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incredible grip of the road, the acceleration is superb

This is my first time owning a luxury vehicle, so I can only compare it to the test drives I've taken of the competition. Overall, I am very impressed with the vehicle. The car has an incredible grip of the road, the acceleration is superb, and the torque comes in handy when overtaking others on the highway. I got the premium plus with tech package, so it came with bang and olufsen sound system which has a fantastic sound quality. I only have one small complaint with the navigation, compared to my last vehicle, it's a bit confusing and feels outdated. Over all, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. ***Update*** I've owned the car for just over two years now, and unless I all-of-a-sudden go broke, I doubt that I will ever get anything other than an Audi. Two years, 45,000 miles, and one long move halfway across the country, and the car is still exciting every time I drive it.

- xinwei c

An absolute pleasure, and honor, to own. A nearly flawless automotive experience.

This is a nearly flawless automobile and owning it has guaranteed that I will be an Audi owner for years to come. I had one slight problem with the electrical system that was quickly remedied at no charge by my dealership, who threw in a free detail for my troubles. Everything you have heard about the Audi brand is absolutely true: they really are that good.

- James P

It is gray and goes fast but it uses a lot of gas.

And often has problems shifting gears when I am going up a hill or over bridges in the body of the car shifts at high speeds and rattles and shakes what's in a while something falls off hopefully I am not on the highway to come pull up for pick it up what is the forecast says that it important part I guess it is okay.

- Vincent M

What can I say they I already didn't say. Fit for a whole family and another.

I think it is great it gets you from point A to point B with no trouble at all. No special thing to talk about but it is still great. I think anybody would love this vehicle and picture perfect that says a lot about what you can look forward to. Do not cost much either for low budget users.

- Niece M

Great looking, great mileage, and super comfy.

The Audi a5 is one of the sportiest looking cars on the road. It can go from zero to sixty in a few seconds. It gets great gas mileage and it runs fantastic. There have been no problems in the first two years of ownership. There is plenty of legroom and the seats are super comparable.

- Damon B

Audi is my best car I have owned yet.

Very comfortable with great features, maximum performance and safety, I would recommend Audi vehicles to any you drive in style and feel safe all at once. I can rely on Audi to work its maximum the only problem I find is legroom for tall people I think its on the uncomfortable side.

- Sarah T

Nice room for the whole family.

It's really great. Love it. Lots of room and tons of space for kids and pets. I have 4 kids and 2 big dogs. So pros of room. Space so much space. Lots of legroom. Nice seats. Comfy. Smells good. Fast and stylist. My family likes it and so do I. My dogs like it shd easy to clean.

- Luke K

Good Style,Comfort,Good Road Presence,value for money Bad: Little extra features could have been added for top end version,a bit gear stick vibration Exterior Real SUV design,I may call it as junior Hummer.Very good height,which gives more head space.Macho front look. Interior

Good Style,Comfort,Good Road Presence,value for money Bad: Little extra features could have been added for top end version,a bit gear stick vibration Exterior Real SUV design,I may call it as junior Hummer.Very good height,which gives more head space.Macho front look. Interior

- Sakthi S

My summary of 2016 Audi a5.

I love it. All I have to do is gas up and drive. Many luxury brand car owners complain about the cost of maintenance but in 3 years time I have only had to take my vehicle in for routine service visits. I can drive long distances comfortably although the vehicle is a coupe.

- Katie S

My vehicle is the best and we will be getting another one when the lease is up.

No problems I get it serviced on schedule, does not give me problems it is very reliable my daughter drives it more than I do. She never complains about any problems with this car. Our lease will be up next year and our intentions is to get another Audi but a smaller one.

- Yvonne R

Safe, reliable and runs well. It's well made, it's a good quality car.

It's very nice - comfortable, smooth ride, a lot of nice extras and fancy things that make everything east and automatic. It is a little quirky though, and the sunroof doesn't go back, it just opens a little.

- Cara A

Be prepared for higher maintenance costs and premium fuel requirements.

Luxury, beautiful, quick, head turner. Wish gas mileage was a bit better. The center console drawer compartment slides back and forth too easily. But i am being nit picky because i love my car.

- Cindy S

old brand, trusted!It is usually quite reliable,Gas mileage is good, and it doesn't require 91 octane.

When I get into my car, I see beautifully designed curves and no roughly crafted edges.focuses on the user experience. From the engine to the casing, they know their audience.

- Jason s

It Goes Very Fast My Car It's It Very Quick Car It's Get Around Quick

Well My Audi A5 Is A Good Car Overall. But It Makes An Uneasy Rumbling Sound At Times It's Not A Perfect Car. The seats are also very uncomfortable. But overall decent car

- Louis P

Audi a5 - sports car or family sedan.

Awesome styling and awesome technology. Comes standard with everything you would expect a luxury car to have. Drives my a sports car. Feels like a sedan.

- Guy A

It is an expensive car and it cost a lot of money to buy it..

I don't like the engine. But I like the auto, its looks and it is a good looking car to drive around and I get compliments on it in parking lots.

- C C

It is amazing the best for a family or just a single rider

I love my car, it fits me so well. There are no bad words that can be stated about this vehicle. I just wish everyone got a car like it

- Jasmine H

Expensive to maintain but looks beautiful.

I like the sleekness of my vehicle. The body is very nice. I like all the extras but I think that they are a little difficult to learn.

- Hulya R

It gets me from point a to b.

Its fuel efficient. It has style. Its drives fast. The color is ugly. The leather is bad. Its annoying how long these need to be.

- Moe F

I can drop the top and it gives me a sense of freedom.

I love that it is a convertible. It takes curves great, making it fun to drive. I can take off fast allowing me to maneuver.

- Jennifer B

Audi A5 convertible Easy to put up or down

Love this car - no problems, very comfortable. The convertible top is easy to put up and down. Nothing bad to say about it.

- Janet H

I can summarize my vehicle or highlight and interested.

My car is working fine! But it is rides very good. I need a oil change. I can drive all the way to Texas and back!

- Shanna P

Sleek modern design and practical functions. Well rounded vehicle.

It's beautiful and fun to drive. It's design is functional. It has lots of nifty functions. It's reliable.

- Elizabeth S

That my vehicle is excellent on gas and is also very safe for my girls

I love the gas mileage and the overall looks of the car. I dislike how often that I need new brakes

- Chris G

Driving in style is a must and this car makes it enjoyable

Love the smooth ride and the interior is very well designed and user friendly. Love the brand

- Mel G

It's very fast , gets you from A to B and I love it

It lasted I love it I got it used . Great mileage . Runs great . No damage

- Latiera H

It's a convertible with a soft top

Love the convertible. Very quiet and plenty of performance.

- miles M