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My Acura and all of it is beauty.

My Acura is wonder. It is reliable, great on gas and beautiful on the inside. My leather is great quality and very functional. My next will be an Acura as well. I enjoy my moon roof, automatic seats, and very spacious trunk. The best part of my Acura is the wonderful sound system and Bluetooth feature. I love streaming my music from various sources and blasting my music. This by far is the best car I have owned.

- Sarah M

My awesome Acura aka rocket.

Bought the car new in 2014 and it has ran flawlessly since the day I bought it. The air conditioning did however not completely go out but seemed to not get as cold. They had to replace a hose that was leaking coolant but did so without any issues. The car is extremely fast and puts a smile on my face every time I get into it. I absolutely love it and will keep it until the end.

- Ron T

I really like my middle console.

I do not get that many problems. My car tells me when I have to get my oil changed, so I usually go when the light comes on. I also get tire rotation and alignment each time I get an oil change just to be up to date with my maintenance, and if the car place tells me I do not need an alignment then I just go when it's due.

- Krishna P

Cannot go wrong - amazing car!

I love my Acura tl from the first day I test drove it. It is a classically beautiful car. drives smoothly and it is extremely reliable. Prior to this vehicle, I owned a Honda Accord which I also loved but the Acura was a nice step up and I do plan to purchase another Acura for my next vehicle.

- Julie L

Amazingly comfortable and reliable car.

My Acura is very comfortable and very reliable. Never gives me any issues and runs perfect. I have leather seats that make the ride extremely comfortable, very good back support and also very roomy. I love my sunroof as well as my Bluetooth capability. This car is just all around a great car.

- Ken C

Sleek ride and reliable transport.

It is a smooth ride and has a very sleek interior. Everything you need from heated seats to a dependable ac. Sun roof and elegant set up. The gears are a bit jumpy but that is just driving a standard. Gas mileage is great and definitely makes a good highway vehicle.

- Alexandra B

Proud owner of two silver Acura to.

I love my Acura so much I purchased a 2nd one in 2017. I now own 2003 & 2014 models. They are very reliable. I have not experienced any major mechanical issues. I would recommend this car to all. It is very comparable to other luxury models today. Very affordable.

- Michelle D

The Acura TL is a great all around sedan. It looks really nice and it is really nice to drive. I think it holds Its value well.

I really enjoy the power and performance of my Acura. It has been a quality investment for me and is great on highways. I don't care for the higher cost for maintenance any time I need to take it for service. Parts are more expensive than I would like every time.

- Tiffany E

The Acura TL has energetic handling, an upscale cabin, and solid reliability and safety ratings. It's also one of the most affordable used midsize luxury cars available.

The 2014 Acura TL ranking is based on its score within the 2014 Luxury Midsize Cars category. Currently, the Acura TL has a score of 8.4 out of 10 which is based on our evaluation of 58 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.

- Ola A

Acura TL is a smooth ride ,great family car. Must have

Having an Acura tl is an amazing experience. The car us beautiful to look at . It rides smooth and is very reliable. It fits my family of four comfortably and I have made three big road trips with it and it has been a great car overall.

- Misty B

Reliable, nice looking & fast

I really enjoy that my Acura helps me get from point A to point B. It is reliable, and pretty good in the rain. My car gets fairly good gas mileage and has nice interior. I also like the back up cam and navigation.

- Lindsey s

I love the sunroof, the speed.

Nothing specific I love my Acura the breaks are probably the only complaint I would have, they put manufacture breaks on the cars and if you drive the car like it is meant to be driven then you go thru them quickly.

- Marissa L

Its comfortable and the gps comes in handy.

I love it no complaints. It rides and drives good. Very comfortable. Its fast. I like the sunroof, heated and leather seats. I also like the air control and the gps.

- Bonnie G

Excellent car at a reasonable price point

The car has all of the features that I need in a car and came at a very reasonable price. Acura makes it very easy to shop and compare to competitive models.

- Pat C

It's a really great car. I like the horsepower it has. I do not like the placement of the seat heater buttons and I don't like that the seat heaters only heat your butt and not also your back.

It's still fast but yet its not a sports car. It's also not a grandma car like people think. The interior is really nice. Its roomier than you would expect.

- Hayley P

Acura TL, entry level luxury at a great value and reliability.

My car is an affordable luxury car that I love to drive. While it is comfy and has various features, it also was affordable and it is great on gas.

- John K

It got good miles and the car runs great!

I like my car, the only problem I dislike is, it takes to much gas constantly. Also I don't like that the seats are leather they tear up easily.

- Elizabeth H

the care is easy to handle, fast, and fun to drive.

I like my vehicle because it is easy to drive, low maintenance, and a lot of power. I dislike the front seats as they feel compact and small.

- alice S

Smooth and sleek ride with high performance.

Sleek vehicle but has touchy gears. Perhaps it is lack of skill in driving a standard. Overall very nice drive. Fast and smooth ride.

- Alexandra B

The best purchase I have ever mad.

My car is extremely smooth and durable in the winter months. Super comfortable and roomy. The rearview camera is a lifesaver.

- Sasha C

Drives very smoothly, looks sleek, comfortable interior

This car performs well, has a smooth ride. Love the interior, very roomy, sleek, and modern.does fairly well with gas mileage

- Kristin M

The car is awesome! I am a fan of it.

My vtl is awesome. The performance is great, smooth ride, big enough to fit 5 people comfortable. Road noise is minimal.

- Grace C

Great car for they price.

great space for you and your family. Reliable on cross country trips. Great in all weather. would recommend to others.

- robert T

Acura TL is reliable and safe.

I like the navigation and engine. Also the heated seats. I dislike the auto engine stop. I like the color.

- Coli P

The seats are great the color I wanted.

Good to drive economic on gas I feel safe driving good price comfort my color good motor good wheels.

- Maria A

I feel like it's very safe to drive and/or ride in.

I love all the features that come with the car. I love the power it has. I love the look of it.

- Annette R

It's a Great value. Reliable and low maintenance. Good value and luxurious.

I like the Heated seats. I like the smooth ride. I like the color.

- Linda P

Great vehicle as it is a car that is built so expertly and has driven with no issues that are major

Love the design Love the seat comfort Love the reliability

- Joseph A