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My ultimate driving machine.

I have never had issues with my 2016 vehicle. That is what I love about this car. Even though maintenance is included for $100,000 miles, I have not needed to utilize my service contract. BMW really is the 'ultimate driving car' when it comes to comfort and features. The driver seat curves around my body when taking turns. You do not need to keep your foot on the brake when stopped on a hill. The car knows not to roll back. There are so many features on this car that I do not use them all. The ride options vary depending on the road conditions. I love using the sport control option because I can drive like a racer. My car has all the standard bells and whistles plus too many to mention.

- Jennifer M

It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really.

It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride. It is really reliable and awesome with a smooth ride.

- De R

Sleek, smooth, and comfortable.

My car is phenomenal! It is sleek and smooth on the road, with excellent traction. It gets good gas mileage. I go to the gas station every 7-10 days. The first year the vehicle is maintenance free, and there after once a year. The car is literally problem free. It is comfortable and contours your body. All cars are loaded with sunroofs, satellite radio. And navigation.

- Karen B

Stable and comfortable Journey.

My car is really stable and quiet. The seat is also very comfortable. I love the feature of having a display of the backside of my car, this feature greatly facilitate the parking process. Also, the spaces in the car is big enough for us to do some minor stretch, making the driving Journey a lot more comfy.

- Sally S

2016 BMW 5 series with GPS and Bluetooth .

I drive a BMW 2016 5 series I love it. The seats are heated. It has automatic windshield wipers. The GPS is updated is always working. It has Bluetooth and Sirius XM radio. The mileage is nice and my average tanks gets about 380+ miles to the gallon. It is annoying the you have to pay for premium gas.

- Mia J

BMW series 5, great car, great everything!!

A few minor problems that can be easily fixed. One downfall is it takes premium gas so therefore it is a gas hog! It is a really nice cars with good features. XM radio, Bluetooth, heated seats, digital warming thermostat. I love my car, and I wouldn't go back! Going to stick with BMW!

- Kaes B

BMW reliable performance.

I love my vehicle, its very reliable, built with some of the best technology to ensure safety. Rear and front camera for parking assistance. Comfortable leather interior. Great of gas mileage. All wheel support. Auto drive assistance. Over all safe and reality great family vehicle.

- Ryan G

BMW 5 - I love my car, it is fast and fun.

I have had zero problems with my car. It is fast and handles very well. I have had issues with the dealership, they suffered from lack of urgency. I contacts BMW an headquarters and they corrected the issue. I have owned a jaguar xj6 and I would select a BMW 5 over my old car.

- Tamara R

Safe, reliable and stylish dream car.

The car is great. I do not have any problems with it. So the cost of maintenance is minimal. It is a very classy looking and comfortable ride. I love the way that it handles and the features are wonderful. It gets great gas mileage and is an overall safe vehicle to drive.

- Melanie D

It drives so smoothly that you forget how fast you are driving.

The car is very comfortable and easy to drive. It looks good on the exterior. It is reliable and has good a/c and heat. Gas mileage is average. It is fun to drive. It has a good sound system and built-in navigation that is so-so to use. It has a quiet engine.

- Heidi H

I feel comfortable when I drive.

I like the way it drives in terms of the steering. The car also has an extremely smooth ride, and the way it handles turns- especially in sport mode is fantastic. I dislike frequent check engine lights for some non issues. However, they are easy to fix.

- Melanie M

My BMW is dependable and performs well.

I like my BMW 5 Series. It has a smart, sleek look and performs well. It is equipped with almost everything. It also runs very well. No issues have been encountered. It is also easy to maintain. I just wish that it had automatic high beams.

- Connie c

Fuel efficient and a smooth ride.

I love the smooth drive, the car shuts off when idling for tremendous savings on gas! It is a stylish family vehicle that everyone seems to love. The interior layout works perfectly for all my needs, garage opener, sunglasses, keys etc.. .

- Sonia L

Safety is primary in any automobile and the BMW is very safe.

I love everything about my BMW. The style, size, trunk space, and especially the way it handles. It is gets good gas mileage and is a very safe automobile. The only thing I would improve is the speed of the windshield wipers.

- Meryl C

It is comfortable to drive in.

I like my BMW because of its original luxurious design and the feeling of heavy weight. It is comfortable to drive in. The only thing i do not like about the car is navigation system.

- Nikki S

You can be going very fast but the car does not feel like it is speeding.

My vehicle is good overall. It is a good size and has solid storage. It can accelerate quickly and gives a lot of control. The interior is very comfortable and is has many features.

- Philip G

That it is quality built, a premium car that is dependable and reliable.

I love my vehicle. I have had different BMW vehicles for 10 years now and they are premium automobiles. My car runs efficiently, powerfully, and smoothly.

- Stephanie T

It has easy smooth steering, good power and all the modern amenities.

It is a German made vehicle and super reliable. I love the power I get when I accelerate. It has a beautiful design and I would love to always drive BMWs.

- Sharon T

It is an upscale car with simple comfortability.

Too compact and not enough trunk space. Technology based and effective for any busy person or family on the go. Very sophisticated looking and attractive.

- Johanna L

I love my BMW and will get another one

It performs well. Holds the road and picks up speed quickly. The car can be switched from economy to sport to comfort modes each of which affects the ride

- Sonya H

It handles well and has good power.

It is a very pretty car... It has good power and picks up speed well.. Its well made and sturdy.. It has the latest technology.. It is safe.

- Sharon M

It is my pride/joy; I totally take care of the car, washing it and detailing it often

It's a BMW 535i; fully loaded, it has the power/performance that I wanted, full leather interior, comfortable/smooth ride. NO COMPLAINTS!

- Daniel T

I is expensive to maintain this vehicle.

The vehicle drives and handles better than any other vehicle I have owned. I would recommend it to anyone able to keep up maintenance.

- Carmen H

It goes into neutral when you open the door while driving.

My car has good power and good handling but the gas is expensive. It looks great she has a classic body style and high tech inside.

- Sharon W

It doesn't come with a spare tire so make sure you have run flat tires

Performance is great, reliability is great, comfort is ok. My old Lexus was more comfortable. The center console hurt my elbows

- Heather F

It's fun to drive, like they say, the ultimate driving machine.

Good gas mileage, for the power it has. It's fun to drive. No problems with. Don't care for how the radio works with presets.

- Tim L

I like the pin pad on the outside in case the keys get locked in the car.

It is smooth, the interior is spacious, it is just a gas guzzler, but is very durable, and it is also an attention grabber.

- Judo C

Very comfortable interior and fun to drive

Love the car. Hate the tires - they only last for about 20k miles. Other than that - great performance and ride

- Joe G

The great gas mileage it has.

Great gas mileage and fuel efficient. It rides very smooth, heated seats, touch screen dashboard, seat warmers.

- Jade T

It is very fuel efficient, fun to drive, made by one of the best car brands there is.

I love BMW cars in general. They are very reliable, durable, sleek and fuel efficient. Fun to drive and safe.

- Mary J

Buy it now before BMW goes out of business.

Go ahead. Buy one. They are great but don't drive it off road trails. Things will get dented and or break.

- George H

It can go faster than it feels like it is going.

I like how it drives and looks. It has good features and is reliable. I dislike its price and maintenance.

- Philip l

Pretty good car no complaining

It runs pretty good. Had it for awhile ready to trade it in or just keep it and purchase a new car..

- Jenn B

I most important thing other should know is safety

I like it because it's look nice and drive very smoothly. It cost a lot when I bought this cae

- K K

It drives smooth. The steering is tight so there is a good sense of control over the car.

I like the bluetooth system and the sound system. I dislike how there is not keyless entry.

- Madisen P

saFETY IS ALWAYS the best i think this is a good car

nothing especially i can think of i am happy that i want to use my car

- sunyoung G

Overall styling safety record and anticipate the fhh jogger uhf eggy omg

Overall performance and the cars safety's record gggg dth drug index UCSD

- Geoffrey M

high performance. It makes me feel satisfying when I drive my car.

I like its performance and appearance. I dislike its gas efficiency.

- ying z

It is worthy to spend more money on BMW, since it has more reliable functions.

I like the reliable functions within the car. I dislike nothing.

- yirui g

It is very comfortable to drive a BMW car. large space and reliable functions.

Like: nice design, comfortable driving Dislike: upgrade so fast

- xing w




that it is fun to drive and I enjoy it

It is awesome I love driving it and blowing moonrocks

- Drew s

works like a charm. no issues, love that bad boy

I love it. fun times. Lots of cool things included

- Ryan S

Quality car reliable and fund to drive. Good handling

Good drive car Comfortable and good handling. Luxury

- Doug S

the drive is excellent and smooth

It's beautiful, intuitive, stylish, drives smoothly

- kate C

It is well made and has a good safety record. We have had several

It is very reliable and also looks really good too

- Karen K