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Audi 2013 a5 smooth ride with a few downfalls.

I'll start with the bad. The factory grill on these cars are known to peel, so keep a lookout on that. The interior is very comfortable, but being a coupe it is not ideal to fully pack the car with people. There is no aux input either or Bluetooth to connect music, but there are ways to work around it. I love the look and aggressive stance the a5 has. It has a sleek interior. Comfortable seats with heat. Runs like new even though it is a 2013.

- Chelsea A

Has lots of cool features.

Amazing car has tons of cool features recommend to tons of people. I would recommend this card to anyone that has a classy personality and is liking to drive around a classy mood. If you have enough money to afford this beautiful car I suggest you should purchase this any day of the week or any day that you have time.

- Zach V

10-speaker stereo with an auxiliary input jack and satellite radio is amazing.

It is a good luxury small car that offers good fuel economy estimates and a range of great engines. The cabin is very comfortable and the car has plenty of trunk space. One downside is the back seat feels kind of small. A major feature is the tri-zone automatic climate control.

- Mike S

Audi a5 2013 with GPS and Wi-Fi capability.

My vehicle get about 25 miles to a gallon. I have had it for 2 years now and never had a single problem yet. It is a small car. Very comfortable. It has built in GPS and is also able to connect to your phone. So u can call and text without using your phone while driving.

- Andrea L

Great car you'd love it seriously

The vehicle drives and handles very well lots of space and trunk room good acceleration and handling controls. Premium leather interior and CPU automated settings. Tons of additional option available as well as substitutes. Great color scheme and perfect trim lining

- Moses K

Love this car - another reason to not doubt Audi.

I have no issues with this car. It has performed great all these years. That said, I do get it checked up regularly and ensure when things need fixed, I fix them. The only thing I complain about is hat Sirius radio erases the preset stations each time it updates.

- John C

The comfortability of a family car.

My car is a truck it drives smoove and the car is very quiet and very warm it's a family car to go on trips and drives amazing. I drive my car to handle business like I should I never have problems out of my car whatsoever, I do not have to buy much gas either.

- Deborah W

That if we get into an accident then the passenger airbag won't come out and you may get injured.

There is currently a recall for a scale in the passenger seat scale for the airbag and it is just a hassle. Multiple things have gone wrong in my car, but the majority is fine.

- Taveion N

The power. The take off speed. Makes you feel like you are flying a jet.

I love this car. I have never had a single problem. I have owned it for 5 yrs. She has treated very well. I would not even hesitate to buy another one. You will love it.

- Roy R

My car is fantastic. It is extremely reliable.

No complaints. My car is very reliable, and has never failed me when I drive. It is smooth, and has been in my life for many years now.

- Bella H

Most reliable car ever built.

I love the way my car runs perfect. Audio system is fantastic. Engine sounds really good. Steering is absolutely great.

- Louis F

Best vehicle ever. Audi is the best.

My car is perfect no problems. It has the sound of a beast. Best features you can get in a car. Big enough for anyone.

- Jake E

The quattro system is exceptional in poor weather conditions.

I love the color and the navigation system. I love the tinted windows. I love all the new technology in the car.

- Anais A

It is easy to drive and has all wheel drive.

It is a very comfortable ride. I hate that it takes a lot of gasoline. Really like that it has nice airbags.

- Amy S

it's a luxury car, german engineering that performs great

the parking assistant is great, but It's lack of craftsmanship for the car of It's caliber

- micaela K

The safety of it, as it is rated as a very safe vehicle

I like the interior. I like the exterior. I like the controlled internal temp

- Dillon D