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Love it hate it relationship.

The size of my Audi a4 is perfect for me. It has a smooth ride and good pick up. It is all wheel drive, which is great for bad weather conditions. Gas mileage is decent. Maintenance is very expensive on this vehicle. I have had several problems with the continental tires they put on my vehicle. I have owned this car for two years and have blown out four tires. The dealership claims that these are the best performance tires for the car but they have a thin lining, so hitting a pothole can cause the tire to blow out.

- Elizabeth S

Audi a4 - 2014 - great car.

This is my second Audi vehicle, I have had minimal problems with my 2014 Audi a4 I perform regular maintenance oil changes tire rotations and have had no problems with it mechanically or any problems with the trim level, all components are working fine the car rides very smooth lee and is very quiet on the interior which is one of the things I love most. It is a solid car.

- Denise M

All-around exceptional vehicle.

We have never had any major issues with our 2014 Audi a4. The only type of issue there has been on our Audi has been a couple of minor recalls but they have always been resolved. The performance, reliability, and features are absolutely exceptional. Comfort of the driver's seat and passenger seat is wonderful. The comfort of the backseats is okay but not the best.

- Sarah M

Smooth driving 2014 a4 with almost 70k miles on it.

It drives very smoothly and can handle all sorts of terrain since it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I drive it about 10-12,000 miles a year and have had the car for almost 6 years and it is held up great. I did have to change the gear transmission once about a year ago and also recently changed the high pressure fuel pump but besides that it is been great.

- enrique F

Audi, not all its advertised to be.

Low performance vehicle, with fairly good gas mileage but uncomfortable to drive for long distances tires are expensive servicing is expensive and I have to drive more than 80 miles to a dealership. It is too low to the ground and night driving everyone's headlights are at eye level. The ride is very stiff and you can feel every bump on the road.

- Cynthia T

Great car, if you can dump a lot of money into it.

It has amazing performance, comfort, style, tech, it is fast! But fixing it is a real pain! Ever since we have hit 70, 000 it is breaking down and it is a beast to go and fix it. We also do not have an Audi dealership closer than 2 hours from my house so even just taking it in for an annual is hard.

- Sara B

Looks are good smooth drive.

Audi ag is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi is a member of the Volkswagen group and has its roots at Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi-branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide.

- Huda K

Others should know that Audi has one of the highest safety ratings

So far I have not had any performance problems and my car is very reliable. It is a luxury car with a lower price tag. It is a smooth ride, accelerates quickly, the interior is nice, the seat warmers are a plus, and so is the backup camera. Audi cars have always been great cars to me.

- Justin K

Audi review or a4 2015 model in good shape.

No problem. The car has served us well over the years. I would recommend to my friends and colleagues. The interior is very comfortable and the size is good for kids, we have not needed any major repairs and the brakes work great. The steering is good as is the sound.

- Naomi S

My car is a black Honda Accord.

Really comfortable. Everything works perfectly fine. Has leather seats, has air conditioning and heat, has AUX cords and their is no lights on the dash, all tires are in great condition, has a lot of bumper stickers, has a sunroof and big trunk space.

- Linda S

It is a safe and comfortable ride.

It is a smooth ride and very reliable. The seats are comfortable. There is a good amount of trunk space. The only issue is it is not that roomy in the back. We haven't had any problems with it at the moment. It comes with a sunroof and leather seats.

- Sandra B

Smooth and enjoyable ride.

Audi is a smooth drive, easy to manage and comfortable ride especially in traffic. Gas consumption is decent. And maintenance costs are comparable. Technology upgraders are to par with other vehicles in its category.

- Cynthia O

It's reliable and has great gas mileage.

I have had this vehicle for 4 years now and have yet to have a problem with it. I have always been a fan of the Audi Brand and they have yet to disappoint me. The A4 dives smoothly and has great steering.

- Anthony J

Audi A4 is an excellent CPO option

I am overall very happy with my A4. It has only had one non-recall repair, and that was covered under warranty. It is comfortable and quiet, although it does seem to wear tires faster than normal.

- Scott H

There is Bluetooth capabilities and a great safety system.

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. The only thing that I dislike is something that is common to all sedans, which is it is hard to see the road when there are larger cars around you.

- Christine C

The Audi A4 is a fun car to drive despite being the basic model.

The vehicle is extremely comfortable and performance-wise it is fantastic. However, since it was a basic model, I am not able to play music through bluetooth and do not have backup camera.

- Levan S

The electric in the car is the most important.

I love is car because is easy to drive around especially is fit perfect for me and my family and something I do not like the back seat is to off small for people go sit at the back.

- Angel N

Performance wise this thing one of the best cars I've had to date. It is a work horse and still zips around like a sporty sedan

The car is very reliable as it has had no issues. We have only had to to take the car in for regular maintenance. It is quite a quick car as well and roomy as well.

- Stephen A

that my car makes me feel like a race car driver so if you're on the road when i am be aware people! lol

i like the design of my car. i like how fast it is. i like how the car feels when i'm driving. also, i'm in love with the brand audi and i'm happy to be an audi owner

- don K

She can really hustle. I have a bad habit of driving too fast and my car can very easily keep up.

I like how it looks, it's sleek and good looking. I like that it is responsive and fast. I like way it handles. I like that it's safe for me and my loved ones.

- Lucy Z

The quality of the build of the car and the way that it handles on the road

What I really like about this car is the all wheel drive! It handles great on the road and in bad weather, the only thing negative I would say was the price

- Michael D

The air conditioning system is very good. The fuse seems to go out on the cigarette lighter quite a bit

I like the gas mileage I get for how powerful the car is. I dislike that many features that come with less expensive vehicles aren't in my car.

- Gary F

Audi A4. A reliable, comfortable, performance vehicle.

The Audi A 4 Is an excellent vehicle. Its design is excellent. Itd performance is excellent. It is very reliable. It is also very comfortable.

- Carl A

Neat, premium, nice feel to it.

It has good mileage and the overall interior is luxurious and premium. Sometimes it can have problems but I make sure to keep up with it.

- Renee C

It is easy & comfortable to drive. It has good Gas mileage too.

My vehicle drives well(smoothly). It is reliable and comfortable. I do not like that it does not have any modern technology features.

- Erica S

Style and engineering have combined to make a classic vehicle.

It is beautiful and wonderfully made. It is very safe and comfortable. It is sporty but also made for families. I have no complaints.

- Renee F

that is an advanced car full of technology features

it is a cool car full of technology features which makes the car not only fun to drive but also saves money because of its high mpg

- gustavo o

Drives great and is super comfortable and it looks good

Car has been great; drives really well and has lots of power. Only issue has been some recalls and the back door handle came off

- Shannon M

Audi A4, Nice luxurious car for not so big family

My vehicle performs well. I just don't care for how small it is and that the entertainment system Is not Bluetooth compatible.

- Brittany D

Very safe and secure handling and performance.

I like the the way the Audi handles the road in adverse weather conditions . I like the because of its many safety features.

- Don N

Reliable car low maintenance good for long distance good warranty

I love my car performance is good so far no problem.comfortable seating good gas mileage good for long travel reliable car.

- Manda P

is family and comfort very speed and secure

its comfort and very secure, its a car's very power full and engine is so cool because is easy for make maintenance

- nones n

Roadside assistance is my favorite part. There are little lights on the side mirrors that light up when a car is in your blind spot

It's an amazing car. It is 4 years old but still stands up to 2018 vehicles. It's smooth,luxurious, and very safe.

- Calley E

Audi a4 handles very well.

Smooth, dependable ride. Controls are well thought out. Car handles well and cabin is extremely comfortable.

- June L

It is great but can be very expensive to fix.

It is a nice sleek car with great gas mileage. I love the luxury feel to it. I would certainly recommend it.

- Mike H

Ask about repairs, cost of parts, oil consumption, cost of oil change, etc.

Oil guzzler. Putting oil in every other week. Rides smoothly. A lot of legroom. Good on gas for mileage.

- Lisa R

Get an extended warranty plan.

Its pretty ok, works better than I thought it would, it is great for anything, I can move a lot in it.

- Sam A

The one most important thing people should know is that names aren't everything. Probably be happier with a Toyota.

It burns through oil extremely quickly. I have never had a car do this before. Pretty annoying.

- Krys C

need to watch oil levels.

love the performance but not crazy about the maintenance cost. nice and roomy. Great looks

- scott M

A sleek car that feels and drives sporty

I love the look and feel of car. I wish it had Apple play . maintenance can be expensive

- Ben B

One thing others should know is that It requires premium gas at the gas station.

I like the navigation features. Also the smooth ride of the car itself.

- Ashley M

It's great on gas. I really enjoy it

It's great on gas. It's sufficient for my needs. It's built to last.

- Man C

I like that it's a standard transmission, it has heated seats and its performance. I don't like that it doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity to play my music in my car.

It's safe to drive and the crash ratings are excellent for a car

- Christina K

interior, fwd, service. I do not like price of parts

it drives awesome and has one of the highest safety ratings

- mmiti n

no complaints, love the comfort of the ride and the style of it

It's a fun car to drive. It is a great car for road trips.

- karen L

Audi Excellent Quality car

The style and color. Audi service. It is a good car.

- Law S