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The quality of the car outweighs it is appearance.

Very reliable and comfortable. It is not stylish, but it was cheap and has only needed minor repairs. Regular oil changes, new brakes, new tires, new tail lights, new side view mirror. Both front windows stopped going up and down so those belts had to be replaced. A couple of the speakers are starting to go out, I fix this by using the fade dial to send the sound to the rear speakers. One issue I have encountered that cannot be fixed is the lights in the dash that indicate park, reverse, neutral, drive, etc is going out. Apparently, replacement bulbs are non existent and it is very costly to repair.

- Brittany S

Nice car to ride in; had its fair share of problems if not taken care of.

This car is quite old which entailed many hardships along the way. The windows would go down and not come back, the breaks not working as well as many other problems. The vehicle has been inspected many times and we could never seem to find an exact problem with the car. However, I think it was just not properly taken care of such as keeping up with brake fluid and regular oil changes. Even though the car had its fair share of problems due to the owner, it was very nice to ride in when taken care of.

- Susan L

The grandma car still has it!

The car drives fine, the air doesn't work well and does not hold a freon boost for long. The gas gauge does not work, it does not have enough storage and the cup holders are limited in size. The car is comfortable and has a spacious interior and trunk. The car automatically locks when the car is started which is convenient. There is a radio with tape and CD player which is good. Because of its age I am nervous taking it on long trips but it gets around town reliably.

- Nancy S

The intake gasket and main engine gasket needs replacing too early.

For an older car it still runs well. However it has some issues. Windshield wiper motor does not park the wipers in resting spot. Drivers window does not work anymore. It is getting a little rust on bottom edges of body. Has a calanoid issue that acts up a little and affects shifting on occasion. The main gasket had to be replaced also the intake gasket because on Buick centuries they do not last long and some say it should have been fixed by the makers of this car.

- Sharon K

Buick Century Custom is a simply amazing vehicle

The problems with my vehicle is that the struts are going out in the front and back, and the wiring for the headlight are shot.. I bought the car like this, but I could imagine that it was a beauty to drive when it was in top condition. The performance is great, it's great on gas, it's very spacious and the trunk has so much room. I completely rely on this car, besides a few things that need to be fixed it's simply amazing

- Cristy P

There is nothing important besides it was in my family for 15 years.

My car is a 2001 silver Buick century and it has been in my family for 15 years. My grandfather passed the car down to me when he died. It is having minor problems that can be fixed, like the power steering pump and radio needs some work. I plan on fixing up the car with my dad so we can both use it for what we need. It is a very comfortable car with non leather seats, it fits about 5 people and it is a very reliable car.

- Colin S

Sturdy family car, reliable, some electronic glitches

My vehicle has been reliable for many years. It has been wonderful for long road trips to family. Major issues have been related to aged electronics such as power window features needing replacement and dashboard lighting malfunctioning. There have been no issues with the body frame despite a few collisions. It's a sturdy vehicle that I feel safe driving myself and family in.

- Esther R

2001 Buick century. If I didn't have wiring issues Would like to drive car.

I have had numerous wiring problems. With ignition and transmission/speed sensor. When you change out ignition switch it will last a few weeks then you have to replace it again. The same goes for the transmission/speed sensor. That will do the same and work for a few weeks, not let you go more than 35 mph then eventually stop all together. I also prefer driving a truck.

- Angela C

2001 Buick century review.

It is perfect for our young family! It drives well with regular maintenance. It is comfortable and the sound system is fantastic! We've taken the car on many family vacations and it does great in long distances. It gets relatively good gas mileage. I love the extra third seat in the front, it makes it more spacious up there. It fits car seats really well in the back,

- Melanie B

Buick- comfortable, reliable and dependable.

This is my third Buick. After my first, it's all I want. They are reliable, dependable and very comfortable. Even though they're spacious they still get good mileage. My current car is 18 years old. There are a few dings and dents, but I do not care. I drive all over the country and I have hardly had any problems. The ones I have had are normal for a car this old.

- Loretta C

2001 Buick century limited - good, bad, and ugly.

I purchased my car for a very cheap price and not in the best condition, and it has lasted me 2 years now with no huge issues. It drives well, is pretty good on gas, and does not cost a ton for parts. The only issue I would say that is an eye sore is how easily they rust. The siding of the bottom of the car gets rusty very easily and it is a hard fix.

- Julia D

This car is comfortable and has a smooth ride.

I liked it very much when I first got it, but it is quite old now and has problems. It still runs quietly and smoothly. The mileage is fairly good. The heating and air conditioning run well. It still has good acceleration and handles well. The radio and sound system were good as well as the disc player. The trunk was fairly large and accessible.

- Elizabeth D

Buick is best for safety!!

Buick is comfortable, very easy to maintain, easy oil changes, air conditioner Freon easy as pie, good balance, headlights easy to s. Focus, rear- view mirror wide, has. Two side lights, dome k light bright, use remote to open, lock and open trunk, baby clips to secure seats, cassette player and can convert to CD disc player!

- Edward H

Reliable older car. Old car runs well although requires a number of repairs.

I have a 2991 Buick century. I found it to be a reliable car until about three years ago. The problems I have are from the age of the car, 17 years. It still runs well after problems are fixed. It is still a very comfortable ride. The heat and air conditioning still work well. The radio system has problems, but still plays.

- Elizabeth D

The Buick :Reliable but ugly

My car is a reliable car. It doesn't show the odometer so I do not know how many miles I have. The car smells in the inside because of the upholstery. It hums loudly when accelerating but I believe that's do to the breaks. The tires are bald on the front but still has stopping power all around it's reliable, just ugly.

- Jamal C

Vehicle is fair, nice seats.

Paint chipping, o2 sensor going off with no leaks confirmed by garage Mechanic, sometimes skips into gear, I am short and I can't sit up high enough to see over steering wheel. Seats are comfortable, and sound of radio is good. Electric seat only in driver side, power windows, though tend to break due to grounding.

- Denise H

The shocks on it are so great. Feels like riding in a boat

I love my car except it's age is what makes it terrible. The engine in it is in great shape, and I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but it just rusts so easily and hat has been pretty much the only problems I've had with it. A lot of rust problems that have needed to be fixed before it could pass inspection.

- Joelle K

Buick's are very reliable.

My Buick century is a 2001 and I am the 3rd owner of this car, I have only had the car for 3 months and I love it. Very dependable vehicle. This is the 2nd Buick century I have bought used and I cannot say enough good things about these cars. Other than routine maintenance I have had very few problems.

- Sharon M

Do I want a Buick Century?

The 2001 Buick Century is spacious and comfortable inside and has many amenities such as a 6 disc DVD player and a tape player which I typically use to connect to my phone. It also has an ashtray which is cool cause I smoke. It has a large trunk and is mostly reliable except a hole in my brake line

- Faith Y

Super comfortable and safe.

It has a lot of electrical kinks but all easy fixes. Most comfortable car I have ever owned and it is incredibly safe. I’d recommend this car to anyone. The only other fault that I can possibly think of is that the body rusts kind of easily but if you do not live where it snows it is no problem.

- Cassie J

My vehicle is a great first car.

It is a great first car especially for younger people. Not much maintenance. The a/c does not work but I have gotten used to us. I do not have to get gas much, it runs very well on gas. My car shakes a little on the highway but it is an older car and was not on the highway with the previous owner.

- Ali E

Long lasting car with minor electrical problems.

Good running, long lasting car. The only thing I would say that is poor is the electrical in the car. The window control buttons stop and start working. Sometimes the headlights even flicker. I was told that it could be the fuses. Other than the minor electric problems. The car is a great runner.

- Serenity S

my vehicle isn't the best but it works would be better if fixed up

my advice to car buyers would be to always make sure you know what's wrong with it before purchasing because sometimes it you may end up putting more into than anything. Also make sure you always check your brake fluid, oil and gas frequently as that's important for cars as well as gas mileage!

- Sara O

Golden Buick. Roomy. Comfortable. Runs great.

Our Buick was bought, used, about ten years ago. It has a leak in the coolant, and a couple of other small problems that I am unsure about, but it is a trooper. It has comfortable seats and has plenty of room. It does great on gas mileage (about forty miles to the gallon) and runs like a champ.

- Johanna R

My granny mobile keep a giraffe in your window.

My Buick has been a very reliable car with very few issues. It has gotten very good gas mileage and I haven't had to pay much at all for it is upkeep. The most problems I have had is with the windshield wiper blade mechanism wearing out. Other than that, I have been very satisfied with my car.

- Jane E

The most important thing to know about my car is that it gets terrific gas mileage.

One things that I absolutely love about my car is the gas mileage is fantastic. My gas gauge is broken and the windshield wipers are stuck in the upright position but it runs pretty good for the age of the car. I could also do without the excessive amount of rust along the bottom of the car.

- Allie R

It has a big trunk and is super comfortable.

I have a good vehicle, but there is a downside to it. My car is old and has 225, 000 miles on it and does the job of getting me from point A to point B. The downside is that it get okay not great gas mileage and the transition is going bad. It a great first car but only for about 3-5 years.

- Hayden P

Buick Century Custom Review

My Buick Century Custom is an extremely comfortable car that is very reliable after about 2 years I have had no problems with it at all. It may not look cosmetically pleasing due to it being an older car but it's reliability is great and I think it would make great for someone's first car!

- Gerardo C

Decent car nice stereo new tires and windshield.

It has been a pretty good car to me, not many problems. All new tires, new windshield. I have drove it many years, it has a very nice color changing CD player that has Bluetooth. The passenger window does not work. All and all it is reliable. There is an unknown leak in driver floorboard.

- Shanna L

2001 Buick century review.

This vehicle drives very smoothly. It is also a very reliable vehicle. Speed picks up very slowly but you do not expects race car out of a Buick century. The sound system is awful and could use a lot of work. The heat takes a long time to warm up and the ac doesn't blow very cold.

- Carter K

There is no interesting details about my car, it is old.

I bought it almost a year ago. I have fixed the whole front interior of the car. Needs 2 new tires, the back right has a slow leak. The speakers are all blown, so you'll need a new set. It has a dent on the front left side from me hitting a deer. It's not running at the moment.

- Breanna O

Old reliable that keeps you warm.

This is a great car! It is very reliable and has nice features such as heated seats, which really become important in the colder months. The only problems this car has are ones that come from it being an older car. With that being said, it is still a great car and runs well.

- Stacy S

My review of the 2001 Buick century.

There is nothing mechanically wrong but the back windows do not roll down and there is missing pieces of the rocker panel at the bottom on both sides. It is a reliable vehicle for us and we like it so that is about all I have to say about the Buick century that we have.

- Roy C

My Buick is my life by bakari.

Problems - owned it 4 years. No problems until recently. Auto windows don't work. doesn't accelerate correctly. Very reliable. Use it to go back and forth to work. Not great on gas. Leaks steering wheel fluid. I no longer put it on highway. Love all the interior space.

- Billy B

My vehicle is a white 2001 Custom Buick Century.

I love the reliability and performance that Buick vehicles have to offer and even the features for an older car are nice. However, the previous owner did not take very good care of the vehicle so I am having to fix problems such as leaks that could cause other issues

- Mikayla M

The old girl has issues but she runs great!

My Buick is old so there are issues with it. For one the windows are electric and do not work. There are also issues with the air conditioner. It blows cold air on the passenger side but not the driver side. The car is roomy and drives well for being as old as it is.

- Anthony J

The car does get very good gas mileage.

The lights in the dash do not work so it is difficult to determine how much gas I have. The gas gauge also does not work along with the light behind the park, reverse, neutral and drive. The engine also has a persistent knock to it. The headlights are also very dim.

- Margaret E

It has extremely comfortable seats that make long distance road trips not so bad.

It rusts easily, it has a lot of electrical kinks, but overall it's safe, reliable, comfortable, and overall a very good vehicle. The engine is powerful and runs well, and after 150, 000 miles, it is developed a noisy valve but it's nothing major and can be fixed.

- Cassie J

My vehicle runs great with only a few aesthetic issues. Overall a great car!

I really do love my vehicle. It is very spacey and runs smoothly. It has a very easy to use radio, with buttons included on the steering wheel. The only problem is the lights on the dashboard often do not work, such a mileage, low tire, and low coolant lights.

- Brandy M

A 2001 Buick century is tough car. The car can take a lot abuse.

The only problem I have with my car is it leaks power steering fluid. It is roomy. The gas mileage is pretty good. I got it second hand from a family member who let multiple people use so it is a car that can take a lot of abuse. I really cannot ask for more.

- Therese R

Buick century is well worth the money

The Buick century has four doors lots of room has soft seats handles well in all weather types easy to work on parts are easy to find has very large trunk unfortunately there is lots of rust underneath and bottom of all the doors the car almost 20 years old

- alicia T

Why I love my Buick the air conditioning is a must for me.

The power windows are known to quit working I have to have both front side window motor replaced, it is good on gas, roomy just keep oil changed and it will last forever, the air conditioning is really cold and the heat is good, I wish it had a CD player.

- Karen B

2001 Buick century - still a great car.

It is a great car. It rides smooth and it requires very little maintenance to be so dated. I have had some issues with the window tracks recently but all in all it is been a great, reliable car with a good engine and interior space and plenty of comfort.

- Tara W

Piece of junk that we bought cheap and it is old, was probably nice when new.

Its old and needs a lot of work, it needs a new head gasket right now. It needs new shocks and new brakes. It's basically a Junker and we are just waiting until it dies. We got a good deal on it when we bought it used and we were desperate to get a car.

- Crystal G

The Buick Century has been a very dependable automobile. .

No complaints, our used Buick hasn't needed too many repairs over the years since we bought it with low miles from a dealer. It has been very dependable. We would like it more if he had the backup video viewing, a/c vent for the back area, and a GPS.

- Margaret T

My vehicle is in good service but can be a headache at times

I bought my vehicle just out of necessity and only because I needed one to travel. I've had different issues such as replacing filters, tires, and axles in the car. The car works okay for his intended purpose but not truly reliable

- Carla C

My car gets me to and from wherever I need to go.

I love that this is my first car and I bout it with my own money. My car is reliable and a representation of my hard work. I however, do not like that my light for changing gears does not work. Otherwise I absolutely love my car.

- Jasmine W

2000 Buick Century review!!

Overall running wise it has been a great very reliable car. I do not think the engine/transmission will ever stop. Some of the other feature do not work any longer but the car itself is very quiet and keeps running.

- Jennifer A

It is very well made and efficient. If you want a car that will last a Buick is the way to go.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I love the smooth ride I get from my tires. I like the temperature of the car. Warm in winter and cool in summer. I love the durability of my car. I can depend on it,

- mar v

This car goes bit fast and performs well which makes the one satisfactory.

I got the vehicle used at a cheap price. The vehicle has a good engine and had a single owner who barely drove it. Because it is older some things minor things need fixed or corrected (such as the ac).

- Anthony J

The ac works and that it had rims on it. I love the inside interior.

I had no problems it was clean. Everything was good and up to date. It was good on gas. I love the color it was and I just had to buy new tires but up under the hood everything was replaced.

- Sarah M

It is dependable and has lasted us years with minimal problems. All the problems have been within the last 2 years.

Electrical problems with automatic windows, lighter outlet, and gas gauge. There is also a weird leak into the passenger floorboard that we cannot figure out where it is com8ng from.

- Jennifer B

It is great on gas. I only have to fill up once every two weeks

This is a good starter car. It's easy to take care of and runs really well with a lot of miles. I love the cloth bench sits. Its able to seat six although a little tight if you do.

- Ashley D

The mileage is really good and it is a really good distance car.

It gets me where I need to go generally, but it does not travel into the mountains very well. I want to do more camping and outdoor stuff and the Buick is not conducive for that.

- Timothy L

The car is pretty reliable but has It's problems.

It's a very comfortable car and fairly reliable. The windows do seem to have some faulty part because they fall for no reason. The car is also a bit too long for my taste.

- Kathleen S

Sturdy safe and reliable! Great car.

Like many gm cars, the century has its electronic quirks but it is sturdy safe and reliable! I have been driving mine for 4 years and it handles my busy life well.

- Cassie P

It's an older car but being a Buick is a good built one.

It gets me where I want to go. Is pretty good on gas. It is an older car bet is the only thing I can afford. It has air but does have some transmission problems.

- Terri H

It is a good quality vehicle.

I love the good quality, low maintenance, smooth ride, the safe feeling, spacious interior and trunk, I don't like having to have alert lights checked so often.

- Michelle B

It is safe, long-lasting and reliable. It gets me all around town and from city to city all while keeping me and my family safe.

I love how reliable my car is. It is 17 years old and still runs great. It needs routine maintenance but aside from that, it has held up quite well.

- Laura R

It's very room inside and the trunk is big. It's always a smooth ride.

It runs good but I am not used to driving a big car like that. So I am nervous all the time. I would recommend on to other but I prefer a smaller car.

- Natasha S

The Buick century is a good car.

I have had my vehicle for over 2 years now and have had very few issues with it. Regular maintenance and upkeep has kept it in good driving condition.

- Joe T

It's a very clean car. It is also pretty easy to drive.

I like that it runs and it is reliable. I don't like how old it is. I would like for it to have a reverse camera and all the perks of a newer vehicle.

- Tristan B

It has a great durability with virtually no maintenance requirements.

I like that it has lasted for 20 years with virtually no maintenance problems. I don't like that it doesn't get the gas mileage that it used to get.

- Jim K

Keep up with all the maintenance, repairs can be costly.

Car run fine, maintenance every year, protected under carport. Smooth.. Rife, all safety apps work, I take very good care of this duper vehicle!!.

- Ed H

My century has been absolutely reliable.

I purchased my vehicle in 2007 and have had great luck with the vehicle is cr2018 and I am still driving this vehicle very little maintenance.

- Thomas B

Buick's handle well and are a very stable vehicle.

It is a solid vehicle. it has power windows, and a working AC. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't have bluetooth or a line-in option.

- Jacob B

Its durability, comfortable ride and good gas mileage..

Vehicle has a smooth ride with very few maintenance issues. Vehicle gets good gas mileage. Leather top came unglued due to exposure.

- jim k

It runs like new even though it was manufactured in 2001.

I have a 2001 Century Buick. It only has about 98000 miles on it and it runs great. It has new front tires and runs very smoothly.

- Ashlyn R

It is fantastic and drives wonderfully.

I love my vehicle. I have nothing negative to say about it. The stereo could be better, but I am still working on fixing that.

- Sue S

The Buick can seat 6 people.

I like it cause its mechanically a good vehicle. I don't like it because it is a large vehicle. I would rather have a truck.

- Carrie F

It works just fine in the summertime.

It works quite well. I have fun while driving, and gas is not that expensive with this car. Music is more regal in this car.

- Kenny I

This car gets good gas mileage. You can put in $20 and go all week

it is a good car in good shape. It gets me where I need to go. It gets good gas mileage and has needed very little repair

- Larisa B

Trunk space would be the highlight of the car, I can get a lot of grocery shopping done and not have to make several trips.

It's a good car once the recalls were fixed properly . it's comfortable and the driving aspect is great, huge trunk space.

- Ashley H

It has excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions.

It is old and wearing out. I have loved the quiet and smooth ride. The fuel efficiency is better than most new cars.

- Sheryl S

It has a great seat it is electric and it moves in all directions

I enjoy driving my car.except for it doesn't have the cruise working. It has one of the smooth rides I have ever had

- Virgil S

It is a used car but paid off.

I like that it is reliable. It is spacious enough for a family of four. I do not like that it breaks down easily.

- Kaitlyn H

It's a solidly built car, while used by two previous drivers, it still drives and handles very well.

It's a used vehicle that first belonged to my grandmother, then drive by my younger brother, now I own it.

- Jordan C

the most important thing others should know about my car is that with all my kids it has withstood them!

i love the 4 doors, i love the ease of using it with kids, and i love the fact that it drives wonderfully

- angel o

Perfect first car for young drivers!

It's just an old farm car has done great and really recommend them for young drivers. Perfect first car!

- Lynzee B

its old and rusting out. not sure why it is rusting so bad

IT is very loud and can't figure out why it is. Has rusted a great amount. Dashboard does not light up.

- paige w

The best reliable car I have owned.

It one of my fav. I'd recommend Buicks to anyone. They last forever just as long as u take care of it.

- Melissa B

it's rusting like crazy. i live at the beach and if i don't put it in the garage the salt air ruins it.

it's old. it's rusted. i don't like it's exterior appearance but it gets me from point A to point B.

- heidi M

Reliable had it for a while but been babying it for a while been a good car.

Good car for now looking for new no complaints. Lot of miles on it. Needs work. Think tray is going.

- Christina W

Dependable easy to drive car. My car has over 100,000 miles and is still in top running condition

I have a good solid car. No real issues. Have owned since 2001 . Lots of miles on it though.

- Layla B

It runs so well and has an amazing sound system as well!

This is an amazing car. I purchased it from a friend. It runs great! No complains.

- Stephanie V

It isn't pretty, but I drives well. I can depend on it, even in the winter.

My car is an old car, but reliable. I know it will take me where I need to go.

- Fayth K

That I take pride in whatever I drive. That it is safe and dependable.

It has a lot of get up and go. It is very roomy. I love the color of my car.

- Pamela P

It gets me to where I need to go. My kids are able to get into it themselves.

I wish it had more room, and was bigger. I wish it was a different color.

- Adrienne R

I have plenty of trunk space and I can accommodate at least 5 people In the car.

I like the smooth ride. I dislike the old age of the vehicle

- Theresa G

It has a soft ride. The radio is very good. The seats are adjustable.

It's a very comfortable car. I don't really like the color.

- Susan G

I like the comfort of the seats of the vehicle and how smooth the drives when riding down the road. The only dislike i can think of is that it is an older model and has had some corrosion on the battery, but it was nothing too serious.

That the car drives smooth and is very comfortable.

- Andrew A

2001 Buick century: oldie but a goodie.

- Marcia G