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BMW car. Is it worth the cost?

It is comfortable and easy to use and understand. The car is fuel efficient as well as sensitive to the users needs. One problem that has occurred was that once while driving, the passenger door in the front opened by itself because it didn't automatically lock. That was a safety issue and the car didn't indicate to me that the door was unlocked. It is very high tech in that the screens are made for you to use easily without having to strain to look at the speed or anything. In terms of reliability, have had to get the tires checked multiple times and the sunroof panel got stuck on multiple occasions. The car has an automatic tire pressure checker and an option to manage it when I am driving. It did the job but I have had a lot of warnings from my screen that the pressure is not correct.

- Gill M

Love the sleek design and the Bluetooth calling feature.

I love most everything about this car, but one thing that does bother me is there is no Bluetooth for music. You are able to make calls through Bluetooth, but you cannot play music which is odd and rather annoying. The comfort in this car is great, and is perfect for commuting to school/work/home. As for the performance, the car drives great, but compared to other cars the acceleration is behind. You can press the gas all the way down and the car will take a couple seconds to 'catch up.' If you want a car with paddle shifters and more of a race car engine, then go with the m series BMW or a different engine.

- Leah J

In love with my BMW 328I 2014 model

I love the fact that I am be able to see the cars computer and how it diagnoses the car for services needed, before I had a Honda and the technology is nothing like the BMW. The engine is powerful, and driving is very smooth. I connect my phone via Bluetooth, that way I am able to use my Pandora account. I would highly recommend this car. There is an SOS option in which if I were to be stranded I can easily call BMW customer service. The car is very reliable and comfortable for long road trips. I haven't needed to change my car tires within the past two years of owning it.

- Katherine G

Great entry level car for new BMW car buyers.

The 2014 320i has a beautiful shape. This is my 3rd BMW. This car sits a little higher than the 2001 330ci that I had. The interior is beautiful in the sport package. It has the sporty sunroof, too. I like the positioning of the cup holders better than where they were in the other cars I owned. This car does not have navigation or backup camera. However, it has other great features. The mirrors adjust when in reverse to show curbs. It is a 4 cylinder and is great on gas, but still has plenty of power. On the interstate, 80 mph feels like 40. Smooth, fast, yet quiet.

- Michelle P

Good miles on it ride smooth never had an accident.

Rides very smooth never had and accidents in it the price tag on a BMW may not be cheap, but with the new efficient dynamics package offered in these vehicles, you will save money in the long run. Efficient dynamics is an initiative by BMW to use less fuel and become more environmentally friendly with all of its vehicles. It is equally important that BMW does not sacrifice the optimal driving experience that its consumers have always loved. The efficient dynamics package comes standard with every BMW, so you do not have to pay extra for this luxury.

- Barbara R

2014 BMW 320i xdrive. Reliable.

The BMW 320i xDrive is by far the most reliable and comfortable car I have driven. It's good on gas... Well until you switch it to sport mode, it's all fun and giggles at that point. When the sport mode is activated the car has twin turbos that kick in and help push you up that hill or off the line. The only downfall I have realized about BMW in general is the maintenance... From a $200 oil change to replacing an imported part, these cars require detailed care. Overall I give a 9/10, if the maintenance cost was a bit lower it would be a perfect 10!

- Jacob B

The ride quality is amazing!

The 2014 BMW 3-series is an all around great car. I would highly recommend to buying it for many people. If I had not already owned the BMW 3- series I would still purchase it knowing how it performs. BMW has always been my favorite car brand as well. The car's performance is absolutely amazing. I find that the suspension if the car is very great. The smooth ride quality creates a very enjoyable ride. The ceramic brakes that I have in the car just makes the brakes absolutely impeccable.

- Matthew J

It's a really comfortable car and gets good gas mileage. It also looks very sharp compared to similar sized vehicles.

I own a black 2014, 328i bmw. Black leather interior and sunroof. It averages about 400 miles every time I fill up. It's a smooth driving vehicle even with just having the basic package. Little annoyances that have occurred with the vehicle include; cracked rims (common and expensive), broken parking light, and middle screen randomly went out. I know all cars have their issues and these haven't been the end of the world. I'd buy the car again.

- Michael K

Love my beamer it is so much fun to drive.

Absolutely love the smooth ride of the car it is automatic and can be put in sport mode which is a lot of fun for driving fast. The car is small so I cannot drive it on long road trips but it is a ton of fun. The gas must be premium so it is always so much more expensive although the gas tank is small which can be a pro and a con. On days that I drive for long periods of time I feel I have to continuously stop at the station.

- Wanda H

It is luxurious, affordable, and makes you feel very safe when driving.

The BMW is amazing! It has heated seats, a great air conditioner, and all the amenities you could imagine such as electric windows, electric adjustment, the ability to know who is driving so the chair/mirrors adjust automatically, and bluetooth. It also can fold in the mirrors to avoid dings, it handles incredible in all weather, and it will take a turn going very fast without feeling it at all. I will buy another one.

- Heather F

If you want an unbelievable ride, buy a BMW.

I love my BMW. It is extremely stylish and sporty. The ride is unbelievable. Sometimes I drive past my destination because I am enjoying the ride so much. I have to let it sit out in the elements, and thus far, paint job is holding up well. The car is very well built and I feel safe in it. Also, the warranty is great and the service people treat me extremely well. I cannot imagine buying any other brand of vehicle.

- Edward P

BMW - truly an ultimate driving machine.

Performance is superb. Easy to control and rides like it is on rails. Very roomy and comfortable leg space in the front and rear seats. Features are top line quality and have had no issues with the vehicle. Navigation is easy to use with voice commands. All wheel drive works great in the winter. I would definitely recommend a BMW to family and friends as well as purchase another when the moment is right.

- James R

The stylish and sporty Estoril Blue BMW

The car performs very well but doesn't have some nice modern accessories such as the blind spot warning and the GPS isn't the best. It does drive well and is very sporty. I have not had too many mechanical issues either. There is some metal trim on the inside which can get extremely hot and burn if touched. There's good cold weather features such as heated seats and steering wheel.

- Brian H

The best purchase I ever made for me and my family.

No problems runs great. Very comfortable and good on gas. Great road trip car. Great family car. Plenty of room for my son and my dog. Very stylish. Also the shape is sporty looking. I wouldn't trade my car for any other. By far the best car I have ever purchased for myself. My husband loves the car to. He drives it almost as much as I do. For any family vacations we take this vehicle.

- Susan A

The car can be driven in eco mode to save gas or in sporty mode for when you need a quick response.

It gets good gas mileage, the seats are very comfortable, it handles nicely though I haven't driven it in winter weather yet. The memory profiles for each driver is a plus as is the backup camera. It works great as a passenger car but has flexibility enough to handle bulky, large items in the back. The on board info is great though I would prefer a hard copy of the manual.

- Linda H

Highly recommend BMW series 3.

I haven't had any problems with this car; I take it an annually to the dealership for an oil change and other services needed. The first four years, maintenance was free; my understanding is that BMW is cutting this back to three years for new cars plus it will not cover everything. I absolutely love driving a BMW--excellent quality and little to no maintenance.

- Lynn M

BMW 335i love the heated seats and steering wheel. Must have for winter months.

Twin turbo provides the power and speed when you need it. Love the heated seats and heated steering wheel especially awesome as I live in the Midwest and experience some extremely cold winter days. The steering is tight and responsive. I have not had unplanned mechanical issues and have only invested in regular - predictive mechanical maintenance.

- Cheryl B

Beamer Gang: Ride Comfortable and Enjoy the Ride

My car is used. I got it fresh out of another lease. It was in good condition. I think the only personal issue I have with the car is that it uses up gas so quickly. Other than that, everything is a great experience. Smooth ride, comfortable and looks good. The reverse camera is very helpful in my opinion when it comes to parking and reversing.

- Kathy C

Power, speed, agility and grace.

It is a BMW so the performance is great, but if you do not get the extended warranty once you start needing repairs and maintenance it gets so expensive. An oil change alone is just over $100 and I do a lot of driving so I need a lot of maintenance. I have had a lot of Jeeps in my life and I feel safer in this car than I did in most of them.

- Jennifer K

Absolutely love my car! Super sporty feel, amazing performance and great mpg.

I love my car! Everything about it, performance, it is so luxurious and runs great. I have never once had an issue with it. I call it my little race car because it is super sporty. Cannot say enough about it, the only and I mean only downside is lack of storage room, but I have bought aftermarket items that help me keep things organized.

- Amber M

New 2014 BMW first timer. It really is the ultimate driving machine.

There are no problems. When I first purchased my car back in 2014, they offered me up to 50, 000 miles or 5 year warranty where everything would be covered. From oil change, to brakes, they took care of everything. I opted not to get the tire package, but looking back, I should have. They use run flat tires which run a pretty penny.

- Haley K

Great car for good price.

great handling. Reliable performance. Comfy drive and run flat tires are a plus. Could of added more to interior console. Maybe better quality speakers. Seats are comfortable and good for long drives. Reviews and even my own car had oil gasket issues and valve cover had to replace entire thing. Overall good value for the price.

- David K

I is a BMW, German engineered. Very reliable vehicle.

I love the leather and wood grain interior. I like the power it has, the quality built German machinery. This car can seat four comfortably. It's body style is appealing to the eye. The value in regards to its price is justified. I love the turn radius also the physical size makes the car fit into difficult parking areas

- Roe H

BMW activehybrid 3, car is running on power when going under 45 mph.

My 2014 activehybrid 3 is very fast, so far haven't had any issues with the car. The car has economy, comfort and sports mode, I prefer using comfort and sport when I am on the highway. I love the car but I wish it had features like a heated steering wheel, and blindside protection like other vehicles from the same year.

- Maria B

Responsive, powerful and worth the wait.

I had to custom order this car because I wanted a standard transmission and unfortunately in the us, this is becoming a lost art. It was well worth the wait. This car is so responsive, powerful, really a joy to drive. And it gets me through any type of weather. Although it is a 2014, it still feels like it is a new car!

- Sandra T

Reliable and fun to drive. The best thing about this car is the handling.

I love my 2014 335i BMW. I have had it for close to 2 years and bought it cop with 70k miles. I just rolled over into 100k and no major problem. I have it tuned with aftermarket parts installed and still no issues except the air blows hot sometimes which is a minor issue that can be fixed with Freon added.

- Jonathan A

BMW. Is not all smiles anymore.

My car is the 4 cylinder BMW 320i. I really do not like it as it is a cheapened version of the old but reliable 6 cylinder. The inside is cheap and plastic. It is slow and does not feel as tight as older models did. It has run flat tires that are loud and sloppy feeling with poorer traction in bad weather.

- Philip Z

It handles wonderfully and comes with so many features that makes you love just being in the car even if you're not going anywhere.

This is my first time as a BMW owner and I am in love. I have a 328i fully loaded and it's great on gas and professionally sporty. It handles great and comes with so many great features to help make my ride a pleasant one every time. I, as of yet have anything bad to say except I am a BMW owner for life.

- Deatrice G

Gray fun car to drive. BMW could have done more with the current technology out.

USB does not connect with iPhone 7 plus. No navigation. No backup camera. I have satellite radio. Sunroof feature is good. I cannot fold down rear seats. Drive is smooth. Turbo is fun. It can be costly on gas. Seats are comfortable. I love the dual ac unit. The sound is good. I wish voice command worked.

- Michael-Angelo C

Best brand of model of the world.

On the basis of performance, its very good and cheaper. I like this car very much. BMW is a German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945. The company was founded in 1916 and has its headquarters in Munich, Bavaria.

- Md I

Powerful and stylish, but the electronics aren't great inside.

I like the look of it and the performance and power it has. I don't like that it is missing some of the more modern features like the ability to park itself or lane warnings. Also, the dashboard controls and mapping software have a poor interface. The resale value on this car is also pretty terrible.

- Al J

Help car buyers in the long run.

Nice car good speed inside quality is great does not take much to full up the gas tank. Still is really nice condition on inside and outside. Not many miles so I am happy for that seriously car buyers should focus on all parts of the car not just the brand of the car because a large number loves BMW.

- Gio S

It is diesel and is great on gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. I have a diesel so it is great. It is comfortable. Sometimes all the things you have to accept on the control panel annoy me. It rides smooth, and holds enough space for all of my friends to ride comfortable. I love the color of my car. It is black, yet my car stays cool.

- Heather L

Great interior and exterior.

Great performance but use more fuel than regular car. It is very reliable for short drive as well as long road trips. I commute to work every day for about 10 miles total and it has never disappointed me. In addition I would like to say that I know that my car is going to be always there for me.

- Alexander N

I enjoy the 3 series most for its power, mileage and price.

My 3 series rides very smooth. Very strong engine with good fuel mileage. There was a transmission issue around a year ago but that was due to the gear shifting while driving on accident. I have never missed any dates when it comes to servicing my vehicle. It's a purchase that I am glad I made.

- Michael W

The power of the engine. It really responds and handles very well.

I currently drive a 2014 335xi that we picked up directly at the BMW factory in Munich. Actually, my son leased the car and we purchased it when the lease was up. I have since bought the car from him. It is a higher performance vehicle that has plenty of power and handles beautifully.

- Ed N

The 2014 BMW 3 series has terrific power and a smooth ride with nimble handling.

It is a very great car. Very reliable I can say. I thought having a foreign car was a bad thing and it is not it is a great investment when going for something comes with spectacular features and performance. German engineering is quality engineering. 3 series BMW are worth the buy.

- Allen C

Sporty little economy car.

The car gets good gas mileage. It handles well on dry roads. It takes longer to heat up in cold weather than I expected. It does not handle well on slick roads or in snow. The trim started coming apart at 60k miles. It has not met the quality standard I have come to expect from bmw.

- Robyn C

Family car that doubles as a sports car

The BMW 3 series drives like a dream. It's very fun to drive. The four door sedan that drives like a sports car! Best of both worlds. The x-drive feature in the snow is incredible! The interior is comfortable and clean. Maintenance can be expensive but no major mechanical problems.

- Ashley T

Fast, well balanced, stylish.

It is safe to drive on any condition, no matter how bad the weather is I feel very confident about it, sometime I need to do some quick check ups though, but it is performing very well after repairing, and the fuel economy is quite good, I rely on it mostly than my other cars.

- Michael K

Innovative technology. The feature cannot do without, exterior cameras.

The car is reliable, comfortable. The performance is amazing. No problems. The drive is incredible and sporty. It handles very well and with fantastic safety features. A sport sedan with lots of luxury. BMW always a great choice of vehicle. The Ultimate Driving Machine.

- Sharon H

Love my BMW! Handles great!

I enjoy owning a BMW for the service from the dealership. The car has had minimal problems. The service requirement is about once a year and has had minimal recalls. Performance is excellent it has 3 modes (comfort, economic, and sport. Get up and go is very quick to respond.

- Elise F

2015 BMW reliable and comfortable.

Reliable and safe car. Only 2 major problems in four years and the fixes were both under warranty. Comfortable seating as a passenger in the front and back seats. The backup mirror with the drivers assist alarms are also a nice addition. Definitely would buy the model again.

- Wendy B

Fun little zipper with great gas mileage.

Very fun car to drive. Handles incredibly well. Great gas mileage-averages 29 miles per gallon. Only downfall is that you cannot Bluetooth music through the sound system. You can only Bluetooth phone calls. Other than that I have no complaints. I would buy it all over again.

- Carle D

The best and worst things about my car. Facts not fiction

The tire are annoying because you have to avoid any type of pot hole because it'll be a big bump. And the car is small not enough cup holders. The back seats is made for only two passengers. The trunk also is kind of tight. It's a fast car and all the features are perfect.

- Samantha G

Fuel efficient and still fast!

I think because it is diesel it is more reliable than a regular BMW engine, though either way everything is expensive to fix. It drives smooth, but also has a lot of power because the diesel engine is a turbo. It is comfortable in long car rides and is very fuel efficient.

- Alyssa G

My car is a BMW 2014 all red and black outline.

My car drives very good. I have no problems with my car at all. It is smooth on the road and the brakes are awesome. I have no dents or accidents on my car and only the back windows are tinted. I just put a new radio system in the car. I am soon thinking about selling it.

- Koran S

Love my car, especially the color grey because it stays looking clean.

I have not had any problems with my car. I do my inspections regularly. The only thing that I wish it had is a compass. That would really help when I am in an area that I am not familiar with. Also wish it had a back up camera since backing up can sometimes be difficult.

- Wendy D

I love my fast car and best purchase by far.

So far I haven't had any issues with my car. One thing I don't like about which could be fixed is the stereo system that it came with. I have had my car for over a year now and wouldn't change it or trade it. It's really easy and comfortable to drive and its really fast.

- Maggie T

Runs amazing and gets great mileage

Door handles melting during hot weather that's the only problem I have thus far otherwise everything is great. Runs good air compressor went out had to replace shortly after but warranty coverage it which was helpful otherwise it would have cost me 2500 as opposed to 500

- Yolanda P

The interior wood trim is a highlight.

I love my car because it is fast, it hugs the road nicely. The engine is very smooth but powerful. The design is one of feminine curves and it is low maintenance. I especially low the wood trim as part of the interior design of the vehicle. The vehicle is a classic.

- Jenny K

2014 bmw. Very sporty with a lot of power.

I love my car, however I have had some problems with it overheating. I had to have it towed to the mechanic. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. They didn't do anything to fix it. I think I'll still keep it. I also have a windshield that needs replacement.

- Kim D

BMW special items, the good and bad

Overall my BMW is amazing and it's my favorite car. Something wrong are the signals and all are extremely sensitive and go off for every little thing. But other than that all the technology is amazing. The radio is also amazing and the aux cord is a major plus.

- Jessica H

2014 BMW 3 series - love it!

The BMW handles very well and provides sufficient power for most purposes. The best part of the vehicle is the driving experience. The car is very comfortable. BMW takes care of all maintenance up to 50, 000 miles and the service centers are very efficient.

- Dave R

I love the xdrive system! I love the 4 wheel drive system as well.

I love my BMW. The car is a xdrive and get up the mountains without any problems. When I have a mini van the performance was not the same. I love the 4 wheel drive system the BMW has. If I had to do it all over again I would buy this car without a question.

- Nashik H

BMW 328i means class and comfort.

I drive a BMW 328 and I love it. The gas mileage is great and the ride is very comfortable. I adore the Audio system. The only negative I see is the door unlock switch inside the car is on the dash above the radio. Not handy with full hands exiting the car.

- Denise J

BMW 3 reliable and comfortable

I am satisfied with my vehicle generally. I like its back up camera and monitor, the heating feature of the chair and wheel. Its keyless feature does not work properly sometimes as I have to take the key out of my bag and press the button.

- siwei w

The most important thing about my car is when we went to look at it I only loved the color. My husband talked me into even getting in the car. Once I sat in it I was in love.

I love the color of my Bmw. It is a bright blue. The car is very fast or I can change the mode to be slower and save gas. The only complaint is the trunk size, but then changing that would possibly change the look of the car.

- Suzanne J

The technology features definitely make driving this car enjoyable!

For an entry level luxury vehicle, for the price and features, you cannot beat a 3-series BMW! This car has been completely reliable and the features of Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio making driving it enjoyable!

- Sarah H

That it drives very nice, smooth ride.

Very nice ride. Can be a little hard to figure out. The drive on slapstick, the interior is very well done and easy to keep clean the back door would be better if you could close from key or inside or both.

- Debra A S

It is safe and reliable and great on fuel consumption.

My car is easy to drive. The ride is smooth. Interior is comfortable. Has navigation features making getting to and from destination great.. Nothing that I do not like about the car..

- Amanda M

This is a clean diesel engine with fewer emissions than gas.

I like the reliability and performance. I do not like the lack of power / turbo / pickup. I also feel the interior and electronics are behind other makers (e. g. Volvo) for the price.

- Anna W

The most important thing is that it is reliable.

Fun and easy to drive. Decent gas mileage. Negative is insufficient storage space and do not like the run flat tires. Prefer traditional tires with a do not for a spare.

- Donald D

It will make noise if you travel through climate changes.

Phenomenal car, smoothest rides. Will never go back to a Honda. haven't had a problem, gas mileage is average. But due to the performance and turbo is understandable.

- Nick W

The fuel efficiency is worth the price for the car.

My BMW is a 3 Series Xdrive Diesel. The fuel efficiency is great. I fill my car up twice a month. I love my car. The only dislike is the repairs are very costly.

- Julie F




It has a beautiful exterior but isn't as luxurious as you would expect inside.

I like the look and feel of it. Inside is not luxurious so I dislike that part. It has many problems with the aux cord. It has a good economy mode to save gas.

- Manna T

Great and comfortable car to drive. Comfortable seats and everything is computerized.

Its great. Very comfortable. Great pick up but mileage per gallon is not good. It does not have 360 degree cameras and sound system could be more better.

- ankita g

My car is total luxury and it feels it.

I love my car because it is total quality. I also love the way it performs with a lot of power.The only complaint I have is that it is expensive to fix.

- carol Z

It is what you expect from a BMW. It handles like a dream, has power when you needed it and is always fun to drive.

I love my car, but I do have to give a four due to the local dealerships service center. They are very bad. It makes not want to buy a BMW again.

- Thomas A

It has a great trunk space!

It is a smooth ride. Looks very sporty. Gets excellent gas mileage. A tad bit sensitive with seat sensors for seatbelt warning and tire pressure.

- Nancy M

Great handling and performance.

My BMW 3 Series has great handling and speed and power. It looks great and performs great. Only thing is the bottom gets scratched pretty easily.

- carol l

Has lovely Design, it is very Powerful and very comfortable to drive very sleek and fast to go.

BMW is the best car and it is very powerful and very easy to drive. It is expensive car, but it worth to have. Very beautiful car to have.

- ali M

Great price for a mid-luxury vehicle.

The car handles great, has power, looks great, and fun to drive. I've experienced some minor electrical issues but otherwise runs great.

- Katherine P

Stylish with high performance and low maintenance.

I really enjoyed my BMW a lot! It's stylish with high performance. I haven't experienced any issues which my vehicle for over 4 years.

- Nelson C

The way it hugs the road. Absolutely love driving this vehicle

Love my 335xi. I picked it up directly from the BMW factory in Munich. It handles very well and you drive the car. High performance

- Edward N

Midnight gray is the best color of your car.

Thanks for the update. Great day for a car drive. It could have better gas mileage. I like to drive all over the place and get food.

- SW W

Easy maintenance. Great warranty.

I love the way it looks, and drives. I love the way it hugs the road and the feminine curves. I love d the interior wood finishing.

- Jennie K

A sports car that meets all family needs

BMW is a great performing car. I like the way handling works but fuel efficiency isn't very great. It is very easy to drive though.

- Ankita G

A comfy car driven in sport and eco-pro!

I love this model! The seats are comfortable, I've had little to no mechanical issues, and it saves a lot of gas in eco-pro mode.

- Nicole A

Diesel engine gets close to hybrid mileage.

Great gas mileage with diesel engine. Great service at dealer and warranty for pre owned is comprehensive. Style is very sporty.

- Nancy M

How well it handles and how people react to the name BMW.

I like the classic style and the way it handles, it takes turns really well. It is smooth on the highway, gets good gas mileage.

- Jackie M

It handles the road well.

How it drives an handles on the road. It is also a well known brand. I also love the interior of the car which is a smoke gray.

- Tori J

Manual transmissions are number one important thing in choosing an enjoyable driving machine

color delicious. power inspiring. gas efficiency. looks stylish will endure. manual transmission is necessary and satisfying.

- kufu f

The car is so comfortable that it makes driving rentals painful!

BMW has great pickup. It has OK fuel efficiency. The servicing is very expensive once you run out of warranty and maintenance.

- Sayak B

Model and brand like BMW is my best one.

My vehicle is so beautiful and very nice. I love my car. Every day I drive my car. I go to my office and then back to home.

- Md I

It's my dream car. I love it.

I love my car , it's luxurious, its beautiful, it's very reliable. It drives very well, the seats are pretty comfortable.

- Immacula G

Reliable and safe car to drive around.

It is reliable and safe, fast, classy. BMW German engineering is perfect. Design is amazing and features are attractive.

- Chris N

Great BMW customer service

I love the brand BMW. i love the way it hugs the road and Its performance. And I love the body with the beautiful curves

- Jenneke D

Topless black beauty by BMW.

I enjoy my car. It is expensive to repair however, I love my convertible. It is sleek design and handles the road well.

- Amber S

A lot come with the car, sports package, luxury, M Sport, it's a great ride

Amazing car, phenomenal drive, good gas mileage, great factory speed, good for tuning or modification and great resale.

- Nicholas W

The car is safe in an accident. Lost my last one to an accident and walked away while the car was totaled.

I like the heads up display. It has air-conditioning and a sunroof. It's fun to drive. I wish I'd had a back up camera.

- Tamara B

It runs very smoothly and is comfortable.

This car has never given me any problems and drives very well. It is also a comfortable car to be in during long rides.

- Dallas K

It is dependable, runs well and has good gas mileage.

It runs well. Unfortunately, you can only have it serviced by BWM location. I would like to use any mechanic I like.

- Li P

It's safe for my family, it is great looking, reliable

It doesn't get the best gas mileage, but is comfortable, sporty, fun to drive and is reliable in terms of maintenance

- Roy H

That it comes with maintenance for 4 years free.

I like the way it drives. I like the way it looks. I like the 4 years free maintenance. I hate that it cost so much.

- Daniel R

I feel like a rock star when I drive my BMW 325i.

I love my BMW. It is extremely comfortable. It is spacious and has a sleek design. The performance is unbeatable.

- Juli B

Seating is very comfortable and features throughout are convenient

Used premium gas which I'm not sure is necessary for this vehicle . Very comfortable for traveling. Nicely sized.

- Brittney W

My car is extremely easy and enjoyable to drive unless you are a large person

Fun and easy to drive. Good gas mileage. Needs to have more storage space and I don't care for run flat tires

- Donald D

It drives beautifully, gets great gas mileage.

No complaints love how it drives, sometimes wish it were a bigger model. I wish it had a sunglasses holder!

- Mary B

It is strong and powerful. It has terrific pick up speed. I feel safe driving my car.

The ride is smooth. The power is exhilarating. I love the color and interior. It is expensive to upkeep.

- Carol S

The best and worst of BMW.

Black interior is too hot, can burn you if sun is on it. Love the handling, control and speed of this car.

- Carol M

Dependability sports look nice luxury car leather great ride

Great car love it get a lot of compliments runs great drives good smooth ride very dependable recommend

- John F

It's a safe car and handles very well. It's very aesthetic looking.

My car looks very nice and has a clean look. It handles very well. I also love the size of the car.

- Bridget F

Black cars are hard to keep clean

I like how it is good with gas. I like the style and I like the quietness. Also, the leather seats

- michael a

It is top quality. BMW owns the road.

I love the quality. I love the acceleration. I love the way it looks. I don't have any complaints.

- carol B

BMW 3 series xdrive All wheel drive . Red color looks good

Brand name, give us smooth and interior is premium. Performance is very good. Mileage is good

- Amit N

Easy on gas, and very safe to drive it has a great reputation

It is sleek and runs really good. The resale value is decent, and the car is really safe

- Denise T

It rides like a dream and you feel like a Queen when you're at the wheel

My BMW rides like a dream It handles the road smoothly & the interior is so comfortable

- Lindsay T

That it is worth every penny. I will only buy BMW products from here on out.

Love it completely, I will only buy BMWs from here on out. Best car I ever owned.

- Jim M

The quality of my car. It's very special and high quality.

I like how spacious it is and what I do not like is that it's a little outdated.

- Morgan M

It's fun to drive it is safer than most and you have room for stuff

I love the way it drives i like its handling i don't like how much gas it uses

- Michael H

That's it's really expensive and you have to take care of this care

I like that it's made by BMW and I has tires. I also like that I like this car

- Abcdefg D

It's a diesel and when take it to a car wash you got to go to a carwash with a laser cause if not it will mess my paint up

It's pearl white with black and red interior it's a diesel and it's so pretty

- William B

BMW has great handling. It is the ultimate driving machine.

When something needs replacement it can be pricey for german manufacturers

- Mushtaq C

The cars runs so smoothly

Runs very smoothly. Safes gas buy the engine shutting off at stop light

- Joanne L

It's actually pretty fuel efficient for a BMW

It's very sharp looking and zippy but also gets pretty good gas mileage

- Meg P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable.

It is very attractive. It's fast and luxurious. It drives really nice.

- Simone T

It is a great car and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new car.

Love how it drives, and it has good gas mileage. It is also reliable.

- sh a

It will drain you of your money, Bring your wallet & join triple A

Maintenance is very expensive. Not good on gas. Not enough comfort.

- Anna M

It drives very smooth and I rarely have any issues.

I like the style the way it drives. I like how it expresses my life.

- Yer Y

you get around mpg 30 with economy mode drive. It is fuel efficient too.

it is sporty yet comfortable. it is fun to drive. it is stylish.

- toshimi k

I like that it is super spacious and has room for my kids and both my dogs. I don't like the mileage that I get or that it feels a little bit slow

That there is a lot more room in the backseat than you would think

- Emily H

The cars has great mileage! Goes along way without having to kill up.

Tires have been an issue. Had to buy 4 tires within the 1st year.

- Dawrine T

luxury, ease of drive, comfortable, equipment with tech

ease of drive, luxury, different mode of speed and saves gas

- nathalia d

Diesel get great mileage with up to 50 mpg in the summertime

It gets great mileage, very comfortable and fun to drive

- Danelle F

It goes fast. It is safe. The AC takes some time to kick in.

It drives fast - it starts up fast. It is a fast car.

- Nicole C

very reliable good balance of performance vs. comfort

great, runs well, classy design, very good handling

- George C

U feel empowered by It's drivability

It handles well. It feels solid. And chicks dig it.

- Tod M

on par, resonates when i am right now

power. reliability. gas efficiency. looks

- kimmy g