely buy again!

Bought it slightly used and it has been the best vehicle. Never gave me any issues until it hit about 150, 000 miles. They were most recently the fuel pump, a problem with abs system once. But overall a very reliable vehicle. Would definitely buy a Toyota product again.

- Candace V

My ride is the best I ever had.

It's a very nice vehicle. Good on gas. It is very roomy. Has a lot of space. Good on off road as well. No problem with mileage on gas. Stereo system is great. Everybody loves the model. Air conditioning works great. Seat warmers are a plus. Motor runs like a champion.

- Damon D

It is very safe and the engine lasts forever. 220000 miles and still going strong.

It has a main valve leak. The gas mileage is awful. The seats are comfortable and it lasts forever. It handles well and the brakes are not too sensitive. The door handle recently broke off. The check engine light has been on for a few years now. It is a very safe car.

- Noelle E

The best Toyota in its class

I love this vehicle. It doesn't have four wheel drive but turning off the traction control gets us through about anything. I can haul anything a truck can. I have very few upkeep expenses and my entire family plus some fits. Very good vehicle with very good features.

- Crystal B

One of the nicest SUVs to drive.

First I must say I love the size. Room for just about anything you can imagine. This car has very good performance, cannot beat a v8 engine for towing or going uphill. The third row of seats are removable. And last this may be a big SUV but it rides like a sedan.

- Diane B

Broke down and in need of an upgrade. But a good family car.

My car has the ignition out in it. Its missing a blinker. Its black. The fuel pump is out on it. And it needs new tires. The best thing about this car is that it is big enough for my entire family. The air does not work in my car. The car needs a new back handle.

- Vee J

My van best on the road love to drive it.

There are no problem with the engine, transmission, brakes has a good paint job and drives better, has been kept over the years. I keep the engine serviced. New tires. Very reliable has a clean interior, seat are not bad carpet is good has a new radio CD player.

- Curtis N

I really like this vehicle because it sits up high and is a V8 vehicle. I love the power behind it and the seats are pretty comfortable.

It's a nice vehicle but i'm having problems with the Trac light coming on. It's the light icon for the traction for driving in the rain.Well it turns on by itself when i'm at a complete stop and I push on the gas or when I hit the smallest bump in the road.

- Paige M

My car: comfortable and reliable.

On my experience my car has been amazing. No problems very comfortable especially when you have children. Very stable on the road. The only things is that the motor of the back window stop working about 1yr from purchase. Also the abs is not working at all.

- Cecilia R

Old Faithful would be the name I would give the review of my vehicle. She is older than alot of my neighbor's vehicles, but she gets me from point A-B with no major hassles. My life is so much better with the vehicle.

I really love my car, but because I bought it used from someone in the neighborhood it had issues that I did not know about until I started driving it for a period of time. It performs great and is reliable, she's just old and needed love.

- Monique S

The quality of the vehicle is very good. To last for that many years without major repairs should be all you need to know.

Performance has been superior. I currently have over 300,000 miles on the vehicle and have had no major repairs. This is the 5 Toyota vehicle I have owned and all have had more than 225,000 miles on them before I sold or traded them in.

- James M

It is a big SUV so it can be expected, but it is terrible on gas.

I recently had to replace the spark plugs and a coil pack. The exhaust manifold will have to be replaced before it gets inspected but it's an old truck and other than that it runs like a champ. Terrible on gas though.

- Thomas H

Seats eight people comfortably and has room for boosters or car seats across both back bench seats.

I like that it is an SUV and seats all 8 of my family members. I don't like that the storage space in the back is kind of small. Trying to fit luggage or sports equipment for 6 kids and 2 adults in there is hard.

- Angel M

Lots of space. Great for day trips.

Lots of room for all of the kids. I love that the rear seats give the option of either flipping upright or removing completely. Seats are roomy and comfortable. Very nice for a long drive with lots of kiddos.

- Jennifer M

Zero mechanical problems.

Vehicle is sufficient in transporting us from point A to point B. We have NEVER had a mechanical issue with the vehicle. This is the reason why we usually buy Toyota vehicles. Quality pays off.

- Kim H

Stylish, spacious and affordable

It's a very safe truck. Always been great for me and very reliable. Fits my large family comfortably. Has 4 wheel drive for when we vacation in the mountains. Would very much recommend.

- Kaitlin T

There is 3rd row seating, which allows my family, to ride comfortably.

My SUV is very roomy, extremely reliable, the performance is second to none. Automatic door locks, power windows, adjustable seating, all make for a more comfortable ride.

- San J

It is safe and easy to drive. I feel safe and secure when I am driving my Toyota Sequoia. It has an automatic transmission.

I love the security of a big and solid vehicle. I love the engine power. I love the way my Toyota sequoia runs. I love the way my Toyota Sequoia is secure on snow and ice.

- Jane D

The sequoia is a very dependable vehicle that will last you a long time.

It is still running strong with a lot of miles on it. It has many features like towing and third row seating that I love. It's a very reliable and sturdy vehicle.

- Elisabeth H

It's got it's quirks. It's reliable but it does use a lot of gas.

I like that it's reliable and very spacious. I also like that it's very easy to fix. My complaint is that it drinks a lot of gas. It's a very old truck.

- Shelly r

It is hardy and safe. Well worth owning.

I really like the Sequoia. It is comfortable, sturdy and solid. I really like the 4 wheel drive. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Ron P

It is a good working car.

I love the size and that it has not caused me any problems engine wise but I dislike the fact that the interior is starting to fall apart.

- Hayley C

It is an SUV and it is a large it just does not have a lot of space in the back.

My vehicle has no problems it is an awesome vehicle I love it the only problem is it has is when we have to do tune-ups to it that is it.

- Mary A

It is a great family vehicle.

I love the size and power of my Toyota sequoia. Sometimes the gas can be a little pricey. I love that it is a reliable family vehicle.

- Tay M

That it's a very safe and reliable vehicle.

My vehicle does very well on gas mileage and quite a bit of room and really the only dislike is the back seats are hard to take out.

- Tanya T

Easy to maintain and it will run for forever.

Good sustainable car. Runs very well. Toyota is always reliable. Will run forever. Big enough for my whole family. Comfortable.

- Jessica P

It is of the best manufacturing quality and can fit up to nine people.

My vehicle accommodates all my needs but is very large and is definitely a gas guzzler. I would love to save money on gas.

- Shop D

It's very spacious. It fits three car seats across each row of seats.

My vehicle is spacious, especially with the 3rd ROW seating. My back hatch, headlight and door handle are all broken.

- Kacie V

Very dependable, for the pass 16 years it has never left us stranded.

Its a toyota, no problems as long as you keep up with the maintenance. It is very roomy and comfortable.

- Raul M

Has almost 300,000 miles and it is still running, even if I'm a park lot it has gotten beaten up twice.

Gets from point A to point B. Do not have a note. Low maintenance. Old. One door has issues. Big

- Eee T

Love how spacious this vehicle is. It does use a lot of gas but is great for hauling a whole lot of people or items. Perfect for family vacations.

It's SO roomy and reliable. Even though it's older, it's never needed much in the way of repairs

- Julie W

It's a great family car that can carry eight people and still have room for luggage or groceries or sports equipment

It is comfortable. Has a lot of room. It runs forever. Doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

- None G

Gas is a factor. The amount of times a week I have to get gas is very frustrating

I love the amount of space and features in the vehicle, but it is not very good on gas

- Andra m

extremely reliable , rides really nice and stable Just do basic maintenance and it will give you no problems at all . the only things is it does go through tires kinda fast.

Runs like a champ , no problem from day 1 , and it's a beautiful car.

- Raymond M

It has plenty of passenger room

I like the amount of room it has and it is very comfortable

- connie B

It's dependable. Fairly decent mileage for such a large vehicle.

Reliable. Dependable. Worry free. Family sized.

- Herman M