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Excellent vehicle after 20 years.

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

Even though my vehicle is almost twenty years old and has over 180,000 miles it still runs really well. While I wouldn't call the ride the smoothest I've ever had it definitely is not an uncomfortable trip. It does seem to be a bit sluggish in regards to acceleration and the breaks are a little slower to respond then on a newer vehicle, even after changing pads and a thorough diagnostic. The air conditioner is still going strong and cools the van during the hot summer months, Plenty of room to accommodate the six of us as well as all our stuff for a short overnight stay, Long term is a little more problematic in regards to amount of things that can be stowed.

- Matthew B

Toyota Sienna: a comfortable and reliable way to transport your family.

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

This is a great car. It's roomy, reliable and comfortable. There are only 2 things I don't like about the 2000 Sienna. 1. It has a very wide turning radius. 2. The back seats must be taken out, instead of folded down to make a flat area even with the floor. I believe the back seats fold down beginning with the 2001 model. Toyotas are known for their reliability. I've owned 4 Toyota vehicles over the years and 1 Lexus. They were all problem free. This minivan seats 7 with seat belts for all. The ride is smooth and relatively quiet. It has plenty of get up and go, so I always feel safe merging onto the freeway.

- Gayle V

Spacious, Reliable, and Great for Friend Groups

2000 Toyota Sienna XLE

Problems: spark plug location (inaccessible unless you take out engine). Leaks water when a pipe under the hood gets clogged by debris. Water enters into the passenger side on the floor. This leads to mildew and the awful stench that comes with it. Still a great car and those are the only problems I have come across. Performance: Good. Runs smoothly and is very spacious. The brakes are a bit difficult, but that may be due to age and size of the vehicle. You really have to be on your toes when it comes to stop light and interstate traffic. Reliability: Good, as long as there's a good battery in it.

- Emily M

Toyota sienna - great vehicle!

2000 Toyota Sienna

I drive a 2000 Toyota sienna. They have great ratings like, especially in the category of durability seeing as they are great with high mileage. My Toyota is my daily driver and I have never had any problems with it besides a small temporary door problem that fixed itself. I believe I am the second or third owner as well. They are fairly cheap as well, and our neighbors own the exact same model as ours, which goes to show how popular they are. I really enjoy the van and I trust in it to get me where I need to go. I strongly recommend for anyone who needs a reliable family vehicle!

- Tanya T

A great ride at a low cost

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

Smooth even for an older model. It is comforting to know that it's extremely great on gas. It comes with a CD player and tape deck combined. But when I want to play music on my phone I use an adapter in my tape deck to play seamlessly. Power windows and power locks. It also comes with many storage capacity. This was one of the better deals that I got from a vehicle! And I would recommend it as a fine inexpensive ride to anyone that has convenient space and traveling options.

- Cleve B

Easy seat removal... Power windows.. Adjustable seating... Very spacious.

2000 Toyota Sienna XLE

Great minivan to own... I love all the seating to go on family trips. Great on gas and comfortable seating. We've had this mini van in our family for years. Still has high proformance.Love the power in the engine after all these years. The engine runs as good as the day we bought it. The seats are easy enough to remove if we need extra floor space. We can use it to get furniture and other items we buy. Grocery shopping is so easy... We have had minor repairs over the years.

- Jo D

It's 18 years old, and still runs great! It gets good gas mileage.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Love my Sienna. It's very roomy. I can haul very large items. Both the second and third row of seats can be easily removed. The third row can also be left in place and folded up and tumbled. I get good gas mileage. It has been a very reliable vehicle. Little maintenance is required. The one problem that I have had is with the rear passenger door. It has an automatic door opener which no longer works. However, the door is very easy to manually.

- Mary C

175,000 miles and going strong.

2000 Toyota Sienna CE

This car is extremely reliable and requires very little maintenance. The mpg is quite low though, around town I am lucky to get 12, freeway around 25. Super comfortable seating and driving is easy once you get used to a largish vehicle. I have always loved Toyotas. I have 175,000 miles on it and absolutely no problems other than a punctured radiator that I caused by running into a horizontal rod.

- Laura F

Reliable 20 year old car!

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

The Toyota Sienna is a really comfortable car. The seats are of a really nice plush and soft cloth material. My family's had the car for almost 20 years now and although it has had issues with maintenance and such, it's still a pretty reliable car to drive. The biggest gripe I have with it is due to it being pretty old, the exhaust it has is pretty bad and it produces quite a bit.

- Jasmin L

My vehicle is how I get around everywhere in my life.

2000 Toyota Sienna

The biggest problems that I have with this vehicle are that it is fairly old, so there are numerous problems with it. For example, last year the car door had trouble closing, one of the signal lights broke, the ignition wouldn't work as often or consistently, and the horn broke. However it is lasted 18 years, and proves to be a good car for road trips and large family meetups.

- Amber H

Nice for a big family both side doors open.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is a reliable vehicle. Gets decent gas mileage. I don't like it in the wind snow or rain it doesn't handle well. Too hot during summer because of all the windows. The seats ate a pain to remove and then there is no where to store them. It does have air conditioning in front and back which is nice and it does have front wheel drive.

- Kristin M

Great car for its age - would definitely consider same car in a newer model

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

Zero problems with it. The radiator did need to be replaced but it's a 20 year old car, it's bound to happen. Other than that I have had nothing wrong with it. The good stuff: the passenger side back door is automatic. That's great when I have my hands full trying to get kids and stuff in and out of the car.

- Samantha W

We have had our van around 3 years, put 43, 000 miles on it.

2000 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is the best van I have ever driven. We bought it at 227, 000 miles for $2000 and have had it around 3 years and it has 270, 000 miles on it now. The only problem is the gas mileage could improve. I wish that they would make a hybrid van that would allow me to run on electric when wanted.

- Michael M

Side sliding doors makes loading children easier.

2000 Toyota Sienna

I love my minivan. I can fit all 7 grandchildren. They can watch movies on long drives. Electric seat adjusters and mirrors. Sliding doors on both sides. It has never left me stranded. Front and back wipers and defrost. I can put audio on back speakers only. Each seat has air conditioning vents.

- Lisa H

My super-reliable Toyota Sienna.

2000 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna has been super-reliable, even in very cold weather. I have gotten exceptionally good gas mileage, especially in city driving. The body has held up well with just a bit of tlc. This is my first Toyota and, If I buy another vehicle, Toyota would be my first choice.

- Barb L

My Toyota sienna drives like a champ.

2000 Toyota Sienna LE

I wouldn't trade my van for anything it's a very good van drives smooth and for having so many miles it's still a champ. I bought it and didn't notice it was salvaged but it's still drives like a good van as long as I get the oil changes done and her wheels balanced shea good.

- Sandra S

It is a van that has plenty of room

2000 Toyota Sienna

I really do not like a van. but with 5 people in the household and all the chores and shopping which we have to do it accommodates our needs. It is not a bad vehicle at all. It is reliable and comfortable. Even for long distance rides. No current problems that I am aware of.

- Lucinda G

Toyota sienna a van . 3 rows and love it.

2000 Toyota Sienna XLE

My alternator was the probleme my Toyota use to turn of and made the change of it and now it works grate love it. It has leather seats and the doors open and close by pushing a button now don't have to happen with hands this is a good car dont have lot of problems with it.

- Lili G

Great family vehicle. Love it!

2000 Toyota Sienna

Very roomy, and good on gas mileage. The all wheel drive is great in snow. Love the automatic passenger doors. Love that it has air vents in the back for heat and air. Has back windows that vent for circulation. Moon roof has a tendency to leak. Great family vehicle.

- Crystal M

It's like having a truck but with luxury.

2000 Toyota Sienna CE

It is a nice, reliable vehicle. Mine has almost 300,000 miles on it and have had no major issues. The only major thing I have replaced on it is the battery. I have hauled things in it such as a long dresser, wood, other furniture so it's kinda like having a truck.

- Sherry K

The side door doesn't open currently, which is incredibly annoying.

2000 Toyota Sienna

I really like that despite it being an older vehicle, it handles incredibly well, has a good radio, and suits all my needs. While it has Its share of problems, I don't feel the need to replace it. It has the storage and seating I need for almost every situation.

- Tim B

This is a Dependable van. It runs well, is easy to work on, and is well supported by the parent company.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is perfect for our needs. we use the back deck for business, and all we need to transport fits well. The seats are comfortable with good back support. The driver's seat adjusts for the height of the driver. The van is very dependable and sturdy.

- Dianne L

It is paid for and I will drive it until it gives me trouble.

2000 Toyota Sienna

I am still driving the minivan I bought when I had three young sons to drive all around town to school and other activities, They are grown now but I plan to drive this vehicles a few more years as long as it doesn't start giving me problems.

- Carol W

This car is perfect for families looking for a spacious vehicle!

2000 Toyota Sienna

This car is terrible on gas mileage! It constantly has problems with the door handles breaking off every year. It honestly is wearing down and I have bought too many handles to replace the piece. I want a new car so bad.

- Jasmine R

Reliable, quiet and comfortable.

2000 Toyota Sienna

We have owned this vehicle for almost 8 years and have only had to put money into it for basic maintenance. It has been very reliable for us. It is comfortable to ride in for long trips and is quiet at high speeds.

- Heather B

It is very comfortable for the driver and passengers. It seats 7 adults with no problem and has plenty of cargo space.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Bought it used, it has 166k miles on it and still runs great! It has developed a minor oil leak but that may be expected after that many miles. I would strongly consider buying another Sienna when it is time.

- Bill C

It is blizzard white, not pearl white!

2000 Toyota Sienna

This vehicle is a wonderful car to have! It fits all of your friends and family. I do not like how it takes up gas but all cars do! it's a decent car for an older vehicle. No complaints yet!

- John X

It is the most dependable and sturdy car i have ever been in. I would choose this car over anything else

2000 Toyota Sienna

I love how dependable my van is. It has served my family for a very long time and we have taken it across country many times. I dislike the fact that the turn radius is huge.

- Madalyn E

Comfortable seating at slow speeds

2000 Toyota Sienna

The car itself is pretty old, so the brakes are bad and I have to slow down early while driving. It is also difficult to speed up and feel in control of the vehicle.

- Melissa S

It is a good overall car that drives like it is modern but needs a good hood.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is a very nice car but it is a bit old also it needs a updated hood the car has good performance, comfortable seating and very good handling for a minivan.

- Steve M

It's a good reliable van and its family friendly.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Easy to drive, lots of space, and good mpg. I don't like the color (white) loose spare wheel, no electric seats and diver seat is uncomfortable to position.

- Stephanie A

It's has a very smooth ride.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It's the best car we've ever had. It has power windows, a CD player, and A/C. There's nothing I don't like about it. We just got it 2 1/2 months ago.

- Deidre M

Very comfortable and reliable

2000 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota sienna is pretty decent. I bought it previously owned so there were some wear and tear. Very comfortable and reliable.

- Stella M

It is older but it is tough!

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is a great running car, it is just old so experiencing some problems with fuses and windows but the engine is running well.

- Victoria J

It has a great engine, it already has over 200,000 miles and is still going strong!

2000 Toyota Sienna

Our van is extremely dependable and has room for our whole family, the only thing we dislike is not having enough cargo space.

- Jessica E

Toyota is my vehicle of choice.

2000 Toyota Sienna

My van is top of the line in comfort, reliability is 100%, I never worry about long trips. I have great confidence in Toyota.

- Col K

My Toyota Sienna is a very safe vehicle.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is reliable and has held it's value. It does everything I need a vehicle to do. It is safe. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Mel S

It is the way my family gets around

2000 Toyota Sienna

I like that my family of six can all fit. Toyota is a reliable car manufacturer. Nothing comes to mind that I dislike.

- Christine C

Your car treats you like you treat it.

2000 Toyota Sienna

No major problems. Handles well, get reasonable gas mileage. Maintenance easy to keep up. Not that much more to discuss.

- Don B

Reliable car and can seat up to 7 people.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Large and carries 7 people, groceries and misc.... Low maintenance and looks good.... Hard to park in the city..

- Christine G

It would depend on who is asking.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Toyotas are champions. 250k miles and going strong. Dislike that some of the plastic pieces are disintegrating.

- Liz B

Pretty good. Comfortable, but flawed.

2000 Toyota Sienna

The car is good. Drives well, but has items share of issues. Kinda seems like something is always going wrong.

- Christopher E

That minivans are good cars.

2000 Toyota Sienna

I like how well it runs and I like the size sometimes. However, I dislike the age of the car and how it looks.

- Marcella G

Old reliable that runs great to be an oldy. Toyota's are great.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It has been a very reliable car for many years. I have had no major problems with it. It still runs great.

- Mary W

This car is very reliable!.

2000 Toyota Sienna

The pickup sucks. Its old.It uses a lot of gas. Not enough room. It is having problems with tires brakes.

- Robert W

Very reliable. Good looking. Affordable. Large enough to transport large objects.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is extremely reliable. The Toyota Sienna is one of the highest rated minivans for good reason.

- Margaret D

Safety is important to know about.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Car is too old, but condition is still good. Want to change a new car without paying any payment.

- Jen T

Comfort and reliability....easy to get replacement parts

2000 Toyota Sienna

I don't like to size, but it's been a great car and my boyfriend knows a lot about Toyota s

- Jill S

They should know how comfortable it is

2000 Toyota Sienna

It's reliable, blue, and still has that new car smell. Takes little gas. Pretty roomy.

- Deef S

large capacity that can carry a lot

2000 Toyota Sienna

I like the large capacity and can carry a lot. But the car is too old.

- teresa V

it's been in the family for a long time it has been through alot

2000 Toyota Sienna

it's a bit old and the inside is a bit cramped but not much wrong

- jason M

Toyota makes dependable vehicles.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It is easy to maintain.

- Deb N

Safety features are amazing The vehicle has held together very well considering it is 18 years old with over 230,000 miles. It has been extremely dependable and proven that Toyota is a trustworthy manufacturer.

2000 Toyota Sienna

It transports our family safely. It is a piece of who we are.

- Crystal S

Reliable brand that lasts long, but parts break easily

2000 Toyota Sienna

Old and needs to be replaced. Stable and durable, long-lasting

- Casey L

For big families You can travel all over very comfortably

2000 Toyota Sienna

It's very old but still works great. A/C still blows cool

- Kitty W

no major problems if 18 years. Handles well, drives well. Have taken good care of this car. Proper maintenance, liquid checks, drive like an adult.

2000 Toyota Sienna

Like most machines, it will treat you like you treat it.

- donald b