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The 2002 Buick century is an affordable and comfortable car to rely on.

My Buick is 16 years old so it had some problems and has had some work, but only had one previous owner and was in good condition. I enjoy the control for the seats and the way the car handles. For how big it is and how old it is, it gets good gas mileage. I have a lot of problem with electric components of the car needing fixed, such as the power windows. A light in my dashboard is out and I have no idea how to get to it or fix it. For the age and price, though, it is a comfortable and reliable car.

- Samantha D

My Buick is a keeper. Great gas mileage with little to no repair issues.

I have owned a Buick for the last 3 cars I have had. They last a long time without a ton of repairs. Most of our repairs are maintenance related. Our century is a 6 cylinder engine and gives us decent gas mileage for the age of the car. I would say Buick is very reliable car and would probably shop for another one when I am ready to buy a car. For now, my old Buick is still holding up for me and I have no reason to spend money on a new car.

- Brenda M

It is mine. I can fix a problem or not fix it. I guess it is getting older like me so I can identify with it!

My vehicle has about 230 thousand miles so I really cannot complain. It is not the car I wanted but through a situation at the dealer it is the one I got. I recently put a used engine with 40 thousand miles on it in my car and it drives great because at 67 I do not want to start on a new car note. have had my ups and downs with a car this age, but I must say it has served me well.

- Karen K

The steering wheel is also adjustable, which is an interesting detail.

It is a great car! Drives really smooth and is super comfortable. One door does not lock, even when the car is locked. Regular maintenance has kept the car is great condition. It does not accelerate very fast, but it maintains speed. Because it is a heavy car, it accelerates quickly when traveling downhill and it takes a little bit more time to stop.

- Emily C

It gets good gas mileage, and is comfortable when traveling long distances.

I like my car because it is not too big, but not too small. comfortably seats 4, but can seat up to 6. Has a large trunk, which makes it nice when we travel. It gets good gas mileage when traveling. My only real complaint is with the mechanism in the windows. It has broken on three windows, and the window could not be closed until it was repaired.

- sheridan l

Very comfortable and fits are family.

I really love this vehicle. We have only had it for a short time but for the age of the vehicle it is in extremely good condition. The only issue we have had is the gas float is off so we have to keep the tank full which is fine we just make sure we track mileage. Overall we are very pleased with our Buick.

- Samantha T

My car is a 2002 Buick century, tan in color, very comfortable.

This car has actually been a wonderful car. I bought it around 100k miles and have only changed the radiator, battery, and fan belt. The car also rides really comfortable, I feel like I am riding in a cloud. Fuel mileage is not bad at all. The seats are more comfortable than my girlfriend's Jeep .

- Nicholas W

Reliable Buick century 2002.

This car overall is very reliable. It gets very good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable and it is a spacious car. It has rust due to age. It heats up faster than any car I have driven. The lights that indicate what gear you are in currently do not work along with how many miles are on it.

- Cali O

Its safe for kids it's a heavy car.

My car is old it has a lot of ruse it had a lot of problems when I first bought it its used the inside is very nice it's comfy tan fabric and rugs it has a tape player fits 6 people nicely has car seat hooks drives nicely there's is no blind spots it's a really safe car to have children in.

- Amanda R

Owner experience. Overall, the buick has been a good car.Maintenance expensive.

The car has been a decent ride, overall.At close to a hundred thousand miles the intake manifold gaskets failed. That was expensive. The condenser got a hole in it and leaked all the gas out. Right now, the heater control knob is broken. I can't change the direction of the air flow.

- James Q

Still going after all these years.

It does need constant maintenance, such as needing a window repaired and needing brake work. On the whole, it still performs reliably and gets us to the places that we need to go, although it is getting on a bit in terms of mileage. One can expect that due to the age of the vehicle.

- Jim H

I love the color silver with dark gray sets and a radio, CD and a cassette tape.

My car is great run's good and it is great on gas. My dad bought me the car when my daughter past away. I love this my car and it use to belong to my aunt and uncle. She took really good car of it. I change the oil every 3, 000 miles and check the water and oil every two weeks.

- Pam Y

It's a very reliable, dependable automobile. It doesn't have any modern tech features, but it will get it from Point A to Point B comfortably.

I like it really well. I've had it since 2003, and haven't had to spend a lot of money on maintenance. I've had to get the windows fixed a few times when the motors failed, and have had the air conditioner fixed once, but other than that, it's been a very reliable automobile.

- Leslie P

It appears that all Centuries need their electrical systems replaced, since this is the second one that I have had the problem with.

The front seat has almost enough leg room, but the rear seat has too little space. Had to replace the electrical system and the radiator frame but otherwise the car has been quite satisfactory, My one concern is that parts may become hard to get, or the engine might go.

- John S

Great qualities for Buick centuries.

My car has plenty of room in the back seat and in the front. It drives incredibly smoothly and it does not consume too much gas. It also has a large trunk. My mechanic also says that these cars last a long time and are very easy to fix as well as find parts for them.

- Ian M

My old reliable friend and our journey.

Sometimes it can do unexpected things when it comes to electrical wires. The windows do not work right all the time going up and down. But for a old car it runs well gets me to where I need to be. We took the car from Texas to Virginia just last with little trouble.

- Judi R

Great, affordable, and durable

Overall, this is a great vehicle. Easy to drive, good on gas, comfortable seating with electronic maneuvering for the driver's seat, extra middle seat in front, huge trunk, and so far, after 2 years of having this vehicle, I have had nothing go wrong or break down.

- Emily C

This is your father's Buick.

Older car but good on gas so therefore its used more than the gas hog SUV. She's my girl lol and very old but she's hanging on. Few issues but the car itself is in great shape for a few years to come. Very reliability small but comfortable for my wife and children.

- Christopher W

It can fit 6 people. The trunk is a very good size.

Its old and rusty the break line keeps snapping the windows stopped work gets comfy has a nice inside. Has a tape player has a sunroof had to put new tires on it its sturdy. Been in one accident and all my kids were safe barely any damage its a real heavy car.

- Amanda S

Overall impressions. Durable large car.

Dependable with a very low cost of ownership. It has a smooth ride on the straight away but it gets a little bumpy on turns. The power window motors went out at around 60k. It is very solid and it got hit once but didn't take a lot of damage. It is heavy.

- Jay M

Great car all around in every way.

Very nice car well worth it very good on gas as well as a very nice and convenient ls1 motor under the hood the throttle cable could use a bit of tightening but that's about all. Overall its it is a great car for me and people like you that are not rich.

- Austin M

Great car, great features.

The car rides and drives smooth. Have had no problems with it. I had the car given to me. It has over 150, 000 miles on it. Starts every day. The seats are comfy. The air conditioner blows cold. Has enough power to pass on toll roads and major highways.

- Mike T

It's a safe and reliable car that does not break down too often.

I like the fact that it has a ton of room both in the the drunk and in the car part. It gets me to point A to point B. I hate that it doesn't have wifi, the trunk no longer opens with the button, the dash lights are starting to short out.

- Rebecca J

That it is really bad on gas and that it leaks coolant.

Well it is a 2002 Buick century. It has 65, 000 miles on it. A couple months ago the head gasket blew but I got it fixed. An it also leaks coolant. It is pretty bad on gas but other than that it gets me were I need to be.

- Dallas G

This is a very solid and dependable car to drive.

Sensor lights seem to go on randomly. . Good gas mileage, very reliable car for in town driving. No issues with cold weather operation. Keep oil change on a rigid schedule and this car will last well over 100k miles. .

- Lisa H

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's from 2002 and still going strong!

I had one issue with the anti lock brakes going off because of the wheel bearings. But so far that's all! The PRNDL is dimming and I will soon have to replace the light in it to be able to see what gear my car is in.

- Kristen D

It big and roomy and very reliable. I feel like it's pretty safe as well.

It is a nice, big, comfortable car. It doesn't cost much money in repairs and I've never had a major problem with it. If I had one complaint it would be the suspension. Going over bumps can can be unpleasant.

- Jason M

If someone were to borrow it I would expect them to keep it clean as I do.

It is very comfortable and the leather interior has withstood the age of the vehicle. The vehicle is black and it in the Arizona heat it really gets hot inside, more so the light colored vehicles.

- Rita C

With regular basic maintenance, this car will keep on rolling for many years.

It has been a reliable vehicle overall and rides pretty comfortably. We have kept up with preventive maintenance and haven't had a lot of big repairs. Also gets pretty decent gas mileage.

- Cindy B

It is a very solid, well-built car.

it is a pre-owned 2002 Buick Century. The interior is very comfortable and it drives very smoothly. It takes it a while to get up to highway speed. Also, the sound system could be better.

- Nathan R

Average car with lower-than-average mpg and some brake issues

Decent car, heavily built. Low gas mileage due to the car's heavy frame. Brakes are only so-so. There have been a lot of brake fixes needed over the years. Underside tends to rust easily.

- Margaret C

It is very dependable and will serve a long time with routine maintenance.

It is a dependable car and a comfortable ride. It gets fair gas mileage. It is a scaled down model, so I wish it had cruise control. Overall, it has been a very reliable car for me.

- Robin K

It gets me where to need to go.

I like the vehicle because it gets where I need to go. I do not like it due to fact it has wiring issues. No idea what the wiring issues are. The ac takes forever to cool off the car.

- Tiffany R

It is awesome and everyone should have a Buick.

My Buick has been through a lot and it is still durable and safe. It never let me down and is easy to work with and drive with. Lots of space door how small it is and very reliable.

- Elsa D

Make sure that you know your car well because this is a very popular model among retirees and you can lose it in a parking lot.

The car is roomy and fairly well made. It is comfortable enough and although it is not great on gas, it still runs and gets me to where I need to go. I would recommend this car.

- Elizabeth B

This is a great family car plenty of room in backseat for two car seats & grandma.

Basically a good car a few problems with the window motors going out my husband has had to replace both back window motors and the passenger side motor it gets great gas mileage.

- Samantha D

I feel safe in my car. It is well built and has enough space for my family.

I love my vehicle it's a great car I've had it for about 6 years no major problems it gets back and forth to work everyday and in good enough condition to drive as I please.

- Michael B

It is a hybrid and had great gas mileage.

I like my vehicle's physical durability, drive style, and interior setup.. I dislike that my car is older and occasionally encounters maintenance issues from wear and tear.

- Day C

Everything, it's really a great car! For the size great on gas!

I love the ride and the reliability of it. There is really not anything I don't like about it. I love the leather and the size of the car. The space in the trunk is great!

- Linda L

High miles no accidents has extra wipers heated seats electric start.

Very comfortable drive have enough room for my 3 grandkids. Great radio. New tires all away around. Its my daily drive back and forth to town. New oil change and tune-up.

- Brenda E

The transmission is leaking fluid.

I like that my car is good in gas and has running ac. I hate that my car is rusted underneath and falling apart. I also hate that it has a leak in the transmission.

- Rebekah L

She is a beast when it comes to the road and really can stand up to anything.

Plenty of room. It's easy to handle. The only complaint is when it starts breaking down it breaks down hard, several things tend to go wrong at the same time.

- Jana W

Reliable Family car that is very comfy

Reliable, has ran great for over 15 years, comfortable, roomy, easy to repair, some minor electrical issues (windshield wipers have a mind of their own...lol)

- laura s

It runs really well for its age.

It works well, but the electronics in it want to randomly mess up. The blinkers will randomly mess up from time to time, and the electric lock does not work.

- Kyle P

It's a great car just not my favorite car. It's very dependable.

It's spacious and still has plenty of power. I hate it because I feel like it's something a grandma would drive giving it the name the granny mobile

- Misti W

It is very good on gas mileage.

Very reliable. It has plenty of legroom and a nice size truck. Very smooth ride cruise control is very easy to use and steering wheel is adjustable.

- Jonathan M

Its very reliable, hardly ever needs worked on, its my baby.

My car is old and dependable, just like me. With over 250,000 miles its not giving up. There are a few things wrong with it but not serious things.

- Cheryl B

I is very reliable. Starts up every time. Never lets me down.

My car is old but still running strong. A little maintenance here and there. I keep the oil changed. A little rust but it still runs like new.

- lydia c

Great car. . . No major issues.

Comfortable automobile, runs good, looks nice. No mechanical problems. I have always kept up with maintenance, most being done by dealership.

- Marian S

Runs hot! Dashboard lights out, driver seat broke and it runs hot.

My Buick is very old! The ac does not work, my lights on my dashboard does not work, the driver seat is broke. . Sometimes my car runs hot.

- Shaquille R

It's very reliable, it will last a long time and it has a reasonable amount of space.

It has four doors, which is very nice. It is very reliable and has lasted a lot longer than we had expected. It's not that easy to service.

- Del B

It is reliability is outstanding.

It is reliable. It is old but acts like a new car. It does not need cleaning all the time. It drives well regardless of how old it is.

- Sharon W

The anti-lock brake system is topnotch.

Comfortable, reliable and good gas mileage. The only problem is it's not that comfortable for the people sitting in the back seats.

- Michael H

My car has airbags and it is wonderful for small children.

I love my car it has electric windows, electric seat. When you put it in gear all the doors lock. The seats are really comfortable.

- Pam S

It is good on gas and very dependable. It runs quietly.

The ride is very comfortable and smooth. The car has a lot of space for groceries and abstract shapes that you have to pick up.

- Patricia M

Its shiny and maroon. It has nice interior very plush.

It's a little outdated as far as technology is concerned. It handles real well and is good on gas. The suspension is good also.

- Ed M

It has get up and go for an older car.

It is a reliable vehicle. The motor is very durable and last long time. Only complaint I have is that a starting to fall apart.

- Amanda D

The car is dependable and easy to use.

It is dependable, I've had it for almost 10 years. It is rusty and has had break issues. It gets me to where I need to go.

- Marty T

The car runs nice and smooth. It is an older vehicle, but very reliable.

Cloth seats, roomy and comfortable. Good car to take on road trips. Great on gas and also very spacious in the trunk.

- Stacy K

It is very economical to drive. In respect to gas usage.

It is starting to rust really bad already. I like having the 4 doors to use. It makes loading and unloading easier.

- Jamie S

It is not as user phone and navigation friendly. I have to use the user manual.

The car has a lot of space. It is also very comfortable. The engine never breaks down. It has always been reliable.

- Ashley E

My car is very good on gas

I love my Buick! I am so happy with a GM! It is reliable and I feel it is better made than other vehicles.

- Mary H

How it runs and the gas mileage.

It's how you take care of. All cars very cozy and runs great and smooth there's no recalls on this model.

- Cassandra B

Old buick century details

The car is very dependable as far as running but has had many issues with electric box and major rust.

- Kara H

My 2002 Buick only has 80000 miles

My car is a 2002 with barely 80000 miles it has performed well for us in the 10 years we have owned it

- Lori F

It only has 104K miles and gets really good gas mileage.

It is comfortable. The gas mileage is good, The trunk has adequate space. You can have 4 passengers.

- cheryl h

It has been taken care of and has low mileage.

The car has been very dependable. It is comfortable. It drives well. This car was purchased new.

- sandra J

It is gas efficient, it allows for you to get places at a low cost.

i love the seats, it fit my family. it also creates a family environment. it is roomy as well.

- katie K

Very good on gas and is dependable . it gets you where you want to go

I think it's dependable car. Has a good motor. Only issues are the back brakes like to stick

- Jenny C

it has been a reliable and safe car over the years.

it has been reliable and safe. I would buy it again if it was still made. it is a good car.

- darryl P

That for being an older model it works great...never run into any problems with it also great on gas as well

This has been a really good car for me..Never have problems with it..runs really well

- laurie l

fuel economy is excellent for this size vehicle

It is very good on gas. It has a comfortable ride. It has been very reliable.

- steve l

It is good running car. It has 90,000 miles when I bought. It has kept up with me no problems for the last 9 months I recommend it.

The maintenance isn't that hard to keep up with you should be able afford it.

- Christopher V

It has had, and still is having some suspension issues. Other than that, the car is extremely reliable, comfortable and roomy - my son is 6 foot 1 and sits comfortably in the front AND back seats. Classic styling and rides smoothly with a quiet engine.

The car is very reliable, while being fun to drive, comfortable, and roomy.

- Rebecca B

it's got some leg room.has working ac/heater.car is sound mechanical.

it's not a pick up. i can't afford the gasoline for the truck i want

- chazz m

It makes me feel safe. It is made well. It can take a hit without getting a huge dent. It is starting to die

It is very sturdy and reliable as long as it is well taken care of

- Jael K

they last forever as long as you keep them up very dependable

it is easy to drive love that it is not to small and good on gas

- laura b

It needed to be replaced.

It was a good car and gave me It's all, but it needed replaced.

- nani B

it has provided solid transportation and is quite reliable

it is a reliable vehicle that has provided solid transportation

- darryl E

My Buick is in good shape and has low mileage for the model year

It is reliable. It does not have Much power. It looks good

- Kenneth T

It's a gm and very good transportation

i don't have any complaints about the car It's a good car

- charles S

It is a Buick and you can trust it to last for years to come

It is trustworthy. It is comfortable. It is easy to fix.

- Laura F

Large inside which has a good amount of room in back seat

Big interior and large trunk. I Hate the gre color

- Ann N

Gas mileage is good. We can go a long ways on a tank of gas.

I dislike the rust. I like the easy way it drives.

- Betty N

durable, reliable, comfortable

safe, reliable, roomy, great trunk, no issues

- kathy E