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Classic luxury SUV with comfort and function.

The mdx is a solid reliable car which drives heavy but powerful when you need to accelerate you can. Comfortable with a third row or amble storage when the seats are down. Support systems from cruise control to media are solid handsfree mobile phone bluetooth application works very well except that loading phone books from your phone is not intuitive it should be. Gas mileage is not good and requires premium gas regular repair bills are reasonable for a luxury SUV . All wheel drive is superb handling in wet weather or snow exceptional yet smooth ride on highways and interstates. Ac and heat work well acura mdx provides auto climate options comfortable heated seats . Even the base trim my model has all features I love backup camera moonroof and leather seats.

- Gene F

Safe, comfortable, and reliable.

My vehicle is 6 years old, but still drives like new. It is comfortable for long trips, rides smoothly, and has many great features without too many be distracting. The Bluetooth options are helpful for activating voice features, taking calls, etc. To detract from distracted driving. The only problems I have experienced are the overly complex / user-unfriendly navigation system and an air leak the driver's side window which makes a whistling sound. I feel extremely safe and comfortable in my Acura mdx.

- Angela A

standard seven-passenger seating and Acura's exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system

The 2012 Acura MDX offers outstanding V6 power, standard seven-passenger seating and Acura's exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. Engine & Performance; All Wheel Drive; V6 Cylinder Engine; Engine Type: Gas V6; Displacement: 3.7L/224; Horsepower (Net @ RPM): 300 @ 6300; Torque (Net @ RPM): 270 @ 4500; Transmission: Automatic; Turning diameter: 37.6; Fuel; Gasoline Fuel; EPA Fuel Economy Est - City (MPG): 16; EPA Fuel Economy Est

- tyrone J

One of the best budget cars from Acura.

The car is really comforting allowing you to drive hours without getting you uncomfortable. The car has also very good air conditioning, one in the front and one behind. The car is also satisfying to drive because of its very nice design. There are some flaws though. The windshields are very weak and the lights feel dangerous. Other than that, perfect!

- Daniel L

Good for people who are carsick.

My Acura mdx is a navy blue car that can hold my entire family. It has a very smooth suspension and brake system making my family members, many of whom are normally carsick in other cars, comfortable even during long car rides or road trips. I love my vehicle and even though it is 6 years old, almost 7, it drives like we bought it just yesterday.

- Carla W

Amazing features of the car!

One function I really love is the hands free setting. This allows me to make and receive calls without have to use my phone. It also allows me to play my music on my phone through Bluetooth. The comfort in this car is amazing. The leather seat are very comfortable and it is also a plus that the front seats have nice seat warmers.

- Michelle W

Great value and dependable mobile!

No problems in 6 years. Rides great, very roomy and good on gas. Only maintenance has been routine things like new tires and brakes. The car has 120, 000 miles and my mechanic thinks I can easily get 200, 000 miles out of it. This car has been a great value and I would get another one.

- Lisa M

2012 Acura MDX is an amazing family vehicle

I feel like my Acura MDX is a great vehicle and I love the 3rd row seat. I do wish that the 3rd row had a little more room but for younger kids it's great. I have noticed recently that there is a little shake when riding and I just pray it's not the transmission going out.

- Ashley B

Four door luxury SUV with three row seating.

Four door SUV has heated seats, four wheel drive, comes equipped with navigation system. Three row seating. Seats recline for extra trunk space. Very reliable. Does not get great gas mileage. Has automatic trunk and seats. Have problems with tires staying aired up.

- Jessica T

Acura is very sturdy and safe.

For a six year old vehicle it is still driving excellently. The manufacturer’s warranty is superb. The interior design and loading capacity is very good and very comfortable. The air conditioner does not cool the air fast enough to my liking.

- Rhodora E

It is very good quality. I do not have a lot of problems with it.

I like the comfort such as the leather seats, and heated seats. I like the features such the stereo, and the backup camera. . I like how it handle. It is such a smooth comfortable ride. I do not like that it uses premium gas only.

- Karen L

The 2012 Acura mdx holds it is value well.

Great automobile. Comfortable. Good power. Stylish. Leather with great sounding entertainment system. Handles well. Comfortably fits 5 adults with room for 7. Good size rear space to fit groceries, luggage and furniture.

- Michael H

The Acura mdx is the best car I have ever owned.

The Acura mdx is the best car I have ever owned. It was bought to drive my children safely and has delivered on being a great family vehicle. It is extremely safe in all conditions and the reliability is second to none.

- Michael S

It has just the right amount of features. Not too many that you don't know how to work everything and plenty of features to make the ride more comfortable.

It has a third row seat which is great for hauling children. The cargo space is slightly smaller than my previous MDX and I preferred the slightly larger cargo space. I like the navigation system and stereo system.

- Carrie S

Not recommended as primary car for individuals with kids, car seats don't fit.

Smooth ride. Small SUV. If you have children with car seats, very difficult to fit. Luxury car. AWD is a huge plus. Love the extras on the car. Ac did need replaced a only 3 years old and around approx. 45k miles.

- Wendy G

It is very dependable. No major problems in six years of ownership.

I love my Acura. It is just the right size. Not too big, not too little. A word of caution: 2012 was the last year they made mdx “just right”. The years after they are bigger with less power.

- Mary L

MDX comfortable family vehicle.

I absolutely love my MDX. It is comfortable to drive and has room for seven. My only complaint it that it is noisy especially with highway driving. Therefore, I have given an overall rating of 4.

- Francine P

The radio and bass is wonderful!

I like how it drives. It is smooth and accelerates nicely. What I do not like is that the driver window does not open and I will have to go get the door taken apart to open the window.

- Kayla W

It has good gas mileage for an SUV and there is some maintenance involved

I love the size since we only have 4 people in the car most of the time but I can add extra kids with the 3rd row. I love the color. I love the leather seats and how smooth it drives

- Traci Q

So far it runs really well and I love that it picks up speed if I need it to.

I only just got the car but so far I love it. Had a little trouble figuring out the air conditioning. Beautiful car, does not stand out so I feel comfortable, very roomy inside.

- Breanna G

There is plenty of room for our family. It is much easier to travel and pack all the things we need for everyone. I wish it were easier to use the third row seating without being crammed and losing all of the trunk space.

It is very nice, roomy, and great for a family. I feel safe when traveling with my children in this vehicle. It is reliable and I would recommend it to friends and family.

- Erika W

Comfortable ride and dependable transportation for daily commutes.

I like the bright headlights and comfortable ride. I don't like the lack of storage, like the large trunk I had in a car. But then again I have more seating available.

- Anna H

There are three rows of seats. It's very comfortable with adjust a/c and heat in the back for the kids.

Even though we bought it used It's new to us and we love the space and comfort. We have two kids and It's perfect for them plus an extra back row if we ever need it.

- Laura S

Quality, long lasting product.

Upscale, roomy, nice tech features. Very reliable and a good reputation for longevity. Outside of the price, not anything to complain about. Would get another one.

- Lewis G

It lasts so long! I love my MDX.

The technology is up to par, and is easy to maintain, but the lights of the car always come up and sensor for something wrong electronically. Too often this happens.

- Ana A

It has a smooth ride and good pick up.

It has a smooth ride. I can easily see out of all the windows. The controls are easy to operate. The seats are comfortable. One complaint is it is not great on gas.

- Michelle J

Great room, drives smooth.

As a mom, this vehicle is amazing! It holds all of my groceries and all of my kids well. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is torn on which SUV to get.

- Sandy S

It is timeless, comfortable and safe.

Beautiful model of vehicle, spacious for driver, comfortable for passengers, rides smoothly, quietly and well, technology with GPS, safe, Sirius radio.

- Cheryl S

Comfortable for my family.

Very comfortable, fit my kids and additional passengers. Very strong car and drives smooth. I feel very secure driving the car. Our family love Acura.

- Donna V

My Acura is the best Acura

My vehicle is perfect. It has terrific gas mileage and it also handles very well in tough weather conditions. I wouldn't trade it for any other car

- Jake K

In my opinion, Acura's are some of the most dependable vehicles on the road.

There have been some of the problems associated with a used car, but overall it's been a very reliable vehicle. Very dependable in most areas.

- Amy T

It is comfortable to ride long distances.

We have 3 kids but 2 of them are only with us 50% of the time. The extra third row seat is perfect. Has a great interior for the vehicle class.

- Sarah O

The 2012 Acura MDX holds its value well. Good performance with good acceleration. Stylish interior.

The 2012 Acura MDX is a very reliable car. Very comfortable with 5 adults with seating for 7 passengers. Good performance and acceleration.

- Michael H

It takes premium gas only.

I love the comfort, its very easy to get my 3 kids in and out. Massive truck space and cubbies. The factory radio is terrible! No reception.

- Marissa L

The one most important thing people should know about my car is that it's a gas hog!

I love it because it's stylish. I hate it because it's got too many gadgets. I hate it because it it too big that I have trouble parking it!

- Ka B

The brakes are very sensitive.

I like the smoothness of the drive. Also, I personally feel more comfortable in vehicles like this that are not too small and not too big.

- Mia T

It looks extremely nice and is very durable. The ACURA MDX is almost flawless in my opinion and will always be my favorite.

It is very fast and but sadly uses a lot of gas. It also is very good for road trips. It has a space for 7 passengers which is good.

- Lap N

2012 Acura MDX is the perfect family suv.

Our 2012 Acura MDX has been great for us . We have over 100k miles and have had zero issues . We for sure recommend the Acura family

- Jeff V

It is safe and drives very well.

I like the color. I like the seating. I like the comfort. I also like that the car is so awesome and it makes me feel so good.

- Marc N

Stylish, luxurious vehicle.

The Acura mdx is very nice. It drives great. The only downfall is the size. We have two kids and wish it was a little bigger.

- Kyra B

How reliable it is. How it handles in the snow. Its great

I like the size of my vehicle. I love how it looks and the compliments i get when i drive it. I like how it handles snow.

- Lucia P

It rides really smoothly and is really good if you have to travel far.

It IS VERY large and fits what i need. it is good for road trips. i like that it is very comfortable and looks nice.

- Nomi M

It is a safe vehicle to drive.

Never breaks down, dependable. The vehicle is solid. Not much in maintenance costs. Service center is top notch.

- Susan B

How it drives good on bump full roads.

Vehicle is not good on gas miles to and for long driving vehicles. Does a good job riding on bump full roads.

- James S

It drives smooth, not rough like a truck or other suv

I love the way it handles the road. The sleek design is very attractive. I also like the room of the vehicle.

- Latoya D

Small for a family with young children.

Too small for a family with smaller children. Comfortable. Dependable. Low maintenance vehicle. Sporty.

- Wendy M

It's been reliable since day 1

Love the leather interior. Love the style. Dislike the space leg space for third row seats

- Rich S

It is highly reliable and runs very well.

It is comfortable and gets good mileage. It does not require much maintenance either.

- Nunya N

The available room, and the quiet engine. The ride alone is wonderful.

It is a luxury car. It has great traction. I love the sunroof and leather seats

- brandi s

It is a very safe and comfortable car with low center of gravity.

Spacious with extra row if needed. Good turning. Comfortable and very safe.

- Angie G

It's a great family car that has a lot of safety features.

Love the room. Could be easier to get the third row down. Drives great.

- Sharon T

I have had this car for many years and it still works flawlessly. I love the amount of space you can put in it without making it seem too bulky.

It just works. It does what it's supposed to and it is very reliable.

- Brian A

Transports my family to and from school, sporting events, etc.

Luxury and drives well. Getting older and worn on the leather.

- Karla T

Breaks down a lot. Was really reliable the first 5 years I owned it and now it's horrible

The car breaks down a lot, and it has many mechanical issues.

- natasha p

trusted brand, affordable

roomy, reliable, japanese brand, lower cost maintenance

- lulu l

It has folded seats in the back to fit 6 people. Big trunk space

Affordable, reliable, advanced in technology, spacious

- Meryl S

It's nice and good and I like it

It nice and I like it a lot you know it's good

- Nurjahan W