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Good family car but not a minivan.

Comfortable seven seater. Like most vehicles all back seats can lay flat in order to fit large items in it. We have 3 children as well as lots of nieces and nephews who like to go on summer trips with us, we are able to fit a lot of people plus all our luggage and our dog. Love the heated seats but want the newer model so the back seats are also heated. It has one seat that can be turned into a booster seat very helpful instead of lugging around a booster seat, plus can easily convert back to a regular seat. Durable inside and out, great car for going on rugged roads but also a good town car. Gas consumption is ok not the best but not the worst, gets 25 or better in town 35 or better on freeway.

- Jennifer L

I love how safe I feel when driving my Volvo.

Too many large repairs for the age of the car and mileage (125,000). Complete ac, rusted axles (weird) are a couple repairs. I like the safety of the vehicle. Love the leather interior. Do not like the way the center compartment between seats opens - sometimes just the top portion and sometimes the top and the tray under it opens. Never know which I am going to get. I would rather be able to get the one I want - very frustrating. Do not like the emblem at all. Car is comfortable during long trips. Seats are nice. I drove a 2001 Toyota for 200,000 miles before I have any kind of a major repair and I think Volvo is falling short on that piece of the picture.

- Barbara B

My Volvo is a very comfortable car which is important to me.

The Volvo is an excellent car but sometimes it makes weird noise and clicks. Other than that I would highly recommend the Volvo to anyone who wants a great, safe, well-running and an extremely comfortable car. Also it isn't just mine but my experience with other Volvo's has been just as good and safe as my car. I would highly recommend to anyone because of the diversity in all of the models. There fancy, classy, casual and also lower class models that are worth what you pay.

- Kaya F

2005 Volvo xc90. 160, 000 miles and still going strong!

This car has been incredibly reliable for the entire time I have owned it. I feel very safe driving my children long distances in it because of it is outstanding safety features as well as it is reliability. The vehicle is very comfortable for the driver as well as the passenger. The seats (front and back) are very spacious. The front seat bottom and lumbar heaters are my favorite features.

- Kerry S

Reliable safety with comfort.

Overall I am very happy with my Volvo. It is comfortable, very safe and roomy. It is hard to find a really qualified Volvo mechanic but as Volvo has become much more popular, it's easier- it has been relatively low maintenance. Not the car if you are looking for a fast sports car, but it is everything you expect from Volvo- reliable, comfortable and tank-like safety.

- Bridget K

Large, luxury vehicle without being too flashy.

The least favorite part is the turning radius, turns like a boat. Otherwise very reliable and comfortable. One of the only brands of cars that comfortably fits my frame (petite) without the seat belt hitting me in the face. Fits my two large breed dogs. Has been working well for over 10+ years and over 150,000 miles.

- Kathryn M

Cassandra - as she has been named - is a wonderful and fun automobile to drive.

Radio unit stopped working. This takes out so many features - but the part cost way to much to put out to replace on a 2005 car. Love the car. Great driving. Repairs are extremely expensive. Does not break down often. The headlights burn out frequently and again are expensive to replace.

- Mary T

It is one of the safest vehicles on the road. Definitely pays to drive a Volvo!

I like that it is a big SUV, and that it handles the road very well. Volvo's are also safe cars, as I had someone rear end me about 3 years ago. It totaled her car; but I could hardly feel the impact. My husband stated that he will gladly agree on a Volvo for me to drive from now on.

- Brenda C

Her name is Cassandra and she is sporty and fun.

Love the car. Only problem - radio does not work which in turn keeps many function from working such as the navigation system, collision warning, etc. Part to get everything working is extremely expensive. Otherwise I love the car. Very reliable, easy driving, and I feel safe in it.

- Mary T

Throttle response and handling.

The problems with this SUV is there is no room to work on it. The turbos go bad stereo ats up. It is very smooth ride roomy. Cargo area is large. Good gas mileage. Quick throttle response. Very easy to get parts but very expensive labor costs. Sunroof leak is hard to fix.

- Daniel G

A love and hate relationship.

Had to replace transmission early on, and have had problems with sensors causing water to accumulate in the sunroof. The six CD changer has gone out and Volvo makes it impossible to buy anything after market. It is also hard to find an adequate dealership in my area.

- Tabby R

The Pro and Cons of a XC90 Volvo 2005

I have had some Transmission problems with it and not cheap to fix. Because this type of model has a Asian transmission instead of a GM transmission. So with this being said I will never buy this model anymore but motor is great. Please be aware of this vehicle.

- Tanya G

Best family vehicle on the road hands down.

Comfortable leather seats, navigation and smooth drive whenever I have to drive long or short distances. I also love to sunroof it feels so good to be able to open the sunroof when it is a sunny beautiful day. The car is a very safe vehicle to drive on the road.

- Denise Y

Love my Volvo xc90 for so many reasons.

Love the AWD and I love that it is easily maintained to keep going for quite a few hundred thousand miles. The ride is great and the third row access to amazing for my business tools to load and unload. It is a classic style that just does not get old!

- Randy L

It's pretty old so there are a few things that got worn in such as the driver seat plastics.

While the car is old, the thing is a tank. While driving from NJ to FL for the winter, a large sheet of ice bounced off a truck and hit the windshield. Other than the shock, the car suffer no damage major and minor.

- Louis A

Nice reliable transportation that gets the job done

Great 7 passenger vehicle gets us where we need to go everyday it is a bit on the smaller side if utilizing all seats. Rear trunk space is limited power and options are nice overall good vehicle

- Randy V

It's the safest out there than any other car. Has side airbags as well.

My vehicle is very safe. Has a built in booster seat and side airbags. It also has 3rd row seating. The only bad thing is that the repairs are kind of pricey but it is well worth it.

- Nicole S

The best time car I've owned

The xc90 has not had any problems as long as I've had it. It's reliable and I like the way the seats feel and adjust. It has plenty of room and storage space and is a safe vehicle.

- Samantha T

Volvo XC90 are High Performance and Safe Vehicles to Drive

Volvo XC90 handle the road very well, and are safe vehicles to drive. They are reliable, and I highly recommend one. There is plenty of cargo space, and it seats 7 people.

- Brenda B

Get a Volvo XC90 if you want the power to cut other vehicles on the fwy

Overall the vehicle is amazing. For it being 2005 it has smart features that still impress new vehicle owners. V8 motor is ideal with power to cut anyone off in FWY

- Karla G

It can haul lots of stuff as it's a very big vehicle.

It is very large with 3rd row seating. I like traveling with my dogs in the room back. I wish it had more cup holders in convenient places.

- Kelly D

It is fun to drive and economical to own.

I like the ride of my car, but its a gas guzzler. Its touchy when it comes to the engine but its on schedule with maintenance.

- Endia T

It's the safest care out there.

I love how it safe for my kids. I do not care so much for the pricey repairs. But would get another one in the future.

- Nicole S

It's a classy soccer mom mobile.

Love the safety ratings. It has tons of space. Lots of rooms for a growing family. Still looks good 13 years later.

- Lisa B

Smooth ride with great safety features

It drives incredibly smooth. It has high safety features. I love the size and comfort as well as the way it looks

- Jennifer M

That it has park assistant.

I love the size. I do not like that it difficult to get the keys out of the engine. I love the style of my car.

- Laurie C

Volvo is a high end car, and well worth your money.

It is our first foreign car. It is a luxury car to me. It runs great and looks great! our first foreign

- Cathy R

Volvo. Thumbs up unless it leaks coolant.

Current vehicle randomly leaks coolant. Other than that car does fine and is pleasant to drive everyday.

- Caleb F

You need to know that it drives more like a truck/SUV than a regular vehicle. The gas mileage is also not that great especially in the summer.

I really like the comfort of the seats. I really like the way it drives. I do not like gas mileage.

- Shawn T

It's old but it is good to me

It gets me where I need to go. It has never left me on the side of the road that is why I love it.

- Marcy H

It is a very safe car and it can seat up to 7 passengers

It doesn't get very good gas mileage. It is 13 years old and a lot of things are breaking

- Lisa M

Very safe & very smooth riding truck. Good looking truck also

Good handling. Very safe. Parts are expensive for repair. Smooth ride

- Robert K

It is a really safe family car with a lot of room.

I like how much room it has. I like how safe it is. It is a great family car.

- Tara S

It is super expensive to fix for both parts and labor.

I have had a lot of mechanical problems with it. Other than that I like it.

- Tara V

Seat warmers and a sunroof make it a great ride for me.

I love the size. I love the third row. Volvos run for forever

- Cat D

I like that it can hold all six of us without being really big which makes it easy to park anywhere. It has a dvd player that the kids love. It runs well. I don't like that the locks don't work right all the time and the sunroof doesn't work.

It is a nice smaller suv with seating for seven people.

- Amy R