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White BMW 428i with red interior

The performance of my car is amazing. It has sport, eco friendly and comfort all in one so you are able to switch gears. Everything works amazing, it has a sunroof perfect for getting some sun and feeling the fresh air. It has four doors with red interior which is a great touch. Not only does it have four doors and a sunroof there's Bluetooth and a CD player as well. The car has air conditioning and a heater, you are able to move your seat and there's seat warmers. Which is great for the winter when it is cold. This car has so many features and that help with the perfect ride. The car runs smoothly and also has a lot of room. The trunk is bigger than normal druks and is very spacious. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Such a great sports car as well! it's amazing and perfect luxury car with awesome features and is very comfortable.

- Celine D

Beautiful Performance Vehicle

I love the royal blue color of my gran coupe, it is different while still classic. The positives of this car at a four cylinder engine which uses less gas, however phenomenal pick up and speed. The brown leather interior looks beautiful and heats in winter. Some negatives about this car... the run flat tires are expensive to replace and seem to puncture as easily as regular tires. The seats are not cooled in summer, so while the camel color is not nearly as hot as black... still hot. The last negative I have to say about this car is that it does not have remote start. Overall, it is a beautiful sports car, with super pick up and handling. It looks beautiful and feels rich. If your looking for comfort features however this may not be the car for you.

- Patricia M

Vehicle horn: The next point is that if you want to whistle, you must use one hand to press strongly on the mid-volt, accidentally we only drive one hand. I like to whistle the two sides of the steering wheel, we still drive two hands still hit the whistle and press very lightly, not as X5. Headlight: my phase is not bright, even dark. The owner said that the registry they measured also reported lack of light, the owner also changed the other shining brighter but the time is burning, or electrical problems, feeling like the car is a perfect, Any other strange alternative will lead to trouble, this boss told me not dare to opinions but only hear, correct or not the self-verification tools.

Shape: 7 out of 7 people like this line, so too, I still see the X5 men more than X6. And probably sitting on a car just beautiful and expensive, the driver's confidence is higher (though not the car itself). Interior and interior: beautiful and very beautiful, the details are sophisticated and luxurious, you are fascinated with the wood and chrome door. Spacious seating for all 5 people. Engine: motor 4.8 is called, as the gas pedal is soaring, there seems to be no lag, the trail early morning I slightly 160 like pink hair and are like lemon squeezed, unlike other cars speeding from 60 - 100 very fast but from 100-140, slowly, the car drank more than 21l / 100km is different.

- dkey p

You get what you pay for. The BMW has paid me with it is name.

Because my vehicle is a convertible. There is limited trunk space. It is a smooth ride and for it size, it is comfortable. It has been a reliable source of transportation. I have no problems with it. I have had many door dings, by other people hitting my door. I am not sure if there is a way for the panels on the doors can offer better strength in material that would be only real issue. But overall I love my BMW.

- Olivia T

Gran coupe- fun to drive in all weather conditions

No issues outside of regular maintenance. Responsive, stylish, fun to drive and has great features such as a powerful audio system, speed sensitivity and alerts, sport modes for inspired driving and x drive handles winter conditions well. Only real complaint would be larger 19' run flat tires which seem to easily puncture on potholes

- Jason P

Great car! Comfortable and reliable.

This car is very comfortable and has not broken down so far! I have 40, 000 miles on it so far! This car is very reliable and I would definitely recommend it to a friend who is buying a new car! The only problem that I have personally had with this car is how low it sits for my long legs! I guess that is a personal problem!

- John L

clean lines and performance

Performs great - tires are annoying being in this city BC of potholes, always gets bubbles, but not that cars fault. I do wish there was more storage space as well as more USB options that are placed more conveniently. Otherwise it is a great car. Gas mileage is good too considering it is a sports car

- michael W

Love this vehicle..Highlights are the color and cup holders.

Love it. Very comfortable. Great on gas luxury. Love the trim love the interior love the exterior. Love the tires love the cup holders love the backseats love the color love the trim the stereo CD and mp3 player. The carpet. The trunk space is so amazing and the color of the car is major.

- Tony J

Very good and I love using it everyday.

The vehicle is a very good machine, and I use it almost everyday in my life. It is very artful and looks amazing. Although the design doesn't concern me as much as the details, this car still looks like wood and also the car is very fast than frankie and dennis and wut bout me.

- Charles K

I love the way the front headlights look

Oil problems are always getting worse and worse and worse... the windshield wiper fluid is always seeming to be going out. I wish I had the newer version.I would be good for you to get a new model cooking up in the shop.I still have the car and I don't know what to do with it.

- Sally D

Drives really well and steering is great.

I personally love this car. While on the highway, the car is very silent on the inside, for a nice relaxing ride. The seats are comfortable for long drives if needs. I received red stitching on the interior with black leather and it just looked absolutely gorgeous as well.

- Samantha N

Good and bad of BMW x4 as an owner.

The car is easy to drive and handle. I do not like the auto shut off of the engine on eco-mode. The sun visor for the front passenger does not work; it is too small to be functional. I do like the fold down of the back seat to accommodate for additional trunk space.

- Jane W

The best driving machine!

I honestly love this car! It's extremely spacious, comfortable, and gas friendly! People can fit comfortably in the back seat, this is considering my 6' friend, the trunk is huge! A little too much space because it gives me a reason to carry so much junk.

- Irma A

360 view Cameras and side view cameras

No problems, performance is great. If you get low profile tires, expect a rough ride. Seats are a bit on the harder side but I think this helps with durability. My favorite feature is the 360 view and side view cameras and the saddle brown leather I got.

- Michael P

Beautiful, powerful, complex.

Only problem is transfer case is failed at 47k miles, which I think is very early for that. It is being replaced under warranty, but still. That should last 100k easy. The performance and comfort of the vehicle is unmatched by anything I've ever owned.

- Sean P

I bought my car myself and not many people our age can. I think its cool.

The car has quite a few bumps and dings on it that are not nice to look at. One of the doors gets stuck after its shut. And the ac only works in the winter, and the heat only works in the summer. I just need a nicer one.

- Jessica W

Amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

I totally recommend purchasing. I haven't had a single issue with it since purchase. Performance under the hood is amazing and it is comfortable beyond words. Couldn't ask for a better car.

- Alex R

It is fun to drive and very reliable vehicle.

Pros: very comfortable, quick get-up, sleek looking. Cons: if left out in the heat for long periods of time, some features malfunction (pedestrian warning, front-end collision feature).

- Tara M

The most important thing is insurance for car fixtures.

Having the type of car that I have (2016 BMW 4 series) the parts are highly expensive, so do not buy this model car unless you have the money to fix it when it eventually has problems.

- J H

The car is fast from 0 to 60.

I love it, convertible, reliable dependable, great.. Radio and audio system. The navigation is awesome. Dislikes are it is small and there is no trunk space..

- Olivia A

Reliability is the most important aspect that BMW has to offer.

Great car that gets me from point A to point B. Super reliable and amazing performance. BMW has given me a great vehicle that I will never stray away from.

- Ethan R

It is expensive therefore I am rich.

The BMW 4 series is a luxury sedan with sleek design and classic features. Gas mileage is extremely appealing and safety features are of the highest order.

- Steve R

Poor turning radius. Good gas mileage and does not have an automatic steering wheel adjustment. Trunk is spacious for a coupe.

My vehicle has a poor turning radius and does not have an automatic adjustment for the steering wheel. Otherwise I like how it drives.

- jamie s

Great vehicle for the price.

Its great. Has a lot of legroom. Very reliable vehicle. Gets you from point A to B. Could be more up to date with newer technologies.

- Sarah S

The concern about performance in poor weather if they live in a northern state.

It is the best car to own. I will not own another brand.... It is very comfortable to ride in.... It is sporty and good looking..

- Patti J

The gas per mileage. The performance of the car.

I love that it is a manual. I love the sports mode. I dislike the radio. I dislike that it does not have heated seats.

- Travis H

What a nice Car that I have

My car is a really nice car it has really cool features I like that the seats are leather and has a cool touchscreen

- Abraham E

That it is very fast so anyone who is concerned with too much speed/pick up, should get a model with a smaller engine.

I like the pick up, handling and reliability. I dislike that the two door I have is too difficult to get in and out

- Arnold H

it's a Nice and fast car that performs very well for me

it's a bmw it's fast and stylish but pretentious at least a little bit. bmw dealership stinks but I like the car

- Michelle k

2016 black Bmw 4 series..

My Bmw is a 2016, and currently there aren't really any problems other than a small dent on the drivers side door

- Joe R

It is comfortable inexpensive nice style and good quality.

Very satisfied with this brand. Very comfortable and powerful. I like this brand and I recommend for my family.

- Han A

My BMW is noise free, spacious and fast.

I have not had any problems with my BMW. Its very spacious since its just me. Hell of fast. And very pretty.

- Evelyn N

The vehicle is very safe.

It is very comfortable when sitting. It runs and drives smooth. I haven't had any real or critical problems.

- Marquis R

the car is fast and furious

Love the body and interior stylings. Love the power from engine. Dislike the fact that there's no Carplay.

- Bob M

It's fast and very smooth driving and it's a nice classy edition

I love the color how smooth it drive but then again I really do not like the inside interior

- Rubens P

I enjoy the sportiness of my vehicle. It's not too large or small, it's just right for my needs. The only complaint that I have is that my tires do not seem to wear well.

It's sporty and quick and the ride is not the smoothest, but I enjoy the car a great deal.

- Leslie K

It has high quality power engine and nice features.

It has nice features and good cosmetic.very useful for me.

- Daren E