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My Volvo xc90 has been my absolute favorite vehicle that I have ever owned!

I love my Volvo so much!! I have 7 seats in it and it allows me to cart people around. I also love that I can lay down the back seats to create more room for hauling things. My front 2 seats are heated and are great in the winter. I love that my car has a lot of power so I can go fast if needed and is easy to maneuver. My car has a great sound system as well and came with 6 disc CD player. The aux option is also great for playing music off my phone. There are plenty of cup holders as well! I love the safety features of my vehicle and feel incredibly safe driving it! I highly recommend Volvo to all of my friends and family members!

- Roxanne P

The comfort is great and of course the high safety rating!

I love my Volvo xc90. It has lots of room for 2 little ones and all of their endless gear! It is also very comfortable for long drives. The 7 passenger seating is very helpful as well! We recently went on a beach trip with 4 kids and 2 adults and still had room for all of the stuff we had to drag with us. My only complaint is it uses quite a bit of gas, but I imagine the newer models are more efficient in that manner. I cannot wait to someday have a new model. Mine currently has 135, 000 miles as of yesterday and is still going strong! If you were to get an xc90 you wouldn't be disappointed!

- Danielle T

The truth about the pretty Volvo.

It is extremely expensive to fix, as it is a European car and has a lot of electrical problems. Currently we're having issues with the transmission because of the brakes. Every problem I've had has cost over a thousand dollars. The tires are also about 200 dollars each to replace. However it is comfortable and has all the bells and whistles. Heated seats, GPS, movie screens, AWD. Etc. My kids love this car because it is so comfortable.

- Amanda F

It has great four wheel drive and is fast as hell.

It is very large, seats 8 people. Has a large trunk but I do not like how it has a turbo engine. It has leaked and was expensive to repair. A vehicle this large is expensive to repair. I have got a lot of work on it but overall I like my car a lot. I think Volvo's are overall pretty reliable to say in the least honestly.

- Serenity P

Safety locks, , air/side air bags, booster seat, third row seating, good trunk space.

Owned Volvo xc90 for 10 years (up until last two year) it has run smoothly. However, the main issue is that parts and maintenance can be very expensive (ex. Oil change went from $50 to $100). The last two years I have had to deal with engine, windshield, charger, radio issues plus parts of car seating are falling apart.

- Shanty M

All around vehicle & great family vehicle.

I love my vehicle, it is safe, handles well, has the quality of luxury that I am accustomed to. Very all around especially for trips to home depot and many other shopping ventures and traveling. What more can I say it is durable and has stayed in very good condition considering the age of the vehicle.

- Cynthia D

The thing I enjoy the most is all the little details they put into the car.

The only thing I would complain about is the check engine light came on for my non skid being off. I found out I have to take it to the factory for them to download a program into my car. I feel that's excessive because it costs about $500-$700. The factory should have taken care of that themselves.

- Eure J

Luxury car. Good on gas. Up to date. Comes with navigation system and DVD player.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is the coil package. These parts have burnt out several times. Of course there are 6 of these coils which do come with a warranty but the package was very pricey. My vehicle is a luxury car so any trip that you may go on is always a smooth relaxing ride.

- Ashley B

2007 Volvo xc90: exactly what you think.

Reliable, sturdy, rough around the Edges. It picks up grime, but it wears it well. It accumulates miles, but it does not sound any worse for the wear. The paint is chipping and rusting, but I do not imagine anyone driving a tan color of one of these beasts would much mind a little aesthetic dinks.

- Elie Z

I really love the heated seats and passenger temperature control.

Not very good on gas, however has video in the back the my nieces love and is very reliable and heats up quick in the winter. Heated seats and passenger controlled temperatures lets me and anyone else in the car choose their own level of comfort. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Dana R

Just ok but leaves a lot to be desired.

It performs adequately but only gets 16 miles per-gallon. One of the other things I do not like about it, is the fact that it does not have pockets for me to put small objects other than the between seat compartment. The glove compartment is very tiny and holds next to nothing.

- Terri Y

It is very fun to drive every time.

It is roomy, has video, DVD system, leather seats, 3rd row seats, folds down with extra space, green exterior, tan interior, good gas mileage, can be pricey if there are mechanical problems, fits seven people, takes regular gasoline, it gets me to where I need to go.

- Crystal M

Volvo�s are luxury and comfort. They are also reliable

Volvo's are really expensive to work on. If something goes out on car it can affect other things. Volvo's are very safe and reliable cars. I love my Volvo. Luxury without the cost of other expensive cars. Comfort is great have 7 seats with all wheel drive.

- Stephanie D

Volvo is the safest car around. I feel good having my children in this car.

It is very safe and comfortable, love that it is one of the safest cars around. Reliable with great storage. Also feel sure that it will last for many more years as opposed to other cars. Problems are that it is expensive to fix when something does break.

- Helen H

Safe, dependable Volvo SUV.

My vehicle is secure and drives great. The front seat is comfortable, but bring a third row model I feel the second and third rows are very tight. I do like the extra features it has, that my previous vehicle (in a newer model) did not have.

- Emily H

It is a rugged vehicle and does well in inclement weather, which would be rain in this area

My Volvo is a very reliable vehicle. It gets good miles and I consider it to be a safe and sturdy car. What is dislike about it is that when starting up, it is loud.

- Barbara B

The car is amazing safe and comfortable. It is a great car for myself and my children and use it for my daily commute.

I love the space and legroom in my current vehicle. I wish it had additional features such as digital temperature control and touchscreen functionality.

- Brandy W

Computer Module issue affecting cruise control

Car is very comfortable, have had a problem with the computer module that affected cruise control , very expensive and problem still occurs occasionally

- Debbie B

Very solid car that has performed well over the years

My Volvo XC90 is a very well made luxury car that after 11 years has 140, 000 miles. it still runs well however is having issues with It's electrical.

- Pamela C

People should know all about Volvo's safety features.

I feel very safe in my car. The car has 131K miles and is still running strong. I need to replace the tires and it will be very expensive.

- Karen R

It requires quite a bit of petrol to fill the tank

The sixth and seventh seats can only hold very small children. It is an uncomfortable ride for individuals that are taller

- sjokvist g

That it holds seven people but has very little trunk space for long trips.

I like that it holds our entire family of 6. The trunk and storage space is lacking. It helps us get where we need to go!

- Tricia C

Gets good gas mileage and gets around easy.

Like the way it drives and it is very reliable and have a lot of room to do my daily activities and it is also very safe.

- Betty R

Exceptional safety, reliability, and satisfaction.

Volvo makes a very safe and reliable car. Count on getting high mileage and exceptional reliability out of your Volvo.

- James D

Volvo's are very good vehicles.

I like that my vehicle is a luxury car comfortable! I do not like that my vehicle can have minor issues at anytime.

- J B

The XC90 is an SUV. It is an extremely safe car. It will probably run forever.

I love my Volvo. I have never had any major problems with it. I've never had a car last as long as my Volvo.

- michele s

The features in the inside are great.

I like the way back seats fold flat. The gas mileage could be better and the seats are comfortable.

- Cristy G

I love my car, only complaint is that I wish it was a little bigger. It does have 3 rows but the 3rd row is minimal and the second row is quite small. I have two kids in car seats and because of that we have no extra room in the second row. My car drives amazing and makes me feel safe. People always think that it is Much newer than it is because of the way it looks!

It is very sturdy and safe and drives excellent in all weather. It has been very easy to maintain.

- Michelle M

you don't have to replace a car as often as people do

it's been pretty reliable. it's getting older. it's an suv so visibility is pretty good

- ter k

Never had any major problems! It has always run great. My kid loves the entertainment system.

Love my car. It has all the options. Fully loaded. I just wish it was newer

- Francesca T

well made SUV, known for being a safer vehicle on the road.

Very well made European SUV, great engine and safe. No complaints.


I like the sunroof because I can let out the hot air when I first turn on the AC. I dislike power seat because it takes forever if I need to slide all the way forward to accommodate someone's long legs behind me. I also hate that there's no dealership within 90 minutes of me, and the oil can't be changed at home; we MUST go to a shop.

You can't change your own oil; you have to take it in to a shop.

- Shalisha K

I love that it is a 7 seater. We can fit the whole family plus suitcases. Also my kids can spread out and not sit next to each other.

It fits 7 people comfortably and can include baggage

- Anna J