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Say yes to a certified pre-owned Acura rdx!

I love my certified pre-owned Acura rdx. First of all, the service is first class, second the vehicles that are pre-owned are brought back to the highest standards before resale. When I purchased my 2015 rdx, I felt like I was getting a new car. I like the comfort, the styling and the upgrades of the tech package. The only thing I am not a fan of is the GPS. Since technology changes so quickly it is easy for an old GPS system to feel out of date. So, I use my phone for some directions and I do use the car GPS for some of the navigation. My Acura came with winter/rugged floor mats as well as the nice carpeted ones as well. It is great to have the option to change them out seasonally. I really recommend buying an Acura especially the rdx.

- Yvonne S

Great overall with some power steering drawbacks

Overall, I really love my RDX. It handles well in snow and ice, the steering is sporty and doesn't necessarily feel like an SUV in handling, the pickup and go is awesome. It's also been roomy enough for our daughter's car seats and carrying all of her things when we've gone on road trips. The sound system is great, the styling is awesome. The major drawbacks I've had are important to note, though. I've had several instances of the power steering failing and I ended up having to have the steering column replaced just shy of the bumper to bumper warranty expiring (literally within a week). Now that it has been replaced, it's been fine, but it is really scary when you've driving and suddenly can barely steer the vehicle.

- Melissa G

Acura rdx you’ll be happy you chose one.

No problems at all so far I love my car and everything in it, I have 2 kids and they have more than enough room, the trunk space is amazing always have room for all my groceries, the performance is awesome I have no complaints. Before an Acura I had a Kia Soul and I did not like it, it was cute but the performance not so good, I am so glad I switched to an Acura the push to start always works, the ac is always cold which is a plus for me the radio and the fact that I can put my kids picture as a screen savor where also a plus for me.

- Angel G

Technology problems with mdx.

Love the drive, comfort,reliability. It has good gas mileage for a crossover nut initially my gas mileage was closer to 26/30 now it is 23/25. I am not sure why is decreased so much. I have also started to have issues with the display flashing on and off. Disappointed that it is no longer syncing with my phone to allow for reading of my text messages. They say it is not compatible with the iPhone platform. It I have an iPhone 7 so it should have caught up.

- Mary C

A luxury vehicle without the luxury cost

We bought our Acura RDX second hand, but in great condition. Like new. What we love about this car is the luxury feel for a more affordable price. The leather seats really elevates the car. The sound system in the car is surprisingly great and can go really loud if that's what you like. The automatic seats and the ability to put the back seats all the way down is perfect for loading up the car. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase.

- Joe M

The Acura rd. is a modest luxury vehicle.

The Acura rd. is a stealth luxury vehicle. It is not flashy, but provides the comforts of high end travel. It is reliable and does not spend time in repair. Though it has technology that was new in 2015, the features do not work as well as i'd like them to. The Bluetooth connection for phone and music use is hit or miss, and voice commands have never worked properly.

- Shannon S

Luxury, function and reliability.

First, I love the Acura brand because it is reliable, holds up well, has high resale value and continues to be innovative. I love the rdx because it allows me to be a baseball mom, haul equipment, move large packages and have a luxury feeling ride for passengers. The ride is smooth and the interior is roomy enough to carry passengers and their gear without cramping.

- Shannon R

The all-new Acura rdx is redesigned, more luxurious, and to drive.

Its many things that could be done with this car. Everything is still brand new in the car. As, some things are still in place that you may see displayed in the pictures and videos of the car. There has not been any accidents in this car. Also, there is only 40,000 miles on this car and it comes with a spare tire in the back of the trunk and under the barrier.

- Brandon I

Reliable car with no problems

I have not had any problems with this car. I take it for regular check ups with recommended oil changes. I feel safe in this car when I take it on trips. It's quiet and reliable. It gets fair gas mileage but is able to speed up at times on the interstate when I need to pass and get into traffic. I am considering purchasing another new one in a few years.

- Karen S

A quiet, comfortable ride

We love our Acura RDX. It's a quiet, comfortable ride. The heated seats are my favorite part. The navigation system isn't easy to use nor does it give the best routes. It's easier and faster to use our phones. We've had zero maintenance problems, we take it in when the car computer tells us to and we always follow what the computer says needs to be done.

- Leah P

2015 Acura rdx -- ideal for the highway and off-road.

My Acura rdx very rarely poses any problems beyond ordinary maintenance issues. Its smooth powertrain makes it ideal for highway driving, which is great for me, and for off-road driving when I go camping. The v6 engine is responsive. The interior is beautiful and comfortable. It handles corners well.

- Andre W

Fun to drive and comfortable enough for a family.

It has been very reliable and the performance is great. There have been no issues and I have owned it over 4 yrs now. My only complain is it is no the best on gas. It is a very comfortable vehicle to ride in and handles bumps very well and is extremely quiet inside even when it is windy outside.

- Brian C

Acura RDX- comfortable and well priced!

The Acura is considered the luxury line of Honda which are very comfortable ! My car has the technology package and it is considered a vehicle that if taken care of can run up to 200,000 miles! No need to use premium gasoline, you can stick to mid grade and the car run to its maximum capacity.

- Mata J

It is a nice luxury car that I love.

It is a cool car that makes me feel free and I can drive anywhere I want at anytime I want, it does not matter the time of day, I love my car because it is my first brand new car, I love the way handle's on any terrain, and it a very good luxury car, I wish I would have bought this car sooner.

- Brian A

Very comfortable seats and overall drive.

The leather seats are so comfortable. Most comfortable out of all the similar SUVs we test drove. Acceleration is great, smooth ride. The interior is very nice as well as the look of the outside. Very comfortable ride and nice size. There is plenty of trunk space for my dog and other things.

- Holly R

Technology, engine and body quality.

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- Loren R

It�s a nice sleek car, that has enough room for anything I need.

It's a very smooth car to drive. It has a nice interior and exterior look to it. The car has great gas mileage on the highway and off it. There's plenty of room in the car for everything I need. There have been past problems with the engine that have needed fixing but it was nothing major.

- Nick R

Love Acura! Loyal Acura customer!

This SUV is a dream! Smooth yet peppy always reliable and safe! Also service dept on rt 18 is superb always the best customer service and love our salesman too! Very comfortable for long rides, roomy space! My husband uses for his band gigs & he’s the drummer so it fits large drumstick!

- Elaine L

Yes.Definitely. I am interesting.

My vehicles has no critical problem.Something problems are available.Simple problem easily solved.I love my car very much.I careful about my car.So vary critical problem does not occurs.I think it is a good car.I personally like it. Small small problem occurs of my cars.Low cost parts.

- Max H

Great purchase - can�t beat the features!

Very reliable. Wouldn't trade this car for another. Unbeatable features such as review camera. Fan of the sound system as well. Would like to look into newer models with control panel and open sunroof top. I have not had any problems with my model though and are very happy with it

- Kelly W

Reliable and easy to drive.

Reliable and the perfect size for a small family. Great looking both exterior and interior. Maintenance is relatively easy and affordable. I have owned it for four years with no issue at all. Decent price for the quality you get. I would recommend this car to family and friends.

- Kathy D

According to an Acura owner.

The vehicle drives smoothly and turns on a dime. It is size is perfect, roomy but not too big making it sufficient for a family and all of life’s daily activities. It is sporty and looks great on the road. I bought the car used and have not had any performance issues.

- Christi D

Why I love the Acura RDX 2015 vehicle.

I own an Acura RDX 2015 and I love my car because the engine is amazing. The seats are comfortable and during the winter season you can heat up the seats with just a press of a button. The car also has a sunroof which you can open to feel the breeze as you're driving.

- Rosie L

Reliable car with great features, good gas mileage, and fun to drive.

I love the unique color of my car, I wasn't able to find a blue/silver color like this in any other car. I like the quality of the car, and reliability, I haven't had any issues with it so far. The sound system is great. The GPS could be improved to a touch screen.

- Rachel S

Acura rdx - crossover for poor drivers.

The Acura rdx is a really nice crossover with the standard luxury feature set and a reasonable engine. The downside is that the acceleration is poorer than most of the other cars in its class, but it handles a bit cleaner than the other luxury crossovers on offer.

- Rich P

Acura rd. - sporty, luxury, affordable.

No problems - wish it had more technology features in the 2015 model. I love how sporty the outside looks - seats are comfy and the rd. really does have a lot of storage. I went from a Ford Explorer and its a huge difference in size but it's a lot more management.

- Katie H

DVD player, SUV, nice trunk space, more isle space is much needed.

Looking for upgrade. Our family is expanding therefore we are looking to expand to a bigger SUV. Very spacious but we the space is becoming limited with 3 kids. Need more economical car. Like the DVD player for my kids, keeps them entertained on long trips.

- Emma R

Great vehicle that's worth every penny!

I love my vehicle so much. I haven't had any problems with my Acura RDX since I bought it in 2015. It's good on gas, rides smooth, and very reliable. I also love that I have satellite radio and seat warmers for winter. I am 100% satisfied.

- Jade U

Comfortable ride, sleek vehicle.

Roomy interior for both driver and passengers. Enough cargo space for suitcases for 3-4 people, gardening supplies or yard sale finds. Ride is smooth and gas mileage is satisfactory. A larger gas tank would be nice.

- Helen H

Ideal vehicle size. Sits high enough, but not too big.

Driver side visor is broken/fell out of ceiling. Shelf in glove box is broken. Vehicle navigation is difficult to use and a nuisance/not helpful. Slow to start/not enough pick-up when you hit the accelerator.

- Kelly C

Acura luxury SUV performance.

The RDX drives smoothly and has quick acceleration, which makes it a very pleasant drive. The leather seats are quite comfortable and the safety features, like the backup camera, definitely come in handy.

- Kate S

Reliability is a good factor.

Owned an acura before this and it had higher quality fittings. Do not like the armrests on this car. I like the power and the cargo room. Also like the appearance of it.

- Muriel G

That it is a completely worry free and safe car. Feel at ease driving my 16th month around.

It has a lot of space without a being a massive vehicle. It's got the technology package which makes driving so much easier. Great gas mileage for a mid size suv also.

- Matt L

The RDX is reliable, safe, comfortable and fun to drive.

The RDX is a really smooth ride with a lot of get up and go. It feels & looks both safe and sporty. We use it for a variety of reasons and find it to be very reliable.

- Crystal B

I believe the name Acura represents reliability and well-made.

I believe my Acura RDX is just the right size, not too big or small. It's reliable and well-made. I do wish that infotainment system would be a bit more modern.

- David O

Others should know my car is extremely safe and very reliable.

I love my car. I wish it had air vents in the back for the passengers. And I wish the display screen was a little more colorful or advanced looking.

- Michael B

The car gets about twenty six miles per gallon, I wish it was getting more per gallon.

The car has very good quality. The car has a technology package with good GPS system. The car is comfortable. The gas mileage per gallon is so so.

- Jacob A

Compact and fits a lot of people and luggage.

Comfortable leather... Smooth ride... Good on gas... I like the body style very sleek.. Handles well when driving on the street and highways..

- Shell W

The RDX is a perfect mix between sedan and SUV. It is a nice compromise. Looks stylish and can haul crap.

I like the RDX size. It is not too big and not too small. I do wish the ride was smoother and I also do not like the passenger limit of five.

- Jackie S

Smooth and sturdy and good mileage.

Nothing in my car that I don't like about. It's the wonderful car with best mileage. I love my car so much. It's the best car I have driven.

- Ra R

Auto Stick with Paddle Shifters allows for more control of the vehicle

I like how the car feels. It has a smooth ride. THe paddle shifters are what drew me to the car in the first place. I am a big fan of those.

- Marc W

Great dependable car with style and comfort.

My rd. is super comfortable. It also is a very reliable car. Our family enjoys riding in it. I also love that it gets great gas mileage.

- Donna S

I am worth the price. Newer model are only improvements on my car.

My car is a really comfortable and roomy vehicle. I like the way it drives and handles. My replacement vehicle will be another Acura.

- Melinda M

It's amazing very relaxing and fun to drive

I love my car I love to drive it....don't like any other car when I compare mine with others.there is nothing I dislike about my car

- Meena B

My car sucks. It always breaks down. Don't buy it.

I don't like my car. It always needs to go to the shop. I have to spend so much money to fix it. I don't recommend getting my car

- Morgan T

Its comfortable and goes fast so be easy on the gas.

I like the interior design and the mileage of the vehicle the smooth ride is also pleasurable. No complaints it's a great car.

- Asia M

It has a high safety rating.

No issues with it a all. It has been extremely reliable and perfect for a young family, with room for car seats and strollers.

- Allie W

The Acura RDX has tons of safety features. I appreciate the lane assist and safety braking.

I love all the features except the navigation system. It is so SLOW to respond when entering a location. Super frustrating

- Jan F

It rides really nice and is a good looking vehicle.

I like that it has plenty of room but drives like a car. I like the navigation system. I like the steering wheel controls.

- Sue M

The greatest accessory to my family that I could ask for.

I love my car. It is great on mileage. I haven't had any maintenance issues. I feel like my car is a part of the family.

- Sonya B

I would say its spacious.

It is fast and feels sporty to drive. It gets good gas mileage. However, the finishes in the cabin are not high quality.

- Stacy A

Easy to drive and good for small family.

Perfect size for my family, easy to drive, has all the basic features such as Bluetooth, gps, cruise control, etc.

- Kath D

Reliable, comfortable and looks nice. Plus it's a great size!

I love the size , the model and the reliability. For an Acura it should have a few more bells and whistles though.

- Carrie P

It is comfortable to drive.

I like the visibility. It is a good car for short people. I like the space and driving it is very comfortable.

- Kaitlyn H

everyone confuse RDX to MDX , :) :) want to say both are different

it was my dream vehicle and buying it was a privilege. I like the comfort and the features that it offers


No problems with vehicle. Car is highly reliable. I recommend an Acura to anyone.

This vehicle is awesome. Perfect get around and with pickup and go. I would buy another. No complaints..

- James K

Love this car, perfect for a fam!

Very comfy and drives super nice. I enjoy the sunroof and leather seats. Good size truck and backseat.

- Lauren B

it is a great vehicle to have

i like performance it is a must good to have it nothing problems as such it is a great vehicle to own

- dave n

It is a great car. I do feel like it eats a little too much gas for my liking. As a student it can get pricey after a while.

It is very reliable in harsh weather conditions, and I think drives with very few problems.

- Larry T

It is a fun car to drive.

I like the styling of the vehicle. It is fun to drive,, handles well and has good power.

- Julie Z

it is reliable, easy to drive, modern, it is a very nice car.

it is very reliable and quiet to drive. The only concern is the room.

- xiaobai l

I do like the comfort of the ride. The gas mileage isn't the best. No issues with the vehicle thus far.

Overall no issues with the car and offers comfortable ride.

- Sally G

comfortable, fun to drive, good interior. poor tech

good car. technology is lacking. gps unusable. comfortable

- Jackie C

It drives nice, is reliable, and lasts a long time.

I have no complaints. It is comfortable. It is reliable.

- Stacy S

It belongs to me and not someone else's ok that's it

I like drive and feel, hate the issues I have so far

- Julia L

Safety and reliable.A lot of extra features with basic model

Safety is good Good interior design Reliable driving

- Kelly J