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A vehicle for warmer climes.

Literally the only problem I have with my beetle is the window seal mechanism freezing in the winter. By that I mean how when you unlock the vehicle the window drops an inch out of the rubber seal so that you can open the door. In Midwest ice storms the window will freeze in the seal, forcing you to pull the door open putting strain on the window and the rubber, or use a credit card to break the ice preventing the window from dropping out of the seal. This car would probably be perfect in warmer climes.

- Mikaela D

Apple CarPlay is a great feature.

I have owned my beetle for 2 years. I have taken it to the dealership for regular oil changes, inspections and routine check ins. I have only had 1 issue in the 2 years of owning the car but it was not a mechanical issue. The dealership simply did not connect the battery correctly. I love the way the car drives and the apple CarPlay is a great feature. It makes navigating to new places so much easier and having it give me my phone notifications is much safer than looking at my phone while driving.

- Hanna J

How smooth of a ride & how comfortable the seats are for such a small vehicle.

I have had my car for 2 years now and I love it. I haven't had any problems and for a car so small it is very spacious on the inside. I often plan events and I was shocked with how much I could fit in my trunk just by putting the seats down in the back. I have also moved out of an apartment and had room for boxes. I have been spoiled by the up to date features and technology especially the AppleCare play which makes syncing my phone seamless.

- J F

Love the seats in the car. It has brown leather seats and white and grey pattern.

Love the car and gets up and goes love it. It is a covetable and the top is very easy to put up and down just with a push of button. It also gets very good gas mileage. I only have to fill up every two weeks. It has speakers all through out the car and it makes the music that you listen too amazing with the top down jamming to music is the best.

- Jennifer W

Great car for a person who loves a small, fast car with many great features.

It runs very well, no problems at all. It's great on gas it rides very smooth, it has many features for example I have the Bluetooth system, navigation system along with heated seats great air conditioning nice speakers. It also allows me to change the color around the speaker to either red, blue or white.

- Rhonda K

Volkswagen dune convertible - a critical review of the features.

No problems. Easy to get the top down. Great heater. Great seat warmers. Tires are decorative and hubcaps add the extra oomph. Love the trim on the dune. Love the speaker for the phone, the radio, the band and frequency. Smooth start getting away from lights. Love the fact that it is keyless.

- Virginia J

VW beetle is the best car I've had!

Very comfortable. Good gas mileage. Has all the conveniences I need. I have previously owned a VW beetle and had it for almost 10 years. I am a fan of the beetle. I travel on long trips and it is extremely comfortable. I would easily recommend. . I am very happy with its performance.

- Valerie J

A well running iconic vehicle.

Great gas mileage, reliable, efficient. I love the style and comfort of my simple little car. I guess my only critique would be the connectivity of the smart system. It does disconnect randomly and glitch out from time to time. Everything else with the vehicle is wonderful though.

- Nicole B

It is small and compact, so there isn't a lot of room for larger objects if you are moving houses or buying furniture.

The Volkswagen Beetle has been my dream car since I was a little girl. I love the way it looks, and it drives smoothly. It is new, and I've never had a new car before. I love that it has built-in navigation and all of the modern conveniences my old car didn't have.

- dana P

Turbo engine is where it's at

Car handles really well. Has a lot of get up and go. Gas mileage is awesome. Lots of legroom in the front. Tall people can fit comfortably in the back. Only thing I don't like about the car is that it is difficult to get a child in and out of the back seat

- Kathleen L

Advantages of owning a Volkswagen Beetle.

I maintain my car, so I do not have issues so far. My vehicle is very reliable. Best choice I have made. This car is also very reliable for people who travel for work or pleasure. This car is also fuel efficient and great for highways mileage.

- Mary C

Definitely pay for the turbo motor!

My bug is FUN to drive. The turbo motor makes driving it a blast. Great gas mileage. Lots of legroom; easily fits my family of four and all our sports gear with each event we go to. No complaints here.

- Mel B

It feels very safe to drive.

It is bigger than it seems. It fits four people comfortably. It drives well, the breaks are a bit sensitive but I got used to it. The sound system is very good.

- Taylor P

It's pretty damn fun to drive, especially down here on the beach.

I wish it got better gas mileage but I do like that the convertible has good headroom because i am tall. I wasn't a huge fan of the dealership I bought it from

- Clark J

Luxury car ride with minimal wind noise with top up or down

Convertible Dune model that rides like a luxury car. Very quiet with no wind noise even with top down Great acceleration and gas mileage on regular unleaded

- Eugene S

Peppy fun to drive ragtop

The car is roomy in front but not comfortable unless the seats are all the way back. It's fun to drive because it's a turbo AND a convertible

- Robert F

Good for first time drivers and has a lot of tech functions that millennials need

Volkswagen Beetle Dune in sandstorm yellow! I love it , it drives very smooth and its very modern compared to your regular beetle

- Iris A

It is fun to drive with the top down.

Like that it is small and easy to drive. Not so great for taking people due to space in back seat. Trunk space is limited.

- Whitney V

Comfortable with all amenities that I need.

I love the car. The cloth interior seats are my only complaint I have had other materials in previous cars I like better.

- Valerie R

It is a jeep no other explanation needed.

I love that my car is convertible. I love the turbo on it. I love how smooth it drives. I dislike how much gas I waste.

- Lizzie E

It's a four years old car. It has driven over 68,000 miles and to three states.

It is sporty, gives great gas mileage and requires low cost repairs. I have no complaints. I simply love my beetle.

- Del T

My Beetle's color is a beautiful gold.

I've had no problems at all, the Beetle is beautiful, comfortable, sporty, and everybody that sees it, loves it!

- Roxanna P

It is reliable and spacious.

The only thing I dislike about my vw is it does not have a rear window wiper and it really should have one.

- Donna D

The car is cute just like me. It fits my image very well.

Headlight doesn't turn on automatically. The color is beautiful. Two door is sometimes inconvenient.

- Anna K

It's a convertible! So fun!

I love my dune, it's so fun! I feel like a Rockstar, I dislike nothing.

- Bri D

the design is nice but it could use better gas mileage

it's not great on gas for the size of the car and it could be better

- Joe S

I like how it handles. It is easy to park. Car gets good gas mileage.

My Beetle handles nicely, easy to park, good on gas.

- Darlene H

The nav screen and the gas mileage and the warranty sold me on this car.

- Janice K