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Wonderful BMW, you should definitely choose a BMW as your car choice.

I absolutely love my car, and I do not have any issues with it whatsoever. My car is black with brown interior. The car is very reliable and amazing on gas mileage. I try not to put many miles on it but it handles it well. I have had this car for a little over a year. If you are looking to buy a good car this is the perfect car to buy. It has sport mode as well for those who enjoy the fast part of the car. My car is push start which is very convenient and it is very silent on start up of the engine.

- Kimberly G

My vehicle's name is Mandy and she is my baby.

I bought my BMW about one year ago at a local dealer, I was a bit worried considering it is an older model, but I decided that I would purchase it with the money I had earned at my brothers law firm. At first, the car ran very smoothly and was surprisingly comfortable. Although, after about a year of use, the breaks had trouble working and the leather seats have begun to wear. I still love the car but it is beginning to decline already.

- Gary W

The car was expensive but it is stylish and economical.

This vehicle is a 4 door sedan. It has a lot of features, but does not have other desirable features such as back up camera and blind spot warning. The car performs really well. I have had absolutely no trouble with it. It gets great mileage. It has a great sound system with a feature that CD's can be saved to the player hard drive. I have about 200 CD' saved. Mileage on the road is great. I can get almost 500 miles per tank.

- Neill M

BMW 535i top class, stylish and powerful

Lots of features, comfortable and durable. Smooth ride. Beautiful interior and very comfortable. Very safe and reliable car. The 360 cameras and sensors are amazing. You can switch modes for driving from eco to comfort and sport all. Y the click of a button. You can change the interior light colors. Excellent navigation system with start stop feature. Care locks and unlocks with and touch.

- La J

A great car to fit all your needs.

A great car. Very sporty, quick and responsive handling. Quiet running, ergonomic design, fully capable of adjusting to fit just about any driver, quickly and easily with just the touch of a few buttons. Both heated and cooled front seats with three zone climate controls. Color backup camera shows exactly where the car is and where it will end up. Headlights are automatic.

- Jason Y

BMW 528i driving in luxury.

I enjoy the comfort of my 528i BMW. It is great for long trips. The bucket seats are quite comfortable. The sound system is of a good quality. However, it is not the best on gas and requires premium gas. I do like that I have run flat tires but they are very expensive to replace. Overall I love my vehicle. I feel like I am driving in the lap of luxury when I get it.

- Liz S

Bluetooth, heated seats, heated steering wheel, leather seats, automatic trunk.

I love my car it is so comfortable. It's great on gas mileage and eco friendly. The only thing that sucks about it is maintenance is very expensive. It is all computer ran. To check the oil level you have to go to menus screen in the car. They are very reliable and so nice. They have leather interior, Bluetooth, heated seats and steering wheel.

- Gabrielle K

BMW luxury as well as performance.

BMW provides the luxury of a smooth ride but also provides the performance. The vehicle is sporty enough and handles well on the road. It does not lack in the area of speed or pickup. BMW could improve on the area of technology capability in the vehicles like apple carplay. Although it may be offered on newer vehicles.

- Janice B

I think that are vehicle is a nice luxury looking car. I do think that the chair

Not enough room for two car seats and a passenger in the backseat. This car needs third row seating. I think there should be cup holders in the front of the back row and also this car should come with window shades for kids in the back. The car should other ways to have air come through to the back row seating

- Melissa T

2014 BMW 528i - worth your coin?

The car drives really nice and performs well. It is super expensive to repair when things go wrong, and it only takes super gas, which drives up the cost as well. It's not my favorite car and I'm currently looking to trade it in, but that's just a personal preference. The car itself isn't bad by any means!

- Nicole S

Common knowledge about BMW

Car is very comfortable roomy and easy to drive. Does have blind spots that make changing lanes difficult. Has a switch that must be turned off or car will automatically kill engine when stopping. Have had several recall issues and would highly recommend anyone who buys one to buy extended warranty

- Judy D

Good features from the drivers point of view.

Engine pick up is not up to mark specially when you want to enter highway from a entry point. It picks up very slowly which is a big safety issue We do not know to get it fixed and are living with it since we bought it. Rear seat is not very spacious and it is not comfortable for the passengers

- Jog L

Beautiful fast and reliable car!

I love my 550xi. It is crazy fast. The electronics are up to date even now in 2019. My nieces love the massaging seats and I love the air conditioned seats. The matte color is so unique and I get compliments on it often. I will likely buy another 550xi when the miles get too high on this one.

- Allie D

Comparing g35 to BMW 5 series. Somewhat disappointed.

I use to drive a g35 infiniti - my BMW does not have the same response and pick up and I never need to do anything but maintenance on it for 9 yrs. After owning the BMW I have needed brakes $2000 and tires $1200. I am not excited about its pickup and miss the responsiveness I was use to.

- Robin Z

BMW review for 5 series. Great performance. High maintenance vehicle.

Recall of airbags. Breaks need work. Need to take to the dealership to have counsel reset. Awesome performance. Extremely comfortable and reliable only when it does not need new parts or work done to it. An extremely high maintenance vehicle. Drives very well when in working condition.

- Melissa M

The wonderful features of my BMW.

I love my car. The only issue I have is that I hate that it need premium gas. The comfort driving function is great for long trips. The sport function id good for in town driving. I like not having you turn on the windshield wipers since it is done automatically when the rain starts.

- Cris S

The most interesting part is the smooth ride and technology that BMW offers

The car overall is good. There is constant lights for service and tire pressure when nothing is wrong. The maintenance is overpriced, however the technology and smooth ride outweigh the bad a little. In the process of looking for something more family friendly.

- Chelsea D

BMW great performance and reliability.

I love the my BMW 550i. It has great performance, handling and comfort. I have had several BMW's and they are by far the most reliable vehicles to have ever owned. I will always win at least one BMW as long as I am able to drive. I highly recommend the BMW brand.

- FT H

BMW XD comfort and reliability

It's great for us no problems so far just regular maintenance. It is very comfortable. I am in a wheelchair and it is easy for my husband to get me in and out of the vehicle. My husband likes the fact that you can see things on the windshield if you turn it on.

- Ashley J

Comfortable, reliable, good looking.

Expensive, the price is problem. Overall it is good. Horsepower is good. Twin turbo. The interior is ok. The speaker is good. It is Harman Kardon I think. The car's look is very good, too. White color is better than black. The space is average. Overall good.

- Matt X

It's more affordable than you may think. A pre owned certified is within a reasonable price range for many people.

I love how comfortable it is to drive, the power of the engine and the confidence I have that it will accelerate or stop quickly as needed. I love the seats, the seat warmers, the blue tooth, the navigation. I dislike the complexity of the computer system.

- Christine G

Expense of repair service for BMW.

I love my car but maintaining it is very expensive. It costs way too much to repair and things are starting to go wrong with it. Every time I go in it is at least $500. The car is in great shape but it is at the age where I have to start replacing things.

- Jeanne D

Great vehicle to be a part of.

It is a great vehicle to be with. Gives good mileage. I like the storage option very much. It is pretty big enough to store for long trips. It comes with various options like Bluetooth, GPS etc. Seats are luxurious and that is what I love about this car.

- Kate S

Awesome midsize car with sufficient room for families but enough power and styling to still be fun

Excellent, sleek styling. Powerful acceleration and speed. Smooth ride. Luxurious features. Turning signal knob sticks often which is annoying, otherwise no complaints. The turning signal issue has apparently been fixed on the new model.

- Brad S

It has great safety features built into the car and it has great gas mileage.

It is a black with blue overlay which is a specialty color. It has many safety features built into the car. It has superb performance on the road. I have no complaints about the car as it a high performance vehicle.

- Christine W

Doesn't handle like and Audi in the snow but it handles the snow pretty well, I must say.

My vehicle was purchased used with 79K on the odometer. I had some hesitation being new to the brand but with over 100K on it now, I can't do anything but praise it. Great car, smooth ride, quiet, luxurious and sporty.

- Chris T

Appearance, fashion, and material.

The most satisfactory place can be seen from the appearance of the entire vehicle.In terms of power, the 2.0T high power engine and BMW gearbox really have to be considered good at the same level.

- george e

The color and the external curb appeal.

Very smooth and comfortable ride with excellent acceleration and gas mileage. Stereo has great sound system with the capability to accommodate and integrate with a variety of external devices.

- Ken S

It is a nice smooth comfortable drive.

This car is awesome. The ride is smooth. I can drive long distances due to the 18 gallon take I can make less stops for gas. The alert system for the maintenance is very helpful.

- Michele R

That it costs a lot to maintain.

Personally, I think it's a good running car but BMW newer cars look much better. I also do not like how much it cost to fix. I think it looks nice but definitely time to upgrade.

- Angela H

BMW are nice but come with major issues. Parts/service are very expensive.

The BMW 535i is a wonderful car and performs great. The only things I wish BMW would change is the to make more comfier seats with cushion and the car parts are very expensive.

- Crystal R

The repairs cost too much.

It cost way to much to repair but I love the way it drives. The first few years nothing went wrong with it but once the warranty ran out lots of thing have gone wrong.

- Jeanne E

The digital onboard navigation system is easy to operate.

World-class stirring and handling abilities. Very digital and complexed, with little to no maintenance required. Easy to find instruments and great dashboard lighting.

- John L

Its way to expensive garbage.

Need a better car. This car is fast but it has no cargo room. It also has no leg room. Not sure if you can actually fit a full trips worth of luggage in the trunk.

- Joshua R

best handling car i have ever driven

luxury 4 door sedan with a powerful 6 cylinder turbo engine. It is very luxurious inside with a useful navigation system. also like the sun shades on the windows

- brian M

It was a 5 series hatchback BMW which makes its interesting on its own. You rarely ever see that make and model of that car.

I love the performance of the car, however the sunroof has been a constant issue. It is a panoramic sunroof So the shade often does not work properly.

- Cherelle F

My beemer is a screamer!!!

I love its performance but hate the gas mileage. It drives really well in sport mode and with aftermarket brakes, it sticks really well.

- Zulvian Z

It is a car of reliability and social status.

It's a comfortable car that suits my needs. I commute and go on vacation with it. It suits my social status, is safe, and performs well.

- Joseph P

this is an awesome car and I wish everyone could have a chance to experience it

love that it is fast and powerful - it has great pick up on the highway. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is so big

- ri h

Tinted windows brown interior

Beauty runs cool and is a push start very reliable on gas and has a voice control active as well as OnStar and wireless connection

- Pearl L

The sunroof is the most important thing.

I love my car because it is what I have always wanted. I love the color. I love the way to rides. I wouldn't want any other car.

- Ashley P

Great car, good breaks pickup speed so fast and Great mileage

I love BMW, it has good brakes system and reliable cars. I have BMW cars since 2008. I greatly recommend family and friends. Ku

- Uma R

That it once again is a safe and reliable car that I love .

I like that it gets me to where i need to go. It is safe and efficient , wise investment on gas. Can fit all my family inside .

- Grace L

It is a well built safe care for the family

It runs good. It has lots of room. It is easy to maintain. Only complaint is that the cost of maintenance is a little high.

- Derick b

The bmw 528i has a very good mpg with a spacious and comfortable inside.

the car is reliable. the bmw 528i has a very good mpg. The car is spacious and comfortable inside. It is costly to maintain.

- Arturo P

Its classy. I do not know what else to say. Kind of a silly question.

Reliable. Fun to drive. It looks great and impresses all who see it. Its a head turner. As they say. Its a driving machine.

- Mike T

It is my baby and i love it like my kids

I love my BMW and look forward to getting a newer model this year. I love the safety features and the comfortable ride.

- maggie c

However so luxurious, the price is well below what a vehicle of its caliber.

Awesome vehicle. Handles great in all weather and is stylish and comfortable. Instruments are easy to read and reach.

- John S

I just always feel safe driving this car.

It goes exactly where you want it, it is a smooth ride, I always feel very safe driving to this car. Great on gas.

- Mary R

this car is power and good

it is a pretty good car. this car is powerful. the design is good. i really like it. feel save to drive this car

- sean t

It looks and performs outstanding. Great gas mileage and comfort long distance drive.

BMW 535i M-sport, handles well and very good, strong performance. Great combination of luxury and performance.

- Mark W

Great and wonderful BMW car

I really love my BMW series 5 vehicles since it's performance is great overall and the comfort is up to point

- David C

Interior and design and performance

Very good nice an and awesome car which is very good looking interior and nice performance with awesome price


Car drive fast it does. yes.

It is a comfortable car and it gets me from point a to point b.It's a bit overpriced. not much else to say.

- Raechelle P

Lots of extras to make it a comfortable ride.

Love it everything about it. It is a SUV I can haul a lot. Head up screen tells me my speed song choice s.

- Lori T

It's the best car in the entire world. It's safe and beautiful

It's sleek, it's clean. It runs nice. I love the color and the service provided by the dealership

- Jaclyn G

It is fast and a reliable car that lives up to the BMW brand.

I love this vehicle and do not have any concerns or complaints. Love the sporty slick style.

- Melissa R

Very reliable. Holds its value. Sleek. Many amenities.

No dislikes. Runs well. Comfortable. Luxurious. Handles well on the road.


Even though it is expensive, it is worth the money.

The trunk could be a bit bigger. It is very nice. It is also fuel efficient.

- Keegan V

It's an amazing car. I would definitely buy another one just like it.

I love the look of it. It's beautiful. I love everything about it.

- V L

Speed, efficiency, mileage, safety, crash test score and comfort

Like the handling and smoothness of the vehicle; remains in control

- Tiff V

It's a bmw. It's the ultimate in luxury. I love it.

Ultimate driving machine. It's fast. It's reliable. No complaints

- Steve G

It's a BMV and what do you drive? In the country or the city, the drive and feel, is top-notch for this quality car.

Reliable. Feels goods, looks good and very responsive.

- john t

Gas mileage is very important to me

Good on gas. Quite and smooth drive. Many features.

- Michael G

Drive safely and good condition

It's nice cool quality love to drive many memories

- Mae M

Size and precise driving (turn of the steering wheel, acceleration).

- Mary W