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One thing others should know about the car is that is very roomy and comfortable ride.

To start off, I love the how adjustable the seats are; especially how I can raise the seat up. I love the how roomy the car is, especially in the back seat without the car being too big. I love the smooth ride and how he car handles. The main thing I hate about the car is how low to the ground it is. Or rather, how low to the ground this certain piece of plastic, that is underneath the front of the car, is low to the ground. It is always scraping certain bumps and such on the road even when I go over the area slowly. I can't even think of anything else that I dislike about the car because that one thing irritates me greatly.

- Jessica o

My vehicle is an older car but it is reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable and has had little performance problems. It has started even in the extremely cold, negative temperatures of Minnesota. It is a very comfortable car, and I have had people comment on how nice the seats are. There is also a lot of legroom in the front and back and a fairly large trunk which can hold a considerable amount of cargo. My car has appropriate features for a car of its age and gas mileage is decent for a car of its size.

- Christine B

Excellent, reliable, dependable and comfortable vehicle.

This vehicle, although it has been on the road for many years, still runs as if it were brand new! The vehicle is very reliable and has never left me stranded with mechanical problems. There is no doubt in my mind that the car will be on the road for many years to come and that it will easily exceed 200, 000 miles of service (currently at 120, 000). I would recommend Buick to anyone seeking a reliable, dependable, comfortable and safe vehicle.

- Lee T

Great sedan for single driver or small family.

I purchased this car used and have had very few issues with it. I have only brought it to the shop once or twice for small repairs. I really like the size and drivability of this vehicle. Because it is a little bit heavier than other cars be performed well in snow which is great for the climate I live in. The trunk size fits a great amount of cargo. Overall I have really good experiences with this car.

- Hannah R

2005 Buick century - reliable and smooth ride.

For as old as it is, my car runs very well. The ride is very smooth, it is great on gas, and aside from minor maintenance like oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotating, I have had no problems with it. It has cloth seats, a remote key, an alarm system. Even the factory speakers are pretty nice, although the stereo is very old without even an AUX in port to connect a cell phone to stream music.

- Liz F

Old cars are the best just like people.

It is a good car I like that fixing it is easy because it does not have all the new things that new car have I feel that when we go to the mechanic and he tells me that older cars are safer I wish it had backup signals that is the hardest part of driving I also wish that air condition vents were put in the back of my car it would cool better body is made better it is made of stronger material.

- Harriet S

One of the best cars I've owned.

I've had no major issues with my car except for rust. It is a 2005 and I live in cold weather where salt is used on the roads. The bottom of the car is rusting. I've had to do regular maintenance as in any car. Brakes oil muffler brake lines. The car has always run well. Love the air conditioning good ride the gas mileage is pretty good. The seats are comfortable and it drives nice.

- Kim G

My car is very efficient. And is great on gas.

My car is very comfortable and I wouldn't change it if I could. I am very pleased with my car. I really love the cruise control when I am on a trip with my family and the seats are very comfortable. I also love the gas mileage on trips it takes me about 25 to fill it up and it lasts for at least 100 miles. I don't think there's a car out there that could come close to my car.

- Lisa S

Comfort over practicality.

A very clumsy car to navigate narrow lanes, small parking spots and U-turns. Greatly comfortable with a smooth ride. The interior accessories (radio, cup holders arm rests, head rests) feel awkwardly placed and not entirely accessible to the driver. It is unfortunate that the back seat has no way to access the trunk without removing the seats from the vehicle.

- Cara C

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love this car. Is has been so reliable. It currently has 125,000 and still runs perfectly fine. It is actually built on the Chevy impala platform. It is the best car I have ever had. I would recommend this car to anyone. When it does need repairs, the parts are cheap. The tires are only 15 inch tires so you can put a new set of tires on for $200.

- Darin K

A good well made car that is made to last.

This vehicle was bought from a third party seller it has been reliable for the pass couple of years. Considering that this is an older car everything works well AC still works which is important living in South Texas. As far as complaints the only thing I've noticed is it uses more gas than I'd like that would probably be my only complaint

- Juan J

Comfortable ride; roomy interior and a large trunk; the Buick gets the job done.

I love my Buick century! It is a smooth, very comfortable ride. Very roomy inside with a trunk large enough for a big stroller! It handles well; except for in bad weather. Some negatives are my CD player stopped working out of nowhere one day. The car is also very long; like a big boat; so parking and reversing can be difficult.

- Meghan M

2005 Buick Century Limited Edition

Sets low to the ground, don't like that. Has leather seats, would rather have cloth but it was the only car available in my price range at the time. It is very reliable and comfortable. It has power seats and windows, has a remote to lock and unlock car. AM/FM radio, with CD and tape players included. Has air conditioner also.

- Donzel O

Very reliable vehicle with a great engine. Mine is green :)

I previously drove Hyundai Elantra. The Century gets up and goes much quicker. It is very comfortable. I have the carpeted seats and it is very spacious. I can drive my friends and myself around comfortably. I am tall so this is a plus for me. It has always been reliable in my case, and I would definitely drive another one.

- Sydney J

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

My Buick has been the best, reliable and comfort in local and long distance traveling. Gas usage on long trips is fantastic even with the age of my car. I feel the vehicle was built and manufactured for long term ownership. It is a one owner car and has served me well. When purchasing again I will again purchase Buick.

- Betty P

My vehicle has had these problems for over a year.

Its reliable even though we have a lot of problems with it right now. We have an oil and transmission leak and the serpentine belt is cracked. The gas hand is also broken so it bounces back and forth from full to empty constantly so we have to guess at how long so much gas will last before we fill it back up.

- Katrina M

It is great on gas. Very warm during the winter time.

The hub caps keep trying to fall off the wheels the faster you go. The color of the car is white. It makes a knocking noise when you turn left. The driver window keeps going down automatically cause the wires are pinched inside the door. The cigarette lighter doesn't work. Horsepower acts a little funny too.

- Brian W

I Love My Buick 13 years old and still runs great!

This is my second Buick Century. It gets great mileage, the AC still works. The only repairs I have made are: brakes 2 wheel hubs and a gas line. The only thing I wish, is that the rocker panels didn't rust out. Because my floorboards will be next and I'm sure my car will still be running. The only thing

- Dorothy M

Buick Century and why it works well for me after all these years

I have very minimal problems with the Buick Century. It drives well. It gets good gas mileage. It holds up over the years. The air conditioning is excellent. The steering is good. I would recommend this car or buy it again. This car has everything I need in a car. It is comfortable, safe, and roomy.

- Ashley L

Its is a good car for being 2005.

Older car needs repair battery tires ride good when running good condition gas mileage good have great sounds system body in good shape no dents. Air condition works great paint in good shape all window work lots of trunk pass seat are in good shape radio CD player lots of room for family car seats.

- Linda F

Very reliable for many years.

Does not accelerate quickly while going up hills, does not pass other vehicles quickly going up hills. Very reliable, well taken care of. I would buy another Buick century when the need arises, I would purchase one with a bigger engine. If not a century, a similar gm car would be great.

- Jim P

This car is a true gas saver.

This car is amazing. It is a good running car, it does not give me any problems. I drive my car everyday and it is a real gas saver. If you were to buy a car like mine i'll say do it you get your money's worth and you get a nice looking car. If I was able to I would buy another one.

- Keith D

It's a great car especially for long trips.

I really like the comfort of our vehicle. We have had very few mechanical problems considering the age of the car. It's also reliable. The best special feature I like about the car is the lights automatically go out when you exit the vehicle. A very comfortable ride on long trips.

- Leslie S

An interesting thing about the car is that it can go about 15 miles or so.

For the car being over 10 years old it does have its challenges, but with proper care the car is still reliable transportation. Just make sure to upkeep it. The ac works fine and the heat works good too. Usually takes about $35-$40 to fill the tank depending on gas prices.

- Jasmine M

99 k and rides like it just came off the lot.

Sometimes I think the Buick century us the last great truly American made car. The six cylinder engine gets great gas mileage and is made to be a real work horse. At 99, 000 miles ours rides and looks all most new. This car gives one comfortable ride.

- Tim G

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is reliable and gets me where I need to go.

My car is older and has a few quirks about it. I do like that the car gets decent mileage on road trips and is pretty comfortable. I dislike that it's constant dings seem overbearing. We affectionately call it our 'naggy mobile'.

- Barb W

Buick makes outstanding cars, not just for old people!

It's an ok car, but nothing to jump up and down about really. Mostly purchased for economic reasons (I got a killer deal), it has definitely served me well the past 2 years.

- Megan S

It gets excellent gas mileage for a full size sedan.

It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable in which to ride. Has only about 150,000 miles for a 14 year old car. Would be hard pressed to give it up. No complaints.

- Gina L

four door, roomy, does good in bad weather . I have liked this car very much.

It has lasted me these last thirteen years. I am just now having problems with it. The major problem is rust on bottom of doors and the air does not work.

- Teresa S

It runs and drives great. And it looks great.

It is very roomie it able to pack a lot of boxes in the back seat and it is great on gas. Truck is really big and you can access it thru the back seat.

- Betty H

Happy Buick owner! I'll purchase another in the future.

i have had very few issues with my car. I keep up on regular maintenance and use high quality fuel. I plan on purchasing another Buick in the future.

- heidi s

It is very reliable, and i have not had to put much money into it.

I have never had any major problems with my vehicle. I would like better gas mileage and it rusts on the bottom of both driver and passenger doors.

- Kimberly M

I believe in safety first and so this car drives at the speed limit and hasn't gotten into any serious accidents

It is very safe to drive. I am not afraid of getting into an accident because of how strong it is built. Also my sister turned me onto this vehicle

- Audrey S

Very reliable and gets great gas mileage...love it!

I bought my car new in 2005. It has given me very little problems over the last 13 years. It gets great gas mileage and has great visibility.

- Beth J

It is a good family care nice and safe.

It drives nice it is safe car to drive and love the color it has a beautiful sky blue color to it I can pack it to the top and still have room.

- Sandra P

Great for long trips. 4 door Buick.

Car has dents but gets great gas mileage. Car runs great & has years left on it. 4 brand new tires. Am/FM & CD player plays like new.

- Frank P

That it has lasted as long as it has without any major problems.

It has lasted without major problems. It does have a problem with a power steering leak though. Overall it's been pretty reliable.

- Trey M

It's a very reliable car, even at 13 years old. I've never any kind of major problems since purchasing it. It also gets great gas mileage.

I purchased this car used about 6 months ago for only $500! Only needed the motor for the windows replaced. Very dependable car.

- Dena P

the vehicle has a good safety rating so I feel comfortable with the family aboard

comfortable to drive and ride in. Safe family vehicle to drive. good room for carrying bags for either shipping or day trips

- Anita N

I fart a lot more in the front seat.

My car is decent, it gets me where I need to go, occasionally it needs repairs like any other car, no rust. Runs pretty good.

- Samantha M

dependable transportation with minimal worries

dependable transportation, roomy, classic design, relatively fuel efficient, have had very little problems, no major issues.

- steph B

Has dents brown paint. Oil changed each time due.

Car runs great. Great gas mileage. 4 new tires. Sound system works great. Am/FM & CD player. Car will run a long time more.

- Frank P

It still looks remarkably well for as old as it is.

This car has served remarkable well for several years. It's beginning to show more wear and tear but still going strong.

- mae m

It has a great engine and battery in the Buick.

I can get through the snow. It is a great size car. Gas is to high. I do not like the color of the car. The heat works.

- Chris K

I tune up the car twice a yr! Which is why it is still running like new.

Gets excellent gas mileage on highways. Runs smoothly every time. Very reliable vehicle with regular maintenance.

- Rachel L

2005 Buick Century Custom

Car is fine, but is showing its age. Engine still runs smoothly and Has no issues. Maintenance is rather cheap.

- Thomas F

What can I say, it's a reliable car.

My car works well and I get good mileage. I would have rather had a different color, but it does the job for me.

- Colleen B

It drives nice. The body of the car is a nice shape.

My car is clean . big fits 6 people three im front and three in back. Seat are pretty big. My car is brown

- Kayla S

The only reason why I like it is because it was given to me which means I have no car payment. But I can't stand the fact that it is so big, I'm use to driving a small car. The gas consumption is also something I'm not use to as I prefer 4 cylinder cars not 6 cylinder.

It is a gas guzzler, it has pickup and rides very smoothly but it costs so much to fill up.

- Cherie U

This vehicle is very spacious and surprisingly good on gas.

The vehicle is a very comfortable ride. It is very spacious. It has a lot of rust issues.

- Steve S

Ac works great. All power options are In working order

Paying way more than what it's worth. Got played by the car lot I went through

- Alicia S

It gets me where I'm going.

I have enjoyed my century. It's been a good car even though it is rather old.

- K P

Reliable and dependable, safe and comfortable to drive or ride in

I don't like the gas mileage i get. I haven't had to make very many repairs

- Mellissa S

It is very luxurious and a gets good gas mileage when driving in the city

I like that it is very durable and a dislike is the year of the car

- Patrick L

that it's good for long distance traveling and very comfortable

it's a great car,good on mileage and low maintenance and durable

- steve w

Buick is a good company that makes dependable cars

My Buick Century is a good car which gets us around town.

- Juan G

Gets me where I need to go.

Dependable vehicle. Air conditioning works great.

- Nncy s

Almost new even after years

Good dependable car. Looks and drives like new.

- Xy P