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If you like features and keyless entry, the Acura is the car for you.

The style of the car is classy and sleek. Features are modern with GPS, keyless entry, maintenance alerts, and more. The safety features are comforting. There are many times that I have needed to speed up quickly when using the on ramps to freeway and the car has never let me down yet. Seats are adjustable and can be programmed to each key. We have 2 keys to the car and whichever key is in your pocket, purse it will automatically set to the saved setting. My favorite part of key is the trunk won't close if it detects the key is inside the trunk.

- Kristina R

Great reliability for myself and family with low maintenance!

The Acura tl is a great reliable car that has so far had very low maintenance, except for routine items (brakes, oil changes, etc. ) The features of this year car are still good today with a USB Charger, navigation, and Bluetooth . The only downside in my opinion are the leather seats which I think could be better quality.

- Greg D

Comfort, handling, and sleekness is everything in the Acura tl.

It performs well when services regularly. No problems at all. Gets great gas mileage performs well and handles great. The handling and steering is great. I love the car. The regular oil and maintenance avoids service interruptions and problems. The comfort and sleekness of this car will not go out of style.

- Felicia C

Fantastic, fun, reliable car for all households!

Great on gas. Comfortable seating with lots of legroom. Easy user friendly GPS. Warm heated seats. Lots of space in the trunk for easy travel. Quick to accelerate up to freeway speeds. Back up camera. Keyless push start option makes it nice as well as a sensor on door handle for easy unlocking.

- Hayley H

Great car with great extra.

This car is definitely a great car it handles good drives great the design on everything inside is right where it should be has lots of plus about it like driving a up graded car. I have never had anything go wrong besides putting brakes on it changing the oil. Has and awesome radio system.

- Cynthia H

The vehicle has some get up and go when needed, and does well regarding gas mileage

have the wrong tires on the car which came with the purchase. I do wish it were a bit larger in the back. It has been very reliable thus far. Various updates are hard to do unless i take it to the dealership. Some aspects of the technology I still do not have a firm grasp on

- Michael B

Great reliable used car for the long run.

The acura is very reliable like any Honda out there. It is performance driving on short and long distances is comforting to know you are in a reliable vehicle. It is features are not dated even 7 years later with navigation, USB port, Bluetooth, and backup camera.

- Greg A

Dependability-built to last.

Great dependability, minimal problems with high mileage, gorgeous, I like that it is reliable-just maintenance for 8 years and almost 150,000 miles. Decent gas mileage. Interior does not wear easily so it will last. It is also from a very trustworthy brand.

- Kay L

Satisfied with my Acura tl.

The alternator went out at 75, 000 miles. The front seats, arm rest & console covers tore into shreds. The car is comfortable, and has good power and speed. The dealership provides good customer service. I would consider buying another Acura in the future.

- Angela M

It is a great car that runs very well in all seasons!

My car is quite a basic model. It is normal and average in every aspect, but gives me exactly what I need; reliability and endurance. It drives smooth, and runs very well despite me putting numerous miles from commuting in it.

- Anthony M

It is reliable. And comfortable.

Love the body style, light interior, and it is power and quiet ride. Dislike I do not have a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, or lumbar adjustment for the passenger front seat.

- Linda J

It isn't the best on fuel efficiency, but it definitely isn't bad on gas.

This car is a very average car. Don't let that make you think that this car isn't a great one though, it fills my every need. Very good in all winter conditions and a nice smooth ride.

- Anthony M

It offers luxury, driveability, and comfort at a relatively low cost

My Acura definitely offers comfort and luxury. In addition, it is easy to drive and has features that make my life easier. I wish it were newer so it had more advanced technology

- Adnan S

Maintenance costs are high.

I love how it handles, the acceleration and the technology. I just wish it would get a little better gas mileage. Maintenance costs are high for this vehicle.

- Ron R

My car has been well cared for.

I really like my acura. It has been a good running car and it still looks good. I have no complaints with the acura.

- Cheri S

It's very comfortable to drive and low maintenance.

It has been very reliable and very comfortable for traveling. The only thing I would change is the gas mileage.

- Tammy P

That it runs, it runs good although it is getting older.

There is nothing that I dislike. It has a motor and it runs. There is nothing that I need more in a car.

- Mad P

It is super comfortable. But it is not AWD.

I like my car because it is super comfortable and reliable. The only thing I dislike is that is not AWD.

- Ana R

It's a good reliable car and you won't be sorry

It's a great car. It's comfortable and very high quality. I've never had any trouble with it

- Sheila S

so far, in 7 years, nothing has gone wrong.

It's a great and stylish car. it handles well. it has great acceleration.

- greg M

I would recommended it. I like it. It is a joy to use

It is great. it is fast. It is reliable. It is cute.

- Monica L