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My awesome '06 Acura tsx!

The Acura tsx is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has over 220,000 miles on it and it does not miss a beat. The only problem I have had was that there was a recall on a power steering part. After taking it to the dealership for part replacement, the power steering pump went out which caused me a great deal of problems. I will say that I blame the dealership for this. Air was left in the system. I have only had to do routine maintenance on my tsx other than that one issue. It still gets great gas mileage after all this time. It is been through a lot and I still live my little car so much!

- Melissa T

Full of features, yet economical.

For the price, this car is as good as it gets. Touch screen navigation, leather heated seats, moonroof, Bluetooth capability, etc. If you need a reliable car that you plan on driving till it dies, an Acura tsx is perfect. Economical while still giving you high end features. Will get around 25 mpg which is excellent for the type of miles we put on it and considering it is a 12 year old car. Literally no complaints at all, you cannot possibly go wrong with the tsx.

- Scot C

I love the charcoal blue color of my car.

All around any car you purchase by Acura is very reliable. My car us just very old has a lot of miles, and has been in a car accident, so it does have the occasional issue and I have to get premium unleaded gas, which can get very pricey. It is a great family car, and travel car. I have gone to Arizona and back with three dogs and still had a comfortable ride without it being cramped. Trunk space is great and it is an all around great brand of car to purchase.

- Trinity S

12 years and still going!

This car was my husbands car and has over 130, 000 miles on it and is still running great! We have 2 vehicles and this is the one I drive the most. The inside still looks pretty good for being over 10 years old, some wear and tear from the dog but overall still looks nice. We have only had to replace minor things, battery, tires, a few things under the hood the no major repairs so far. We hope to be able to keep using the car for many more years to come.

- Lauren D

0-60 in one minute. The GPS feature is top notch.

Over all I would say the Acura tsx is a luxury vehicle. Memorized my driver seat while the passenger seat is also automatic instead of manual. Even though it is a 2006 my Acura rides so smooth and without a hitch. Although my vehicle needs special premium gas that is more expensive than regular gas. The tires are very expensive to replace.

- Crystal W

Sleek but practical. A luxury car that is not over the top.

This has been a great and reliable car. I think one con of it is that there is a pretty significant blind spot to the front left of the driver. It requires the medium level gas. It has a built in navigation system which was really awesome in the beginning. However, the program is just a CD so it is now outdated and I use my phone instead.

- Juliet B

Safe, comfortable, smooth ride. Oh, and it accelerates quickly, and you almost don't even feel it (so it's easy to go over the speed limit).

My TSX is perfect for me. It's a luxurious drive, impeccable handling, quick to react, an extremely smooth ride, quiet interior cabin, comfortable seats, stylish design. I don't really have any dislikes! Probably the one thing is related to the age of the car, the trunk just smells old (but that's expected).

- Joy H

My Acura tsx Other than a few expensive repairs I have enjoyed owning this car.

Catastrophic a/c failure and a bad paint job are the worst things about my car. It is pretty fast and is a comfortable ride. All and all it is been pretty reliable. It is has 158, 000 miles and hope to get to 250, 000+. Acura is known for transmission problems but so far I have had no problems,

- Tom B

Drive an Acura and you'll want to put one in your garage!

Totally reliable--it's 12 years old and never had any major issues. The GPS is great and very user friendly. Very comfortable, taken on long trips with no problem. My car is so comfortable and easy to operate that passengers have wanted (and did) to buy an Acura after being in mine.

- Marisa A

2006 Acura tsx review: really reliable car!

The Acura tsx is a super reliable car. I haven't had any major issues with it, and it has over 100, 000 miles on it (it was purchased in 2006). I have driven it on long road trips, and I also drive it to work every day. It is very comfortable to drive, and the style holds up too.

- Kristin J

Fun sporty fuel efficient reliable car.

My Acura is quite reliable, fuel efficient, sporty feel, comfy long drives. It has navigation, great audio system, sunroof, seat warmers, great trunk space, small enough to get through tight spaces in traffic, easy to maneuver, cheap to maintain, high visibility headlights.

- Daniel D

This car rides extremely smoothly, but if needed it will accelerate very quickly and has the potential to go fast.

My Acura TSX has always ran great. I bought it used from one owner with about 60,000 miles on it. Since then I have not had any major problems. I have only needed to keep up with normal maintenance. The suspension is very smooth and there is plenty of space for a sedan.

- Ben K

Check the passenger seat as the seat back can be extremely narrow.

I love the Acura TSX. It is extremely comfortable and fashionable. It comes standard with all kinds of pluses and amenities. Try the passenger seat to make sure it isn't too narrow, as the older ones fit oddly and are uncomfortable for the passenger.

- Loren B

How well-made it is. Everything fits perfectly and gives a very substantial, or solid, feel.

I really love the overall feel of my car. It is very solid and fairly luxurious. I've owned the car for 12 years and it has been totally reliable and has never given me any problems. I hope to keep it for at least another 12 trouble-free years.

- Jack B

It does has a navigation system.

I like the different features on my car.. The color is a pearl color.. The seats are leather-like made.. The radio has multiple stations.. The sun roof. Is easy accessible..

- Sandy H

One most important thing about my vehicle is that its very kid friendly.

Like: great gas mileage, comfortable on long trips, easy to park due to compact size, has spare tire below trunk, dependability.. Dislike: age, parts may start to wear out.

- Diane G

Very nice car, recommended for any purpose.

Very reliable vehicle, never had any serious problem. The comfort inside is very good. Driving performance also. The car can be compared to BMW and Audi before I had.

- Gjorgji A

Economy efficient and spacious

It's been a good car. It's been over 11 years and just recently having to get things fixed. Overall, I love it. Still gets me where I need to go.

- Michelle M

I love the look, likes like new 10 years old car still. Runs great.

My car is very safe and drive great, still looks like new, I love me car, I have owner it from new in 2006. I still love it like a just get it.

- Lisa C

It is fast and reliable and comfortable.

I do not like how much of a gas hog it is and how I have to fill up all the time, and use supreme gas so it comes out to a lot of money.

- Morgan S

My car is will be 12 years old in August 2018.

I like the heated seats and long lasting performance. I dislike how much any and every part costs. Maintenance is also pretty expensive.

- Heather C

Acura TSX is and amazing well built car and priced great

This car is amazing ! Only bad is the mileage ! I bought the car 6 years ago and other then regular maintenance nothings wrong

- Christopher T

It is a reliable car with good pick up.

Good pick up, nice ride, all the bells and whistles. It is a little stiff to turn,. It has few repairs except the oil change.

- Margaret A

I will not get rid of it because it was my dads and he passed away in 2007.

It has been a very dependable car. It has a good ride and is very comfortable. It is difficult to find replacement parts.

- Rachel C

It has been a very dependable car.

Look, drive, feel, I purchased it new in 2006. Still love it today as much as when I purchased it. It still looks new.

- Lisa S

It's definitely sporty and despite how old it is, it still looks sleek and modern.

The gas mileage for it is outdated compared to newer models. Brake system is subpar especially during winter seasons.

- Susana L

Great little car, low maintenance, beautiful body nice interior.

Great car never breaks down, just oil change and tire rotation. . Very little maintenance required for this car. .

- Nancy M

It is roomy and not extra large to get around in.

I absolutely love this car, it has everything which I need plus more. So I can not complain, best money spent.

- Krystal H

It is very reliable. Has never left me stranded.

Great features for the value. Paint has not held up well. Good gas mileage. Easy and affordable to maintain.

- Melissa G

Very nice and affordable!

Love everything about it, especially power. Dislike nothing. Everything perfect. No complaints at all.

- Beverly B

It has great gas mileage and is low cost to maintain

This vehicle is an awesome reliable car. It gets great gas mileage and costs very little to maintain.

- McKenna A

Reliability and comfort. Sports car with a lot of room.

I love the way it handles. It's very comfortable. It is very reliable.

- Sarah R

It's a brand that you must have it!

I love all the features that my vehicle has it. It's an awesome car!

- Darko G

Car was worth the purchase, 4-5 stars.

- Anthony D