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Sleek and timeless looking BMW.

2003 BMW 5 Series

My 2003 BMW 540i is an amazing car. Although the repairs on it are expensive, as long as you upkeep the maintenance your repairs will be minimal. Performance wise, the car handles amazing- keeps corners nice and tightly with little effort and has a lot of power - it'll put you back in your seat if accelerating too quickly. My 540i came with the sports package, not exactly sure what that included so I don't recommend it, but this car looks very sleek and sporty and gives you confidence when behind the wheel. The only negative about this car, is that it doesn't handle well in snow- at all! But overall, this vehicle is amazing and I plan on owning this one for a very long time.

- Breanna C


2003 BMW 5 Series 525i

I love my Beemer!! It drives very smoothly and takes corners like it should!! It has awesome pick up speed and never disappoints me when I am showing it off! It may be an older car but it is still beautiful! It is green, the color of money but has not ever put me in the poor house with repairs. The interior is tan and the heated leather seats are an extra I would never pass up when trading in for a newer model. The stereo system is great as well the only complaint being the speakers are not the greatest and are a bit disappointing when wanting to jam!

- Allie S

Heated seats are something serious!

2003 BMW 5 Series

Really great car. Have had problems with the sensors on mine so all my lights come on and off(check engine light, coolant light, oil light, and the sensor lights for the seats. ) And repairs are quite expensive. The heated seats are pretty awesome except when it completely warms up their is one spot in the seat that burns my leg no matter if it is on high medium or low. All in all it is a very good though and I would definitely recommend them.

- Amanda K

A well built long lasting car that is overly expensive to fix.

2003 BMW 5 Series 525i

Great reliable car. Sturdy and well built. Still going strong with 230000 miles! But when the car has to be fixed it is ridiculously expensive. Lots of unnecessary features for me. The motor is good but many of the smaller parts on the car are broken and need to be fixed, but with such expensive repair costs I let this smaller stuff go.

- Gina H

Comfortable, reliable BMW 530.

2003 BMW 5 Series

Very reliable, heated seats, automatic wipers, powerful v6 3 liter engine. Steering wheel controls, power windows, mirrors and door locks. Auto dimming rearview mirror. Extremely comfortable seats that have multiple adjustments including tilt and lumbar. Power moonroof. Easy to work on with parts being very reasonably priced.

- Tammy S

2003 BMW 530i, reliable and attractive.

2003 BMW 5 Series 530i

It is a really reliable and comfortable car. Lots of pick up. I really enjoy driving this car. I purchased it used and it has been easy to maintain. Love the heated seats. Wish there was a bit more space in the back seat. The dashboard panel was messed up and my husband was able to fix it quickly.

- Meghan B

The car is not in the best shape but can be fixed up and repaired.

2003 BMW 5 Series 525i

Has a oil leak and the windows do not work, the seats are messed up and the carpet has stains. The car needs new struts and it needs new headlights. It just got a new turning signal. It is great on Gas and is a manual 6 speed car, or gas over 200,000 miles on it and I have had it for 3 years.

- Madison W

The car is very easy to handle and makes for a great starter car to learn how to drive one. We used it as a beater car and it worked out very well for our family

2003 BMW 5 Series

Due to the car being very old, there are a lot of keep up with the vehicle. It was also a pre-owned car so that ads to the wear and tear. The sun roof has broken 3 times and the shock system was replaced as well.

- Nicole H

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it runs well.

2003 BMW 5 Series

My vehicle is great. It has not had any problems. It performs well in various conditions and it is very reliable. The seats are very comfortable and all of the features and controls are great.

- Jamie R

It is comfortable and I feel safe given the quality of the workmanship.

2003 BMW 5 Series

I like the comfortable size and smooth ride. I like most of the features and that I own it outright. I wish it was a newer model sometimes, but appreciate some of the older features as well.

- Vickie D

A very dependable, good car, follow service protocol and this will last.

2003 BMW 5 Series

Love it its 8 cylinder, comfortable and easy to drive especially interstate driving! It makes you feel young behind its wheel while driving, I enjoy so much driving it!

- Remy R

It is solid and safe; as well as, is very responsive handling any type of road condition.

2003 BMW 5 Series

The interior is very luxurious and is extremely comfortable. I performs great and has the horsepower I desire in a car. It is very solid and I feel safe driving it.

- Patricia A

It needs a lot of work on it. There are a lot of things that need repaired. It's old.

2003 BMW 5 Series

I like that is very well made, that it's a luxury car, that it still looks good. I dislike that it's old and has a lot wrong with it.

- Joyce M

Heated seats are really super cool.

2003 BMW 5 Series

Heated seats are nice, I do not like leather because it is cruel to animals especially cows so cars without leather are cool.

- Cheyenne K

BMWs are classics, they maintain their value, and look great, even when they aren't the latest models. The drive is smooth and the horsepower is great.

2003 BMW 5 Series

BMWs are great & last & perform well for years. However, maintenance and repairs after the warranty can be expensive.

- Linda Y

It's just a unique brand that unlike so much

2003 BMW 5 Series

It's time for a tune up and to put a brand new engine in it . and it also needs a paint job and brand new tires

- Rodney H

It is an older vehicle; but it's paid for and drives excellent

2003 BMW 5 Series

smooth ride; comfortable; quiet. Dislike that the parts to repair are so expensive.

- Georgina S

It's considered one of the best BMW ever built

2003 BMW 5 Series

It has been a very good car. Low maintenance and easy to work on

- Robert G

It is an absolutely reliable, safe and powerful car.

2003 BMW 5 Series

it's a reliable car. great to drive. safe for the kids.

- ekta k