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BMW Seasonal Vehicle At Best

The 3 series handles poorly in heavy rain, snow and ice. The rear tires wear down quickly and are very expensive. You are not able to rotate tires which makes heavy use expensive. Many of the Bluetooth features offered by BMW as extra cost accessories are not compatible with this model, this is very frustrating considering the newer models themselves have very few automobile design changes and do not encouragement me purchase a newer vehicle to take advantage of the Bluetooth options. Aside from the above disappointments the BMW is a great spring and summer driving vehicle. The speed and comfort are superior to other autos in its class.

- Antoinette G

2016 BMW 3 series- and excellent vehicle.

I love my BMW 320i. It simply drives excellent. It is not a performance car with 0-60 being in the 7 second range. However the vehicle takes corners like a true sports car and is a pleasure to drive. The infotainment system is easy to use and looks flush with the lines. The car looks great on the exterior with smooth lines running across the hood giving it a mean appearance. The interior is just as great. Comfortable seats and plenty of space for a relatively small car. Fuel economy is also a huge bonus, with roughly 35 mpg on the highway. I have 28, 000 miles on the vehicle and no problems thus far.

- Sean A

Ultimate Driving Machine!

The BMW 3 series performance and reliability in my opinion is like no other. After, an auto accident left me with back pain from several spinal fusion surgeries I was in search of a vehicle that had a sport drivers seat for added comfort and features. I found exactly that with the BMW 3 series. The seat offers side hugging lumbar support and a leg support extension (my favorite part). I haven't experienced any problems with my 3 series unless you count wanting to drive all the time. It is truly the ultimate driving machine.

- Heidi W

BMW 328i xDrive - the ultimate driving machine

Driving the BMW 328i xDrive is the best experience I've ever had. The way it handles and the speed is incredible. The feature such as being able to be able to change it to economy, sport, or comfort mode is a way where different drivers can select how they want the car to handle. The navigation and speed show up on the windshield making sure you never have to look away from the road. It is definitely the best vehicle I've ever driven.

- Misty W

Interesting detail about my vehicle is that it was custom built in Germany!

Love the angel eyes led headlamps and eco mode allows for great gas mileage. The car rides smooth and has a wonderful warranty. We had the car custom built overseas and delivered to us on a red bow, it was a wonderful experience! Some other features include heated seats, DVD, CD, XM radio, led lights, back up camera, keyless entry, leather seats, weathertech mats.

- Maggie L

It's my first foreign car!

I like that it's white and the interior is quality tan leather. At night it has orange accent lights and I don't feel the road when I am driving. The car feels a lot more durable than I am used to and the fuel economy is great! It's very spacious and it has premium quality speakers. It will retain its value over time just in case I decide I want to sell it.

- Alex T

BMW 320i is a comfortable and zippy ride

Very smooth driving and zippy little car. Great looking and excellent gas mileage. I feel very safe driving it. The onboard computer lets me know when the oil needs to be changed or tire pressure is off as well as other maintenance details. Software is easy to update. Never had an issue with it and I put a lot of miles on since I commute for work.

- Tracy G

Perfect. It's just perfect, comfortable, fast and so beautiful

I am in love with my car. it's very reliable. The computer shows when services are needed is absolutely fantastic, I love that I do not need to have reminders or keep checking how many miles I have left for service, or when I need to change a light. The driving is so amazing that I think I'm going to drive BMW the rest of my life

- Gloria C

Versatile vehicle for anyone and everyone.

I like my car although it has very basic features. It feels like a luxury vehicle but is still mostly affordable. It is a good smooth drive but can feel sporty when you want it to by changing the feels from comfort to sport. I highly recommend this car for those who are looking for a well-rounded vehicle.

- Shannon D

It is a BMW so it is obviously the best driving machine around.

It is black and very good looking. The interior is a gorgeous dark tan and goes perfectly with the black exterior. It is extremely comfortable and the seats fit me like a glove. . It corners amazingly well every time I have to turn left or right. The bmw drives beautifully and I am very confident in it.

- Dianne P

The ultimate driving machine: inside scoop

This vehicle is both comfortable to drive and smooth on the road. It has many useful features such as the backup camera, seat warmers and eco mode. The eco mode feature and the start/stop switch helps this car save a lot of miles per gallon. The 320i is sleek and stylish making it an extremely fun drive.

- Stine I

Reliable, sleek and worth every penny

Other than routine wear and tear, no issues and is reliable since we bought it as a used vehicle. Love the vehicle and is very reliable. The best feature is the mileage that the car gets. Even when driving it heavily only need to get gas every week and a half to two weeks depending on the amount driving.

- Caroline K

There is nothing like the handling when in a BMW.

Amazing handling, smooth and swift acceleration, great ac, not most comfortable seats, roomy, a little to low to the ground. As good as expected to be. So fun to drive but limited by driving laws so cannot have as much fun as want to in it so kind of defeats benefit of having it when based on cost.

- Rhonda A

Flawless and very dependable.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It is performance is excellent, and is very comfortable to drive. I have owned many 3 series and they have all performed flawlessly. It is a high quality brand I intend to stick with over the years. I love my vehicle and know I can always depend on the BMW brand.

- Stephanie A

The BMW Wagon is Wonderful

I have the wagon, and I love having the cargo space of an SUV that drives like a sport sedan. The car has great acceleration, handles beautifully like all BMWs, and is great fun to drive. Unfortunately it is not very fuel efficient, but as we do not drive to commute to work, this is fine.

- Mary M

It is very safe and reliable. My car has saved me from being in a serious crash because of its size and maneuverability.

My vehicle is great because of the steering and handling and speed. If i want to change lanes my car accelerates fast and I can safely maneuver it in traffic conditions. The only complaint i have with my car is that it is expensive for the payments and maintenance because it is a luxury brand.

- liena r

That it was just as affordable as less nice brands of cars.

I like the fact that it's new and a high quality brand of car. I especially like the fact that I was able to get it for less of a monthly payment than I was expecting. The performance is excellent and the gas mileage is ok. The only thing I don't like is the color--white is hard to keep clean.

- David E

Run flat tires and no spare.

The run flat tires are horrible. When you get a flat it takes 7 days to get a new tire! I ended up replacing all 4 tires at only 10k miles cause I needed my car! There is no spare tire at all. The car is comfortable to drive and handles well but the tire situation makes me uncomfortable.

- Tammy B

BMW series 3 - very reliable comfortable vehicle.

Very comfortable. Great turning radius. Car is reliable and have had no issues with it. Seats and steering wheel are all heated so it is very cozy in the winter. Navigation, speed, etc. show on windshield for easy viewing. Only negative is that the navigation system us difficult to use.

- Donna Z

My car is a black and dark blue color and it only has 2 doors

The car is really good and reliable it gets me to wherever I need to go and the mileage is amazing. The car had been used for a few years now and is still in good shape and me and my friends and family have wonderful memories with the car. I would recommend it to anyone out there

- Jasmine D

2016 BMW 3-series - high luxury car at a low luxury price.

There is a seal issue on the passenger side door and no back up camera - however, the side mirrors automatically turn in a way to make backing up easier. The only other issue I have is the cost of maintenance - but if you want the car to have longevity you do what you got to do.

- Danielle S

I think my car is one of the best car in the world.

I think my car is one of the best car in the world. Its performance is so good to describe.I am using this car about 3 year. By this time I never face a big problem. It has a great feature and so enjoyable.I wish to have a car like this. And I strongly recommend to buy this car

- Christine P

It looks great going down the highway!

Love the car, it runs great, have had no maintenance issues, it's very comfortable to drive and it gets great gas mileage. My friends and colleagues comment on how nice it looks! Downside is it's expensive to maintain post warranty. I will likely drive this car until it dies!

- Stephanie K

it's the best car in the world

BMW has proved it's high-quality & performance in every possible way. Nobody can deny the unmatched eminence of car's interior that you can find in every model. Only a few of the cars offer pure leather covers that last for a long time.I feel good to have a car like this

- Jimmy P

BMW 3 series is a pleasure to own.. And drive!

Great ride, good mileage, excellent navigation system. Performs well, navigates easily around corners. Good on gas. Tires to replace are expensive. Important to rotate them. This car is user friendly and rides well. The oil and maintenance issues are easily handled.

- Joanne C

It reviews the most withe the car service industry.

It is very helpful and in good quality with the things they have with the car, it runs smoothly as well and takes good care of me in the streets and the performance is very good as well. The car is very comfortable as well and fits me very well most of the time.

- Jenna R

Smooth clever cool fast ride.

Drives very well. Great service. Good gas mile. Has great horse power ride on the highway. Love German made cars. Seats are very comfortable. Purchase BMW for 10 years, and all good. Great dealer and service customer service. Never had any maintenance problems.

- Son H

BMW 3 series vehicle is worth what it costs.

I like my BMW, its the 5th vehicle I have leased from BMW. The trunk is too small for me compared to the previous models I have owned. The price went up so much in the 3 years of my previous lease so I settled for a model I would not have normally chosen.

- Jane S

Black in color and has a nice shine to it.

Comfy the leather seats are amazing drive speed is great as well. The space in the car is great. Gas mileage is also great. The truck space is huge. Alloy wheels. I think the best feature is the I drive with GPS carplay and many more features. Heated seats.

- Brian Z

My 4th 3 -series lease. Love this car.

This is my 4th BMW 3-series. I love this car. Great performance in the snow with the AWD. High quality both inside and out. If I could correct one thing, it would be the gas mileage, but that is what you get with AWD. Great acceleration when in sport mode.

- Jen B

Halo lights are one of my favorite features on BMWs.

BMW drives smoothly better than other cars. Very reliable and will make you think that no other car is better. It will make you never want to change the type of car ever again. Not only is it reliable but also foreign which makes it an exotic car to own.

- Angie F

It is not inexpensive but it is worth every penny. If you lease it, everything is covered except the tires and brakes. The tires are maybe the biggest issue as they are run flats and cost a lot to replace if needed.

I love the drive on my BMW. It is smooth and sharp and the steering handles well. I also absolutely LOVE my heated seats and how fast they heat up along with my heated steering wheel. No other car I have driven or owned can even compare to this car.

- Mara R

I absolutely love the fact that the front seats lay all the way back.

The comfort and reliability of the 3 series in the reason I keep going back to BMW, there is no question. The accuracy in road performance makes for a comfortable road trip. The speakers make your favorite music sound like your at the concert.

- Jessica V

My car is all black with tinted windows. My rims are black along with.

Expensive maintenance and car detailing due to model of vehicle. The car has so many great performances for themselves but once the car is dead it is just best to sell for parts rather than buying something like a new battery or transmission.

- Tiffany H

It's well made by a reputable auto maker and it holds its value very well.

My car is gorgeous and classy. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in seconds. When I drive it's much like floating, a very smooth ride. It's well made and sturdy. The paint doesn't scratch easily. Nice large trunk, great audio.

- Cheryl S

It is a comfortable and luxurious ride. It also comes with free maintenance and included roadside assistance if you should need it. While in warranty, it is very hassle-free.

It is very comfortable and reliable. It has the basic luxuries that you would expect from a BMW and has better performance than your average sedan. However, I would prefer it if it were a bit faster and had a bit more power.

- Andrew G

Why I recommend a BMW for everyone.

This is our third BMW. The reason we chose it for was because of the safety aspect. We had two minor accidents, both not our fault and walked away without injury. The customer service is the second reason to own a BMW.

- Alex J

It has free maintenance...including the brakes, so everything is covered by BMW.

I love how it handles the road, especially in the "sport" mode. It's a fun car to drive, stylish, safe and reliable. Not really any dislikes that I can think of at the moment. It has all the options, so it's great!

- Debra B

It drives great and I have had no problems so far.

I would like to have a backup camera but I got a decent deal on the price so I'm dealing without having it. Was just surprised that was not standard on a bmw. Also would have liked a garage door button built in

- Dawn s

It performs well and is reliable and very comfortable. It performs well and is reliable and very comfortable.

It performs well and is reliable and very comfortable. I really like it and so does every member of my family. It is a leased car and I plan to lease another BMW in the future when this lease expires.


Reasonable cost for the BMW 320. I highly recommend the car for all the reasons previously mentioned

Cost was reasonable. Power isn't bad and good comfort. BMW is a quality car. Very good trunk space, Service is excellent. there is a four year warranty and the air conditioning works very well.

- Jerry W

Durability. Except for tire replacement auto is maintenance free.

Very reliable auto. Have had been BMW's the last 12 years. Warranty and service are outstanding. Except for tire replacement for normal wear and tear the vehicle is basically maintenance free.

- Patrick C

It is not a family vehicle, should be used for singles or a couple.

Like - it is easy to drive and looks good. Gas efficient and automatic transmission. Dislike - it is difficult for a beginner to figure out how to use the turn signal vs windshield wipers.

- Jayden H

That the mileage is good and the runflat tires really work. We've run over 2 nails in 30k miles. Actually 3 there was a nail and a screw the second time.

Not in love with the body style. The slanted windows make the car very hot in summer. So does the dark upholstery. The small slanted rear window also makes it hard to see out the back.

- Carol F

It is high quality inside and out. The security is also reliable.

I like my bmw because it is Low maintenance and never breaks down. It is also Spacious inside andbut furs all my kids well and it is also semi-Luxury and I feel good driving it.

- E C

Drives well. comfortable interior. Reliable so far.

I like the comfortable interior, front look of the car. I do not like the design of the car from the side and the navigation never gets the destination when entered by voice.

- tara z

Its is a very fast car with twin turbos.

I like how fast it is. I like the color. I like how it handles. I like how quiet it is on the inside and the way the interior looks. I love the tires and rims. .

- Andre K

Most important about my BMW is the handle of the car.

My 2016 BMW 328i drives perfect! It hugs the road and brakes smoothly. The sport option will make the car zoom! I have tan leather interior that cleans easily.

- Sara K

Beautiful, stable and strong car.

This vehicle is beautiful and very comfortable, a strong car and very stable when driving in the expressway, makes you feel secure. It is a very elegant car.

- Barbara V

High luxury fun at a low luxury cost.

Some leakage when it rains because of the door seal, but I love everything else about it. I’d like a backup camera but the smart mirrors make up for it.

- Danielle S

BMW the fun car to drive, just watch out for the small things....

Over all no major issues. I have noticed some peeling on the steering wheel, and the tire sensors are very sensitive for pressure. Fun car to drive.

- David S

The car drives well and I feel safe inside.

I love how my car drives and comfort. The gas mileage is good based on the distant I need to travel. The style is what I always looked for in a car.

- Michael D

It drives like a dream, and it's a really fun car to own.

I love the way my car drives and performs on the road. It's comfortable to sit in. I just wish the NAV was more intuitive and had a touch screen.

- Meg J

It is a high quality car with handling that makes you feel safe while driving.

I love the comfort and handling of my cards. It has just the right accessories nothing extra that I do not need. It is a very dependable car.

- Laura N

It has a twin turbo engine and is very fast and smooth.

It's an awesome vehicle. It's a fast smooth ride and it's very comfortable. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a upgrade

- rene C

the cupholders have lids. pretty neat.

i really like how it looks on the outside, but especially the inside. it's comfortable and i've never really come across any issues with it.

- Adriana R

I would like to know any recalls from Ford even though it is a used car.

It runs smoothly, which is a positive. It is compact, which is a positive. It goes a little too fast for my. Especially in sports mode..

- Patty L

It's comfortable and has a lot of power.

My BMW looks great and is comfortable. It's fun to drive with powder. I love my sunroof and navigation system. Leather seats are great.

- Cyndi H

BMW 3 is my favorite car!

Love my BMW. Beautiful interior, lots of comfort & elegance. Great driving performance & reliability. I have had several over the years.

- Lisa R

Amazing BMW 3 series! Great specs and spectacular performance

There are no issues with my car stall! It's great performance and very reliable and comfortable in all types of weather conditions.

- Kat Z

The run flat tires are a pain. Hard to locate new ones when needed took 10 days!.

Like the style and ride.... Hate no spare tire or jack. Hard to find replacement tires for run flats. None available in area..

- Tammy B

It has luxury qualities being it is an xle Camry.

Looks great.. Comfort is the best of any car I have owned.. Reliability is awesome.. It was expensive but worth every penny..

- Karla L

bmw 3 series are great, reliable cars

very comfortable, drives smooth. reliable. great gas mileage. the features are nice to have such as different driving modes.

- brook b

It is fabulous driving ability.

It drives very smoothly and powerfully.. It has a very beautiful and comfortable interior.. It has very good gas economy.

- Monica D

My car has great reliability.

I like that it's the color that I selected and it's also a manual transmission. I do not like that gas price is going up.

- Huey D

it is very fast. it can go from 0 to 60 in very quick time.

It is a premium quality vehicle. It is very attractive and sleek. It is a great performing car. it has a great interior.

- Nicholas S

It's expensive. It cost far more than I'm used to spending.

I love it because it is a beautiful car. It is extremely sturdy. It drive great and stays on the road in all weather.

- Maryellen G

It's a safe vehicle and worth the price of purchasing.

I love my car because it has all the features I need. It can go in sports mode or drive smooth. I feel safe in my car.

- Linda L

High quality and fun to drive. Very safe car too.

My BMW has a very Sporty ride.It has Great handling. Really fun to drive, it truly is the ultimate driving machine.

- Joe C

BMW is a high performance vehicle

no problems-very reliable and great handling. I love BMW as it is a high performance vehicle and would buy another

- ira j

Bmw 3 series best car ever

Love it! First time owning a newer car. My 3 series drives so smooth. It gets great mileage and sport mode is fun!

- Michael G

no sure not sure not sure not sure

this is a excellent cars, have a quality in design y colors very interesting. the recommended , have a good prices

- michael m

If the car rides smooth and gas mileage

The car drives with ease. I have so much control when I'm on the road. I like the luxury design and craftsmanship

- Dee F

Recline seats also the mirrors are nice.

Very reliable never a problem I drive it everyday 50 miles to commute to work I really live all of the features.

- Will B

Very nice and reliable would recommend.

The car is very nice and comfortable. I love it and I would recommend it to everyone. It is also very reliable.

- Edward B

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

This is a high quality vehicle with many comforts and a powerful engine. My only complaint is poor gas mileage.

- Jennifer B

Summary of bmw purchase Michigan

The vehicle has been great no issues other than the car isn't very practical for winter as I live in Michigan.

- Michelle S

2016 BMW 328XI - love it!

Love it. No problems. Comfortable, fun to drive, lots of power. Good computer system, sporty, roomy interior

- Michelle H

it has a spoiler. it has nice rims that I picked out for it due to the fact that I have good taste.

THE PERFORMANCE IS OUTSTANDING . I have had it for a while now and I never had any issues with it thank god.

- ahmad A

It held up very well and it drives very well in bad weather.

I like my backup camera and the heated seats. It drives very well in the snow. I don't have any complaints.

- Shelly C

My BMW can go extremely fast if you put your foot on the peddle.

I received my BMW as a birthday gift from my husband. This was the best present ever. It drives so smooth.

- yvette t

It has comfortable drive. Has to always be clean and nice

I love it, drives smooth, easy to drive. Can be fast. Ac works amazing. I always get told they like my car

- Kammy M

One important thing is that it is reliable.

There is lots of room. I like that we are able to fold down the back seats. This car is good for camping.

- Kristen S

BMW 3 series in 100 words

Nice drive good acceleration high mpg good quality. But the drive is very well and the handling is decent

- Omid N

A luxury car is not only expensive to buy but also expensive to maintain.

Amazing handling at high and low speeds. Attention to details for comfortable ride. Parts are expensive.

- David T

Fast and reliable BMW with the luxury to boot

No problem with comfort seats and very fast due to turbo. The car is very delicate with the twin turbo.

- Greg J

It is a very well made car.

I like the gas mileage, the safety features, the great engineering and the fact that it's fun to drive.

- Mary s

Cool design and fast smooth ride.

Great ride and comfort smooth drive. Love the service and design of the car. Quality and strong engine.

- Son P

Very high performance vehicle.

Excellent performance, very comfortable, requires premium gas, good sound system, average gas mileage.

- David H

Motion sickness but very good

Its pretty good if you don't have motion sickness, if you have motion sickness it's not the best car.

- Christopher F

no sure no sure no sure no sure

is a excellent cars. is very good, have excellent design and comfort . the recommend in a great cost

- jack j

The quality is very good for the price of the car.

I like the style and quality of my car. I like the service I receive at the dealer.

- Kristy H

Love the ride. Love the looks. Love the dependability. Love the power>

Such a Powerful ride and dependable ride--makes you feel you are in a good car!!

- Diane E

Its a manual transmission, which is harder to come by with newer cars

I like that its a manual transmission, I don't like that it's still uses gas.

- Huy D

The BMW 3 series vehicle is excellent in many ways, but costs more than it is worth. The new up to date modern technology makes car rides a great and seamless experience. If you can afford this vehicle, then I would recommend a car that is similar to this one.

This car is an excellent buy if you have the funds to purchase and maintain.

- Richard R

The ultimate driving machine

I like the look. I like the way the car handles. I like the affordability.

- Lisa W

How many miles it has, speed limit, brand, inside, color

I like everything about my vehicle and there is nothing that I don't like

- Brikenda S

Fast and luxurious quality

Fast and luxurious. High tech and comfortable. Wish it used regular gas.

- David o

It is fast and very comfortable to drive in.

I like the make and look but the inside of the car is outdated.

- Sarah O

BMW X3 good car I love it so much thank you for everything you did car to me is amazing job I love the car

Nothing very much I love everything about the car it's amazing

- Rosalena C

Drives great and smooth at the same time feels luxurious.

No complaints. Excellent driving experience. Feels luxurious.

- Alexander D

it is a good car to drive.

the car is really nice. i really like the car the way it is.

- j L

It is a reliable auto with good gas mileage and dependability to drive in the winter in snowy conditions

I like the style, comfort, power and safety of the vehicle

- rob l

it is so reliable and runs so well and never does it need any type of service

it is a well made good quality car never any problems

- roger c

It is very good on gas and it is a great ride and has a lot of power

It's a very smooth ride. It's too low to the ground

- Pat S

It is a good vehicle to drive.

I like. It is fun to brive. It is a good vehicle.

- Brian G