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Alpine white Chrome wheels M sport Black leather int

The chrome wheels is what really attracted me to my car I love that it is roomy for my children and still a high performance vehicle when I get on the road I love the torque and agility of BMW I love that the leather on the inside is easy maintenance I love that there are aftermarket sites that allow me to search for upgrades to my vehicle The premium sound package that BMW provides with Harmon Kardon sound systems is unbeatable. I appreciate that I can always get a loaner when I take my car into service The back window have a built in sunshade that protects my leather and allows my little one to sleep unbothered by the outside elements My sunroof allows me not to feel coupes up on long rides I enjoy the gas mileage I get with my vehicle This vehicle has been almost as reliable as my last BMW which was a 2001 325I wish for the newer vehicles that BMW manufacturers they would focus more on performance with the SUV and keep the level of comfort I love the rear folding seats for extra room I love the hatch that's automatic and hand free

- Michelle L

Truly a great driving experience.

I absolutely love my x5, I am right at 50, 000 miles and I have had no issues. BMW has covered all maintenance the only thing that I have had to do is put on a set a tires. The tires are the only complaint that I can say about this vehicle it is a mismatch to set meaning the front the back are different sizes so the tires cannot be rotated therefore only get around 25 to 30, 000 miles out of a set a tires, the price of these tires are exactly cheap by the time I bought the set a tires and the alignment was a little over $2000. That being said I cannot say enough good things about this vehicle the way that it holds the road maneuvers breaks it is a very well balanced vehicle it is really a true driving experience I give this vehicle five stars.

- Charles B

Great family vehicle yet sporty and fun to drive

Our X5 has been a very dependable car. The ride is very comfortable and quiet, yet it has plenty of power and is very responsive. It is fun to drive and is big enough to be our family vehicle. The cargo area is big enough to fit our double stroller with ease. The 3rd row seat is very small and should not be used for anyone older than about 12. When the third row seat is in use there is practically no cargo space.

- Michelle L

BMW insight from an owner.

I love this car mostly because it is so safe. It is heavy and holds to the roadway very good. I love the simplicity of the inside of the vehicle (but really has a lot of options) I like the wood grain in the console. It is a very classy vehicle and to me still looks great and classy even if they are older models. My friend has an 06 and looks timeless. I am 46 years old and like a classy looking vehicle.

- Melissa R

The truth about the 2013 BMW X5. Yay or Nay

The car is sleek and drives exceptionally well. All of the comfort features are amazing. Such as the Ac to cool down the leather chairs. Also, the lumbar support is wonderful. Unfortunately, the controls are a bit difficult to navigate. And the map Is laughable. Also, a good maintenance plan is important. The cost of breakdowns can be huge.

- Sam C

Update on my vehicle maintenance.

The vehicle overall has performed wonderfully. The diesel adds great performance and reliability. There have been quite a few recalls, which have been annoying. The airbags, both driver and passenger side were recalled. Also, the idle bolt was recently recalled. BMW vehicles are very expensive to maintain according to factory standards.

- Todd S

BMW - Solid and reliable with luxury comfort and style

Performance is very solid and have not had any major issues of note. I'm satisfied with the reliability and comfort of the vehicle. It handles well in poor weather conditions and I've not had any major issues of note all with it. In addition, the BMW steering and braking are very responsive and handles very well.

- Tom B

All nice everything, very fancy but still sporty.

Love it drives so smooth super fancy lots of room big trunk high tech lots of nice qualities navigation system Bluetooth heated seat in front and back very big sunroof all leather beautiful interior all wheel drive twin turbocharged automatic windows and locks push to start and push bottom truck.

- Jessica K

My vehicle is a nice red BMW x5 2013.

I love my vehicle I have had it for 3 years now and it has always worked great of course I have to take really good care of it like change the oil and all of that but my car is in great condition I am happy with my car and I totally would recommend you getting my kind of car.

- Natalie E

Great vehicle overall with some frustration.

I am constantly taking it in to the shop for big things. The emissions sensor always go out causing the car to think something is wrong. I like the space it has and it drives great. The features it has are awesome. Heated/ac seats, seat massager. It's great.

- Kali S

Love hate relationship with a beautiful SUV.

Looks great. Turbo boost has a lag which can make driving uncomfortable. Service is expensive and some maintenance issues. Navigation is complicated and takes a long time to enter destination details. Seats are comfy, stylish interior. Great sound system.

- Bernadette G

It's paid for and it's it good shape.

I'm a BMW fan and like the virtually trouble free, maintenance free driving it provides. I dislike the run flat tires and lack of possibility of purchasing a spare (donut) that prevents me from getting non run flats.

- Ralph B

it's an awesome care and I highly recommend everyone gets one or has a chance to drive one someday

I love how fast and big my suv is - it is sporty and has a lot of power, but is very cool to drive. I don't like that the lights stay on in the trunk - when we went to drive in, we couldn't sit with trunk door open

- gigi h

It is reliable and Its sturdy.

I have not had any issues, I love the stability in on the road. I would've loved for the year and model to have a bit more modernized dashboard. This has been my 2nd x5 and I would purchase another.

- Shelley N

I feel very safe while driving my BMW, either by myself, or when my children are in the vehicle.

My BMW is very safe, having the latest in safety technology. It's also very comfortable, not only for me, but for my passengers. I also love the way it looks, very classy and expensive.

- Nikki N

Seven passenger midsize SUV

My vehicle has the optional 3rd row seat, which is small for adults, but perfect for times when I need to transport extra children, without having to move up to a larger vehicle.

- Nicole H

BMW X5 superior performance and luxury vehicle.

Performs well, very comfortable and roomy. BMW has excellent customer service. Very reliable with any known issues with car and gives alerts when vehicle must be serviced.

- Summer O

It's a safe vehicle with many features to alert you of unsafe conditions.

The BMW is gas efficient, comfortable, and stylish. I've had a lot of issues with cars mechanically in the past. Mechanical issues have been few and far between.

- Rebecca R

Its foreign made, be aware of all warranties on the vehicle and keep active.

Easy to drive, comfortable and has all the bells and whistles to keep me happy. I like the year, model, make and overall drive performance of my vehicle.

- Renee M

Very Comfortable for Long Trips

The BMW is a comfortable car to ride in. I travel alot for vacations and to visit family and find the car very comfortable for long the long trips.

- Monica M

Very good gas mileage on highway...

Too much power for street use.. this vehicle needs to RUN HARD on a regular basis which is tough to do on regular street driving

- Ernest S

My car has satellite camera and it is very helpful to park the car in parking.

I like my vehicle because I feel comfortable and safe to drive. It has all smart feature what I want and vary smooth to drive.

- Meenakshi G

That it drives very smoothly.

I like its size and the way it adjusts to the driver. The seat and steering wheel warmers are nice too. It is too expensive.

- Brittany B

It's expensive to maintain. You must keep up on regular maintenance, which costs more than the other vehicles I have owned.

I like the quality, it's built well. I enjoy the smooth ride. I like the technology conveniences it has.

- cate b

It is expensive to maintain.

I love the engine and braking power. Wish it had more features like comfort access, and backup camera.

- Michelle M

It's very reliable and well worth the cost of the vehicle.

It's very comfortable to drive, good gas mileage and very reliable. No complaints!

- Laura O

It's white and it drives really heavy, however, when you accelerate, it accelerates nicely. Also, it picks up speed quick and it drives smooth at fast speeds. It's a really sleek car.

It has red seats and the previous owner had it for a short amount of time.

- Tatiana E