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A BMW will be my car for life.

I love the comfortable seats and the ability to adjust to exactly my comfort level. I have heated seats that make a huge difference in the winter as well as heated steering wheel. The car has a very powerful engine and handles like a dream. The gas mileage is respectable for a midsize car and is fully equipped with navigation and onboard diagnostic center to let you know if there is any issues or system failures. Comfort, quality and luxury. I will own a BMW for the rest of my life. The company produces quality cars. The drawbacks are the price of the cars and the cost of maintenance and regular servicing of the vehicles. God forbid something happens that isn't covered by the warranty. Service gets very pricey and most of the time you have to bring the vehicle to the dealer because of the specialization of repairs.

- Christine F

Driving a 5-series BMW experience is out of this world!!

The 5-series BMW is a perfect size, it is not to big and not to small. The car is very classy and reliable. The ride is always smooth, I love my 5-series BMW 535i. It is a luxury car with so many nice features inside such as the GPS system, satellite radio and intercom incoming and outgoing calls. All these features are controlled by a small device placed in the center of the console, very futuristic. The car is just a dream, the seats are expensive soft leather that creases your body while driving. So now it is time for a road trip and your hitting the highway, the car can go from 5 mph to another given number in a matter of seconds. I love driving my 5 series in sports mode. In addition this car gives you the option to your driving preference.

- Melissa D

2011 BMW 528i a great car with many useful features.

My 2011 BMW 528i is a great car. It comes with leather seats, individual heating controls, as well as adjustable seats. The car drives very smooth and accelerates really good. The car also has Bluetooth connectivity as well as a built in navigation system. Also has sensors that let you know if tire levels are low, oil levels, brake fluid, as well as when the car should be serviced and for what.

- Harold N

You get a lot of bang for your buck. Great value and it's holding up great.

I love the heated and cooled seats. It feels more substantial than other cars I've driven and I feel safe. Run flat tires are great. Bluetooth phone to car is great. I would like the cup holders to be better/bigger and they could be cooled/warmed. It's so reliable and handles great in the snow. Yeah, I love my car!

- Sarah B

Make sure you have a warranty if you buy this car. Repairs are expensive and frequent!

The car's performance is excellent and it feels like it never runs out of power. This makes us a breeze to merge onto freeways safely. However, the reliability has been poor to say the least. I've had to take it into the shop multiple times for multiple problems over the last three years. It burns oil like crazy!

- James T

Great car, very smooth ride and comfortable seats.

Very comfortable, the seats are nice, the steering wheel is very adjustable and it is also heated. Speaking of heated it has heated front seats, very useful for cold regions. The ride is very smooth, but when u want to step on it, unleashes a lot of torque. If you want u could drive it with a manual option.

- Sai K

Smooth and comfortable drive

The 2011 535i is an amazing vehicle. Comfort and ride is great whether you're cruising in town or on a road trip. The only negatives is the steering and acceleration can seem a bit sluggish at times, but these are small things that I've gotten used to over time. 9/10 overall. Would purchase again.

- Jonathan K

It's a piece of junk! It drives fast though.

This vehicle is problematic. Every other day there is something going on with it. The maintenance alone is high. I wouldn't recommend this particular vehicle to a low income or either a high income worker. It's just not worth it in my opinion. You might want to buy a car like this BRAND NEW.

- Lisa M

Summer Fun BMW 550i Review

Gas mileage is pretty good but maintenance is a bit expensive, the drive is very good, very smooth. The interior is easy to clean and the features are nice. Great car when on the highway, you will definitely be there before you know it, the convertible top does have to be maintained as well

- Jessica J

Beautiful, reliable car that is fun to drive.

I have never had a car that I like as much as I like this car. It's a pleasure to drive and there have only been routine. Maintenance issues. It is a head turning car even at 8 years, I will keep this car as long as possible and then replace it with another BMW.

- Phyllis C

Love this car. BMW for life!

It is very reliable. I wish it had better gas mileage It is a heavy vehicle, makes us feel very safe. Wish it had better gas mileage. It has 80, 000 miles. Things are starting to need to be replaced. It has been very expensive. It needs to be sold or traded in.

- Jenny B

It is a good car for anyone who’s on the go.

It is and amazing car it drive so smooth on the road gas is great on long distance drive but a bit more pricey driving in town it takes premium gas. It is a great car that’ lets you know whenever there’s a problem highly recommend on buying a BMW 5 series.

- Diana T

BMW 5-Series is an overall great luxury option

The BMW 528I has great features, feels very comfortable but I feel it lacks trunk space. I would grade the performance at 8 out of 10. Mpg could be a lot better. The car is reliable. I only had minor issues from mainly wear and tear. Overall a great purchase.

- Jean S

Fun car to drive, bad car to maintain once mileage is out on it.

It is fun to drive, maintenance is a con. There have been constant issues with maintenance and it is safe to say I will not buy another BMW. Other than the maintenance aspect, it is a fun, really aggressive car. Hearing the turbos spool is definitely a plus.

- William C

BMW 5-series is a fantastic car.

Have not had any. I take it on long trips (4 plus hours) often because it is so comfortable. The controls are easy to use and the acceleration and handling is sportscar-like.

- Norris T

The most important thing someone should know is the car is not good on gas.

I like the style of the car, it is a pretty green. I hate that the car is not good on gas because I use it everyday for work. The car is fast and I really love a fast car.

- Kia S

German luxury has its advantages. Great car to take on road trips.

Has all the tech you would want in car. Seats are very comfortable. All wheel drive attributes to the safety of the car. Drawback: expensive to maintain.

- Todd P

Doors ate self-closing so no need to slam them shut.

What I like very ready and comfortable with the drive but the one feature I love is the back up camera, passenger side mirror callas in reverse.

- Rose W

It's great luxury car overall and I wouldn't change it for the time being

I really enjoy the way it handles and it has really nice features but I don't like the constant part cost and fixes that are grueling

- Justin g

runs good with decent gas mileage. does have high maintenance costs which is not good

everything is fine. size is good along with performance. problem with some trim melting, becoming soft under intense summer heat

- rita h

Smooth fast high quality.

Mostly pieces are expensive for luxury sedans. Great vehicle smooth character. Very kids friendly vehicle very smooth.

- Jason E

Very safe to drive and comfortable.

Very comfortable, very responsive. Wish it got better gas mileage and didn't have run flat, low profile tires/wheels.

- Jeanette B

I think that people should know how much maintenance it needs.

It runs well, but it goes through a lot of oil. I have to replace the oil every month and the gas mileage is awful.

- daniel d

BMW issues, technology malfunctions, 5-series.

Technology inside vehicle such as GPS CD, charging ports, and AUX continuously stop working but it runs well.

- Emily G

I don't understand this question.

I love the ride of the BMW. It hugs the curves and moves smoothly. My car sound system is also great.

- Darrell J

It rides great. Is very good gas efficient.

Is a great car. Motor and body. Loved the color. It is classic and drives like a great tune machine.

- Yolanda O

It's stick shift, it's not automatic like most cars.

No complaints. Easy to drive. Stick shift as well.

- Ana M

BMW 528i the ultimate driving machine.

- Angela A