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Perfect vehicle for families.

I love my vehicle! It is the perfect fit for my family of six. We are able to comfortably fit and even take long car trips. There is an ample amount of storage space for our everyday errands. Having 8 seats comes in handy when our parents come to town. We are able to comfortably take 4+ hour trips with all 8 passengers. I have owned this car for 6 years and have only had to change the tires and battery so far and that wasn't until after 5 years. It has held up remarkably well to a tough life with 4 little kids, 2 dogs, and everyday use.

- Lindsay H

Big enough for our family of 8 and all of the sports our children participate in

This is a very roomy vehicle, fits our 6 children, ages 16-3 nicely. The only complaint anyone has ever had is that the seats are not always comfortable for long rides. It handles fabulously and is a low maintenance vehicle! We would definitely purchase another if given the opportunity.

- Sierra B

A comfortable vehicle for all your needs

All seats are comfortable, is tight, runs great. We can drive four hours in it and be comfortable. Holds a lot of items, storage. We use it like a truck. Would definitely buy another Sequoia. It's our go to vehicle for trips or for family get together sorry for shopping trips.

- kelly S

Best vehicle ever. Would highly recommend buying it.

Best vehicle I've ever had. Reliable, low maintenance. Gas mileage relatively good. Comfortable and nice looking in spite of being a large vehicle. Never experienced any problems other than usual battery, alternator replacement, oil change, routine maintenance.

- Kim B

My Giant Toyota Sequoia equals lots of space for my family!

I just purchased this car 4 months ago and have fallen completely in love. This vehicle has been extremely dependable for myself and my family. My favorite feature would be the amount of space this vehicle offers me with 2 small children.

- Kala W

it has issues with the lights coming on when nothing is actually wrong.

like the room don't like the gas mileage. like the air but mine has trouble, also has trouble with lights coming on when nothing is wrong which seems to be a problem with this type f car i've heard from other owners.

- jennifer b

It has 4 wheel drive and it is great on the beach in the sand and great in the snow or rain.

I love that it drives nicely. I love that it has a great stereo sound system. It fits my family of 7 nicely with room for one more and it's not as big as a Suburban. No dislikes or complaints.

- Lisa F

The quality of the mechanics and how it will last forever

Interior design is nice with captain chairs. Leather interior. Miss the extra cargo space that I had in my 2005 sequoia. Quality engine that is known to last

- Eliza A

Toyota Sequoia is a very good and reliable vehicle.

We haven't had any problems. We have 100k miles on it. It is very reliable. It could have better gas mileage though. I like the split middle row seats.

- Dana L

Comfortable ride on very long trips. Has a good towing package.

My vehicle rides very smooth, very reliable, has a reverse camera, cloth seats and is very comfortable. The engine is sound and very powerful.

- Christopher G

Toyota Sequoia - Inside and Out

The car doesn't look that appealing but it does handle smoothly. Good leg space and comfortable seats. The hand rest can be improved

- Nithin P

Toyotas have the best mileage and are reliable

Comfortable and reliable inside equipment breaks easy but overall this is a wonderful vehicle. I would recommend to all

- Stacy H

We bought it at an affordable price.

The hood is very tall so I have trouble parking. Also the basic model didn't have lights in the vanity mirrors.

- Lauren H

It if definitely a family vehicle. Perfect size and I love the way it rides.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is perfect for a large family and for my kids to bring their friends around.

- Michele D

It is a rock solid car with a smooth ride.

This car is reliable and the most comfortable car I have ever driven. It is large and perfect for road trips.

- Michael W

It drives like new for an older SUV and never had any problems with it.

No complaints. My car drives just like its brand new. I have never taking it to the mechanic to get fixed.

- Ruben B

Very roomy inside. There is a lot of trunk space as well.

It drives very smooth for an SUV. I never feel like I'm going to tip over when i'm making sharp turns.

- John W

It drives really nice and smooth, and has some great safety features.

It drives really smooth. It has a lot of room for everyone. It's just great.

- M C

My car has a lot of space.

I love the size of my vehicle. And all the seats

- Ami N