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My Acura rd. is beautiful!

I just got this vehicle recently and I am really pleased with it so far. It runs well, and I feel like I can rely on it well. It is a great family car if you have around 2 kids in the family, and I love that you don't even have to put the keys in the car! There's just a start button, but it will not start until it can detect the keys inside the car which I think is a really cool feature. I don't have any problems or complaints so far, but I only got it a couple of months ago! I believe i'll be using this car for a very long time, though.

- Alena A

That they are overpriced and not as good as people say they are.

It is a 2011 Acura turbo RDX, it does run very well and has plenty of power once you're already at regular speeds, it does have several issues, it has rattles that sound like it's coming from the suspension, the steering wheel wobbles, and there is a slight odor of antifreeze, and it's been to the dealer for repair and they cannot find anything on but they definitely hear and feel all the problem.

- Jeff B

Great car with few limitations.

The main issue that all 4 cylinder turbo units have is with the turbo itself. While it may not need to be replaced the majority of the turbo units will go out under the 125k mile range. It is a great car with fantastic pep and creature comforts. Absolutely wish it had more 12v ports for charging devices, especially in the backseat or even the back compartment.

- Michael V

Great family vehicle... super comfortable!

I love my RDX. It performs well on the highway and is fuel efficient. I really like the ease in laying the second row of seating down for additional cargo space. It also provides good legroom for passengers on the second row. Very comfortable ride. Maintenance and repairs have been minimal. It is a very reliable vehicle for our family. Highly recommended.

- Lisette W

Good small family every day car

Pros: It drives well, good sound system, dependable, backup camera, decent gas mileage, great trunk space Cons: barely enough room in back seat for two car seats to sit side by side and definitely not room for three, air conditioning/heating vents only in the front and it takes a long time for cool air or heat to reach the back seat

- Christina C

The gas mileage is not great but having a higher car allows better visibility around other cars. The back seats also lower and the back has a removable cover to keep people from seeing the inside of the trunk.

The turbo feature is great. However, the neck rests are very stiff and if the car stops suddenly you might hit the back of your head. Also, the seatbelts lock all the time. Mostly, it is the seatbelts in the back seat. I find I have to hold onto to it to keep the seat belt from locking so tightly around me or across my throat.

- Erin W

The turbo is the best Considering its anSU i am impressed with the speed

Love my Acura rdx I wish it had better storage up in the front and air vents in the back and I truly wish that my dash area had the actual GPS screen considering it's already got a screen and the layout for it but all it does is tell the time and temp inside car..I love my car but would like if some exterior things were better

- Colette R

Highly recommend the Acura rdx! You will not regret it.

My car is great! The engine is turbo so the car picks up acceleration very quickly. The materials the car is made of are thick and dense and durable so you feel safe driving it. I got into a serious accident three years ago, and the car saved me and was not so damaged. There are leather interiors which give it a luxury feel.

- Div M

A good family car for the money

For the most part, this is a very good family car. There are some quality issues. The trim around my windshield came off, and the plastic trim around the vehicle is also hanging on by a thread. The ride is smooth and the technology package is awesome. The only thing I would add is cooling units in the seat for summer.

- Michelle S

Perks of owning a small SUV.

I love everything about my car. It does great on gas mileage, it is comfortable for 4 or 5 adults to ride in. It is great for road trips. The sunroof is awesome. It has satellite radio where available. The storage in the back is perfect for Costco runs or going to play golf. It holds four sets of golf clubs.

- Melissa M

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is a great family car.

I'm very happy with my Acura. What I like about it in particular is the size, the color, the sound system, the ride, etc. What I dislike about my car is that it does not have as many modern safety features as I would like. For example, I wish it had blind spot monitoring.

- Amy H

Acura RDX is an SUV for someone who doesn't want an "SUV"

It has been extremely reliable with only minor repairs required. It's big enough for 4 people to ride in comfortably but not so big that it's hard to maneuver. I haven't had anything break or need any major repairs even with regular to heavy daily use.

- Tiffany F

That it is good on gas and a very reliable car.

I love the way my vehicle drives it doesn'T have a lot of miles on it. The car is sleek and clean. It is very good on gas. It is a very good vehicle to travel with. The engine is very quiet. It has slot of pep it handles superbly on the road.

- Crystal Y

I think that the premium gas thing is something car salesman should tell everyone when they buy a car because it could be a deal breaker.

I love that my car has a turbo speed. I also like the sunroof and the sound system. I don't like the fact that it takes premium gas which I didn't find out until. I drove it off the lot

- Shalena R

It is a very good car and is made well.

I like the turbo.. I like all of the technology inside.. I do not like that it does not have the alert there's a car coming on the side with the sensor..

- Michelle A

Fun to drive and comfortable to drive in

I like my vehicle perfect blend of luxury and performance .i like the acceleration opposed to most suvs. Wish I had Navi n tv other than that amazing

- Charles R

My RDX is the Best car I've owned!

I love my rdx. It's comfortable and reliable. I've had no issues, other than routine maintenance, over the last 7 years! I highly recommend it!

- Cathy M

No mechanical issues. Folding seats in back makes it versatile.

Love the look and handling. Dislike the uncomfortable ride in back and the navigation map is delayed. Bumpy, hard, rough sitting in the back.

- Kris P

Acura is a reliable car and if your in the neighborhood to shop.

The vehicle is very reliable but the cost to maintain is a slightly higher. I bought it preowned. The sensor replacements were costly.

- Henry s

Holds up well, reliable transportation.

Comfort, smooth driving, luxury features, reliable, I have had few problem, only problem is leather seats didn't hold up well.

- Sandy V

Great family car! Good on gas and easy to drive.

Acura rdx is a great car. Easy to drive and functions are good. Smooth ride good on gas. Great car for anyone with kids.

- Ali C

It is reliable. No major issues, but now, with under 100k miles, they say the C joints need to be replaced. $1600!!

I wish the MPG were better. Windows rattle. Everything else is pretty darn good. Acceleration could be snappier.

- kara s

Mileage and space how is interior

I like because it safe and bigger less maintenance required good mileage

- Ripal M

It is very well made and costs nothing to maintain

Love my Acura. I love everything about it. No complaints

- Donna M