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Short List of Complaints for this Old Buick Century

Due to keeping up with scheduled maintenance ie; oil changes, tune ups, fill up gas ect this car has proved to be reliable. As old as this car is, no major issues. It was driven by an elderly couple before myself so mileage still fairly low . (142,500 miles) There are no special features, only stock radio and no aux port or even tape deck (lol) to hook up your phone to it. Seats very comfy but backseat came so high u can't see anything behind you even with mirrors. Entire undercarriage is rusted to point that anyone getting in or out of backseat takes big chance of needing a tetanus shot if it gets you. I even put something there to cover it if my dog is going to jump in because I fear the jagged rust may cut him. The motor for power windows/doors has been replaced once and within 6 months was acting crazy again. Trunk is huge. No cup holders or armrest in backseat. Like I said very basic. Paint on hood is also all peeling off. Not bad for 15 years old. That rust is my biggest gripe for obvious reasons. Thanks

- Jessica A

Awesome car, crummy windows.

I have owned my 2004 Buick century for six and a half years now and, like many millennials, have driven it very hard and very irresponsibly (read: waiting until the last possible minute to get down on that oil change and brake pad replacement). Despite this, and a 120 mile round trip commute every week day, this car has been a dream for me. The gas mileage I get is generally around 400 miles per tank, highway, and has not faltered from that as the years have gone by. Mechanically, it has always been sound and reliable, with the exception of the electrics in all four of the doors. I have replaced the window mechanisms in three of the doors twice and one of the doors three times. I wound up putting so much money into the chronically sticking and/or falling windows that I had to pull the door panels off and put screws in so that the windows would stop falling every time it snowed or rained.

- Dean M

Solid car with few problems.

More or less, there have been relatively few problems with this car. Of course there are the normal wear and tear things I've had to deal with, such as oil changes, brakes, tires, and bulbs. The biggest problem that I have had have been with the power windows. After tine, the motors used to power them either burn out, or they become disconnected from the window. It's a little bit of a pain, but I have been able to find the parts on amazon for much less than factory parts, and there are tutorials on YouTube on how to fix them properly.

- Chad M

It is a reliable vehicle, and having a six seater car is really nice.

It's a hand me down car that cost me nothing. My main complaints are that the cd player smokes if you try to use it and there is damage my aunt and mom caused when they each owned it and didn't have it repaired. I dislike that to unlock the car with the faab it honks. Overall in the year I've owned it. It has been reliable. I like that the radio shows the song title and artist name scrolling. I love that it seats 6 people, and that has come in handy when my sister and her kids come to visit!

- Charity C

Buick century a quality dependable car

My Buick century is a good quality vehicle not many problem just normal wear and used. It's a reliable car gets me to my destination without any problems.it's a nice quality car with nice features. You control the radio from the steering wheel you can change the station or control the volume. Electric seat button on driver side.mirror visor with mirrors. All in all I'm satisfied with the quality and features of the car. And it's reliable dependability.

- Ellis T

Decent car considering it is used and 14 years old.

I was surprised to find out it had automatic headlights, which I love. Spacious. Hard to reach bulbs for license plate, headlights to replace them. Bought used so it does have issues. Check engine light will not go off. Has duel heating controls, but the passenger side does not work. Blowers do not work on high. Radio volume automatically goes down when you slow down/stop, but goes back up when you pick up speed.

- Cynthia W

Oldie but goodie, should run for many more miles with no problems.

My car was bought new by my mother and spent most of its time in her garage. It was left to me when she died. The car is still in perfect shape, now only 70k on it. Everything works like new. It uses very little oil and the motor purse. It has a really good radio which I always have on. The heater and air conditioning both are in perfect condition.

- Sandra E

Dependable, comfortable and a great value for the $.

Not any major problems with this vehicle since purchase in 2004. Performance has been excellent. Mostly just had the oil changed regularly. Only real problem was this year I had a problem with the air conditioner, which turned out to be a leak in a hose. With the car being 14 years old that wasn't a problem for me. Just got the repair done.

- Carolyn H

Comfortable and dependable.

Purchased this vehicle new in 2004 and as far as dependability it is been great. Very little repairs. Have made certain to have oil changed on a regular basis. The only problem I have had is just this year 2018 the air conditioner had a leak and this is a excellent vehicle if something dependable is important to you.

- Carolyn H

Buick Century: A lot of bang for your buck.

I really enjoy my Buick Century. It is the Limited trim package. It has motorized front seats, and the entire interior is leather. It has a premium sound package complete with CD and tape deck, along with AM/FM radio. It drives smooth and to me is high quality for the price of the vehicle. 7/10 would recommend.

- Calvin C

Buick century. Good condition.

I have had to put a lot of different work into this car. Small repairs large repairs. Window motors, air conditioning, regular upgrades. Rust had to be grinded off n panels replaced. I bought from a dealer so that may be the problem. Most over all it is still in good condition no major issues with body issues.

- Sam M

Very dependable and spacious.

It is a very dependable vehicle. I have had it for about 3 years now bought it used with only 60, 000 miles on it and must say it holds up in all weather, had no oxidation and it was and still is housed mostly outdoors. The biggest point is it is extremely roomy and luxurious on the inside with a huge trunk.

- Savannah L

All about my little grey car that I love.

It runs well but just like some older cars things do go out. Lights, water pump and it do cost to get all the work done but once its done its fine. It get me from one point to another. . You know if you keep it fuel and oil you should be good just because it's a older car you have to be on top of things.

- Lisa W

Buick Century 2004: Reliable Car

Because it is an old car, the bottom of the car has rust and cosmetically it does not look good. But it is a good car to drive. I enjoy driving it going to and from work. Very smooth and the engine sounds good. I have not encountered any problems with transmission or engine with the car that I am using.

- Mabi G

Roomy, good looking even as old as it is, reliable and safe.

Buicks are good looking, reliable, and even in this older car has great features for comfort and safety. Seats are adjustable, so is air or heat for driver and passenger. There is good legroom in rear seating, and if required changes of oil are followed, this auto will be around for many more years.

- Lucille M

Buick Century ignition switch problem

It is large and comfortable, and travels well in snow. The gas mileage leaves something to be desired. It has a continuing issue with the ignition switch; had it replaced about two years ago and it is already malfunctioning - it makes the car unreliable because it is temperamental about starting.

- Judy M

Is heavy and low to the ground so it can handle really well.

It has been working really well for me for a few years. Only recently have we had any problems with it. But all of the problems have been really easy to fix. Other than that it handles really well, and has decent gas mileage. After a while you may have problems with some of the lights and wiring.

- Kyle P

Reliable, comfortable, good looking ride.

It's very reliable and starts every time I go out to it. I love how smooth the ride is and the fact that it's not a huge car but the ride feels like it's larger. I like how roomy it is inside. I've only had one problem with the wiring that was generally easy to have fixed at the local shop.

- Erik T

Perfect car I love it and I wouldn't trade it.

I have a 2004 Buick century and I love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. It is the best car I have ever had and it has never let me down. If you want a good and reliable car the. I definitely recommend a Buick. My car is amazing and great on gas and I get good gas mileage.

- Nicole N

Great car, great mileage, high comfort level, great reliability.

I bought this car used with over 150,000 miles on it. I was worried about the high mileage at first. I have driven this car over 50,000 miles with no problems. This is the most comfortable and reliable car I have ever had. Great car, great gas mileage, high comfort level, great reliability.

- Christina H

My vehicle is a Buick and it has 400 miles on it.

The vehicle is very great and reliable. It has 400 miles on it and it has very good designs on it. I would recommend this to everybody who loves to drive a lot. When ever I have my family in my car they always love riding with me because of the car. It has a lot of room for storage and boxes.

- Ore A

a standard American sedan. Enough room for my family to fit and be comfortable

I've had to replace the same rear wheel bearing numerous times.I've also found an issue that is common with this car involving the wiring. But other than that the car is a good car plenty of room for my family. It rides smoothly and it's a car that does good in winter driving conditions

- Michael L

Quick look at a Buick Century

The car miles are 120000. The fuel gauge isn't working and I have had issues with the coolant system. The car rides a little bumpy at higher speeds. I have not made any big repairs. The car does not have many features included in newer cars I.e. Bluetooth, heated seats, USB jacks, etc.

- Victor M

The Century is overall a good car and very comfortable

Transmission has thinking problem and the body has rusted out along bottom trim and above exhaust system. The engine runs well. Interior fan went out and only runs on high. Tends to go through directional bulbs and tail lights frequently. Very roomy and comfortable on long rides

- Lisa K

Do not buy gm products. Gm is top heavy co. And uses substandard foreign parts.

My 04 Buick has been maintained beautifully. I bought it at 92, 000 miles. Upon Starting the 3. 1, 6 cylinder has valve chatter until the oil reaches the upper valve train and the chatter ceases. The chatter is getting worse and my mechanic says it is not worth fixing.

- David P

Not reliable enough for an everyday vehicle.

It is just not big enough, I honestly need a SUV! It is older so I do not feel like it is as reliable as a newer car would be, the stereo system has went out twice already! I do not think the airbags work anymore which is dangerous to me if I was ever in an accident.

- Kara W

Buick century: durable. Built tough but looks and drives like a luxury car.

Buick century's drive great but I do not like the rust that gets under the bottom pan of cars. I like the durability of the Buick century's. I also like the feel of the seats because they are plush and soft and I especially like how the car steers good around curves.

- Buick F

Very reliable family car.

It is reliable however it is rusting. Buicks seem to be notorious for the body's rusting really bad. The mechanics itself have been excellent. It has a smooth ride and is a very reliable vehicle. As it ages it has more need much work except for regular maintenance.

- Stacy D

The 2004 Buick Century is a boat of a car.

Vehicle mechanics, such as tires, suspension, and so forth seem to be cheap. After 100,000 miles the car begins wavering in integrity. I've attempted in the past to fix issues with the car, but after another 5,000 miles tires, suspension, gas mileage breaks down.

- Joseph H

dependable and comfortable

very comfortable and plenty of room. Trunk is quite large. seats 5 comfortably. Runs very goods get great gas mileage I run both summer tires and swap out for studded tires in the winter months in Maine. Holds the road very well, no matter the weather conditions

- Rhonda L

It runs as well as any newer car.

I like that even though my vehicle is an older car, it runs great. It is roomy, so I can fit three car seats in the back. That comes in handy a lot. The only thing that I do not like about it, is that it shows its age outwardly. I still love my car, either way.

- Heather L

Reliable for an older car

The 2004 Buick Century is very comfortable and is fairly reliable overall. It has given me no problems for all of the time that I have owned it, and I am very hard on it. I make long drives several times a year. I cannot complain much for an old vehicle.

- Erin R

My car has a very cold air conditioner that cools off the car very quickly.

I like my Buick Century. It is 13 years old and hardly ever has it broke down and never anything major. I like that it has a bench seat in the front. I do not like bucket seats.I do not like that it is getting older and more mileage is racking up.

- Karl B

The brakes are pretty old and bad, so you should brake earlier than usual.

I dislike how the air does not work unless I press it a certain way with my nail. I also disliked how the window would go up and get stuck down regularly, especially when I had work. However, I like how the car is dependable and barely messes up.

- Dynasty K

It's a nice car for a family

It's nice inside, roomy. Smooth ride. It's getting up there in age, so it's now having issues - that would be my only complaint...but that would be for any car that age. Hopefully newer models are more fuel efficient.

- N J

Reliability is key. Forget about looks. This car will get you anywhere you need to go and never leave on the side of the road unless it simply isn't maintained.

It's old but this Buick is the most dependable car I have ever owned. I trust it more than any other car and it still rides very smooth. Nice interior, great ac, and plenty of life left in it, even after 132k miles.

- Kristin C

It is very well built and reliable. Very good solid vehicle.

I really like that it is reliable. It feels like a solid car that would provide safety in a crash. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's older and doesn't have all of the new bells and whistles.

- Tracy T

Dependability is the most important to me.

Though it's not an exciting vehicle, it has been very dependable. I might like it even better except not my favorite color.it is a comfortable car and has adequate room for passengers when needed.

- Doug D

Not so bumping Buick, get it?

Everything's very comfortable as far as the interior goes. Have not had many problems with the car itself. I do not like the speakers in the car though. They are not loud enough.

- Allen S

It's a safe ride. Very comfortable and spacious we love it

Very comfortable ride. Speedy car quick on gas when ac is in use is worst with gas. Other use I love it. It is very spacious with 6 seatbelts and large trunk.

- Nicole M

Buick century is a fighter

My gas odometer is off. Had to replace brake lines front and back. Transmission is slipping. Interior is still good condition. Couple scrapes but still runs.

- Gabrielle S

has for safety I feel that it was a good value. I feel as if all the safety and having a car of this quality I am well protected when driving

my vehicle has a smooth ride, takes corners has if you are driving a caddy when I hit the gas the car does not hesitate to move it kick it into gear

- veronica f

If you are willing to constantly maintain your car it would be a decent car.

I like that it is reliable. I do not like the bench form seating. The gas gauge broke right after I bought it. The car does not have great mileage.

- Kim F

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it was affordable and functional and good enough for every day usage.

It is midsize. I like the interior it is nice. I dislike the fact that it is older and has no new technologies. I don't really have any complaints.

- Bryan C




The car is reliable and affordable.

The car is reliable and easy to maintain. Also with it being a used vehicle it was very affordable. The upkeep on my car is also affordable.

- Michelle D

It has been breaking down a lot over the last two years that I have been driving it. but it does ride smoothly and is ok on gas. I wish I had a different car though. the back window on the passenger side leaks pretty bad when it rains.

it's not very reliable. sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. the gas gauge is broken. I think the fuel pump needs to be replaced.

- jasmine s

The car will have over 280,000 miles on it before you are ready for a new one.

Car lasts forever. Runs wonderful i. Dislike where air events are. And how when it rains the windows fog up so much even with defrost on.

- Sandy S

Easy rider and easy on the pocket book

My car is an easy riding car that gets great gas mileage. It is surprisingly comfortable to ride in even though it is a compact car.

- Shelley W

It's safe and reliable car to own, I would recommend it to anyone.

It gets good gas mileage. The motor last for a good 250,000 milder as long as you keep the oil changed. It's not to small of a car.

- Isaac H

Its green with a white hood

Transmission is a little weak and the battery is weak too. The ignition has broken off and the gas tank is sort of damage a little

- Jackie B

My car is old. I bought it from a friend, but its a good first car.

The one thing I hate about my car is that the a/c is broken. In the summer it is extremely hot. Other than that I enjoy my car.

- Cheyenne C

Comfortable but rusty under car

Most comfortable car to sit and drive in. However, it rusts on the undercarriage and is longer and lower than the average car.

- Katharine F

it's a very reliable vehicle if the maintenance is kept up on it

i have a buick century which i have used now for 13 years. this vehicle has served me well in the years which i have owned it

- tony j

This car is very safe reliable and rides smooth.

It is safe and reliable. Not many bells and whistles though. I would greatly appreciate a CD player as well or an aux. Port.

- Cheryl B

It is an all around great car. Good on gas. Barely any repairs.

I travel 50 miles 6 days per week to work. We run it 400 miles once a month for family. And it runs great. No dislikes here.

- Tania D

It's not flashy but it is a comfortable and consistent ride

I like how smooth the ride of the car is. I like the factory installed speakers. The seats in the car are very comfortable

- Bill F

Very dependable, good on gas mileage.

It is very roomy and great storage in the trunk. Very inexpensive to repair. Rides smoothly. I do not have any complaints.

- Amanda S

200000 plus mile vehicle of taken care of properly.

The Buick Century is a very dependable vehicle so far. Its rides very comfortably, it's quiet and gets fairly good mpg.

- Sam A

The most important thing to know about my car is it is dependable

I have a Buick Century - it is a very comfortable car to ride in , is ok on gas and with regular maintenance runs well

- Liz F

my car is in well condition, even though it breaks down a lot.

I like my buick. it is a blue buick. a beautiful blue buick that I take care of. however it rusts and falls apart.

- mel g

It is a really smooth ride and the sound system makes you feel like you're in the front row of Carnegie Hall.

Great peripherals and controls.Really nice and sleek lines and it is my favorite color grey.no complaints

- janie t

She's not as sensitive as she looks.

It has no abs brake system. Parts wear out quicker than most should. The rocker panels rust out quickly.

- Isaac I

When its running good, it runs really good. The car has a lot of miles on it

I like that it still runs well when it runs. I don't like that something about it always needs repairs.

- Sandra M

maintenance free-just put in gas and change oil every 3 thousand miles

have no complaints other than I wish it was a little larger. at age 71 I do not get in and out easily

- david R

After 14 years and 152,000 miles, it still rides like new.

Very roomy and comfortable. Smooth and quiet ride even though it is 14 years old. Easy maintenance.

- Jonathan A

That even though this car is incredibly old it still runs perfect

I love that my car has a sunroof and gets great gas mileage. I don't like how and how many miles.

- Rose M

IT runs good with minimal maintenance

I wish I could afford a newer vehicle. I get poor gas mileage. I have not needed a lot of repairs

- joe S

its dependable but lot of gas seems like a safe car

to much on gas too old like the heavy sturdy body like it's safe for everyone

- debbie c

Reliable even if you don't drive it all the time .Doors automatically lock when you get in car.

bought used and it runs great. Easy on gas. wish it had a larger trunk .

- Sondra C

It's great it's wonderful amazing great great and great

Like it all it's very comfortable fun to drive very comfy

- Kelly T

nice features, very comfortable seating, reasonable gas mileage, power windows and seats, seats four

it has low mileage on the odometer, it has a salvage title

- Tom M

Strong running car motor is excellent would buy another

Love everything about it no complaints no major problems

- John B

reliable and roomy, good performance from engine and other mechanics

I like the reliability, I dislike the fabric seats

- Amanda B