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Great car from an aesthetic point through performance and creature comforts.

The car performs well for a heavy car, the turbo really helps the 2.0 four cylinder engine. The creature comforts in the car are great as they very similar to the cars that are much newer. The car has Bluetooth, navigation, heated leather seats and electric everything. The sunroof is great as it is of significant size and also has an electronic shade. Ride quality is great as well as build quality. The car feels very well build while driving down the road or being driven aggressively through turns. Outside styling is great and has a performance but practical look to it. Looks like cars that are much newer.

- Paul H

Leaky roof common problem, challenging solution.

We've recently encountered as issue with the sunroof drain. It is become either clogged or detached and it is causing leakage onto the rear passenger side on both the seat and floor, as well as the front passenger side under the dash. The leak causes there to be standing water in both areas and takes a shop vacuum and some laundry towels to completely dry. It is a common issue with this car since the tubing is so small. The resolution seems very complicated since the top of the vehicle is one part so we'll have to remove all parts attached to the roof of the car in order to get into the tubing system.

- Alexandria W

I have lots to love for the Audi's turbocharged four-cylinder engines and smooth-shifting transmissions. The A4 is one of the more fuel-efficient luxury small cars.

You can seat five people inside an A4. Leather seats come standard and are reasonably comfortable for long stretches. For some, the cushions can feel a little firm on the standard seats, but the optional front sport seats remedy this and add side bolsters for extra comfort. For a small car, the rear seat is spacious, and there's enough room for two adults to easily climb in back and get cozy. Heated front seats are standard.

- Ashley F

Audi a4 is a dream to own. You will not regret it!

I love my Audi a4! It is my dream car. The leather is great quality and I love that it never hesitates when I accelerate. However, if you ever need to replace parts it can be quite expensive. I really enjoy the smart features of my car. The Bluetooth capability and backup camera have been my favorite and most used features. The back seat is roomy and comfortably seats 3 people. The trunk space is deceptively large as well.

- Ashley P

A reliable, safe, awesome car that I love driving every day.

My vehicle takes me to school and home everyday and provides a safe and reliable form of transport. I very rarely have problems with the car. It is good on gas so I am not constantly at the gas station draining my wallet. It offer a comfortable ride with the leather seats and awesome stereo system. I also use this car to go to the beach.

- John L

The coolest cloud you'll ever float on.

I have had a BMW 3 series and although that car has a great engine, I prefer Audi. Yes, I want speed, but I also want a smooth ride. It is so smooth that you can easily get to 100 mph before you realize you are way over the speed limit. I imagine would be a fun car to have if you live in Montana.

- Wendy A

My car requires more expensive maintenance but is worth the effort.

Fun to drive. She drives really well and is good on gas. She does require more maintenance than I had with other vehicles (who were also used) and is definitely more expensive to maintain. I also have to travel 50 miles to have her worked on.

- Melinda B

Idk why my a4 keeps having problems.

The car is very fast and drives really nice but I just hit 80000 miles on it and I keep having to take it into the shop to get things fixed. It ends up being pretty frustrating because I feel like there is a new problem every other week.

- Cam C

It's a very nice car a few people. Not comfortable for family in the back.

It is a very sporty compact vehicle. It feels rather small inside rather then spacious. Drives fine, however the gas mileage is not stellar. Especially when having to use premium gas. I have not had an issues with the vehicle so far.

- Jessica T

It is a luxury sedan, but as it gets older it becomes increasing less reliable.

Have had some bigger problems at and above the 70k mileage mark. Other than that it's been a great automobile and very reliable. Currently some things seems to pop up more often. Would consider leasing next time instead of buying.

- Ross K

Smooth Ride and Great Time!

My white Audi A4 is a great car with a smooth ride and comfortable interior. I enjoy both the luxury and the performance. My only complaint is that It's an older Audi, I would love to get a newer version.

- James G

There are plenty of better options out there - less expensive, or pricey but more worthwhile.

I hate that the turbo causes a lag when pulling out and that the car will go the wrong way sometimes when I put it into gear. I also hate how expensive it is to maintain, even though it is a regular car.

- Kadels S

2010 Audi a4, it is white with black leather.

I love my car. It is very comfortable to drive. It is quite expensive to fix anything though, although overall it has all been positive. It is also very reliable and haven't had to worry about that yet.

- Lyndsey C

Fun driving car. cheap on gas.and the feeling with the top down is awesome. ..

Ok here we go, i love the performance of the audi. being a 4 cylinder turbo is great, and i mention it's a convertible. i love the air and the open felling. it's like being free at times.

- Robert C

It runs smoothly, has good mileage, and is a good starting car.

Seats aren't leather. Car is a good size for 1-4 people and runs smoothly. It has good mileage and very rarely has had problems in about 2 years. It looks nice and isn't a huge car.

- Andrew M

Not worth the costs! Too hard on the environment.

It's a luxury car that requires premium gas and expensive maintenance. It not worth the cost and the carbon footprint is too much. I like that it's a smooth ride and comfortable.

- Andrea L

The car has lots of room. Easy to maintain. And is the perfect sport car for a family vehicle.

I love the sporty look of the vehicle. The gas mileage in the city is awful. But the mileage on the highway is great. Nice size for a family vehicle!

- Maegan K

Most Audis are known for becoming troublesome after 100k.

My Audi takes turns with no problem. Passing cars is no problem. The look and feel of the car is amazing. Only downside is the cost of repairs.

- Elizabeth B

I absolutely love my car.

I like how smoothly it drives. I like the bluetooth technology it uses. I like the interior design. I like the size makes it easier to park.

- Ana K

Always keep up maintenance.

My car is 8 years old but still runs like it is brand new. Always do regular schedules maintenance and this vehicle will last you years.

- Colby B

That Audi America has some pretty good Customer Service!

The car is well made. It has a lot of nice speed and pick up for a high end sedan. I guess my biggest complaint is no heads up display.

- Kevin W

It is dependable and safe.

It is sporty and attractive. It is safe and dependable. It is fancy without being too fancy- it is a very nice car. It drives amazing.

- Paul S

It's a great brand and if you care about luxury and social status then it's for you

I love how it drives and it's extremely comfortable. I don't care too much of how ridiculously expensive it can be to fix it.

- Paul B

It's a dependable car and has never let me down.

My audi is very reliable. I haven't had any major problems with it. I enjoy driving it because it has many luxury features.

- Mary b

The car with class and excellence

The best and most reliable car I every owned.It has power, class and comfort. The workmanship and engineering is the BEST.

- Edward W

Audi looks very sophisticated like a more affordable BMW

Love the style of the car and look of the car and the features inside such as navigation. Cons include price for repairs

- Francisco R

Personally I think Audi is a good car

My car is very good,good in and out but it consume so much gas and any time I take it for repairs,I spend so much money

- John C

The drive you can't beat how an Audi drives

I love the drive it's very smooth and fun to cruise around in. I wish it had more features but other than. That great!

- Greg A

A4 AWD is a popular car to drive.

Great car to drive. Good in snow or bad weather with AWD. Haven't had much problems other than standard maintenance.

- John G




You should want your car to be cost efficient and fuel efficient.

My car is great spacious, fuel efficient, and good quality. No major maintenance issues, navigation is great.

- Maria G

It takes a lot of oil consumption which can be annoying.

I like the fact it is nice and stylish and drives well. It is a smooth ride. However it chews a lot of oil.

- William B

Audi is an amazing brand.

I love Audi. I have driven them for years. I love all wheel drive and the sportiness of the vehicle.

- Christina C

It was a very pretty color and ran good.

Nothing was wrong with the first car I had. I loved it. I would drive another one if I could.

- Amanda W

the car is cute, but expensive to maintain. no storage

guzzles oil and audi wont fix it even though it is a known problem

- kri s

It attracts the girls very well.

Leather seats. Air Conditioned. Rearview Mirrors.

- Akinsola R