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What makes and breaks my BMW.

Drives beautifully. Poor mileage and common problem of door handles getting stuck in open position. Bought this car 4 years ago and I am still satisfied with it. I have over 250,000 miles on the care and it has not had a single maintenance problem since I have owned it. Personally, I would be happier if they updated the software inside the car to match current models.

- Mitch C

It's a model made from pure love and it also appears to be the only on.

It's starts up and kicks off regularly, and it's a pain when winter comes around Because it freezes my windshield, it has this Huge crack split in between the window my seats are also all true up from everyday wear and tear but other than that I love my go old truck and I would never sell her I'm only doing this s for money you got that!.

- James bound T

My vehicle is very amazing and it is condition is an 8 out of 10.

My vehicle is a smooth ride very useful helps me get around it might be a later version but you would still love it the seats are very comfortable and the wheel feels very good I got it off a good friend of mine very nice condition the ac is amazing in the summer I bast the ac and the bass in the car is amazing.

- Raul S

I will only buy BMW for life.

I love this car. It performs well and is extremely reliable, I also feel very safe in it. I never have any issues and I keep it serviced regularly. It rides very well and the comfort is better than most cars I have been in. I take it on road trips for this very reason and it also gets great gas mileage.

- DeMarco S

It has great range in A/C, seat warming, and seat motion for a comfortable ride.

It's a very comfortable vehicle for any necessary means of transportation from road trips to school with added features that makes it better. It includes seat warmers and A/C range for an efficient ride. Easy to clean leather seats make cleaning easier and add on to this cars value and overall luxury.

- Isabelle S

It is an amazing vehicle overall!

It is a very well running car, I've had it for about 2 years and it has only had about 3 problems which were very small issues and they all have to do with the engine light keep coming on for something other than the engine. Other than that I would recommend it to everyone even family members!

- Cameron T

Ultimate driver luxury vehicle.

Engine sometimes sounds very tinny. It is extremely comfortable to be in and take family/friends around. I love how the console is turned slightly towards the driver. It is a very fun car to drive. It picks up speed fast, but feels very smooth and as though you are not going fast at all.

- Emily C

My lovely blue BMW. Her name is Stella.

My beautiful BMW 4-series is the love of my life, I love my car so much. I love the stereo in it, the engine is really good and it goes really fast. I would 100% recommend getting a BMW. The problems it has is that it is hard to see out of my back window and it has a lot of blind spots.

- Sarah Y

Airbags. Safety great radio.

The technology is very good. The gas mileage is great. The sound system is very good. I fell it's a very safe car. The color is awesome. The car has low maintenance. The airbags make me and my family feel safe. The price was a very good deal. I have never has one problem with my BMW.

- Terry K

Beautiful and classy as well as reliable.

Reliable, good looking, trusted brand, very comfortable, beautiful interior, no problems, good mile per gallon ratio plenty of room for customization, must find a reliable body shop, plenty of colors to choose from I highly recommend this for a family or a single person.

- Nina I

Comfortable and very spacious.

Easy to drive. Has front and back cameras, very comfortable, leather seats, it has a lot of space in the front, backseats and in the trunk. There is heater on both front seats. Touch screen and easy access buttons in the steering wheel. Overall I am very happy with it.

- Mary C

BMW series 4 a beautiful car.

It is very comfortable, the leather seats are a great addition. It has heating and cooling seats as well as a heated steering wheel. The performance is good but could be faster. Does not use much gas per mile, however requires highest gas level which is expensive.

- Allie M

I love it so much. It is so smooth.

I love it so much. It is so good,. It has no problems. It is so easy to use. I felt so comfortable. It was my dream.My family also loves it. It is engine is so good and smooth.BMW is everyone's dream. I fulfill my dream. So I am very happy. It is a very nice car.

- gary Z

It is a hard top convertible what more can I say.

Drives smooth, good gas mileage and I enjoy driving it. The mileage is 34 plus mpg on the open road and about 23 mpg in the city. Looks good and would buy another. What more can I say about the car. It is the best car I have ever owned. Everyone should buy one.

- Dennis S

BMW color is white and has lots of miles on it to go.

My car is a BMW very nice color is white inside is clean and still brand new looking. Has many miles on it only use 20, 000 and still going good no off sounds or repaired happen when I had it hopefully for you too.

- Anthony A

Can't really describe one thing other than it is fun to drive and handles like a dream.

Fun to drive and very sporty. Fastest out of the competition and fuel efficient. Luxury amenities pale in comparison to Lexus along with the smaller comfort items, poor leather.

- sarkis l

I would like to know if the car is new or used and it is good for long drive.

I really like the outer look and the interior. What I dislike about it is that the car is small and cannot fit more than 5. But I'm very happy for owning the car.

- James G

My car is sporty yet is good on miles per gallon. it has nice features

fuel saving option i do not like I like the different driving options i do not like that my car doesn't lock automatically when i go within so many feet

- gina g

It's not the right size for my family or very good on gas.

It's a black BMW. It's a 2 door so it looks sporty. I like the color but don't care for the body style. I have kids so a 4 door would be better.

- Thia B

The car drives nicely and that is all they need to know.

Good looks. Good mileage. Easy to drive on trips.. What else can I say. I like the car.. The rest of this is just to fill time and effort..

- Dennis S

It is economical and fuel efficient.

I love it for the color and the fact it is economical. My mom suggested I get a convertible but I wanted something else. We compromised.

- Jackie T

i love this car, the interior is beautiful

it's the nicest car i've ever driven or owned, it doesn't seem to have a lot of problems. when i got it the radio didn't work

- jordan k

It's good on gas the back seat is great for some fun when you can get it in

It's good no problems it is nice good tires perfect for impressing women I like to show it off on sundays at the YMCA

- Kevin J

The car is made very well. It does not rattle and drives solidly.

I like that it is fast. It handles great. It is luxurious. It is super comfortable. The engine is silky smooth also.

- Jimmy L

It is a great car, driving it is great.

It is a fun vehicle to drive. It is sporty yet practical for distance driving. I will always own at least one BMW.

- Brett S

It's both fun and safe to drive.

I love the way it handles. I love that it's fun to drive. I dislike the run flat tires, they don't hold up well.

- Augusta o

That the car does very well on gas mileage and that it is very comfortable

I think it is a very well made vehicle that handles very well in all conditions and gets very good gas mileage

- Angel F

It has very good acceleration and handling, looks sporty and is reliable.

It has powerful engine and drives well. Interior is convenient and nice. For a sport car is not very thirsty.

- jan o

My car is very big, it can fit a lot of people.

There are really no problems with my car, I love it and everything about, and there are very little flaws.

- Truong T

not to much it a ok car nothing important to know others should know about your car?

no problems, performance, reliability, comfort and features. details really helps car buyers. thank you

- notmy s

What type of gasoline used. How many miles to the gallon

I like the way my vehicle drives and the mileage of gas i consume on a daily basis to and from work.

- Darrin M

Excellent fun factor. Very smooth engine performance.

Car has been excellent. Great performance, reliability, and fun factor. Value for price very good.

- Tom T

it is a hardtop convertible

Love the hard top convertible. Very expensive for parts. Comfortable ride and quiet to be in.

- Tom c

My car is very sacred. It requires a lot of attention. It is always kept clean

I like how spacious my vehicle is. It is also very easy to drive. I don't like the shape of it.

- Dena C

There are hidden features that can be unlocked through 3rd party software.

I like the design and the features of this car. I don't like that it costs a lot to fix it.

- Brad N

It is a safe and reliable car

I love my car. It is a smooth ride and the perfect size for me. I feel safe in this car

- Randi D

I like how it drives, the way it handles and the good gas mileage.

I like the style. I like how it drives. I like the gas mileage. No complaints.

- Dennis r

that is a good car that well woke for you on all roads

it has good gas it looks good it move well for a car

- adam h

Cool, comfortable, easy handling, fast, light, nice technology.

I like everything in my vehicle. One of the best cars.

- Igor H