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This car has the potential to exceed the manufacturers expectations if properly maintained.

Despite the problems I have had this vehicle has been really great. One issue has been that I have had to replace the water pump. Another is the parking brake light will come on while driving and most sites that I looked up this issue on reported lots of heartache in trying to get it resolved. The car still runs and the brakes still work. I recently took it in for a recall on the airbags and when I got it back it was running really poorly and the check engine light was on which wasn't on before taking it in. The error was stating an issue with one of the cylinders misfiring. After doing some research and talking with a local mechanic I ended up replacing the spark plugs and everything is running great now. If I only do freeway driving I can get over 300 miles to the tank. The car came with a DVD player installed and the kids love it. It also comes with a 6 disc vs player allowing for many portions for music. It is an older car with over 150000 miles but still runs great.

- Daniel F

Great car for a family but bad on gas mileage.

It is really comfortable. I like the feature where the seat can be adjusted higher or lower as well as back or forward. I have not had this vehicle long, but it seems to run well. It has not had a problem with maintenance so far. It speeds up much more quickly than my old Honda Accord. It is very hard to back up compared to my little Accord I feel like cannot see anything behind me. However it is in much better repair it is also really nice to drive with my baby. It seems more sturdy. I believe also like that the heat and air conditioning can change from the back to the rear when I put on rear control, my daughter can adjust the air to best suit her and my other kids. My only complaint is the gas mileage. It seriously increased our gas budget. I work about 25 minutes away and I'll spending about $100 a week on gas. We're thinking of testing it in for a more gas efficient vehicle despite everything else I love about it.

- Lindsey S

No space 2005 Toyota Sequoia

It drives fine. Fuel efficiency is actually not bad considering it is a V8. However, other mechanical issues make it so I am not a total fan of the vehicle. The back window won't go up and down, won't defrost, and the back wiper won't work. The heater/AC dials are "spin dials" and they have not worked well for some time. Just a couple of days ago the speed of air dial dust stopped working all together. You can turn the heat/AC on, but it has to be full force. The stock radio dials have issues as well. You go to turn the radio down, and all of a.sudden it is blaring loud. For a vehicle that seats 8, there is next to no storage space for those 8 people.

- Cheri G

Toyota sequoia make an outstanding family SUV.

My 2005 Toyota sequoia is a great family SUV. Gas mileage could be better but, it is able to fit at least seven people comfortably and still has room for bags. I have the two wheel drive model really wish I would've gotten the four wheel drive just because we like to vacation in the snow. Only thing I had upgrade to make the car perfect was I had to install an aftermarket touchscreen stereo and have them install a back up camera. I do plan on adding a large roof rack so we will be able to carry more luggage we go on trips. This SUV has never let me down.

- Sean R

Toyota's are great vehicles.

I have always had Ford vehicles. I recently got a Toyota and I love it. I haven't had any problems since I got the SUV and that was 3 years ago. It has a mileage of a little over to 200, 000 and it is still running really good. I even traveled to Illinois from new Mexico in it and it still runs like a champ. It even has lights that help me out on what needs to be fixed even if the sir in the tires are low a light will start blinking just to let me know. It is a good truck.

- Sandra F

High mileage, great car. Could have better gas.

This vehicle has a smooth drive as long as maintenance is kept up. I have not only put my money into buying the vehicle but into the work as well. It is a great car for having high mileage, we have personally put almost 10, 000 miles, it is around 201, 000 miles total. It has only needed oil change and tires since we've bought it. I am replacing the brakes and rotors now which have not been changed since who knows how long.

- Charlotte B

Wonderful features of the Toyota sequoia.

Smooth highway drive, very safe vehicle to drive, if SUV is maintained no major problems. Downside, does not get good gas mileage. Third row seat is a great feature, everyone fits easily in the vehicle. Lots of storage space for groceries, kids sports stuff, exc. Wonderful SUV and I highly recommend it, I will be purchasing another one in five years!

- Kari D

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

The thing I like most about my Toyota is that it has great mileage. I also like that it has not failed me so far and it is big enough to hold my family. One thing I do dislike is the radio because it is not modern but that really isn't a huge concern for me. I am very thankful for my car and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

- Stacey C

thianisba Very comfortable large SUV. We take this on all our road trips and everyone is comfy.

I have the medium package on the sequoia. I love the three rows, leather interior and the fact that it has 150,000+ miles and still runs great. The downside is after having kids, I've realized some limitations on ease of car seat pavements and other passengers as well as the small trunk space when all three rows are being used.

- Kate G

Plenty of room for a growing family and friends. It is very convenient to have room for 8 in the car when we take day trips.

This car is perfect for my family of five. When my three children get older we will have room for their friends when we go to events, camping, etc. We are also able to tow a good amount behind the car (trailer). There is nothing I dislike about this car. If were going to choose another car I would just get a newer Sequoia.

- CJ D

Repair/replacement history.

Seems to be a fairly reliable vehicle. My wife passed away 3 years ago and I have put probably 18000 miles on Toyota without any major problems. I have put 4 new tires on it. I get approximately 28 miles to the gallon. Had timing belt replaced about 6 months ago. This is only actual mechanical job needed on this vehicle.

- James Y

Overall Toyota brand is reliable to drive and long lasting car.

It is big and comfortable to seat, but too expensive to put gasoline to drive. Minor break down once vehicle get to 100, 000 miles. Easy to flip if turning fast be caution. Overall performance is ok to drive in long distance travels. Sensor keeps flashing on tire even though fix it already. Computerize glitches.

- Loan D

It has three rows and is comfortable.

The only problem I have had is the back window button keeps sticking and the controls for the seat go out real easy. It is a three row which I love because we have five kids! The seats are comfortable and have a lumbar support that is adjustable. It also has an ac control for the back that comes in handy.

- Heather T

Spacious and reliable family vehicle.

I bought my Sequoia new almost 12 years old and it has only required repair one time. It has been reliable and an excellent family car. It is very roomy and has a decent sized third row that still allows adequate space in the "trunk" area. It drives great and i plan on driving it another few years.

- Kelly C

13 year old SUV that is still going strong.

Has some cheap parts that break easily, not essential/ more cosmetic, such as rear motor for window and wiper for rear window/ lock and handle for hatch. Comfortable, easy to drive and very roomy. Live the 4WD feature also. Not efficient on gas. No real issues with the vehicle, very reliable.

- Kristina P

Luxury full size SUV Toyota.

Has lots of room for hauling things. Plenty of room to spread out. Has third row seating. Have sunroof, air conditioning, electric seats. Four wheel drive. I have had very few problems with this vehicle. The gas mileage is about 18mpg. Only problem is the tire sensors are very easy to break.

- Dj C

Nice family car, an all weather vehicle.

Good car not a lot of problems for the most part, but my dashboard lights came on & the dealership do not know or cannot explain why they couldn't get the lights off. Molle Toyota still charged $1500.00 & problem not fixed, rip off. Great vehicle for getting around in the snow.

- Joe G

It is a family, safe, built to last, superb SUV. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

I love how reliable and dependable it is. I love how it accommodates my large family and can use it for moving, camping, beach, etc. the only complaint is that the spare tire is under the back of the car, for me it makes it inconvenient, I wish it had it in a more convenient location.

- Candice D

" The best made car on the road".

My car is well made, very few recalls. If you maintain your car it will last you a lifetime. Toyota is one of the best cars on the road. They are very comfortable even on a long road trip. So, do not think twice about any of the different models that Toyota makes.

- Darlene W

My car is silver but I customized it with all black on the inside.

It is very comfortable and I haven't had any problems. It is a silver car and it is very spacious as well. I wish the back seat was a little bigger but it is very manageable. No one has ever complained about the size and many people have actually complimented me.

- Deja A

Comfortable and reliable!!

Most reliable car that I have ever owned!! This is a must for large families. We have owned many cars and SUVs and this one has never given us a problem. We purchase it new and 13 years later we still love it. Third row seating is large enough to be comfortable.

- Kim S

The amount of seats are very good and the model is what I like.

It is getting pretty old. It has broken down a few times and the oil needs to be changed pretty regularly. The car takes a lot of gas but the amount of seats in the car is good since I can drive more people and have more space to put more things in my car.

- Helen H

I love the spacious backseat and extra passenger space in the 3rd row.

It is getting a lot of miles and the radio is broken. It drives well and gets ok gas mileage. It is all beat up but still drives well and is very reliable. It is very spacious and fits all the children comfortably. It has a smooth ride and is not bumpy.

- Andrea A

Toyota sequoia is reliable and it is a must have for every family.

I love my Toyota sequoia. I have been driving it for over 10 years and the engine is still running good. I have not run into any problems since I have this car. It is extremely safe and very reliable. My next car I will still going for Toyota sequoia.

- Vee T

The awesome Toyota sequoia 2005.

The 2005 Toyota sequoia is an awesome ride for both family or single lifestyles!! It is spacious enough for 8 adults or take some of the back seats out and lots of room for cargo. It is very durable and reliable. I do not regret choosing this vehicle!

- Heidi H

The ear air bag suspension is pretty awful on the Limited model. I would recommend looking for a basic SR5, or an SUV with springs instead.

I do love the space it offers the third row, and the DVD player. However, we have had a LOT of problems with the rear suspension system and computer system which has amounted to costing more than what we paid for the vehicle itself.

- Rebecca Z

With consistent maintenance, this vehicle has lasted 13 years for our family.

I have had this vehicle for 13 years. It has served my family very well. It has helped me take my family on vacation and take my children's friends on fun adventures. I love that I can fit lots of friends in my car.

- Kelli E

It has three rows and the seats lift up to allow more room.

It has no CD player, only a cassette player. It also does not have anywhere to plug in a phone to listen to music from your phone. Other than that I like it pretty much. We just need something that is more updated.

- Heather W

My vehicle has 280,000 miles on it and runs great.

It drives like a truck so it is not as comfortable as other full size suvs. I like that it has 3 rows. The seat warmers are on the center console so when you set anything there(my purse) they turn on or off.

- Jennifer H

Others should now that my car is very good for traveling. My car can carry many things so you have enough space for your luggage and for your family

I love how it has a very big space to store stuff inside your vehicle. It also has lots of space for your feet, unlike other cars, like the Mazda 3. I don't like how my car has gotten old and is very rubbish

- Jonatan G

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Very, very low maintenance and easy to work on.

This is our family's primary vehicle, and it is an absolute rock in terms of reliability. It fits the whole family, is extremely safe, and comfortable. If only it got even slightly better gas mileage.

- Jon M

For the gps to work you need sd card inserted.

I like the size of my vehicle. I also like how heavy duty the vehicle is. What I do not like is the malfunctions that occur. My maintenance lights often turn on when nothing is wrong.

- Ashley S

My Toyota Sequoia can get me and my entire family anywhere at anytime to do anything with everything we need.

I love the amount of room I have in my Toyota. I can carry 8 people and enough gear in the back for a week of camping. My Toyota also drives amazing and has never had any issues.

- Alex F

Expensive money to put gas.

Too much money for gas, turn fast will flip over. Loot of little problem with engine pipe. Break and tire sensor will not turn off even when it is fix. Mainly is gas problem.

- Loan H

Great gas mileage for its size plus a Toyota which are the best.

Roomy and modern does well here in the country I love everything about it actually, color and it is comfortable I can fit all my grandkids in it and does good on gas.

- Theresa K

It's huge and great for traveling with family on vacation

I love how roomy my vehicle is. I also love the leather seats and that it is higher off the ground. I also love Toyota's reputation for reliability

- Anna D

The door on the back tends to need the latch replaced often.

Has held together well, paint hold up, parts easy to find, fixing and tune up are good/easy/. I do not like anything with computers: hard to set.

- Muriel M

The seat warmer and large capacity is my highlight on owning this vehicle.

The performance is excellent for it to be a older vehicle. Regular maintenance has been the most important factor in its performance.

- Amy M

Toyota Takes Me Away This is my second SUV, had a 4Runner I adored, family got bigger, got a Sequoia and love that too!!

I absolutely love my Toyota. They hold their resale value and they are very dependable vehicles. Especially the older styles.

- Tammie D

It's safe car to drive and your family will be safe in it.

I feel safe in my Toyota. It's very roomy and we can pull our camping trailer. I wish the paint wasn't coming off the hood.

- Pam H

Reliable, comfortable and amazing!

This SUV has been the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It is reliable, comfortable and has never given me any problems.

- Kim J

It has 155, 000 miles on it and still runs and drives like it is brand new.

It performs amazingly. It has never given me a problem. Very comfortable. Strong motor and transmission. Great handling.

- Chris B

How awesome it is. It's four-wheel-drive, Toyotas are amazing. Driving down right.

I love that it's four-wheel-drive. I love that I can fit eight people. I love how much crap I can carry inside of it.

- Leigh D

Only had to replace trunk lock which was very very easy to do

Its smooth big and last a long time have about 300,000miles on it already still works like a charm just great

- Lisa M

Good for large family with plenty of room to seat.

It's big car roomy but burn too much gas. Problem with sensors even fix tire still couldn't remove blinking

- Lani D

It has lots of miles. It is very roomy. It is squealing a lot.

It has a squealing noise. It has heated seats. It has lots of room. It has a sunroof. It has a DVD player.

- Gloria V

It delivers on power and comfort. Have never worried about being stranded or not being able to make it up hills. Children always have room even in the third row.

Sequoia has plenty of room and sits well. Has minor mechanical issues. Most problems stem from the hatch.

- Amanda G

It has never left me stranded.

I like the third row seating. I hate that I have replaced the back latch over 6 times within 2 years.

- Melanie C

My Toyota is very comfortable and I can bring my kids in it with plenty of room

I love my Toyota. Very reliable, and I feel very safe driving my two kids back and forth from work.

- Tracey B

Big enough to fit 7 people Drives wonderful in the snow. Great storage

Love everything 4 wheel drive. Tires. It's high Drives smoothly. Great family car

- Clorinda W

dependable and easy to drive, durable, spacious and comfortable

great vehicle . gets me where I need to go with ease. spacious and easy to drive.

- deborah o

It works even though it's old

It's tough and reliable. It's stood the test of time

- Dewill A