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A comfortable, yet powerful midsize SUV

2002 BMW X5 4.4i

It's comfortable, expensive maintenance, parts are expensive, drives like a dream, lots of power, heated seats in front and back. Manual or automatic without clutch, smart wipers, park assist, hill assist. AWD handles like a dream in snow. All around great vehicle besides prices for repairs and uses premium gas only.

- Nicole J

Vehicle features... This vehicle rides very smoothly

2002 BMW X5 3.0i

The car rides smooth...it's leather interior. Throughout the years I've come up with a few electrical issues with the vehicle. The locks, trunk and the window motors have had to be replaced. That is expected from a 17 year old car. But it has been reliable nonetheless

- Kay M

It is super expensive to have any engine work done to it.

2002 BMW X5

Uses a lot of oil. A few oil leaks which in turn are extremely expensive to fix. Didn't come with an auxiliary cable line to listen to music through my phone. But it drives and rides great. Good gas mileage and fun to drive.

- Amy L

Few cosmetic issues and not car seat friendly.

2002 BMW X5

It's a very comfortable and reliable car. The motors that control the windows and the door handles need to be replaced more frequently then I'd like and car seats don't fit very easily but overall I like the car.

- Sasha J

Air ride suspension issues...

2002 BMW X5

It runs well, has plenty of room for my family. This x5 has had multiple suspension issues. Mostly with the air ride system and is very costly to maintain.

- Keith J

Expensive to maintain. See after maintenance contract ends.

2002 BMW X5

High cost of maintenance and repair. Same issues occur frequently. However, I do like the power and handling of the vehicle.

- Andrea K

They are a great value and dependable.

2002 BMW X5

It rides smooth and has nice speakers. It is getting old though and lots of parts need to be replaced.

- John D

I love how comfortable the seats are, long trips are wonderful. I love the auto suspension makes for a smooth ride. I don't like how old it is, costs a lot to repair sometimes

2002 BMW X5

the engine is amazing and has lasted 175k miles so far

- michelle d

German engineered. Great handling and performance

2002 BMW X5

Great drive and handling but expensive to maintain

- J S