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A 2011 Audi A4 with features such as climate control, heated seats, and AWD

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

A 2011 Audi A4 in mint condition makes for a good daily driving car. Oil change every 3,000 miles. Uses Premium gas. It has a 2.0t engine which makes it a fast sedan sports car. AWD for more traction on snowy or slippery streets. Climate control, heated seats, Bluetooth, sunroof, navigation system, and emergency call system. 6-speed manual makes for a good gear shift car. Iridium spark plugs for better ignition. Audi is an all out great car brand. Coming equipped with leather seats good steering wheel motion. E-break at a touch of a button. The 2011 Audi A4 Quattro premium is a great car of taken car off. An individual cannot go wrong purchasing this car. 4 rings.

- Jose D

Audi, constant and reliable.

2011 Audi A4

It is old but reliable, we love this car. We've gotten many miles out of it. Audi is a reliable and easy to drive brand that really gives you bang for your buck. We've driven this car all over the country-- with no issues. My one complaint is the lack of space and storage in the vehicle. Driving more than 4 people is far too cramped. Our next car will most likely not be a sedan, but it has worked for us right now. It's a reliable and super safe car. We love the seat warmers.

- Helen L

Feels smooth for an old car.

2011 Audi A4

My car is fairly decent but I am not at all satisfied with it, the car is old and rugged. The back left window does not work but can easily be fixed from research. There are also many upsides to my car, it drives very easily and is an automatic car so I do not have to Focus as much when switching gears. In the end my car is does not satisfy my standards, but does not make me regret my choices for the car at the same time.

- Joel D

The Audi I drive has a built in subwoofer in the trunk.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

The Audi a4 2.0t that I have is by far the best car I've owned. It has great a/c, great gas mileage and it's great ride. It's smooth and comfortable, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who can afford it. It's very reliable and it runs good. The engine light came up for a bad sensor, that is the only flaw so far. But it was well taken care of before me so it should do just fine.

- Kyle J

The fast and beautiful 2011 white Audi a4.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

My car was one of the best investments I have ever made in my life. Everything about it is pretty amazing from performance to cosmetics. The interior has black leather and their very comfortable. I tend to deep clean my vehicle at least twice a month to maintain that new car look. The steering wheel in my car is my favorite it just looks so iconic the way it is set up in there l.

- Martin G

Wonderful car and I would buy another if I can afford it.

2011 Audi A4

My car has been wonderful. Very dependable with very few repairs. I recently had to buy a new battery but nothing major has happened. I do try to have the car serviced at appropriate times. I do have to have frequent alignments due to wear on the tires. Also, coat of many repairs is expensive. Nothing is cheap in an Audi. Including gas. It requires premium gas.

- Carolyn H

Review of Audi: poor gas mileage but overall great performance

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

It performs decent, but when it does have problems it is expensive to fix. It gets bad gas mileage but that's just because it's a four cylinder. Overall it's reliable though and also comfortable. It has a beautiful design and runs nice with an awesome sound system. I really am happy with this purchase overall because it has been a good car to me.

- Avery W

Great performance, smooth ride.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Prestige

Drives great, very responsive, zippy. Great pick up. Comfortable, all the conveniences, Bluetooth, hands free calling, back up camera. Not very roomy though, best for two people and just kids in the back seat. All wheel drive makes for safe driving in all conditions. Has been very reliable with no fixes needed other than routine maintenance.

- Lindsay W

Fantastic vehicle, smooth ride and would buy again if given the opportunity.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

I've had this car for about 2 years now and it has always been reliable. Even at the mileage (160,000) it still runs great. It is very comfortable. I have taken multiple 1000 mile plus road trips in it and enjoyed riding in it the entire way. It has good get up and go and stops on a dime. No problems with it at all.

- Aaron T

Very reliable car smooth ride.

2011 Audi A4

Very reliable car. It has gotten me all over the place. The car runs very smooth and the only problem I have had was with the shocks because of how low the car is to the ground. Other than that it's a beautiful car and it runs very well. The interior is easy to clean and I have had no engine problems.

- Precious C

Intro to the German market

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

The Audi A4 is a great car to start to get into the more luxury side of car-buying. It is about as reliable as you'd expect a German car to be. There are some problems, but they are easily fixable. The car rides beautifully and is plenty fast for a family oriented car. Overall, great vehicle.

- James R

Ride of your life: Audi a4 convertible.

2011 Audi A4

The air conditioning is not great. It drives well, but runs low on oil consistently. I have to fill it with premium oil and gas often. Otherwise, it is reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. It is a convertible so that is fun, but the top does not go down while driving. You must be stopped.

- Lindsay B

Simple, smooth, classic yet with modern technology.

2011 Audi A4

I really enjoy the leather interior, I love the way it's simple and clean. It was an awesome air conditioning and a classic radio. I really like how smooth it drives and how easy it is to adjust to your own driving. I also love the classic white and how beautiful it looks from the outside.

- Gabriela D

I love how fast the pick up is. Not a slow car at all and will not disappoint

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

Best car I have ever purchased. I did go through some major repairs but you should know what you are getting into when owning an Audi. Smooth ride, love the accessories, back up camera, the electronics are a plus also. Would recommend to anyone who is into foreign cars

- Amber C

It's a sedan that drives like a sports car.

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

Many Audi's having problems after 100,000 miles. I am at 71,000 and have currently no problems. The body of the car is cheap, any small thing and it dents and stuff. It runs very well on gas. Being a sedan, it gives a sports car feel and drive which is enjoyable.

- Mo A

Overall reliable car, highly recommend

2011 Audi A4 2.0T Premium

There are no real problems with my car that I have come across other that the fact that it's age has taken its toll. It's a very reliable car, does well in the snow and rain, is very comfortable, and has tons of storage space. It has a great sound system as well.

- Lauren K

The perfect beginner car, comfortable, smooth and will get many compliments.

2011 Audi A4

I love my car. It is always very reliable and I always get compliments on it when I have friends or family members in the car. It drives very smooth and has not loud noises. Seats and interior are very comfortable feeling. Radio sounds perfect throughout the car.

- Amanda C

Audi sedan premium plus 2011.

2011 Audi A4

The car is very reliable, I have hardly any problems with the car. It drives very well and has some power to it. Feels like you are driving a sports car while still being very safe and affordable. It is comfy with lots of room and trunk size. Perfect size sedan.

- Jack C

Man oh man I love it its awesome.

2011 Audi A4

This car is awesome. This car is amazing. This car is the best. This car can do all the things that other can't. Everyone should get this car. Nothing is off limits. Occasionally it may break down here and there. Don't scare the kids they are very fragile.

- Thomas L

Fast and sleek wonder on wheels.

2011 Audi A4

It is a turbo dream on wheels. It is a nice smooth ride. It handles the highways and byways with ease. It has a state of the art radio with speakers that let people know you are coming from about two blocks away. It is a fast and sleek wonder on wheels.

- Gabrielle W

Really fun to drive, but can't be trusted.

2011 Audi A4

I love the way my car drives. The handling and the steering is fantastic. The appearance of the car is also very sleek and enjoyable. However, it isn't the most reliable car, nor is it fuel efficient. It also burns oil easily.

- David C

It's the best car out on the market in terms of acceleration, comfort, safety, and design.

2011 Audi A4

I like my car because it's always been good to me and drives so smooth. I dislike my car sometimes because it's expensive to maintain with German parts. I also dislike it sometimes because it's a 2011 car and getting old.

- Tan C

It is a beautiful day here!

2011 Audi A4

The car is awesome. E to drive in all weather, it is fast and has a very smooth ride. The only drawback is that the maintenance on it is crazy expensive, but I guess it is expected with a luxury brand car.

- Jesse V

The intersection of performance and luxury. It's a great ride.

2011 Audi A4

Dislike-- it's too small. I purchased it before having any kids (now I have 2). But that's literally the only thing I dislike about it. I love how it handles, it hasn't needed any repairs...

- Jim K

Beautiful car, watch it once it starts to get older

2011 Audi A4

I love how smoothly it starts up and it drives very well. I really like the tug of the steering wheel. It did need a lot of work once the mileage of the car got high.

- Fiona W

Reliable car with classy style and comfort.

2011 Audi A4

Comfort handling for long trips. Fully loaded with options gives you various comfort settings. With ABS and steering control, it handles well in MN winter months

- Patrick R

It is dependable and I've had it for over 3 years now

2011 Audi A4

I love my car. Dependable and well made. It is the wagon version so plenty of trunk space. Only issue is i need a bigger car with growing kids

- Hillary H

The A4 is a drivers car. It really lets you sit in and feel the road.

2011 Audi A4

I love the way my A4 drives, it is one of my favorite cars of all time to drive! The downside is the maintenance which is painfully expensive.

- Jim C

Great vehicle really nice car automobile.

2011 Audi A4

It is really great fast when it needs to be a great vehicle it does not run off gas quickly a good vehicle has nice air conditioning.

- Cole N

That my Audi A4 only runs on premium gas. Filling it up with regular gas could cause the engine light to appear.

2011 Audi A4

It's reliable, it's stylish, comfortable leather seats, roomy backseat and trunk space. I have no problems with this car.

- Dianesha C

Fast and reliable. I get good mileage especially on the highway

2011 Audi A4

Love the handle of this car. Pretty good on gas given that it is a luxury vehicle. I'd definitely get another one.

- Meshach M

Blue. Wheel detail very smooth. Very fast.

2011 Audi A4

Works like a dream. Good gas mileage great stereo. Very comfortable. Great price. Would recommend to anyone.

- Jordan R

Quick and Reliable German Engineering

2011 Audi A4

Great pickup, road feel, handling, and very safe. I little expensive to maintain but well worth the price

- Kevin S

This has been the best driving experience I have had with a car

2011 Audi A4

Great ride. Would like more technology. Expensive maintenance

- Greg T

it's greatly reliable, quiet after these years,runs smooth

2011 Audi A4

great ride,quiet,has NO problems for so many years !

- soma H

the strong of engine and the year of made and the country

2011 Audi A4

very good and easy car and lovely drive nice engine

- Sheffy s

The car is expensive to maintain.

2011 Audi A4

Like the comfort. Dislike maintenance costs.

- John M