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Great luxury SUV for singles or families with older children.

Vehicle drives pretty smooth and steering is pretty tight. Navigation feature is nice, although not exactly the easiest to use in comparison to other vehicles with subscription based communications, such as OnStar. Backup camera is great during the daytime, but nighttime sight is limited. Third row is convenient, but really only useful for children as not to spacious. Can fit three car seats across the middle row, which is a plus. however, with rear facing infant car seats, space is limited between car seat and driver seat and passenger seats respectively. So not ideal for individuals taller than 5 ft 6 in. All in all, the mdx is a great SUV especially with the recent improvements in models 2016 and newer.

- Tricia C

My vehicle is an Acura mdx. It is a super big and super comfy SUV.

I love the performance of my vehicle. It drives just as well today as it did when I took it off the lot. I have had some issues with my tires being punctured, but I bought some all terrain tires and hopefully that will solve the problem. I have kept up regular maintenance on it, so it is lasted for 8 years. The only things I do not like is that my armrest is made of some cheap imitation leather and the inside door handle is peeling and I have cut my finger on it a few times.

- Elle K

Great vehicle, needs work after 100, 000 miles.

I would absolutely love the car if it weren't over 100, 000 miles and needing some repair work. Leather interior, Bluetooth calling, great sound system, heated seats, automatic everything. There really is not anything to complain about. It drives more like a big truck than most SUVs but it is completely reliable. I haven't used it in the snow yet, since I just got it in April but I am completely confident it will get me where I need to go without any issues.

- Amelia L

Never go wrong with Acura mdx.

Is a great family vehicle. Drives smooth, is a full time 4WD & has a lot of power even is 6 cylinder. I love the technology and entertainment & for sure the body style. Is pretty much helpful the blind spot detection & I simply love my mdx. I recommend the 3rd row seat, is no worries when you like to travel.

- Rose R

It is a well-made car with a great mix of features that feels great to drive.

My MDX is a great balance of all the things I like in a vehicle. It looks great, it's just the right size, it has enough features to be pleasant to drive, and it's easy to handle on the road. Even though ours is several years old now, it is still dependable and feels like a great car.

- Leanne C

Third row of seats is bonus and under rear storage is nice feature.

Reliable vehicle. Low maintenance costs. Third row of seats comes in handy. Extra storage under the rear is an added bonus. Very few problems with the vehicle. Good performance. Comfortable with dual seat hot cold controls. Still need a few more words to meet the minimum.

- Scott L

How amazing the Acura mdx is no matter any situation!

I absolutely love everything about the Acura mdx it runs great, engine is good, plenty of space for a family of 7, a/c is amazing. . The color is a gold color which is amazing, good on gas, great while traveling long distance and great heated seats for the winter. .

- Katie M

Acura mdx review, love my car!

I love the interior and the exterior of this car, really like how spacious it is. It is reliable, comfortable, great technology. It has a back camera so is easier for you to see, it helps a lot! Overall love my car good for families like mine, my kids love it.

- Rodriguez A

It's a great family SUV for those that wish to drive a stylish, sporty vehicle!

My vehicle is an Acura MDX. I like that it is roomy and luxurious. I like the leather seats, sunroof, and sound system. I dislike the outdated navigation system and the fact that the phone features are not compatible with newer iPhones.

- Lindsay O

The technology package is great.

My only complaint about my car is that it makes a whistling sound when the compressor comes on in the air conditioning. Everything else I love. I especially love that it has three seats and can seat 7 people.

- Sandra Y

It is an SUV and it is roomy inside, but it drives like a car.

There is a lot of interior room. The seats are soft and comfortable. It is an SUV, but it feels like driving a car. The maintenance on the car is expensive because it has to be done at an Acura dealership.

- Charlie Y

This is me!! All Round it's great.

LOVE the color i was able to get the shade of green I wanted. There is plenty of room. I rides great and haven't had any issues other then regular maintenance. I do wish gas mileage was better.

- Frances G

Great Car--Would buy again!!

My Acura 2011 MDX has been great. I have over 130,000 miles on it & have not had any issues. Only been to dealership for general service appointments I would strongly recommend this car

- Leah L

It has been reliable and never let me down while driving. It has also been a comfortable car for long trips.

My acura mdx has been very reliable. My only main complain if I'm Having trouble with the transmission. I have had previous problem with other acura regarding the transmission.

- Chris C

That it is a very safe car.

I like my vehicle sound system. I enjoy the safety features provided in the vehicle, as well as the driving assist features it has. I like the smooth ride the vehicle has.

- Taylor C

2011 Acura MDX is a reliable car

I have really enjoyed my acura mdx. It is very reliable and has very few issues. I like that it has a 3rd row of seats, however, I wish the 3rd row was slightly larger.

- heidi k

The most important thing about my car is that it has 3 rows.

I like the car because of the 3rd row and the heated seat. I dislike the car because the gas is to much money. I dislike my car because the leather is coming off.

- Holly N

that it runs very good for an old car. it still feels brand new even though it has lots of miles. i love it. It's a life saver.

i like that it drives smoothly. it has lots of room for my long legs. the air conditioning is great. the only thing i dislike about my car is that guzzles up gas.

- reyes M

It's a classy family car. If I could, I would buy a second Acura MDX in a different color (currently have a black vehicle).

Our Acura MDX is our go-to "toting-kids-everywhere-family-car" without that mini van look and feel. We're happy with the spacious interior and it's performance!

- Mel D

Has great back camera and lane sensors.

Drives smoothly, big enough for my family but not too big. GPS screen is big and easy to use. Exterior and interior is eye catching. Gas mileage is decent.

- Hen A

It has plenty of storage room. If someone needs plenty of room to haul a large family or even a dog there is plenty of room seats folded up or down

I love the third row seat in the trunk space when both rows are folded down. It does great in the snow and has a good feel on dry pavement

- Lori S

Third row of seats is nice feature and comes in handy. .

Very reliable, low maintenance. The third row of seats is a nice plus. Plenty of storage. Rear seat folding down gives even more storage.

- Scott L

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT it has lots of things to offer-in fact more than I have learned to use

LOVE it smooth ride makes me feel just on top of the world so nice I am afraid to drive it really only dislike is the premium gas factor

- e m

The car does not get very good gas mileage.

I like the comfortability that the vehicle provides. There is plenty of space for passengers and luggage. I don't' like the gas mileage.

- Carrie R

It's very fast clean and it's gonna get us home safe

Well i just wanna ya if you have kids and you wanna be safe get the Acura MDX it's space and if you crash I.T doesn't do much damage

- Blue J

Low maintenance and will last forever as long as I keep up with the maintenance.

Rarely have issues with the car, just normal wear and tear. Very nice interior. Large for a crossover SUV. Awesome sound system.

- India S

Definitely would buy another MDX

I love how the Acura MDX drives. It's so comfortable and roomy. We've had no major issues and maintenance is easy and affordable

- Emily P

That it is safe and reliable.

I like the size. I like the features. I like the durability and safety features. I dislike gas mileage and the premium gas.

- Kathleen W

That it is the best car ever.

I love that it is a big enough car for all my friends. Also, it has an AUX cord. I do not like how the radio system works.

- Katarina I

My car is very reliable and hasn't ever given me any big problems

My car is very reliable. The costs for parts when needed are low. The only thing that I don't love is the mileage.

- Heather D

Safe, solid, and sits nicely up high. Definitely check blind spots while test driving.

Love the vehicle overall. Have trouble with mirrors with night time driving. Also have trouble with blind spots.

- Dee l

The mdx is a good sized vehicle for the price.

Extremely comfortable ride, it has a great sound system. I love the space it provides our family and friends.

- Stephanie S

The car is a great value for your dollar. Car is well equipped.

Dollar for dollar, you cannot beat an Acura for luxury and available options. Nice ride. Handles very well.

- Kevin S

This car has one of the highest safety ratings for its type on the market today.

Like: luxury! Drives great. Perfect size. SUV yet feels like a luxury car. Seat warmers! Nothing to dislike.

- Rita P

That's it's comfortable & always reliable. I've had 5 Acura's in the past

I love how reliable it is. You put gas in it, change the oil, & it's always ready to go. Low maintenance.


This car is not expensive and you will get the best experience

This car is a really good, I use it a lot, I use it for school. It is comfortable and safe. I just love it

- Jerry N

Solid car, uses too much premium fuel

Very luxurious and safe drive, but it uses too much premium fuel. Good in winter terrain and a solid car.

- Stacy K

the car has plenty of room for larger families

It's reliable and has decent acceleration for a car of this size. the extra row of seats is very helpful

- sam E

Amazing experience with my second car

The Acura is efficient durable and good for families. I really like it and have over 50,000 miles in it.

- John A

My car has good mileage and does not have any problems with it.

I do not have any problems with my current vehicle. It works fine as an every day to and from vehicle.

- Moses M




great with maintenance.. hardly had to have work done with it

love most everything- just wish had heated steering wheel and cool seats and remote start

- heidi p

It's very reliable and comfortable. It looks great!

It's a very reliable vehicle. It drives and looks nice. Maintenance is not too bad.

- Sherry C

Takes premium gasoline instead of regular gasoline

Dislike that it takes premium gas. Like roominess Leather Sunroof

- Cat S

Great for families! A very safe car and easy to drive!

Easy to drive, spacious. Sunroof and navigation are bonuses!

- Meagan C

Safe and reliable. Runs great and lasts a long time

Dependable and reliable. Safe vehicle for entire family

- Kristen A

I like the luxury brand and the look of it. I like the space available for seating and my golf clubs. I don't like the premium price of gas.

it has great pick-up speed on the highway on ramps.

- Tara B