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Excellent to take your dog & go hunting. The car has 4 wheel drive option.

A very safe driving vehicle with built in structural safety features. Good pickup speed. Very roomy for children or dogs. A dependable & reliable car to hand down to your kids when you are through driving it. Never had any major problems with the engine or transmission. Just keep up regular maintenance and this car is sure to last a lifetime.

- Peter W

Warning message. Delivered unclear of issue.

Periodically the car computer gives warning messages and gives sometimes gives cryptic messages. Reset works but it comes back. Mechanic can reset and it goes away. That does not resolve the problem, just the aggravation. That is not sufficient. It puts pressure on the owner to figure out what is the issue without a clear fix.

- Bill C

Volvo recommends premium gas for all Its cars, which can cost a lot over time.

My Volvo xc70 has over 150, 000 miles but drives like I just bought it. It is very comfortable and I have only had to perform minor repairs. The backseat does not have very much legroom, but that has not been an issue. It drives wonderfully, even in harsh winter conditions. I would highly recommend it!

- Caroline J

It just been a real reliable car I love it.

I do love my car its just a little bit to get it worked on but other than that I love it a would buy another Volvo but I don't have to because mine is doing and lasting a long time for me I really haven't had to have it worked on I just change the oil and had my tires rotated.

- Carla P

It uses high octane fuel but gets excellent gas mileage.

I love the quality interior. The performance is still strong. Very reliable. Have only a few issues: horn and cruise control don't work but I bought it like that hoping it was only fuse blown.

- Billie I

It is a v8 vehicle which means more gas.

My vehicle sometimes stalls while driving. The gas is pressed but the car does not move. It feels like a pull.

- Hayley E

Volvo wagon comfort and safety review

Love the safety features, it has plenty of storage space. it is not super comfortable on long drives.

- Ann G

Great cargo space. It has lots of room with easy accessibility.

Easy to drive. Great cargo space. Expensive to repair.

- Zz Y