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This car is a good size, comfortable, and great for travel.

The overall comfort and ergonomics of this car are great. It feels modern even though it is 6 years old. It drives well, but my only critique is I wish it was a 6-cylinder instead of 4. The wagon adds weight to the car which makes it a little harder to pick up and accelerate right away. Could use a little more power. The car is reliable for the most part, but I did run into an issue wherein the Bluetooth module was running constantly even when the car was off, which killed 3 good batteries in the span of 2 weeks. Apparently this is a manufacturing issue in some Acuras, which is expensive to fix, so I have since had to remove the Bluetooth module from the car.

- Lauren B

Very satisfied Acura tsx customer with style, dependability, and service.

My Acura tsx is comfortable, stylish, technology-savvy, and easy to drive. I have had no mechanical problems with the car during the whole time I have owned it. I bought a 2004 Acura tsx from my sister and like it so much that I upgraded to a newer model. My daughter drives the 2004, and it has also been free of mechanical problems. I wish Acura had not discontinued the tsx. It is sporty yet just luxurious enough for my tastes. My dealership also is exceptional when I take it in for regular maintenance. I am totally satisfied with this car.

- Patricia J

small functional and reliable

It has a good performance in general but like all cars with time, certain problems have arisen one of them is that the car gets too hot at times so it is necessary to bring some water bottle to the radiator, however recently I went to the mechanic and it seems that the problem will be solved shortly although I am still looking, on the other hand it has had a performance, optimal and a minimum maintenance so I would say that it has been a very good asset for me.

- jhon U

Great sedan for everyone to own!

I purchased this vehicle brand new in 2013. The tsx stands up to it is name in the luxury brand with it is smooth drive, comfortable seats, along with offered bells and whistles. In the 5 years of owning the vehicle I have never had an issue. Acura vehicles are made to last. The maintenance is minimal & easy to maintain. Overall a fantastic vehicle I would recommend to anyone looking for a sedan!

- Laura R

Acura tsx interior specs.

Super comfortable car, not super roomy if you have kids. The performance is perfect, I have had no issues besides the recalls and regular car maintenance. The vehicle is also good on gas I pump as least once every week & a half. There are features such as opening all the windows with your key. The trunk is spacious enough. Also the sound system in the car is perfect!

- Nina A

Quality, performance, great engineering. Excellent vehicle.

Great vehicle. Minimal maintenance. Great performance. Requires little service smooth riding. Great color. Very good gas mileage. Modern design that is also aerodynamic. This Acura was manufactured in japan. In general contains all the necessary options. But the it is still lacking in all of the modern safety features that are now available in the newer models.

- Steven B

A safe car that looks and feels great.

Reliable, comfortable, well equipped and safe. Feels good to drive and you can feel the luxury Acura brand when you are in the car and driving it. The leather seats have heat in them for winter and the air conditioning works well. The steering wheel is easy to turn but not so easy that you feel like you have little control of the vehicle.

- Dora D

You can change from automatic to manumatic at anytime while you are driving.

My car has a lot of options. I can load six different CD's into the player and leave them there. Also I have heated seats for passenger and driver. The steering wheel is also heated. I have powered sunroof and powered windows. The car is great on gas and can go on empty more than an other vehicle.

- Dimitrios T

A well made car that will last for years.

This is an awesome car and runs smoothly. There are never any added repairs or costs that come up other then the regular oil change. The car drive well and really I could buy this car again and stay with the make which we did now have another Acura is the family.

- Samantha L

My car is not that expensive but looks really nice as if it is.

I love my car it drives very smooth and is very comfy. It also looks nice on the outside and inside. I like that it has many upscale features. It has not had any issues other than after getting in a fender bender and had to get a new bumper and oil changes.

- julia M

It's a smooth driving experience vehicle that handles really well.

I like how the car feels. It drives really smoothly. I don't like how there's been so many little things that happen to the car (I.e, flat tires, starters going out, etc.)

- Ben L

Lasting performance with no mechanical failure with regular maintenance.

Very smooth ride, excellent control, comfortable seats, reliable, great to travel on highway, excellent braking and acceleration, very little blind spots.

- Car O

It is a secure and is an extremely stable car.

I like my vehicle because is comfortable. It has GPS, Bluetooth and back camera. I dislike my car air conditioner. It is not cooler enough.

- A B

Sporty and Sleek- don't mess with my TSX

My Acura TSX is safe and dependable. It drives well and gets good mileage. It is sleek and gets me where I want to go with no complaints.

- Beth L

I am going to drive it until I cannot drive it anymore!.

Few breakdowns, price was good, gas mileage is also good. I like the body style and the interior. There is nothing I really do not like.

- Howard S

I have the Acura 2013 tsx limited edition

Enjoy driving the Acura TSX. Love the look exterior wise wish the interior was more luxurious. I am not happy with the rims peeling.

- cyndi m

The car runs well but when it runs on premium gas do not cheap out and buy regular gas.

The Acura TSX perform well without any complications. I like the performance of the car and the mileage of the car.

- tuan v

It is one of the most comfortable rides.

It is comfortable to drive. It is smooth riding. It is reasonably priced. It does not need much maintenance.

- Trevor M

It is reliable and is easy to drive. It requires little maintenance.

It is stylish, dependable, and economical to own. It is comfortable to drive. It holds its value.

- Randy H

Never have any issues, good gas mileage. Great resale value!

Love the look of the vehicle and haven't had any major issues since I've had it.

- Nick C

it's like a luxury car for less money than comparable name brand luxury cars.

it's a nice luxury car that was a good price. it drives well and is safe.

- jared c

It's a great car for the money we spent.

awesome gas mileage comfortable on long trips great quality for the money

- Heather G

It's not a lot of space of the inside and the leather gets really hot in summer.

It's good on gas. It is very reliable. It has a nice sporty appearance.

- Tera G

I plan on driving it until it will not drive anymore!

I like that it does not break down and drives well. No complaints.

- Howard S

That it requires very little maintenance.

It is a dependable ride that requires minimal maintenance.

- B C