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Gorgeous, enviously wanted by many

The machine is like no other the only issue we have is the car needs only BMW parts and can only be worked on by a BMW specialist. Now the greatest of all is heated and cooled seats all electric seats fit for how tall or small you may just be. The factory stereo is amazing and has enough room for a non BMW owner to think it's not factory. The rims that come with this machine are aluminum alloy rims and are absolutely gorgeous on this particular case

- Dee D

Affordable BMW that won't break the bank or break down

My 2005 325i performs incredibly well for as old as it is. The only problems I've encountered have been very easy to fix and haven't drained the bank. I have to replace my power steering pump which is very common, I had a leak in my secondary air system but the fix was a $15 hose on the top of my engine bay. Overall the quality of the car is top notch and that's unquestionable, I'd recommend this vehicle to anyone.


BMW 3 series I totally enjoy driving my 330i. It performs exceptionally well!

I love my 3 series. I love how it performs on the highway, with its quick acceleration. Although maintenance can be expensive, If you follow the required BMW maintenance schedules, such as regular oil changes, a good set of tires, etc., your car will not require a lot of repairs. I have close to 180,000 miles on my car, I love driving it, and it's a 'sweet drive' on the highways!

- Deborah F

About the BMW 3 series 2005.

It's a very reliable vehicle if you keep up with oil changes and regular maintenance. A problem with the vehicle is that the window regulators break often. It doesn't affect how the car drives but it is an inconvenience. Since it is an older car there aren't many features but I give it a 10/10 for comfort. I am 5/6 and I fit very comfortably in the car.

- Lacey M

Reliable car, fast, stylish, classic, but too much maintenance and gas

takes only 15 mpg. coolant leak, oil leak. Overall part of owning old car. I love it so much power for an old BMW car. The handling is perfect. Just need to proper maintain such as oil change, and coolant level check once in a while. Features a 6 cylinder. Everybody who uses my car always say it doesn't feel like an old car cause of the smoothness of it

- J D

My model has the adaptive headlights. While the halo's may look cool, I prefer having headlights that change their aim based on steering position. I am still getting used to the low profile tires though, you feel every bump in the road, but it handles great.

Recently I have been having some minor issues, mostly due to my lack of regular maintenance. The car is solid, comfortable and pretty reliable. The car is 13 years old now and in the 4 years I've had it the only time It broke down was when a belt broke. Any other time I was without it was for planned work where I drove it to a scheduled appointment.

- Charles C

Invest your money in a vehicle long lasting!

Many problems appear out of nowhere. Pieces are expensive and labor as well. No matter what you fix something else keeps breaking down. You would have to invest all year long if you have this vehicle. Not an easy vehicle to deal with. Owner has to constantly be on top of the issues that occur to the vehicle or it will give you a tough Time overall.

- Reyes E

My experience with my BMW.

Right now my car is on the recall list for the airbags, but other than that it is a good car. It is very good on gas, I think all BMW are good on gas. It does have a lot of computers and sensors so it will let you know when something is wrong. As long as you pay attention to your car and get it serviced it will not let you down.

- Lisa H

BMW convertible is a sweet ride.

Smooth ride, it handles well and is very fast. Heavy acceleration has caused me go lose a radiator fan. This car is very low clearance causing front end damage from curbs. Electric seats and heated seats are nice. The remote door opener does not have a replacement battery so you have to buy a new key costing almost 200 dollars.

- Joseph M

I would definitely buy a BMW again

I really love my car most of the time. My one complaint is that it is not reliable in the snow. I don't have front wheel drive. My car , even at 13 years old, still runs really well and I haven't had many problems other than routine maintenance. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. My next one however, will be an X Drive.

- Elizabeth S

Looks nice but is expensive to maintain.

As far as the cosmetic features go, this car is great. It feels very “luxury” on the inside. This car has been very expensive to maintain. I have spent almost $1500 this year to maintain it, which is ridiculous. It is broken down on me on several occasions. If I had the financial means, I'd sell it tomorrow if I could.

- Mary G

E46 ownership 3 year experience

I love the ride quality of the BMW E46. I have a black coupe with the cold weather package and so far I have enjoyed all of my time with it. It did however require would when i bought it. It needed brakes badly and was involved in an airbag recall. The BMW dealership could have used better communication with this.

- Chris B

My vehicle is higher end and has great curb appeal.

I love the way my vehicle handles. The tight steering makes curves easy and fun. I have enjoyed the look and style of my vehicle it's definitely an eye stopper! It has the choice of convertible and hardtop so Summer is even more fun with the top down. Also, the luxury interior makes for a comfortable ride.

- Summer D

A Honda black 2015 minivan.

It is a mini van. There are 8 seats inside the vehicle. There is space and lots of cupholders. My vehicle is second hand, so it's not as good as used one. Sometimes our battery shuts on and off. About 1 every 1-3 months. Van color is black. Trunk space is very spacious. Front and back seats can be folded back.

- Alice H

The 2005 BMW 325i Is Amazing

If you do the upkeep and maintenance, these cars last. Great mileage on the interstates. I have had to replace key things though due to its age. A fuel pump, starter, alternator, brakes, tires. The oil changes and tune up are a little more expensive as well as parts. I think because it is a foreign car.

- Elizabeth T

The speed and gas usage of this car.

I love this car. It drives very nice. I feel like I am driving and huge safe car. The way that it has a get up and go when you accelerate is my favorite. The only thing I do not like about my car is that it is not the best on gas. It takes premium gas which is fine but it goes through it very quickly.

- Anna F

Great sports car, fun for summer months.

The car is really great and fun for summer months. Tires tend to have problems since it is low to the ground. Seats are not comfortable for drives over 15 min long. The car should be used as a fun car, it is not good for everyday use. BMWs tend to have a lot of problems if used for more than 3 years.

- Alex A

Overall it's been a great car

The sensor lights don't reset, and are expensive to have reset by the dealer. I love the heated seats and individual climate controls. It handles extremely well in bad weather and it excels very quickly. Overall a nice ride, very nice cockpit, controls are within easy reach and function with ease.

- Chuck O

Great on gas! I cannot express that enough.

My car is a smooth ride, it is excellent on gas. I have a little oil leak and a little antifreeze leak. I also have a little shake in the steering wheel. The car parts are a little expensive than other cars but its European so I expect it. I did have a Toyota it is but I love my BMW.

- Ka Leah A

BMW 2005 E46 (330CI with M package)

Solid car especially if you keep up with the maintenance/ oil changes. Wash it weekly to minimize brake and engine dust. Stereo is ok but could be better. Rubber seals will eventually rot, but that is common on these cars. Replace is a pain in the neck but is usually a diy effort.

- yaz s

Problems with my BMW but I do enjoy driving it.

I have had problems with the front abs. I have also had problems with the water reservoir. I have had to replace it twice. I am now having problems with the vehicle overheating. My fianc' is a mechanic and cannot seem to locate where the leak is coming from. The car drives nicely.

- Frances S

I love how you can add halos to the headlights! Makes the BMW look like a BMW!

My BMW seems to get a ton of cylinder misfires. The seats in my 2005 hurt over the years, they do not offer a ton of cushion, as for the ac vents more should be equipped maybe add some for the back and on the floor. Over all I am a huge fan of BMW and will continue to buy them.

- Jennifer B

My vehicle is smooth and extremely comfortable.

My vehicle is really reliable. As long as you keep up with maintenance you should have no major issues. Drives extremely smooth and I always feel safe. Has a sunroof and leather interior. Seat warmers are a great touch too! The radio comes with great speakers in the car.

- Robyn R

Small problems? Nothing to bad tho

It's in pretty good shape just having problems with the air conditioner and the brakes. When I got in the vehicle it was used I had a little trouble with the suspension but in the end had some help fixing it. So far I haven't had any trouble with it and all in all it is good

- Victoria B

Too expensive for what it is.

The convertible top often does not go down and the unlock door button doesn't work anymore. Often the maintenance is extremely expensive and for a college kid I can not afford it. Oil and gas or over priced for the vehicle compared to others such as a Honda Civic.

- Ryan M

My awesome and lovely car.

My bummer is an awesome car. It drives fast, handles beautifully on curves and turns. Great on gas. It has a sport suspension so it takes off really fast. It also has traction for tires so no worries of sliding and slipping in snow. It very comfortable to drive.

- Toni B

Fun and reliable coupe that will give a thrill.

My coupe sports car is a really good performance car. For it being an older model vehicle it still turns heads based on its condition and style. Comes with inline 6 engine that runs remarkably good, comfort is a plus and the everyday performance is outstanding.

- Ralph B

It is fast, sporty and I can let my top down.

Upkeep, so many computers. The parts do crack over time, but that is just the year of my vehicle. I do love my car, it has it is problems though, like any other vehicle. I just take my time a replace things as needed that cracks due to weather and sun factors.

- Lisa H

Expensive but worth it to buy it.

Great, fast, nice design. Safe. Reliable, expensive to fix, expensive parts. Expensive gas, takes too much gas. Sports car. Comfortable, heated seats. Huge sunroof. Five people seating. Leather seats, efficient, strong engine. Strong inside machinery.

- Danny C

BMWs are very nice but expensive and harder to maintain.

For the age it is really nice and stylish. I love the convertible top, which is so much fun in southern California. Although it is really cool, I do feel a little cramped in it sometimes and wish it was bigger. It is a two door coupe.

- Cassandra P

Has very well performance.

It is very smooth to drive, one of the smoothest cars I have ever driven. It has had barely any problems. Only once has the brake line collapsed, and that was well after hitting 100, 000 miles with no problems.

- Lauren K

I has plenty of room to fit about 10 clowns in it lol.

I like the color of my BMW (dark blue). I like how it looks very roomie instead of crowed and small. I love how it makes me look like I am wealthy to others, even though I am far from that.

- Dionysus C

That wagons are still on style

It's my dream car. I love the look of the wagon and especially the generation body style. My car is a combination of sleek and aggressive all while maintaining the family car idea

- Donnie S

If proper maintenance is done it is very dependable

I love my vehicle because it is dependable. I like the way it looks very stylish. It is very fast. i get many compliments for it. i dislike the cost of the parts, very expensive.

- Estelle E

It's cool to drive that car. Great mileage.

It's good. Gives good mileage. Sometimes heats up little bit in long distance. It's great for normal and regular use. Great for hanging out with friends.

- Sam N

It is what it's advertised as: The Ultimate Driving Machine.

I like the classic styling. I also like the power and prestige it gives me. The one pain in the but is that the repairs can get expensive.

- Joanna S

It is not a racing car its a luxury car and it makes you look good.

I like the drop top, it runs wells and I dislike the price on getting it fixed. . It's a good sports and luxury car put together.

- Tracy R

I may be lucky; however, maintenance has not been expensive at all and I have had very few problems with it.

I love that my car is old school. Especially because new cars now are automatic. My car is heavy and I feel very protected in it.

- Lauren F

When kept maintained it is very dependable.

I like it because good great and it is very dependable and it is very fast. I do not like the price of parts and the gas mileage.

- Lisa E

The doors broken from the inside so you need a roll down the windows to get out.

Like- really cute, loud speakers, small and snug. Dislike- 2 door, small trunk, expensive to maintain, expensive parts, etc.

- Des B

My car is fast and looks good.

It is lasted a long time but in need of a new car soon. Will not buy BMW again due to bad experience with a different one.

- Tyson N

Overall a dependable car, older so does not have backup camera or an aux.

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfort in seats and lots of room for a sedan. Car is dependable and has all basic features.

- Lindsey B

The overall structure of the car is relatively nice but the tires that came with are kinda weak and the air pressure of the car is not stable

The car looks nice from the outside but it constantly needs to be checked because of the air pressure, and oil changes

- Blake W

It's a very nice car to drive and reliable.

My car drives very smooth, little to no problems, and it a very cute car for my very first buy! I love it very much.

- Jennifer W

My car is easy to drive, performs very well and very stylish.

BMWs are very special cars. They are sporty, elegant and has great performance. I would recommend BMWs to everyone.

- Gena L

It is affordable and gets you from point A to B.

My vehicles ac does not work and all the molding in the front is coming off like the glue stopped sticking.

- Emily M

Safety is key, speed is optimal, great ride, all day

The best of the best in luxury, performance, speed, sound system, cruise, entertainment, exterior!!!

- JoRe T

It's very fun to drive. It is very overpriced when it comes to repairs. After 100,000 miles everything starts falling apart and you think you're rebuilding your entire car.

Repairs and maintenance cost more than the car. Make sure you have funds set up for repairs only.

- Billy W

It is overpriced. There are other cars that have the same quality for less.

It is a convertible. It is fun to drive. The brakes don't last too long is my only complaint.

- Mary J

Had the vehicle for 13 years and it still runs well. Drives smooth, no serious problems, only needs routine maintenance. Very happy with the purchase.

Treating your car well makes the car run well and last longer

- Erica Z