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Beautiful all black Audi a4 with crisp interior.

The car that I drive is one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven. The comfort and smoothness of the drive makes road trips that much more enjoyable. I also have a large dog who finds it very comforting. Even though it is a sedan, there's plenty of space for travel and pets! I recently moved across the country and this car was great on gas and provided me with a piece of mind knowing I would get to my destination with zero complications.

- Caitlin O

We didn't know the engine would become such a problem and so time consuming and expensive to fix

Bad engine, extremely expensive and difficult to fix but otherwise love the car. Took it in to get fixed recently and there is a belt that often breaks that costs a lot because they have to take the entire engine apart or fix one small thing, it takes many hours. They wants to fix the "turbo" as well but that cost a few thousand. The labor is more expensive than the parts, but besides that the car has been great

- Rebecca A

Decent, but details matter.

This particular Audi is pretty decent. Smooth ride, comfortable seats, but it takes premium gas so that can get expensive. The manufacturer stereo is decent, but not great. The cup holders are weird. Only one of the two in front hold a regular (us standards) beverage. The other is way too small and although this seems trivial, is way more annoying that we ever thought it would be.

- Emily J

Roomy interior, fold down rear seats makes the trunk huge.

I've owned Audi's for 40 years and this 2012 a4 is the nicest Audi I've owned. Its fast when I need power, never any reliability issues in the 4 years I've been driving it. It gets around great in the Pennsylvania winters. Love the all wheel drive. I would never consider any other car make. Totally happy with my Audi a4.

- Patty E

2012 pure white Audi a 4.

I have a 2012 Audi a4. The performance level on this car is great! It drives very smoothly and I enjoy being able to switch gears. The gas intake is the best part. The fact that the Audi is a pure white color makes it stand out, and I love that. The interior is leather and also comes equipped with awesome heated seats.

- Amanda C

Summarize 2012 Audi a4 from an original owner's perspective.

Great ride and still looks brand new. Handles very tight feels like a luxury vehicle. Just very expensive to maintain and when bringing to Audi you seem to always have additional expenses. Having to use premium gas sometimes also gets expensive. The car does have plenty of room as I am over 6 foot tall and 280 lbs.

- Jeff B

Audi A4 (white with Black leather interior)

The A4 drives great, and I feel incredibly safe in it. It is expensive, so I was only able to afford the stock version of the car. It is expensive to fix if there is ever a problem, but if given the opportunity to purchase it again I would. It is smooth and reliable and the company offers teacher discounts!

- Kellie E

Audi car features and review.

Has no problems, very reliable, I have had it over three years now and it handles very good in the snow, I feel that everybody should have one of these cars, people get scared because they are luxury car, you pay for what you get, just make sure to get an extended warranty that should relieve any worries.

- Alex A

I like the slick black interior.

The only complaint I have about the a4 is not very comfortable. I absolutely love this car, I have never had any troubles with it. I will definitely consider buying another a4. It is a beautiful car inside and out and I love all the little details. I feel safe every time I drive it.

- Cindy L

Best of the best. Audi is an all around great car.

I love my audi so much. It gets around great in the snow we get in the northeast. It has a lot of power when I need to pass or pull out into highway speed traffic. It is very reliable I have never had any problems so far had it since 2014. It has plenty of legroom front and back.

- Patricia E

It is a great car that I do not regret getting.

The problem I have with my vehicle is that it takes too much gas and I sometimes do not have enough space for my liking overall I still think it is a good car. I really love my seats they comfort me super well and I couldn't think of replacing them since they are perfect for me.

- David N

My Audi is amazing! You should get one.

Love this car. Runs great and has a sporty look. Very comfortable inside. The engine is quiet and runs very smooth. I get a lot of looks when I pass people on the highway going 100 mpm. This car is fast and I love speeding. I will definitely buy another one when it is time.

- Eric P

Audi a4 sport, is known to be one of the best daily drivers!

Drives great, 4 wheel drive, sometimes check engine sensors come on but turn off on their own. Car is reliable at has 93, 000 miles and drives like it did the day it was bought. One of the best and smoothest driving vehicles around, Audi a4 is priced well also.

- Craig G

It is a great car but very expensive to take care of

Performs very well, but runs through oil very quickly. It has been very reliable with no significant issues. Fairly comfortable but not a good car for a big convertible car seat. It left us having to push the front seat up while our daughter was rear facing.

- Bridget B

The Audi A4 is a reliable car with okay power, great gas mileage, and a comfortable right.

My Audi A4 has been a great car in the years that I've had it. The gas mileage is excellent and the road performance is great. I enjoy listening to music as I drive and the sound system in the vehicle really helps articulate all the highs and lows.

- Hushi H

If it breaks down, it'll be expensive to repair.

I like my vehicle because it looks nice. I like that I get complimented on my car. I don't like that it's expensive to do regular maintenance on and it only takes premium fuel, so it's pricey to fill up the tank.

- Sarah D

Just because the car looks really nice, there is a lot of extra upkeep with it that people have to factor in when getting the car

It has a really sleek design, rides nicely and accelerates fast, but if something is wrong with it, you have to buy Audi parts which are expensive and get premium gas which is also more expensive than regular

- Haley C

Solid, fun, good gas mileage and eye catching. But, unreliable at times.

This vehicle is very fun to drive. It feels solid and safe. However, there have been and are several mechanical issues with it currently. At times it has been undriveable. I would not purchase another Audi

- Laura V

Problem free. Good gas mileage easy to maintain its a Audi has certain cache

Nice car good gas mileage handle nicely car is six years old and no maintenance problems good on long road trips. I do wish the driver's seat had presets annoying to reset seat after someone else drives

- William R

Overall, the car is nice and reliable.

The vehicle controls very well. The seats are comfortable and there is enough room. I wish that it was a little more fuel efficient. Also, due to Its age, certain parts of it are beginning to wear out.

- Andrew c

Audi a4 is a sick car and really cool.

My Audi a4 is super nice. It has pretty good gas mileage but premium gas is expensive. I added an intake and a diverter valve spacer so I can hear my turbo noises which is sick. It rides comfortable.

- Blake M

Comfortable and fun ride.

Not as happy about only automatic transmissions available vs. Manual. So, performance not as much fun. But has pep and power. No mechanical problems and very comfortable ride. This is my 4th Audi.

- Nan G

Awesome body and interiors trim.

Expensive maintenance very reliable and runs great. The features on it are amazing didn't have the Bluetooth capabilities with my model for music but has a great sound system.

- Miguel R

My Luxurious, Dependable Audi A4

I love my vehicle so much! It is very dependable, comfortable, and modern. I highly recommend this vehicle if you are interested in buying a luxurious and dependable car.

- Emily L

It's an affordable, sporty, German engineered sedan.

I feel like it combines a very good driving experience, and nice style in a relatively compact size. The interior is nicely appointed, and feels premium.

- Steve L

My car has a stick shift because I love to race.

It's a pretty and cast car. It works for my convenience in traveling. Also I can now take my mom to and from the doctor without a struggle.

- Princess M

My favorite part of my car is how stylish it is, yet it picks up great on the highway!

I love how cute and sport it is, plus it really has some good power under the hood! It feels luxurious but also not too "in your face".

- Holly L

Sleek Audio never goes out of style.

My car is very comfortable and reliable when all scheduled maintenance is completed. Technology is still up to date after 7 years.

- Rebecca A

The vehicle includes a dvd player

Car drives very smooth and accelerates quickly. The seats are very comfortable and the car features a wide range of options.

- Delwyn B




It is a very reliable and comfortable car.

The vehicle drives well and is reliable. Cash and responsive. It is comfortable. The only negative is that it burns oil.

- Annette R

Car Drives smooth and super fast with a sleek design.

It is a nice car. However when it breaks it is so expensive to fix. Not to mention some mechanics will not touch them.

- Jenna T

My car is silver and I love it

I love my car, and I haven't experienced any problems with it that weren't from an outward cause. It is very reliable

- Chelsea K

That it has turbo and it burns more gas than it usually does.

Car is really fast. I love the turbo. Do not like the small space. Like the leather seats and the concept of the car.

- Juan F

Comfortable. Smooth driving good looking.

There have been no problems. Good gas mileage. Good comfort level there is plenty of room in back and in the trunk.

- Jill K

Maintenance doesn't typically work the same as other cars. The layout of the German car is different.

It fits me and my husband both. It's comfortable, safe, and easy to drive. Hasn't had a lot of maintenance issues.

- Dani M

The car is all wheel drive and handles great.

Love driving with all wheel drive, quattro. The detail of the car is nice and so is the styling on the outside.

- Kimberly J

I didn't know maintenance would be so expensive but I love my car.

I honestly love how smooth my car drive. My only disappointment is how much it cost repair and maintenance.

- Zoe P

Audi A4 All wheel drive is always there when you need it,

My Audi A4 is a very comfortable ride. The all wheel drive comes in very handy in poor weather conditions.

- Matthew W

Audi oil guzzler smooth eider.

Oil guzzler, smooth ride, good mileage, expensive to fix and maintain. Do research before buying a model.

- Lisa R

It's loud, like the exhaust.

I love my car, but I'd love something newer and faster. I like the driving dynamics. It looks cool too.

- Todd A

luxury to drive and fun does not cost as much to own as you would think

i love audi, rides wonderfully, fun to drive, comfortable, gets good gas mileage, beautiful, fast

- megan C

It is safe and comfortable. It is very reliable & efficient.

Comfortable, with good fuel efficiency. I would have liked to have a seat memory button.

- daniel s

Audi is German engineering at It's finest!

Great engine. Amazing handling. Good looks. Interior is nice. Mpg is above average.

- Spencer P

It is very Reliable and needs little service.

It 8s comfortable... Nice equipment... Nice paint... Good engine

- S L

The Audi A4 is not great in the snow. The traction isn't great.

I like the way my car drives. The vehicle has nice electronics.

- Joe F