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The SUV, Toyota sequoia is a dependable and fun vehicle to own and drive.

The sequoia is a very reliable vehicle. Very low maintenance is required. The drivetrain is the most efficient drivetrain I've ever driven. I would have to say that the mileage is the only negative. The vehicle only gets 17 mpg in the city and 24 on the Hwy.other than that, the vehicle is safe, dependable and easy to maintain. The take off is very smooth and quick. In fact, the Toyota sequoia was named the fastest large size SUV when accelerating from a dead stop. This outperformed other large sized vehicles like the Ford expedition and the Chevy suburban.. As for the price of the sequoia, it is not exactly cheap. The retail on one of the new models is in the neighborhood of $84,000.00 . However, you could still buy an older model like the 2012 which goes for around 16, 000.00 depending on the shape of the vehicle and the mileage. One can also find an older model like the one I have. Another good quality about the sequoia is it has a very durable towing package. Unless you are into camping on rough terrain or mountain sides, I would not recommend purchasing a 4'4. So if you have a semi large family with 6- 7 members, I would highly recommend the Toyota sequoia.

- Marcus F

The comfortable and safe Toyota sequoia is a great family car.

I like the size of the 2007 Toyota sequoia. It is great for my family of five. Especially, when we travel with the dog! It has plenty of seats and room in the trunk for bags. I like how high it is off the ground. It has four wheel drive which works great. We bought this car used and have had a few problems with it. One was the frame. The frame was rusting and had a crack in it. Toyota had a safety inspection of the frames. When they found the crack, they replaced the entire frame. I was very happy with Toyota's response. This car is also really comfortable for long trips.

- Caroline B

All Toyotas are very reliable and well-built and the Sequoia is no exception. It's an incredibly sturdy vehicle with a beautiful design.

I love the space and seating set-up in my Toyota Sequoia. It has been great for family travel, carpooling, and everyday errands. My Sequoia drives very smoothly and is very reliable. My only dislikes are the fuel economy and expense of repairs. I only get about 18-22 miles per gallon depending on the driving situation. I was aware of the low fuel economy when I purchased it but I believe that car technology should provide much better fuel economy. The cost of parts is significantly higher than other vehicles I have owned.

- Maryellen M

I love my Toyota sequoia. Best SUV for hauling around my active family.

I have owned my Toyota sequoia for 10 years now and have not had any problems with it. Only regular routine maintenance. Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It seats 8 people with three rows of seats which had been great with all the traveling with sports having three boys. Very roomy inside air and heat controls throughout vehicle. I also love the fact that there is airbags throughout all three rows of seating to protect everyone if ever needed.

- Kathy B

Drive is very smooth and not too large.

Only problem has been the volume going out for my speakers. Runs well and is great for the 4 wheel drive. Nice features with the limited package. Very comfortable seating and spacious which was important since we have very family members. Love the sunroof and that the back window goes down especially when we have the dogs in the car. Will definitely buy another one in the future.

- Rylee H

Big enough for the beach and everyday life.

Great vehicle for families! Plenty of room for everyone and everything. We live at the beach and its big enough that we never have to unpack the beach gear and can still fit strollers, etc. for everyday use. Very dependable and comfortable to road trip in. It is big so not terribly efficient when it comes to fuel but that is not a deterrent for me.

- Erica G

Perfect family vehicle for all purposes.

The 4 wheels drive keeps engaging for no apparent reason, we have tried to have it fixed but that has not worked. Otherwise it is a fantastic rig. It drives so comfortably, we can easily seat 8 adults and 5 adults when we have luggage in the rear. Everything else still works perfectly. Lots of power and drives easily in the snow.

- Patricia G

The great benefits of having a Toyota sequoia.

My vehicle has been very durable and even though I have had it for 10 years it has only needed service about three times a year. It is very comfortable and easy to clean. You can tell people love it because they are everywhere. Also, it is easy to fix and I have fixed it myself sometimes. It is all around a great car.

- Connor B

Best car ever I love it so much and will never get rid of.

I love it so much. It is my favorite car I have ever had. I will never get another type of make in a car. Toyota is the best brand car that has ever been made. I do not know why people do not use them more often. 4runners and Sequoias are the best cars ever made and I will forever keep this brand at my house.

- Kaitlyn K

Good performance, comfort, and value overall

Overall, very reliable. Of the few problems, I've had, they are slightly annoying. Fuel sending unit failing, brake light on with emergency brake not deployed. Gas mileage is not great. But powerful, comfortable, and good value for the most part. Speakers prone to failure but easily repairable.

- Alvin E

The engine and drivetrain are very reliable. The vehicle has over 120k miles and should last until well over 200k miles if properly cared for.

I like the interior passenger room and cargo space, the 4wd capabilities and the fact it has a sunroof and rear window that can be lowered. The rear door latch is a very poor design and prone to repeat failures. I find it ridiculous Toyota left such a poor design in place for so many years.

- Mark H

The family gem The best for life's precious cargo.

My SUV has rollover airbags which I love. It has heated seats, navigations and a CD player. Its a limited edition it seats 8 people. I've owned mine since 2013 and I get regular car care and I've had no issues. I would buy another one if needed to. I feel like I have the safest and best SUV.

- Mart P

Sequoias all the way! We are a Toyota family for life.

I wish the engine had more power (like the Yukon I had before this) the SUV is comfortable and reliable and safe. To date we have had no problems with it and love the benefits it adds to our family. The leather seats; DVD player and removable 3rd row are all very convenient.

- Erin J

Spacious and comfortable SUV.

During the summer months my touch-screen radio blacks out and does not turn on. I have gone 5 weeks without a radio due to the heat outside affecting my radio. My trunk latch is no longer functioning and I have to roll down my trunk window in order to open my trunk.

- Ran W

They should know that it is very reliable and spacious but not great on gas.

The thing I like most about my vehicle is that it has a ton of room. It is great for road trips, and can fit lots of things and people. It is also very reliable. My number one complaint is that it gets horrible gas mileage. This is only because it is so big, though.

- Audrey V

As with all the Toyotas I've owned, the car is very reliable.

Pros: The Sequoia is powerful, spacious, comfortable to drive and ride in. Seating accommodation is generous and storage space is great. Cons: It is loud at highway speeds. It's hard for those in the back seat to engage in conversation with those in front.

- David M

Sequoias are AWESOME and dependable.

My Sequoia has been the most dependable vehicle I've ever owned. It is roomy and still a smooth ride after 11 years. It has not required any major maintenance other than the recommended. I cannot think of one thing I dislike about my car.

- Jan f

It is reliable and has plenty of space for large families.

It takes a lot of gas to fill the tank. The back window is constantly broken and won't go up once it is let down. The drive is smooth. There is plenty of space for luggage and cargo. It is a reliable vehicle. I love the car overall.

- Vernessa N

Toyota sequoia's are reliable cars like any other Toyota. It's a perfect family vehicles and ride smoothly .

I love how big my car is and how reliable it is. The space it has with a five person family and friends makes it easy. The sunroof leather seats third row seat and rear air was what I was looking for and it has it all .

- Emily S

2007 Sequoia: Best family vehicle for Travel

Great vehicle for travel with family; comfortably seats 6 adults; more when considering kids. Sits very high on the road and feels very powerful. A lot of cup holders and love the captains seats.

- Lindsey H

The back tires don't track even with the front. Most Sequoia have scrapes and damage on the fenders.

Seats 8 but can squeeze 9. The back seat is roomy. I like the leather seats. I appreciate being able to seat the temperature to the desired temperature rather than just hot and cold.

- Kiwi M

It is an amazing ride to be such a small car!.

I like the roominess of the inside. The power of the engine and the sporty look. I also love the DVD player and love the fact that the kids can watch movies and be entertained.

- Nicole C

The gas mileage is high, do not buy a 4wd unless you are really going to use it.

High gas mileage and it is not very comfortable and it rides rough. The 3rd row seats are difficult to put down and put back up. The 2nd row seats are also hard to put down.

- Marsha M

It is very spacious and we feel safe riding with the whole family.

I like that it is reliable and we haven't had any major issues. I don't like that it takes so much to fill the gas tank. Complaints are the back hatch always breaks.

- Renee H

It has a third row and fits our family of five very comfortably.

This vehicle gets really terrible gas mileage. It also takes an extremely long time for the air conditioner to cool the car off after it is been sitting all day.

- Shannon I

The Toyota sequoia is a comfortable and perfect vehicle for large families.

A fan favorite is the back window being able to roll down. I am not a fan of how much gas it eats up, however it's the perfect vehicle for larger families.

- Kayla A

The car is dependable and easy to maintain. I have had no major problems.

I have no problems, as we keep up with our maintenance of the vehicle. It is getting older as I have over 200000 miles. But it still is a good car.

- Melissa M

The most important thing is that my car needs a lot of gas to run so it's kind of expensive.

It is very big, and can hold at the most eight people. I like how the outside is a very nice silver. However, it does not have a digital screen.

- Kelly R

This car has never given me any problems it is very reliable

The vehicle is reliable smooth ride, handles very nicely has great power. I love the look of it to there are a lot of great features on the car

- Tania H

Even though I've had it for a very long time it's not breaking down at all.

I like how big it is because it feels safe. The breaks and gas have the perfect sensitivity. The only complaint is that it uses gas quickly.

- Morgan M

This car has been very reliable for the past 11 years.

It is reliable. Has leather seats, DVD player, seat heaters, GPS, third row seats & lots of cargo space. But it is expensive on gas.

- Brooke J

I believe others should know Toyota's safety rating and comfort of vehicle.

I like the size, towing capability and power of the v8 engine. What I dislike is they stopped making this vehicle in 2007.

- Tamara E

A blue sequoia with comfortable seating and powerful motor.

Great car.. no bad In gas.. big space where we could fit the whole family. Preet stable car, no heavy maintenance needed.

- Jasmine R

It drives very smooth, it is a great family car and SUV.

There is nothing I dislike. I like that it is a v8, that it is an SUV and that it is big enough for my family of five.

- Lori W

Nice size SUV for a family of five. Very spacious.

I like that it is a v8, that it is four wheel drive, but enough for my family of five. It rides very smooth.

- Lori W

Super reliable and dependable. We can fit up to 8 people in/

I drive a gold toyota and I love the extra space it offers, along with the comfort and reliable power.

- nicole p



- Irene Y

It is sturdy, handles much better than other cars in its size comparison.

I love the room and the way it handles on the road.

- judy a

Toyota sequoia - a perfect, reliable choice for a larger family!

- Amanda M