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2013 Acura RDX - why it is still my dream car

I chose my car because it's the easiest car I've ever driven. It didn't take any time to adjust to driving it - it was so comfortable! It takes corners like a pro and has great visibility. The cars' features are very easy to use. One time when I was having car trouble, the car automatically called the dealership for me and gave me all of the information I needed to explain the issue on the display screen while I was driving. This one issue occurred while the car was still under warranty, but otherwise it has been very reliable. I also get great gas mileage averaging around 24 mpg all the time, with a majority of non-freeway driving. One of the top features that sold me on it is that this car is top rated in the ice and snow. Although I typically put studded snow tires on through the winter, as I work at a hospital and have to commute to work no matter the weather, I once got caught in a snowstorm without them and while cars crashed all around me, I was able to maneuver around the accidents and safely make it home, including driving up a steep hill when another road was closed, without sliding around or having any issues. I would re-choose this car again in a heartbeat and plan to drive it for at least another 10 years.

- Kali W

Best vehicle ever owned: 2013 Acura rdx owner. Smooth ride and very dependable.

Excellent vehicle. The Acura rdx has been the most reliable and comfortable car I have ever owned. Only had one issue with replacing the computer CPU which controls most of the electronics. I love taking long trips in this car. No blind spots in mirrors. Great stereo system. I have been in a couple of accidents and have to had some major bodywork done, but was surprised that the accidents never altered the quality performance of such a smooth drive even after bodywork was done after the accidents. It feels like a luxury car to me without a high price tag. The body style has not changed and still looks like a new car today.

- Jen P

Acura RDX 2013 Technology Package

I love my RDX. It is comfortable, easy to drive and the perfect size. The technology package is really an added bonus. I have a larger screen display, automatic trunk and remote start which just makes daily life tasks more convenient. I haven't had any major issues with the car itself and it is already 6 years old. The Acura dealership is so easy to work with and even provides free lifetime oil changes. I think Acura�s are excellent cars. They are priced well, but still feel luxurious. I don�t know if I would purchase anything but an Acura in the future.

- Kelly G

Thoughts about my Acura RDX

Drives somewhat smooth, can feel the bumps in the road easily. My car is very comfortable, both in the front and rear end of the car. There's a lot of trunk space and space in the backseat of the car for additional riders. The ease of gear transition could be better, but overall pretty smooth. Also, the brakes seem to loosen up quickly. I don't like how the older models have a small screen up top for the display, so that larger screen in the newer models of the RDX is nice.

- Genesis S

We love the overall performance.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It is spacious, with enough room for my family of four to travel comfortably. We have not have any issues with the way the vehicle drives, rides, or performs. Compared to our Honda CR-V, the Acura drives much more smoothly and quietly. We live in an area with a lot of foundation and asphalt issues- but the vehicle still drives smoothly in these areas. We would highly recommend purchasing this vehicle.

- Vanessa D

Love the GPS go home feature.

My vehicle is noisy and rides rough which I do not like. It handles really well though and is very comfortable. I love the GPS and the 2 seat memory heated seats. It is comfortable for driver and also passengers. Had drink holders fold down seats so can haul large items if need to. Handles really well in winter snow and ice. Hard to reach for snow removal and also snow does not fall off very well not rounded enough.

- Sue F

Great car but limited storage.

The vehicle is great because it is very comfortable. However, it may not be best for families since it does not hold a lot of storage. Yet there is plenty of room for 2-3 people and luggage for 7-10 days. The sound system also does not live up to the expectation. Yet I do like gas mileage, and the size is good because it is bigger than a sedan but not so large that it is intimidating to drive.

- Olivia S

Best car I've owned and will get another one after this one goes.

This is the second Acura I've owned and I love it. It�s not too big, but not too small. My son�s car seat easily fits behind the driver seat with plenty of room. I bought the car used two years ago, and the only issue was the sunglasses holder needed to be replaced. It wouldn't close, blocking the rear view mirror. The car rides very smoothly and the leather seats are easy to clean.

- Danielle S

2013 Acura rdx: reliable and durable.

V6 engine that is very reliable. Acura tires do not have the best traction on slippery roads. The leather interior has held up very well for 6 years. The timing belt is beginning to make noise and might need to be replaced some day soon. There is wireless Bluetooth capability for a phone to be hands-free. Car is very sturdy and round; large for its class.

- Kristen C

The car with great seating and enough room to fit everyone you care about.

My vehicle is a typical 5 seater SUV with a little bit of trunk room in the back to store luggage, camping gear, etc. I have barely had any problems with this car despite it is age and the amount of mileage that I have put on it since purchasing the car. It features Bluetooth Audio, XM radio (if you pay for the subscription), seat warmers, etc.

- Tiff J

Black Acura rdx 2013- tech package.

Very reliable, and safe. Love the design and color. Has a lot of great bonus features(moonroof, tech package, remoteless car entry, programmable seating, heated seats, leather seats.. Lots of space (the back seats flip down for more room). Car performance is great. Can drive safe and comfortable on highway or in town.

- Will S

The rear view camera is what I like the most. It just takes all the guesswork out of parking.

I like the gas mileage when driving, bluetooth compatibility, and rear view camera. The rear view camera in particular is very useful to me. It's also pretty spacious and convenient. However, I think there are issues with the suspension in my particular car because I can "feel" every crack in the road while driving

- Michelle L

Great and reliable...However.

For the most part, Acura are good and reliable vehicles. However I noticed that the transmission is on the weaker side. When I put my vehicle in reverse or drive sometimes the vehicle feels like it is not moving even though the rpm is at 3 or 4. It feels like your driving in neutral even though your in r or d mode.

- Jury L

Spacious and compact sedan.

We have had a few issues with the ac unit and the quality of the material of the interior in some parts of the car like the middle compartment, etc.. Other than that it is spacious for its size and relatively comfortable. There have been few issues with performance, an overall great car for its value.

- Julia K

A near luxury car without the sticker price or upkeep expenses.

I like the styling and layout of the car. Features like navigation, temperature control and radio are easy to use. The automatic gate is a nice feature. I find it has a very tight handling and bumpy ride which I do not like. The backseat is also a slightly small space for an adult.

- Amy E

My favorite part of my rdx is the wood trim which is not found on all models.

My Acura rdx has been very a reliable car that handles well in the snow. It has good pick up and a smooth ride. I preferred the rdx over other SUVs of similar size because of the engine size was sufficient. There is enough space for backseat passengers and cargo space in the back.

- Karen L

More cargo space and updated in our system

Not enough cargo space. Navigation system does not work when car is in motion. Yes, I get it due to safety but there should be a way to keep the navigation system working when there�s another passenger in the car. Maybe a sensor that shows someone in the passenger seat

- Steve L

Acura Interior Performance Review

Old car so the seats crack easy since the interior is leather. Sometimes I have issues with the stereo being staticky for no reason. Steering sometimes makes weird noises. Otherwise it�s a great car and perfect size for someone who wants space, but not a ton of it.

- Isabella A

Acura is a wonderful brand of luxury vehicle.

I live on 3 miles of gravel. Acura rdx has been awesome! It came loaded as it is a luxury vehicle. I have had one shock break and two sensors go out in the almost ducks years I have had it. When this happens, I get a brand new one to drive for a week to fix mine.

- Andy P

Very reliable! Have owned it for 5 years and have never had a problem.

I have really enjoyed the comfortable ride of the Acura. Because it is an SUV, you sit up higher in the. Seat than you do in a sedan which I also like. Love the rear view mirror and the tech package too. I cannot think of anything I do not like about the car.

- Susan H

Safe, reliable and very comfortable!

Vehicle performance wise is top notch. Service intervals can be tricky it requires lots but it is very comfortable vehicle and hard to match. Bought this car new and would definitely consider buying another soon. Very reliable, feels safe and comfortable.

- Stan L

Runs well and reliable transportation!

Good size,. Runs smooth on highway! Love the SUV style for traveling and hauling things. Reliable and service people are very helpful. Gas mileage is really good on highway. Easy to drive and maneuver in traffic. I feel it is a well built automobile.

- Sue B

Cool sleek mini SUV that is cool for moms.

I love my tan interior of the car. My car drives very smoothly. It has a sound system that is very loud and clear. I love that I added the roof rack and was able to add a camper on top that o can utilize for more storage.

- Mae C

Great crossover with only a slight change needed for the back passengers.

Performance, reliability, and comfort are great for the vehicle. Have not had any major problems for the 5 years I have owned it. The only issue is that the back does not have air vents and in Texas that is a necessity.


Sporty model, has turbo-boost, no in system navigation

I love my Acura RDX. It is small enough to be easily parked in a city or tight lot, but still has enough room in the back with seats down to pack a ton of stuff. Beyond utility the sporty design is perfect and timeless.

- Abby B

It's easy to get in and out of. I have arthritis in my feet, knees and hips, so this is important to me.

The size is perfect for me. It's easy to get in and out of. It's great for hauling groceries and home center purchases. I wish I could open the tailgate by swiping my foot under a sensor under the vehicle.

- Jennifer G

My car is powerful for being a crossover, and for those that are worried about having a "mom car", you shouldn't because it drives like a sports car in its power.

I like that it is sporty and has a lot of horsepower. The storage is incredible for dogs and a future family. I really have no complaints because it is decked out with the technology that I need.

- Jessa V

I love it. But it can go fast so be cautious.

Love it. Fast and still works wonderfully after 5 years. Still looks new and stylish. No problems to report. Love how it drives like a car but yet has the SUV features. Love the sound system.

- Sandra P

An SUV fit for all activities.

It's fuel efficient and has enough room for what I'd like to do. The SUV is mostly reliable and pretty durable. It is low maintenance. The metal underbody rusts too easily.

- jonathan H

It's very safe and the gas mileage isn't bad. It only takes premium gas

I love the look and speed of my vehicle. I feel safe and that my family is safe. I don't like that it can get scratched! Everything about it is perfect for my family of 3

- Nichole F

It's a fairly reasonably priced SUV that is considered in the luxury line

I like that my vehicle is very smooth and rides well. I dislike that I don't get very good gas mileage. I also wish there were better cup holders inside the vehicle.

- Janie S

The reliability of my car.

I love how it drives and all the features 2 person seat memory heated seats great music gps.. I dislike the rattle they cannot find to fix miss having trunk.

- Sur F

A car that handles the road without missing a beat.

I love the way that it handles when driving. It gets great gas mileage. It has plenty of room in it for 4 people. It has a great look and people like it.

- Joe B

It's an excellent luxury vehicle that doesn't come with a big price tag

It is smooth and quiet. It's a very comfortable vehicle and safe. It has plenty of room for a family of 3, is reliable, and Acura has incredible service.


It is a good size and is easy to get serviced almost anywhere and inexpensively

I love the size of the vehicle. It is useful for moving items around. It hasn't had any serious mechanical issues. It is comfortable and easy to drive

- Shannon H

An affordable luxury SUV but not too big.

It's a small SUV which I prefer. It allows me to haul junk to the dump and transport our 4 dogs around. Mileage is decent for an SUV.

- Jeffrey m

Great ride that accelerates VERY quickly, but with limitations on its navigation

I love the technology in the car. I wish that it was more updated and compatible with my devices. Upkeep is not difficult.

- Val E

Acura RDX 2013 SUV Review

I like the size and the navigation system, i like the color and that it has large leg room and is safe for my son

- Marlee W

For shorter people only! If you want comfort

It is not comfortable for anyone over 5 and a half feet tall. Little head room and a tight squeeze for car seats.

- Allison E

It is has been a good car. I really like it. It works well.

I like it because it has a lot of room. It runs well and looks really good. So far it has been a good vehicle.

- Michele B

something that everybody needs to have to enjoy safe and smooth drive

very good car fuel efficient easy and smooth, enjoy driving it and speeding with a good look and strong body

- zxc Z

Car is very reliable and trustworthy and I expect it to last a long time.

Bought the car new, have had no troubles ever since. Car is fun to drive and meets all our family's needs.

- Lynn L

Does not need a lot of maintenance, mostly oil changes.

The car drives very smoothly. Would like better gas mileage. Hate that the back window is so small.

- Marla K

It runs very nice. Very strong and reliable. I can count on it to take me wherever. It absolutely tanks through rough terrain.

It has very nice seats and a lot of airbags. It's very easy to see over the hood.

- Blyat F

black leather looks great and very attractive overall look

small but still large enough for family, good performance and smooth to drive

- dana m

it performs as well as advertised so i like it very well

it's reliable, performs well, easy to load stuff and no problems so far

- mel u

it's a small suv, very reliable and excellent vehicle.

it's reliable and good vehicle. I have no complain about this vehicle.

- l l

It's dependable and handles the road well. Not sure what else to say

I like that is isn't too low to the ground. It handles well.

- Katie A

That it's built with quality, reliable and low maintenance.

I like the size, fuel mileage and quality of my vehicle.

- Frank d

It works great and I love the push button start and door locks

I love my car but I just wish it was a little bigger.

- Kate G

low maintenance for a crossover

Runs well and no complaints about performance

- Jamie P