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BMW: luxury vehicle. My family car.

I love SUV's. I loved the BMW x5 when we bought it. Unfortunately BMW are known for having a lot of issues. Some common issues that I've experienced are electric window gets stuck when rolling up or down, struts went out, a lot of warning lights on the dash. Most people said it would be hard to do work on a BMW because it is an imported car but it is possible. We've saved hundreds by my husband doing all the maintenance. Honestly I wouldn't buy another BMW.

- Sierra M

Reliable but can be a little expensive.

Although you have to keep premium gas in the car so it can get quite expensive, the gas mileage is great! The car is definitely a tank so it drives like one too. As can be expected with foreign cars, parts can be quite expensive as well however the car will last forever. If you keep it in great condition, you will not have many problems. I love how safe I feel when I drive the car and the advanced systems for an older model.

- Sierra B

Comfort, economy and reliability of owning an x5.

It gets good fuel mileage for an SUV. Comfortable interior and ease of controls. Stylish interior and exterior. Never had any issues with starting or running, great reliability for an 18 year old vehicle with over 150, 000 miles. Starting to hear a little ball joint rattling but not bad for the miles on the SUV. Highly recommend it for the comfort, fuel savings and reliability.

- Thomas M

The great BMW that I own!

This car gets me where I need to be. It is comfy and very reliable. The gas mileage is definitely good. I recommend it. The stereo really gets me bumping. Great ac system. Buy this car please! I have it in grey. Super cute. I really do enjoy this car. Buy it please. It would be super duper cool. Good starter car for teenagers.

- Charlie W

Speed. This is a strong durable fast vehicle

Great reliable car and comfortable n fast. Downside is when there are problems the parts and labor are very expensive. Insurance is expensive as well. Yes this is a strong durable vehicle. It came fully loaded with great features. Over time some features did wear. I cannot afford to have them replaced or repaired

- Denise D

Cost of repair os and labor are excessive to say the least part.

To date I have had scheduled maintenance and have not experienced any major unforeseen mechanical issues other than having to replace my alternator. Only drawback is the excessive cost of BMW maintenance. The employees at the BMW service center and very friendly and professional.

- Wayne R

Nice, smooth ride with dual climate controls

It has power, dual climate control, heated seats and all wheel drive. It's a lot of fun to drive. It drives great and a nice stereo with 10 speaker system. The engine is quite and the suspension makes the ride smooth. The lights are bright and also has fog lights.

- Jennifer C

Good family car when it comes to comfort.

I enjoy the size of the vehicle. For comfort, having 3 kids in tow the size is wonderful. Just wish it had a standard 3rd row like the Audi Q7 has. Bad on gas in my local area. Great on gas for the highway.

- Christine L

Quality. What I really love is that I do not feel every single bump in the road.

I really love my Jeep, the only problem I have had so far was my motor for the two front windows went out at separate times. And my reservoir tank had a hole in it.

- Sabrina H

BMW X5 2001: Make Sure You Take Good Care of it

The car is really old. The engine doesn't run as well as it used to. The car looks great and is great to ride in. The leather seats are dope.

- Gerald T

The gas mileage is great but there's no sunroof.

I love inside the most. The is very smooth and thick. The grip of the steering wheel is nice and easy. Lastly the speed is just right.

- Nain V

If you treat the car right the car will treat you right.

I love the size and how it drives. The SUV has been good to me, I've taken many road trips in it with no issue. I like how it looks.

- Kimberly R

I should have had a mechanic check the vehicle out before i bought it.

My brakes have been having problems since i bought it. Additionally, the blower for my ac went out. Other than that, it is great.

- De C

the automatic button is very nice to use and very comfortable

fuel engine is very fast to use, I will always refill the fuel oil, every time I travelled, I need to full an oil

- jay J

Cost a lot to repair anything. $700 for a door handle from the dealer.

It cost to much to repair. Not at durable at I thought a SUV should be. Door handle broke in first ice storm.

- April F

The BMW X5 offers a long vehicle life full of dependability.

Extremely dependable car and wonderful in the snow. Very comfortable for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids.

- Cynthia O

The condition makes it look newer than it real is.

Love the way it drives. It is very reliable. It is fun to drive.

- Pat D