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I really like that it is turbo, it is a beetle so you wouldn't expect that.

The main problems I experience are electrical problems. I love that it is good on gas though, I spend 20 a week on gas and it only takes 40 to fill it up. There are seat warmers and it runs nice it is also a turbo which comes in handy sometimes. There are a few problems when it comes to stopping there is a weird noise which I believe comes from the spoiler that comes out when needed and the lowers back into the car when not needed.

- Destiny L

Tiny car, turbo charged engine, joy to drive!

The VW new beetle was introduced to the market in 1998 after a successful run as a concept car. By the time the 2002 model was released, I think many of the initial bugs had been worked out of it. However, things like power windows and interior door panels had to be replaced after about 10 years. It is a turbo with manual transmission and is still an absolute joy to drive!

- Linda G

Spacious sturdy little bug.

Awesome car! Can be frustrating to fix at times due to the fact everything is bunched together under the hood. You can fit a ton of stuff for s vacation or business trip in the back with or without the seats down. Simple to put back seats up or down. Seats can be stiff at times but its not terrible. The heated seats are a girl with chronic pains best friend.

- Elizabeth W

02 Volkswagen new beetle review.

I really enjoy my vehicle it runs smoothly and shifts great. The only issues I seem to have with it is the turbo option it tends to kick my epc light on then I have to pull over and let my car rest. And the other is an issue with the turn signal it double clicks like its not working. But other than that I absolutely love my 02 Volkswagen new beetle.

- Tiffany B

Has a lot of tiny things that break, sometimes even a small repair can be costly.

I love this car! It is perfect for somebody who is just starting out, although I have had mine 7 years now. It is a really durable car: people are shocked when they hear mine is a 2002. It is easy to drive, however, sometimes it can be bad in the snow. Aside from that and the occasional maintenance issue, I have no complaints.

- Alex D

They tend to go through coolant quickly but its a super easy 2 minute fix. Also they only have a cassette player

One aspect of my car that I love is how small and compact it is. This allows me to fit into smaller spaces. Another thing I love is the stigma with the car. Seeing people smiling and becoming happy by looking at my red Beetle makes me happy but i tend to be associated with hippies. Not a bad thing. Just an observation.

- MaKenzie M

Strong little car gets you where you got to go very dependable.

Falling apart for its age but gets you where you got to go. Good on gas. A lot of minor problems nothing major. Is dependable car has fast pick up speed is pretty roomy for a small vehicle. Just inside parts need to be replaced has strong motor good on miles with high miles build tough for a car.

- Mandy C

Tough, reliable little car.

My beetle is very reliable and comfortable. I can fit lots of items in the hatchback. It is a very comfortable ride and fits easily in parking spaces. It performs well in snow, ice, and rain. It has just needed regular maintenance. Of course, there's not a lot of legroom in the back seat.

- Sue H

Easy to drive and goes faster than you would expect gas mileage is great.

Everything ends up breaking the electrical windows to seat adjustment. I do enjoy that it is a cute car but the inside always smells like crayons due to the German wax in the motor. The doors also peel and release a sticky substance that is a yellow brown color not impressed.

- Tyler J

2002 turbo beetle review!

I love my bug. It is zippy and cute. Has way more room inside than it looks, decent boot with an extra tire, and jack. It runs no matter what but I do get random check engine lights. All and all it was a first time car for me and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

- Hannah R

It is a 1.8 liter Turbo with a 6 speed manual Transmission and it is pretty fast.

I love my New Beetle. It has HEAT and Air conditioning. I bought this vehicle NEW, my first new car ever. I have loved Volkswagens since my first used one at 16 years old, a 1970 Beetle. I have a 1957 Bug that goes 103 MPH in the Quarter mile.

- Mark D

When it gets to be older, things start to go bad. Not the major things that happen to all cars, but little things like door handles breaking off and foam in the air vents deteriorating.

My greatest like is how much fun it is to drive. A close second is the gas mileage. I live in a rural and the nearest large store is 40 mile round trip. My main complaint is the fading of the paint. I should never have bought a red car.

- Ronald W

The VW beetle is one of the best cars overall that I have ever had.

Absolutely love my beetle! Its very low to the road so that is a negative for me. I have to be really careful in the rain. It handles well in traffic. Never overheats even in heavy traffic. I would recommend a beetle to anyone.

- Stephanie H

She has a great engine and I love the bug!

The inside door and dash are falling apart. The hard plastic cant take the heat. The air don't work. The engine is great. The paint job sucks. I love the bug, I refuse to call it a beetle.

- Michelle C

It's a great car despite the rumors. It drives well.

It's slowly falling apart. The window regulator for the automatic windows seems to be a constant problem. It breaks every year. Internal interior is falling apart. I love my beetle. =(

- Dyana V

The quality of the car is outstanding. You can feel it just by driving the car.

This is my third Beetle and I love them because the ergonomics of the inside perfectly fits me. I can reach all the controls easily and see out all the windows. And...they're cute!

- Cindy B

It is actually very safe contradictory to what most people believe.

I love the size and feel of the car. I love the comfort and space the car has. I do not like all the parts have to be imported and how many issues it is had in the last few years.

- Katie G

I love it, runs nice and is fun.

I really enjoy my bug. It does have some engine problems and other issues along the way but I did buy it used. If it had been brand new I think it would be absolutely perfect.

- Sami S

Glad reliable bug. . Would recommend this vehicle to anybody.

Have not had any issues per say it is been a good reliable car so far which I thank god it is great on gas does good guy at gas mileage does really good on the highway.

- Jack T

That it is a great small car and just amazing. I love that it drives really well and look forward to getting another one when the time comes.

I love how small it is and that it is still roomy. I love that it drives really well. The only issue I have with it is that the o2 sensor keeps going out on mine.

- Valerie H

It requires a lot of upkeep. It was costly to fix because parts are expensive.

It's older but it still runs. Broke down frequently for a while and was costly to fix. It's running well at the moment but I had to have the transmission fixed.

- Melanie L

it's a quick little car and a collectors item, it is the only car for me and is an extension of my personality

love the sportiness, 6 speed manual w leather seats and interior, sunroof, heated seats, turbo , the trunk lock sticks on occasion otherwise no complaints

- William B

Volkswagen beetle, quality car.

It gets me where I need to go. Would recommend, though I prefer elsewise. Quality look, you rarely go wrong with a Volkswagen.

- Cassi L

Just keep on top of oil changes and this car will last well over 200k miles.

Things I like - heated seats, power windows, sun/moon roof, space.... Things I dislike - age, stick shift, general wear/tear.

- Bronwyn B

It's fun to drive and good on gas. Easy to park ........

Like gas mileage,size I buzz around town east parking. Dislike it's getting old headliners falling down a/c quit

- Billy B

Great car, economical to operate.

Fun to drive. Plastic interior parts become brittle and break and replacements are prohibitively expensive.

- Jerry D

Fast pick up speed and good on gas

Reliable but some electrical problems are arising but have almost 200,000 miles on it still running strong

- Mandy C

It has excellent gas mileage and is easy handling in all types of weather.

The style and design are both adorable and it is in my favorite color. Handles well, good milage

- cindy k

It has faulty electrical systems

I love the car. I hate the electrical system. I like the sport like ride of the car.

- william C

Great gas mileage for a diesel

Cute and reliable. Wish the inside was better made

- Tonya o