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Amazing, spacious car. Perfect for family of 4

I bought this car about 2 months ago, I purchased it used with quite a bit of miles. Even tho it has a lot of miles the car had been very well taken care of and I have had no problems with it so far. I have two children in car seats and we have more than enough room for groceries and trips. The trunk is super spacious and it has a backup sensor which notifies me when my car is getting a bit too close to another car or object. The radio is easy to use and it had built in DVD player and navigation system. This car has been used to drive long distances and short distances and it drives real smooth. I have no complaints other than the middle compartment is pretty useless.

- Maria J

Buying a used car that needs a lot of work.

Well I bought the car not so long ago. Maybe about a year ago. The car had problems when I bought it. I have maybe put around 3k on it, still needs some more work done to it. Overall though I like the car, the interior is nice, with black leather theater seats. I like the speaker system is great. The car has a v8 motor. Runs really smooth while driving on the road and highway. Happy with the purchase.

- Ricky C

Perfect car doesn't show its age much. Many people can't believe it's a 2006

06 bmw 530i I've replaced mostly all common items such as water pump, coolant hoses, radiator, coolant Reservoir, oIL filter housing gasket, oil cooler gasket, ac compressor, shocks, and many other items but over all this car feels and drives amazing. Also easy to work on. There's no special tools to buy. Don't let people fool you and sau bmw parts are expensive because there not

- Roy M

Great car all around would recommend

Great car good handling full of power will do whatever you need it to do. Full of features has yet to fail and I don't expect it to any time soon would recommend to anyone that's looking to buy one. Only complaint that I could think of for this car is that it doesn't come with the aux but because Of the year it's not really a complaint.

- James R

Fills the need for passionate driving, drains the bank account.

The car performs well. It is the ultimate driving machine. The 5 series have good interior room. Mine also has all wheel drive, a great feature in the snow season. However, when it is time to service or repair the car, BMW stands for bring my wallet. Finances are forcing me to consider something other than a BMW for my next car.

- Spencer R

Reliable BMW, with great drivability and luxury appointment.

Extremely reliable vehicle, has lasted a long time with regular oil changes and upkeep. Smooth ride, easy steerability, great highway driving and around the town maneuverability. Interior is leather and comfortable with heated seats (my favorite)! Some minor oil leak problems but overall a great reliable car.

- Mel M

beautiful inside and out leather seats comfy nice ac v6

Beautiful car but expensive car parts change of oil expensive has engine issues has given me few problems after I bought it have spent a lot of money fixing parts about $200 and up nothing lower in price to fix. It is beautiful car but just have to always have in hand roughly $200 to fix or more

- Annette M

The BMW is the best all around car for the money.

I have owned BMWs and I have loved them all, they drive great forever if you maintain their service. They're not cheap but you do not service them as often as other vehicles. If you take care of them than they will last forever. Handle better than any other car I have ever owned.

- Robert L

It's a smooth and comfy ride great and happy I have it.

Right now currently I have a hose that needs to be replaced and fixed. However, it smooth ride and gas is not to bad in town use. Freeway get good miles as well. Comfy car for long trips. I highly recommend this car. It is sporty, cute, luxurious, smooth. What else can I say.

- Betty O

German luxury and stability.

I really have enjoyed my car. I feel safe when traveling. The car is clean, has a timeless shape and similar to other German luxury autos. Cup holders are in odd places, no heated seats and no updated stereo/Wi-Fi units. All in all I have been satisfied with my ownership.

- Ellis M

Safe, but expensive. Recommendable.

Not many problems, but expensive parts when things do go wrong. It drives smooth and is very Versatile. I love my car. Not heavy, and also not light. It is very safe. I recommend a BMW to teenagers or older people. My only wish is for Bluetooth or an AUX port.

- Rylee S

Great car, axles need replacing after 160000 miles.

I am, overall, happy with the vehicle. It has over 1600000 miles on it and I am in the process of swapping out the axles, as they are faulty now. I intend to drive the car for another ten years.


I've kept it in mint condition and have had new body panels and point applied to keep it looking new.

I love my car tho I do wish I had a newer model. My car is 12 years old, but I've kept it up and in excellent visual and operating condition. I just wish I had the money to buy a new one.

- Richard W

They should know that my car is the best. I love BMW and they should too!

I do not have any complaints about my car. I like how it drives. I like how it looks and feels. It has a lot of miles and still drives like brand new.

- Kevin H

Why BMW 5 series is a good car.

Good handling. Safe. Easy to drive. Reliable. Gets good gas mileage. The car is overall a good in every category car, it has more pros than cons.

- Matt C

Drives well in the snow during winter.

Extremely smooth driving. Only problem is front parking light becomes loose and causes a warning to pop up. Very reliable for road trips.

- Sahara A

The maintenance fee should be the most important to know about.

I like the technology. I like the design of it. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have good fuel efficiency. It also a little old

- Tin P

Runs amazing but everything for it is expensive.

Beautiful shape. Beautiful interior. Runs beautiful. Expensive parts which is very bad and sucks when you're broke.

- Adam A

It's is fast and runs very nice

It runs sweet, no issues, it goes far distances without having any issues, gas tank always loaded. Great

- Chantal P

Repairs are expensive and the car is difficult to perform "at home" maintenance

I love the style, value and look of my car. However the cost maintenance is too expensive

- Gregory W

I like how i got it at bmw. I also like how it is 4 wheel drive. The last thing is that i like how it is grey, it is a very pretty color.

That it has 4 wheel drive and it is very safe along with a certification from carmax

- christian p

the best car in luxury and technology. looks sleek

luxury vehicle with all the most modern technology.

- Lydia S