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The car has an oil gauge inside the car, so you don't have to check it manually.

My BMW 328i xDrive is the most reliable vehicle I have owned thus far. I have had my car for nearly 3 years, and it had virtually no issues besides standard car care. My car came with the lowest level interior package, but comes with everything you would expect and love of a luxury vehicle. From leather heated seats to roomy back seats. It makes family travels comfortable! Sunroof is amazing, as well as the parrot Bluetooth device. The car has always drove so smooth. I also love the 'cluster' that automatics tells you what may be wrong with your car or alert you of other conditions, such as, low tire pressure, when certain sensor are not working, when it's time for servicing, temperature has dropped below freezing and more. Overall great car!

- Sierra D

Very high performance vehicle that is comfortable once you are in it

The BMW 335i is a beautiful car inside and out. Mine has heated leather seats and navigation with a beautiful interior. The leather seats are very comfortable once you are inside. Mine has a Sunroof. The engine performs very well. This car accelerates very fast. You can drive 120 MPH for hours seamlessly. The ride is a bit rough, but lots of fun, but it is a sports car, so that is to be expected. The handling of the car is great, you know you have lots of control when driving it. Common problems to look out for, if you buy one pre-owned, make sure the alternator is in good working order. Also be sure to check the engine that it does not overheat. Sometimes people will use aftermarket pipes instead of the BMW ones like they are supposed to.

- Samuel G

BMW 335Xi coupe - The Good and Bad

The BMW 335XI is a great vehicle year round. I live in Maine and we get all 4 seasons with some harsh winters and it handles great! Only suggestion for a better ride is to change out the all season tires. Just beware there is no spare in the trunk. Only issues is it is expensive to maintain. If possible, get a extended bumper to bumper warranty. The computer had to be replaced twice and this cost out of pocket would of been $4000.00 each time. Other issue is if you have children as I have a 5 year old son, the coupe isn't for you. He has to cross his legs in the back when an adult sits in the passenger seat. Only other issue is it only takes the highest grade for gasoline, so buyer beware of the cost issues.

- Jennifer L

Black on black sedan with m sport package

Problems are minimal when the vehicle is maintenance. Look to replace spark plugs and coils more often than American or Japanese cars. Oil leaks can be an issue with the oil filter housing unit. As well as the valve cover gasket. All easy to DIY if you have a little bit of skill and patience. Comfort is alright, the model I have is the m sport model. The ride on these can be a little rough on bad roads. Overall the ride is quite. Reliability is hit or miss, all depends on if the maintenance has been kept up with. Performance is the fun part. This platform has a lot of aftermarket parts to make the car a joy to drive.

- James C

My wonderful BMW, I absolutely love it!!

The BMW 328i is super reliable, its not bad on gas and as small as it appears has a big tank. I use it for work mainly to travel and its super great. I have 4 children and we all fit just fine in the car. I love the leather interior it looks classy but this specific kind is sporty as well, you get the best of both worlds. It has electric lock windows which is also a plus. The 328i looks great in all colors mine particularly is a dark blue. Its aerodynamic and has a beautiful sunroof if you want a more sporty look. The car is easy to maintain as well. This car has a very spacious trunk which is also great.

- Erika L

It is the smoothest driving and most quiet car I have ever owned.

I love the dependability of my 328i BMW. I was told how much more expensive maintenance would be but in all honesty it has not been bad. The recommendation for oil changes is a 8, 000 to 10, 000 miles compared to the standard 3, 000 for other cars so I am not paying for as many oil changes. The only mechanical issues I have had are the coils but seeing this car is 9 years old I thing that is impressive. I never owned a BMW before this one but now I am committed to owning more in the future.

- L C

Review of ten year old 335i.

Has been a great car to me in the time that I have had it. The n54 engine is notoriously powerful but also notoriously unreliable. I have made a few tasteful aesthetic and engine modifications but overall have not experienced many problems from the added power or overall age of the car. I drive the car back and forth from Colorado to Arizona twice a year and it is a great time getting it out on the highways and seeing what it is made of. Ten years old.

- Brendan B

I love the look and it drives great!

Wear and tare maintenance you have to keep on top of. I have heard that a lot of this series of cars have the window break on them so they cannot go up and down, that happened on mine. My a/c has gone out a couple times. Drives very well, at times I have felt like the car is not reliable when I have had issues. Stay alert of all warning lights and if you get it fixed right away the car will be good to you. Very comfortable and I love how it drives.

- Heather C

Roomy comfortable and classy.

It is very reliable, it does have higher miles but it still runs great! I think it looks stylish and people still say it looks like new and is absolute beautiful. It is very impressive and I feel confident driving it. I love comfortable it is inside also. I had to sleep in it awhile back on an overnight trip. It certainly wasn't a motel room but was surprisingly roomy and comfortable.

- Stefanie R

2009 BMW 328i lesson I learned.

I had issues with the Bluetooth, I also have a lot of misfires. It drove perfect for the last 3 years I had it but I found the making a lot of noise, I ended up taking it into the dealership. I did have an extended warranty which covers me until I reach 75k mileage. I bought the car at 32k mileage. I don't recommend this vehicle although it did me justice for school and work everyday.

- Kiara R

It only takes premium gas.

I have enjoyed driving my BMW because I have always wanted a convertible and it is fun to drive. However, BMW has had two open recalls on this model and has been poor in its response to fixing them. The airbag took almost a year and there is a wiring issue on the ventilation that they still have no plans to fix. I want to sell this car soon and will have trouble with an open recall.

- Pam R

It is a good safe car. German engineering, but parts of it were made/mfg. in USA and Mexico.

My BMW is a safe car. It is red. It has been good to me, having few problems in It's many years. Although car repairs in general are high, the one thing I dislike about BMW is that they cost a lot to maintain and repair. These costs are much more than other cars. I'd like to get my car to the dealers for such repairs, but they are more expensive than other repair shops.

- Karen D

BMW e92 3 series coupe - an iconic look and an exceptional drive.

Reliable, well performing vehicle perfect for two passengers. While repairs and maintenance are usually considered expensive, the comfort and luxury it provides are well worth it. If I had to complain about something it would be that the seat belt feeder is well known to not operate as expected, leaving you reaching behind to grab it more times than not.

- Luis H

10 year old BMW still runs great, no issues.

Love my vehicle, just very expensive upkeep. Would 100% recommend though. No issues with BMW fantastic brand. Had my car for almost 10 year and no major problems or issues. Would purchase another. Older model but still very uncomfortable. Enjoy enough that I would consider purchasing a pre owned version as some point as well.

- Gregory N

2009 BMW 3 series is the best vehicle i've driven thus far. Highly recommend.

Performance is excellent if adhering to specifications and keeping premium unleaded gas. General maintenance and upkeep is required to maintain maximum performance. This takes a special European blend oil. Only major issue since purchasing it was at 119k miles replacing the water pump. Love my heated seats and sunroof.

- Christina G

The sunroof is a great feature to use in the vehicle.

Not many performance problems on this car at all I like driving it and it last for years it still has a lot of years left to drive on it. I recommend this vehicle to anyone who likes BMW they are great vehicles to drive for the price for sure as long as you keep up with the maintenance it will last you a long time.

- John B

Its red so it stands out a lot.

It is a good car once it reaches over 100,000 miles. If you do not get a warranty on the car you are going to be spending a lot of money on repairs in the future. I have spent thousands of dollars on multiple repairs and it's breaking the bank. Since its a foreign car the repairs cost a little more than most cars.

- DJ U

Why this is a perfect everyday car.

This car is extremely easy for both me and my wife to drive. I feel it has the perfect amount of horsepower, smoothness, and maneuverability. The only downside is that it is a 2009 model, so it lacks many extra features that are typically in new cars, like a rear camera. Other than that, I feel the car is perfect.

- Alex V

My 2009 328i convertible car review.

What I like about my car is that it is nice and small and compact. What I also like is that it is an covetable and what I also like it's the leather interior. I feel like the car is somewhat reliable as long as you do not pop a tire because my car does not have a spare tire and I have popped it a couple times now.

- Michael G

it's an amazing brand with very good resale value and service along with luxury and great looks

BMWs get a bad reputation for reliability and quite unfairly. There is good reason for many peoples fear of German cars in general, but generally … ... BMWs, though, are much more reliable than some would let you believe. The thing with BMW, and any premium car for that matter, is that they require maintenance.

- kstar k

3.0 Inline six: Perfected

The 2009 BMW 328i coupe truly is a great car to drive. BMW 3.0 Inline V6 is a masterpiece of an engine. You have control of the vehicle and its power at your fingertips. The only downside to owning this car? Repairs can be costly. However, timely and regular maintenance will make sure you never see those bills.

- Darryl A

The twin turbocharged six cylinder is fast and smooth.

The 2009 E93 BMW 335i Vert is an amazing performance machine. The smooth power from the twin turbocharged 6 cylinder is exciting and putting the hardtop down to bask in the sun is very enjoyable. The automatic transmission is smooth and putting the car into sport mode/manual mode really unleashes the power.

- Carl R

Power and acceleration is great

Car has sleek design Power and acceleration is very good for a 6 cylinder Black leather Control and handling lives up to the BMW expectation AWD gets you out of trouble in bad road conditions This car is a great entry level premium car Problems Expensive premium gas mileage 23 miles miles average

- Brooks B

I love the exhaust notes that my car releases. The driving is great too.

My vehicle is something that I really love. This is my second Bmw. The best feeling is riding down the road feeling proud of your purchase. The only downside is that it is very smart, smart as in if something is wrong with the battery connection it will go into limp mode so that your car is protected.

- Akeem B

Solid car and lots of fun. Awesome in the snow.

The car is a blast to drive but be prepared to spend money on repairs. After hitting 100k miles I have had to replace top valve cover and gaskets, ignition coils, auxiliary water pump, serpentine belt and mass air flow sensor. This is not including regular maintenance things like shocks and brakes.

- Omar K

My BMW 2009 series 3 - 328i xDrive review

This car has been very reliable. I haven't really had any major problems mechanically. My only gripe is being charged $250 for a computer upgrade. I've been told that without it they can't determine problems I may have. I think these computer upgrades should be included in the price of the car.

- Deb V

An older but very good BMW model.

Super comfortable interior. It is a cross between a sports car and a family car. Has very good acceleration ability which comes in handy. Small enough to fit in parking spaces comfortably. An older model but had navigation, and many more upscale features usually found only in more recent cars.

- Diane P

Manual vehicle that is smooth, powerful engine, 4 wheel drive with great control.

Only negative thing about this car is the gas mileage. In a city like Austin, a high in city gas mileage would be ideal, but this car is 4 wheel drive so the gas mileage is pretty low. Secondly, this car is manual, which I love but can be sometimes annoying when stuck in traffic in Austin.

- Matt A

BMW black on black on black. Looks gray when all cleaned.

No problems except that it is manual stirring love the heated seats the seats rise and lower which helps to see more of the road. Very nice ride. The sound system was not good we added a much better sound system BMW as a company is great and very helpful and stands behind their products.

- Carol B

BMW's are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain, but if you take good care of it and drive it well, it'll last you a long time.

My car has been in my family for the past 8 or so years. It used to be my brother's and he's a huge car guy so he did a lot to it and made it faster and louder. I love how stiff the steering is and I love being able to feel the road. Compared to my other car (Korean-made) it is a DREAM.

- jess M

Performance of my BMW is excellent and it is the Real great machine.

My car has a good road performance. It is reliable and has lots of features and it is very comfortable. I would recommend it anytime. My next car will be again a BMW because it never let me stranded in the street and I am sure that the future models have more advance features.

- Josephine R

The car is sporty and luxurious.

I drive a 2009 BMW 238i sedan. Car runs smooth and great. No problems. It is reliable, luxurious, and very sporty. I look fancy but also get to drive fast. Good on gas. I fuel up every 2 weeks an I am up and down all day. The drive is amazing and smooth, car drivers amazing.

- Jose R

That the car is a piece of ingenious design and drives perfectly and as long as you look after the car, the car will look after you

I like the comfort of the BMW, the car has leather seats and the technological mod-cons that I like to have in a car. It also drives extremely well and has a strong pull force. I dislike the cost of parts- such as any issues with the car results in a severe payout to fix

- Michael S

Highlights of a BMW that is fun to drive.

Nice car - repairs and service are expensive comfortable to derive. Has many nice features such as seats which Is nice. Drives well. Many sensors for various functions. Exterior and interior are nicely finished. Comfortable to drive. Good sound system. Quite to drive.

- David Z

BMW review driving with top down.

Vehicle has all computers and expensive to work on. Really have to take to dealership. Very low to the ground and can feel all bumps in road. But looks like a transformer when putting top down. Very pretty car great for drives on curvy mountain roads.

- Jane H

It is important to keep and use your vehicle as long as possible. This reduces the churn of cars headed to landfills and the use of natural resources to produce new cars.

I like that it is a convertible with a standard transmission. I like that it runs well after 9 years and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that currently, the convertible seals have degraded and allowed water to leak into the vehicle.

- Daniel M

Probably the expensive repairs that can only be performed at the dealership.

I like the performance and features of the vehicle. I don't like the expense in getting it repaired. It's annoying that minor things must be repaired at the dealer for prices that are way more than they should be.

- Michael L

That It's a great ride but you will pay for that great ride .

The car keys die and you have to pay tons of money to get a new one. I like the fact that the car always offers a smooth cool car ride. Getting work done on this car is very expensive

- Brooke G

It's a convertible hard top.

My vehicle is very reliable and in great condition. It's a straight 6 335i and It's drives great. It's almost 10 years old and it's seems as the car is brand new. I highly recommend.

- Vonesa Q

That the car is in great shape even when it is almost 10 years old.

I like the steering and the handle when you drive. I love how low it is and the big wheels it comes with. I dislike how it picks up kind of slow in speed, initially.

- Giovanni S

It's stylish, classy, super fast, and has a metallic black hue.

My vehicle is smooth and fast. I love the subtle metallic hue. It's stylish and classy. I don't like the fact that the maintenance and upkeep is so so expensive.

- Regina C

Great mechanical performance and classic style that endures.

I've really enjoyed my convertible until recently. It is almost 10 years old and has developed leaks at the rubber seals. Repair will be more than $10k.

- Daniel C

Small, sporty, makes a good impression.

Too small for children. It drives fine, but is expensive to maintain. It would be fun for a young couple. Gives the impression of sporty and successful.

- Paren G

Keep up with the service of the vehicle.

Very comfortable, good mileage on highway, average in city, large trunk space, low maintenance, low road noise, very poor lighting on headlights.

- Robert L

BMWs are really good cars and if you take care of them, they will take care of you. People don't realize my car is as old as it is because it looks like it's about two or three years old.

My vehicle is a gorgeous car. I like the color and the fact that it's a fun drive. My previous car was a two door, so I love having a four door.

- Reg C

It is reliable and beautiful also.

It is black, has a little bit of higher miles but runs great, fixing stuff on it can get expensive. But it is beautiful and classy so worth it.

- Stefanie R

The tires are high performing so very expensive may have to be replaced every few years!

Very comfortable drive, good gas mileage and sleek looking. The stereo system is nice and the gages look great when the lights are on.

- Stevie C

That it' is very dependable and reliable.

My BMW lives up to the slogan the ultimate driving machine, it runs smooth is very comfortable and roomy it is also very dependable.

- Harriet R

With proper care it will last a lifetime. Just keep up with the routine maintenance and the car will be loyal forever

Vehicle looks great. Gas mileage is good but not great. Ride is smooth and comfortable. Lack of good cup holders is a disadvantage.

- Nick F

The V6 engine is very powerful and still gets great gas mileage

BMW 328i all wheel drive great performance comfortable and reliable I have the coupe and it has amazing room inside for a two door

- Justin E

Expensive upkeep. Not worth the price tag if you just need a vehicle to get you places and don't care about the driving experience

There is a lot of maintenance required. When I have to take it in for maintenance it is never cheap and never quick. Not reliable

- Courtney L

Quality and craftsmanship are high end. It handles and drives with ease.

I love the sporty feeling of my car. It drives fast and handles very well. It is a trooper and has not had any real major issues.

- Julie P

Beware of the cost of maintenance and repairs. Once the warranty wears out it is extremely expensive.

I like the style of it. I like the way it drives. I like the sturdiness of it. I do not like the amount of repairs it needs.

- Sue S

My car has been involved in an accident but still runs pretty well

It's a fast sports car that drives well but is really heavy. Old BMWs have a lot of problems so high maintenance is required

- Valeria N

Its fast Its beautiful and reliable.

You should always buy a car you can afford repairs on never anything out of your price range. Always follow your instincts.

- Ashley H

Love my BMW. You should too.

BMW needs to fix their coil issue. Love the car. Handles excellent. M package is the way to go. Excellent driving machine.

- Aaron S

It has been serviced and loved on a timely basis.

Comfortable and safe. This model has a very low front fender, which causes the vehicle to scrape certain parking surfaces.

- Amy S

It is a fun car to drive. It has great handling and speed.

I have a black BMW. It is starting to have more problems . The water pump just went out. It does have great handling!

- Angela F

It's reliable and high quality. Very comfortable to drive.

It's stylish, easy to drive, and just the right size for me. My only complaint is that I wish I had an electric vehicle.

- Allison G

The car is roomy yet sporty. It has a lot of trunk space.

I like the look and how it handles. There is a lot of room yet looks sporty. I don't like the cost of maintenance.

- Linda L

Love my 9-year old Beemer!

Great performance and comfort. Very reliable for a 9-year old car. With the sport mode, it accelerates really fast.

- Sutaya N

It is an attractive, expensive car.

I like the make of the car, but it has a lot of miles on it now so it does not drive like a brand new vehicle would.

- Haley K

My car has poor mileage and it is very spacious yet expensive.

Safe, comfortable, power, maneuverability, sunroof, heated seats.... Dislike tires wear out fast and are expensive.

- Pam C

It is expensive for service - especially at the dealer.

Drives nicely. Mid size. Expensive to maintain. Has convenience features. Interior is nicely done and comfortable.

- David P

It is a nice car well put together, should know an oil change is eighty bucks.

I like the look and comfort of it I do not like repair bills and the fact that lights come on for no reason.

- Vanessa B

BMW 335i, the best? Or not?

I love the engine. Turbos are the best. The worst thing about this car is the resale value. It's really bad.

- Amanda C

High cost of ownership is the major item that one should know about.

It's looks good and is a hard top convertible with great speed. But definitely very high cost of ownership.

- Edward L

Drive a BMW it's the best car I've ever owned!

I purchased my car used with 25k miles. I have had absolutely no problems with it. I love my beemer!!

- Rhiannon C

That it is a luxury car that is very fun to drive. It is very well-made and will hold up for a very long time.

It handles very nicely. It is his dirty car. It is a classy looking car. It is very well-built.

- Marlene M

repairs and maintenance range from one thousand to a couple thousand. and frequently

repairs, maintenance, costs, anything that cost an arm and a leg to fix which is all the time.

- johnathan p

Fun to drive and great handling

Good service, good mileage, fun to drive, no issues with maintenance so far, except a few.

- Abhi B

It was Bought used by me and now needs repairs that are costly

Like the size don't like the mpg, cost of repairs, fact it's getting close to 90k miles

- PA J

It has the reputation to cost a lot to fix but I do believe there are still amazing care.

I absolutely my car. Best purchase ever! Drives so smooth and so gorgeous.

- Pamela V

When to take it for maintenance, when to get the oil changed and when to get new tires.

Great driving machine. I LOVE IT! I plan to try to keep it forever!

- Jeanine D

It's fun to drive and stylish. It handles curves very well. My only complaint is the cost of repairs. A fun ride.

It handles well but doesn't take pot holes or bumps well.

- Lisa M