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VW beetle windows in winter?

The vehicle bought is a 2013 VW beetle. It has never developed any issues whatsoever. I bought the car used with 52, 000 miles on it and it has run smooth as possible. The only issue that I could imagine would have to be sometimes when I drive the transmission does not downshift the car naturally as it should when I slow down, because when I slow down and speed up again, I catch myself in 6th gear at 30mph. That is not good on the transmission or the rest of the car! Other than that it has never developed any serious problems. The features I like most about the car is the interior. Tan, leather and heated seats makes quite the impression. Beetles have always been known to be a lady’s car, but personally as a male I enjoy riding in it. Its small, quick, can hang curves well with the such wide tires it has, and it looks stylish as well. I have had the VW for about 2 years and have added on about 30, 000 miles. I drive a lot, but it has held up very nicely. The only thing I hate about the car are the windows in the winter. To open the door, the window goes down a little bit first, but in the winter when the windows are frozen and your trying to get into your car to defrost it… its difficult to do when you do not want to break your window. I have had this issue before, but not always.

- Grant M

Great car and super reliable.

My beetle has been nothing but wonderful since I got it. The car is very fuel efficient if I run premium grade gas. Getting an oil change every 10,000 miles is a huge perk as well. I save a decent amount of money by not getting it changed every 3,000 miles because I have a far drive to work everyday. The car handles very well I am poor weather and I am really loving having bright led lights. Overall the car is great. I have an excellent sound system and the seats are super comfy. The interior is very nice as well.

- Emily S

Volkswagen beetle convertibles have a bunch of up to date features!

I have a convertible beetle that is black with a tan top and a tan interior. Overall, the car is an amazing car. Runs great, not many problems. My car has broken down before because the battery died, which was not caused by the driver (me). That can happen often with Volkswagen thus being the car batteries dying. My car is also not very good in the winter. It one time slid in a McDonalds drive through and then I got stuck. But I have had my car for three years now and both of these things have only happened once!

- Kate V

Cute car that is great on gas, but little!

I love my beetle so much. It is great on gas, pretty quick and really cute. However, I dislike how small it is but I knew that going into it. The other thing I have noticed about Volkswagen in general is that the steering wheels tend to fade really quick and start to peel. My dad owned a Jetta and his did this right away so I put a cover on mine and it is still doing it. Overall though it is the perfect little car to get you from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. And in style!

- Riley B

2013 VW beetle convertible: nothing but a headache.

In 15 months of owning this vehicle, I have had the engine replaced twice (once because the timing chain snapped, a second time because they did not clear the metal shavings from the timing chain snapping and it eroded the engine causing it to seize up). I have also had the rims replaced once because they cracked. The tires wear unevenly even after alignment and balancing even though I drive on paved, city roads 95% of the time. Overall, this car is terrible!

- Kate M

VW beetle convertible is the best car anyone can buy!

Best vehicle ever! No problems at all! The gas alert tells you 0 miles are left but there is actually 20 miles of gas left. Performance is awesome. . . You pick up speed fast when needed. Very reliable car and great on gas. My model comes with heated seats which makes it great for the winter. You get heated up real quick. The Bluetooth and navigation always work with no issues connecting to your phone.

- Parker P

Reliable, small, fun car.

My car is a small 2 door VW beetle. It is perfect for just me and my boyfriend. I cant have 3 full grown people in my car because everyone would feel squished. But I love it for myself. I love the Audio system and the navigation system. The sunroof is an added bonus. The mileage is also good, I have to fill up once a week but I have about an hour commute every day, sometimes more.

- Jamie S

The shape of the beetle has changed over the years.

I have really liked my car. For me it is just right for my height. I am not tall. My husband has trouble getting in and out. It gets great gas mileage and allows me to zip in and out of tight spots. It does however make it hard to transport my children and their friends. They think it is too small. A beetle is probably best for someone that is single or does not have children.

- Heather L

I have had my car for years and I have never had an issue other than flat tire.

Tired wear down quickly, making it slightly dangerous to drive in the case of any sort of weather. But other than that I love my car. While being compact it is quite roomie and offers space that is surprising. There is also the style factor that comes with driving a beetle. The retro design of my car causes heads to turn and for many to be reminded of the original model bugs.

- Sarah P

She is white with black trim and a black convertible roof.

I drive a Volkswagen beetle convertible. I love it. I have had no major problems. It runs well and performs well in all kinds of weather. It gets great gas mileage. It has Bluetooth which allows you to connect your phone, which makes driving safer. It is fun to drive. The only downside is it is really hard to see when backing up. Over all it is a great vehicle.

- Jackie B

California cruising beetle.

I have not had any problems with my beetle, love to drive with the top down here in California. The leather seats are a favorite feature for me. They make the car look neat and clean. The sound system is really amazing, and love to play my music loud while cruising. I even have a cute little extra glove box that I use just for my sunglasses.

- Sharon F

Beetle convertible: a good car from a questionable company.

My car has been reliable, however it was part of the beetle diesel scandal that was busted by the pea a few years back. Honestly, this made me lose trust in the company, and now my car requires much more maintenance than previously. However, I love my convertible's sleek design and I hope it lasts a while, despite it is malfunction.

- Elle B

My car locks automatically as soon as I hit ten miles an hour.

It sometimes has gremlins where the locks wont work right but they always correct themselves. I can park in a phone booth. In Seattle, it's amazing. They are zippy cars. If you smoke, please keep in mind that your roof is dome shaped and all water comes in. Good traction, because of the weight distribution beetles are good in snow.

- Rio R

Fun and sporty but can be expensive when needs work.

I love that it is a convertible. I love the heated seats in the winter. I like that the outside color is also on the inside. It is spacious enough for me and another person to ride comfortably. I love that the top is push button. I have had problems with sensors that cause lights to stay on. All repairs are extremely expensive.

- Victoria S

My husband and I are kind of healthy size, we fit in it comfortably.

We have had no problems with this beetle! We get maintenance done when it's time. Great on gas! It has been a very reliable car!! I would buy another one again, if something ever happened to this one!! And its red! Myself and my husband are kind of healthy size, we fit comfortably. It has no blind spots, which a lot of cars do!

- Betty G

Cute, sporty car that has lots of cool features

I love my beetle! The one I have is gold and I like it because you don't see many in that color. I also love the sound system in it. The only problem is that something was wrong with the locks when I got the car, they randomly click all the time while i'm driving. Also not the best on gas mileage, but still a very cute car!

- Nicole B

2013 Fender Limited Edition

My Beetle is the 2013 Fender Limited Edition. It has Fender speakers, a wood grain dash, and unique chrome wheels. I had a Beetle before this one, but this one is far more awesome. I get compliments wherever I go, and people always want to look inside to see the Fender features. Plus, it's just a ton of fun to drive.

- Amy B

It is a very good first car when you are moving to a city.

This car is great when you live in a city, but when you get to about 50, 000 miles there begins to have multiple problems. Also, the oil change is very inconvenient considering most places do not carry the correct filter or the tools to get to it. The tires are also a bit pricey for the actual price of the car.

- Brittany H

I do not like bug, I love bug.

I love my Volkswagen beetle. Although it may seem small from the outside it is quite spacious on the inside. There is also interior lighting in the 2013 beetle, and the driver can chose between red, white, and blue colored lights. It is perfect for lovers of the classic beetle who want more modern features.

- Madison F

Unique for a 2013 beetle convertible.

My beetle convertible is one of a kind in the usa, it is a diesel, 6 speed manual shift, it has a brown exterior with a beige convertible top, and a leather beige interior. It usually gets around 50 mph, and this car gets more compliments than our BMW when we are driving locally, or a distance from home.

- Virginia H

Very roomy interior and smooth acceleration.

It's hard to replace tail light bulbs and the seat adjuster could be made easier to use (adjust). I really like the smooth acceleration and the gas mileage on my beetle. Everyone that rides in my beetle cannot believe how roomy it is on the inside. Other than those small issues I really love my car.

- Jeanette M

2013 Volkswagen beetle review.

The driver side window is unaligned, the sunroof snapped, blew a tired, got into small fender bender and the whole front end crumbled while the other car had a small scratch. Just barley recently found out there’s been a lot of recalls on the car. It is very comfortable, fast, and good on gas.

- Marina B

Good Car and Fun to Drive.

It is a turbo engine with great pick-up. I get about 27 gas miles. The tires were expensive to replace. My mechanic says it is more expensive for all VW parts, but the car has needed little repair, only the usual maintenance. I really love my car and smile whenever I get in to drive.

- Ella K

It is extremely spacious. I can fit 7 Rubbermaid totes inside.

It gets fantastic gas mileage and is great for road trips. Everyone always underestimates how much you can actually fit inside a big! However I have had quite a few problems and the repairs are always expensive and it is very hard to find people who will work on them.

- Maggie G

The design of my car, that I love.

It is super comfy, good on gas, and really fast. It is easy to control and can fit in the small spaces. It is also good to not have to worry about hitting someone because your car is too big. I really like my car because it shows my style and how I like to drive.

- Danielle R

I love the drop top and heated seats.

I just recently got the VW beetle and I love it so much. It has always been something I have wanted. It drives so smooth. And even better is the fact that it is a drop top. It is great to drive and I get so many compliments. I have so much confidence in this car.

- Gigi G

The air conditioner takes a while to cool down.

I have had it for a few years and I do not like that the air conditioner takes a while to cool down and a couple of things have broke since I got it such as the passenger seat and two of the air vents. I also do not like that dog hair sticks to the seats a lot.

- Renee R

I love that my car has a big trunk. The back seats fold to make it even bigger!

I love my Volkswagen beetle! It's the best car I think you can buy if you are not good at parking! It is great on gas mileage! For a 2 door car its surprising roomy, my 6'7 fiancé can fit in it comfortably. It rarely ever needs repairs and it drives so smooth!

- Kendall F

Fun and fuel efficient car.

My beetle has been very reliable and it is fun to drive. Because of it is size, it may not be the most comfortable for a family but great for a single or couple. It gets great gas mileage. The only issue I have had since purchasing it is the trunk latch broke.

- Sharon H

It is very reliable and fun to drive.

I love my car very much. It is my favorite thing that I own. I love driving with my top down. The sound system is great. My friends all love my car. It is very reliable. I have never had any problems with it in the past. I wouldn't trade it for any other car.

- Maddie S

My beetle is very comfortable!

I love the car, the interior is very comfortable for long drives. The car rides very smoothly. The only problem I have had with it was a bad battery but that is easily fixable. I love the sound system in the car, it is very fun to jam out in on long drives.

- Alexis D

Beetle with convertible top now a collectors item.

No performance problems thus far. Fun to drive especially with top down. Heavy doors and heavy car. Doors will swing back at you and crush your leg if you don't watch it. Keyless entry and start. Can't lock your car if you leave keys inside the vehicle.

- Patty H

I've been driving on highways and local streets and always able to get great mileage on a full tank.

This beetle is my 4th VW Beetle and my 3rd convertible out of 4. I drove it in NY during winter as well as in California. No problem driving in any season or weather condition. Great mileage. No issues so far and hoping to drive it for many more years.

- Krisztina N

Volkswagen beetle positive review.

My Volkswagen beetle is small but spacious and it fits my personality perfectly! It gets me where I need to go and I love it! The only downside is that it is not the ideal car for bad weather. Otherwise, it drives really well and is a great first car!

- Alexis J

It is a turbo diesel, 45 to the gallon. Picks up speed super fast.

It is the greatest car of all time, it is super cute, very comfortable. Nice black leather seats, amazing sound system. It is a very nice diesel get 45 to the gallon, perfect for vacation trips. Very spacious in the inside. All in all an amazing car.

- Ivy R

Gas mileage...I don't have to fill up very often, which is awesome.

I love the gas mileage my beetle gets. It's a compact car, but I still have plenty of room for hauling groceries, pet supplies, furniture, and whatever else I need. I do miss the turbo engine, though. It stalls sometimes.

- Brooke W

My car is a diesel and has great gas mileage when driving.

I like that my vehicle is a VW Beetle. I like that my vehicle is grey and a newer (2013) model. I also like that my vehicle has navigation. The only thing that i dislike is that it does not have a backup camera.

- Paige G

The backseats are functional, however, they are a tight fit.

The car is very sporty. Even with it having spunk, the gas mileage is phenomenal. The only disadvantage is my size. I am on the taller end, so the car is relatively small for me. But I can still fit in it.

- James S

It is very nice to drive and is good on gas mileage.

Like it is small and easy to drive and is fun. My grandkids love to ride with me. I have taken trips and it is very good on gas mileage. Dislike blind spots which makes it difficult when backing out.

- Linda B

Wonderful 2013 Volkswagen Beetle

It is comfortable, sleek and classic. It is great on gas, and runs beautifully. The trunk is quite roomy as well, and the vehicle has plenty of storage in the front as well.

- Alyssa Y

It gets great gas mileage because it runs on diesel.

I love driving it! It is so sporty and handles well. I love the shape of it and when I see it I smile. The stereo is good and I like to play it loud with the sunroof open.

- Katerina w

Light blue VW beetle with sunroof.

It runs great. The only issues I have had are a hose leak that went to the breaks and the paint on the roof is fading. I have always owned beetles, great car.

- Emily R

Sporty and fun to drive always.

No problems good on gas, comfortable, sporty and overall fun to drive, reliable, goes from zero to seventy on a short period of time. Would recommend highly.

- Anne J

It is good on gas. It is bigger than most people think.

It is a company car. I enjoy the convertible and ease of driving. I like it because of the size. The only complaint I would have is the size of the trunk.

- Tammy P

Unique and very fun to drive.

Very fast and looks great. So unique and I always get a lot of compliments on it. Only thing I would change is the backseat, it is not very comfortable.

- Mikayla C

It is zippy! You can weave in and out of traffic with ease.

my car fits my personality, and I love that! It has had quite a few other issues for example locks not locking. I do wish there was more storage space.

- Destiny W

My car Has character! It stands out among other cars!

I love the unique style of my car. The color is bright and the style is retro. I have loved this type of car for years and always wanted one.

- Cyn P

It is very fuel efficient.

I love its fuel efficiency, its retro style and color. The only thing I would change is its rear view mirror, it could if been a bit bigger.

- Jennifer P

That although it is compact, it is very safe.

I like that is drives smooth and is easy to park. Perfect first car. I sometimes dislike only having a total of four seats instead of five.

- Lauren K

Its amazing comfort and having the top down is great. Just take care of the car.

I love how my car rides and the gas is not too bad. The only part I do not like is sometimes is just too small and I need more space.

- Taylor H

It's fun to drive. It makes me feel girly and good driving it.

I love the shape of it. I love the attention it gets. I love how it makes me feel girly driving it. I dislike the navigation system.

- Tina W

Small but mighty ! Has lots of room.

Fun to drive. Very roomy and comfortable. Gas mileage is wonderful as well. I love the customized features that is offered as well.

- Janice F

It is fun to drive and has lots of character. Car is easy for upkeep.

I like the compact size and maneuverability. Gas mileage is fair. Very powerful for a smaller car. Don't like the heavy doors.

- Holly S

very dependable and really good on gas mileage and very few few maintenance issues

it's a better i only chose this because i own this but i drive a pontiac vibe as my primary vehicle but this vehicle i do own

- patrick m

Good gas mileage. . . Do not have to fill up very often.

Its gets good gas mileage, but I do not like the body shape. The original beetle was better. Also, it stalls sometimes.

- Brooke W

Once you own a VW Beetle you will always want another one.

This car has character. It is the perfect size for me. It has more room than you would anticipate for a small car

- Wendy M

It's reliable. It's meets all the standards expected !

It's a Fender edition, great on gas, excellent sound system, excellent in all types of weather, low maintenance !

- Sharon J

It is a great midsize sedan.

It is fun to drive, with easy maintenance and I chose a great color!.... Only complaint is no rear window wiper..

- Shannon B

The ride is smooth and works very well in the snow because it is bottom heavy.

For some reason the car smells like crayons. I love the way it drives. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Logan B

How safe and convenient the car is.

I like my vehicle because it's small but big enough for me. I don't have to fill it with a lot of gas.

- Lisa L

It drives great and really rides comfortably. I have no complaints so far.

I love my car because it is small and will go just about anywhere. Great for travel and very reliable.

- Jan R

It's a car that I can rely on and enjoy every time of the day

it gets great gas mileage and it's a classic car that has an interesting shape. no complaints

- kit w

I get super great gas mileage.

My car is a convertible. I get great gas mileage. I can park in small areas. I love my car

- gary M

It doesn't have a trunk button in the car, you can only open it with the keys.

It's small and easy to park. It could us a trunk open button in the car

- Asm L

That it is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

Sometimes the push button start gives me trouble and it is frustrating

- Nancy R

It's small but powerful and easy to handle

It's powerful I love the handling And it is perfect for me

- Tintin S