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It is a very nice car and I like to drive it everyday I use to.

It rides comfortable and it is a very nice sports car nice and reliable. I drive my car to work everyday. I have no technical issues with it at all. I can travel in my car and take vacations in my car. I love to drive I love driving on a freeway I love taking people places and letting people test drive is very awesome. The interior and exterior of the car are kept clean and I get my car detailed every 6 months.

- Shay A

The good, the bad and the beautiful

My car has been reliable for the past 16 months - only 1 recall. It rides very nicely and the convertible is awesome. The seats are very comfortable. The radio is average. One thing I hate is that there is no trunk release button inside the car. They tell me it is for security purposes. And I wish I didn't have to fill it premium gas. It's so much more expensive.

- Judy M

She handles like a dream and gets up and goes without much effort!

The performance is amazing in any Audi I've owned. They handle beautifully and go fast without feeling like you're going fast. This is my 2nd A5 and the smooth ride is so pleasing. I don't care for the black paint (this is my first and last black car) because it requires a great deal of upkeep, but I don't have any complaints otherwise.

- Elizabeth S

Fun to drive, expensive to maintain, bare bones

The car has very terrible gas mileage. But it is fun to drive. Trim level is very bare. It did not include Bluetooth for music, only for phone. Also it doesn't have a seat heater or rearview camera. And the key is not push to start, and doesn't auto unlock when you get close (or have a touch point to auto lock)

- Angela A

Smooth and sporty ride with good safety features.

The Audi a5 has a very smooth ride yet sporty. The technical features such as the blind spot warning lights on the rear view mirrors are very helpful. The sound system is clear with good base. Temperature control and seat heaters are easy to control and function great.

- Danielle E

Cannot answer this because everything that I want is there in my car.

My daily commute is about 130 miles and I am extremely happy and very satisfied with the performance and reliability of my car. I have actually went for upgraded features. Comfort-wise, it is super. .

- Roy A

An interesting detail about my car is that it has a colorway that is much less common compared to similar models which gives it a unique way of standing out.

Currently the 2015 Audi A5 that I drive as my daily usage car is a great car that is in still in great condition. It is close to approaching almost 40k miles and I have had no problems of any sort.

- Elihu D

Plenty of storage space for camping trips, fishing, etc.

Sturdy, perfect for camping trips, plenty of storage space, great for hauling your trailer, boat, groceries, etc. Nice leather upholstery, am/FM radio, USB slot for your iPhone, nice silver sheen,

- Danielle P

Comfort from driving and safety at an affordable price

The car was bought for fast and comfortable driving, above all. The Audi brand is German, which is characterized by very high reliability and availability of parts. The car is also very safe.

- Son b

It's a stick shift not automatic and I love that. I feel more power in the car

The air conditioning in the car is great for where I live. But sometimes the car can be a bit low to the ground. I love the spacious interior and the easily adjustable seats.

- Albe D

Interior is great - black leather seats.

I love the comfort and features of my vehicle. The black color is my preference with any vehicle. No issues with the car performance and rarely any problems with it thus far.

- Priya P

My car is very easy to use and very comfortable to drive in.

I really like how comfortable the seats are and how easy it is to use the car. The air conditioner is strong enough and I don't have any trouble driving the car.

- Alex B

That it is perfect for my family.

I like my car because of the way it looks feels and sometimes smells. There is nothing really that I honestly dislike about my car, unless it stops working.

- Tata T

Black exterior all leather interior. Auto transmission.

Car drives really well in all conditions. Very fun and responsive. 5 star rating in most categories. Minor maintenance issues so far but its still new.

- Ashley B

Great survey. Would love to assist in the future.

Love my new car. Thanks car dealer. Great with gas. Very little low mileage. Will purchase new model when it comes out. Very safe for your family.

- Mike C

My car represents me and all of the hard work I have put into being able to purchase it.

I like the way my car looks. It makes me feel good about being seen in it. It performs well and the maintenance is easy enough to keep up with

- Andy R

drives great, like a Ferrari but more affordable!!

the Audi A5 is one of the best cars i've ever had if not the best. I love the way it drives, once you get past the boxy look it's a nice car.

- seti d

Not really a family car; more for a younger, sportier couple.

Audi have great performance, easy to handle, power, good on gas mileage and very comfortable. All the comforts of home. Great reviews.

- Jackie H

Black on black, 19 inch wheels, run flats. Twin turbo..coupe

Absolutely love it, quattro baby, no problem, love it. It's a beast in the snow, very fuel efficient. Fast, reliable and affordable.

- Jayden S

The A5 is beautiful coup the color Shiraz Red Metallic is gorgeous

Bought the car new and have not had any problems. Current mileage 66,800. All routine maintenance has been done at the Audi dealer.

- Jack W

Do a is a good care of yourself and the other one is also helps me to.

It is fast and it does not have to many problems it is also helps me get bitches so that is always another positive thing about it.

- Logan L

Its safe and reliable. It's also stylish and can hold 5 people decently.

Very safe and reliable. Dogs fit nicely in the back. Trunk could be bigger though. Future I would look for a car with bigger trunk.

- Michaela B

It is leased because the technology makes cars obsolete faster.

Its comfortable, it looks nice, and it has good mileage. I wish it had more seating but then it would be too big for my liking.

- Zack I

Nothing to say about this topic.

Well played to my car and also comfort me and my family to carry out in many place also it would be rather a human secular.

- Shirley N

The mileage and size of car.

It is an amazing vehicle. It has many great features to it. Is good on the road too. And the amount on mileage is amazing.

- Ill G

Acura - great car for the past, present and future.

No problems so far - great car to purchase - family car for everyone to enjoy - middle/upper class style vehicle.

- Bryan T

It is a convertible. It drives very easily. It is fast, making it easy to merge on highways and it stops on a button.

It's the best car I ever had. It s colors stand out as most people don't buy these colors for their cars.


People should know that my car is very reliable and great on gas.

I love the car for many reason. First the car is great on gas. Next the car is reliable. I love my Audi.

- Tiffany L

Its carries good to long distances and is a nice vehicle

It is an amazing vehicle. Carries good to long distances. I don't really have any complaints

- italy G

Enjoy the durability and speed Like how it rides How fast it goes

I like the durability and how fast it can go I dislike the cost of maintenance

- Allison C