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Runs good needs an oil change, cleaned up stereo works work great.

It has quite a bit of body damage. Inside and out. It has been wrecked but still runs pretty good. Check engine light stays on. Windows do not go down or up. Has CD player. Tires need to be replaced. Seats in the front are adjustable, inside liner has come half off. It is silver, 4 door, has inside lights and mirrors. It use to be an awesome car until it was wrecked. Damage was to the front passenger side. Lights all still work. Just needs the light cover and some damage to the passenger side front fender.

- Robyn B

After all these years Buick Lesabre is still a great car!

Best riding car i've owned. With regular maintenance the only things replaced were window motors, batteries, wipers and light bulbs. The a/c is perfect for the south! The electric locks, seats heat , a/c windows all still work. The gas gauge stopped working 10 years ago but had the trip mileage to fall back on. Lots of space in the trunk. LONG legs are not a problem in the front seats. Has great get up and go! Cruise control still works. Awesome on interstates or country roads.

- Lynne Y

I love the color on it burgundy have a nice radio speakers nice rims on the car.

I love my car is reliable stars every day no leakage just a little rust on one of the left side the tires are good the inside is very clean I have had my car for six years now the only problem I have had is I had a tune up on it oil change I replaced all the tires had them put on and balance I never had a problem out of it starts good in the winter and the air conditioner and heat work good also it is mostly highway miles but overall I love my car and I wouldn't sell it at all.

- Norma S

What I like most of the room in the back seat for my kids.

Great vehicle. Very roomy in the backseat. Has a very smooth ride. I have a 2001 model so it is pretty old but still runs well. No real problems. It does need to be jumped every once in awhile. The seats have really good cushioning and they are very comfortable. Interior is nice. Not sure of the mileage. It is a tan color on the inside and outside. It is has a/c, radio, and ashtray area. Overall it was a good buy for 200$. I am okay with it.

- Angelina C

The Volkswagen this car is a great car to use all the time it's very reliable.

Well I barely have problems with my car but when I do I get it fixed I have a Malibu ss from time to time it can get messed up but the thing to do when that happens is get I fixed right away, some of the performances that the my vehicle can do is it has its own navigation system already in it great amount of speed. The comfort is ok not all that but decent. Well that all I am going to say bout my car so hope you find the car of your dreams.

- Maya Willis M

How you car is supposed to run.

Car gets great gas mileage but is lacking in overall comfort. It definitely needs an update in the seat style as well in the dash controls. I am disappointed in how the vehicle handles itself on an uneven road. The suspension and shocks are unable to withstand the simplest bumps. But on a positive note, it makes a great family car. There's always room for 3 car seats and plenty of legroom for all of the passengers.

- Debbie P

Like I said, it's a great car and the engine is best gm ever made

It has the 3800 engine which in my opinion is the best engine ever made. The only problem is the plastic cooling elbow which cracks over time. I replaced it with aluminum and haven't had any issues. The only other thing that went out was the icm. This car has 300k plus miles and still runs great. The only things I would improve are the window regulators and cooling elbow. Runs good, rides good.

- Robert K

Almost no repairs in 200,000 miles!

The problems with this 18 year old vehicle have been minimal. The most notable one is that the window regulators have needed to be replaced twice which is quite an expensive repair, approximately $450 for each one. The car otherwise runs beautifully, is very comfortable and reliable. It currently has almost 200,000 miles on it. When the time comes to purchase another car it will be a Buick.

- Norma C

Dependable reliable Buick Lesabre.

This car has been very reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. The seating is comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. Have had to replace front wheel bearings several times; but, the car has over 200,000 miles on it. Window carriages have been replaced due to a plastic glide breaking. Just starting to show some rust around wheel wells after 18 years of daily driving.

- Bonnie L

The Buick Lesabre is a Boat! Great for family fun!

The Buick Lesabre is a low class luxury car with plenty of interior space big enough for a family of 6! The console can be adjusted to a seat. The rear space is roomy and large. There was a problem with the parking light fuse. But was an easy fix. Other than that it is a reliable family car that will take you and your family wherever you need it to!

- Alessandra M

This is a good family car.

It a good car. I did have some problems with it overheating. It blue a head gasket. The trunk leaks. I went through a lot of tires. I do not know why it did that. The side mirror keeps falling off. I have had to replace it 5 or 6 times. Other then that the car has been a pretty good car. I would tell anyone who wanted one that they are a good car.

- Barbara H

Overall it runs the engine runs great.

Fluctuating gas gauge my truck doesn't open any more seat warmers don't work car charge input doesn't work. I have replace my radiator and also my tension pulley. Been having my Buick Lesabre for about 2 years now and it hasn't let me down. The a/c blows cold but I has a leak so I have to put freon in it every other week. But overall it runs great

- Tavern B

This car definitely has problems with maintenance.

There are quite a few problems with my Buick Lesabre. 1. Seems like it has quite a few electrical problems like lights and power windows don't work or they go out frequently. 2. Gasket seal are known to go out on these cars frequently. It is also known to burn engine oil. I also keep losing coolant and it seems like it is leaking into the engine.

- James W

The car is running well enough.

The car runs fine. The door needs repaired but besides that the car runs smooth. It can be better with a little work. It is getting to perfection every step of the way. The ceiling is falling a little. The tires have been replaced a few times but what car has not, the things that is being done to the car is to improve the quality of the vehicle.

- Tina S

My car is very roomy, especially in the back and the truck is really large.

I have had this Buick for almost 10 yrs. No major repairs, just minor things that are to be expected. It is been very dependable. My brother has the same machine and model car except his is a 2002. . . Our only complaint is we both had a little trouble with the electric windows. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever!

- Dorothy L

My most dependable car ever.

This is a very dependable car. I have had really no problems with this car and I bought it used with a little over 200 thousand miles on it. I have put new tires on it and had to replace the battery and I believe that is all I have done with this vehicle. Has a 3. 8 motor the motor that last forever. I like my Buick.

- Deborah S

This has been a great car & still has many years left in it.

Had this car for 6 years. It's been an extremely reliable car although lately a lot of the parts seem to be wearing out. But you expect that to happen with a car that's 18 almost 19 years old. It's been a great car. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've had to stick a lot of money into it lately but it's worth it.

- Karen S

Well-made and sturdy car that handles great

The car runs great and a nice smooth ride. The seats are very comfortable . It's great on gas even with a powerful engine. Given the age of the car it is still well kept and beautiful. They definitely don't make ours like this anymore. I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking to get a well-made car

- Heather P

Did not know that my vehicles had seat warmers because I never saw it listed

I had a Buick ls it had seat warmers. Crouse controller. Ck low tire light. Leather interior. Air conditioner.. Heater. Radio cassette CD player. Mileage odometer broke fixed it several times kept breaking.. check engine light kept going on. Had vehicle fixed it. Check engine light kept going on.

- Lily L

My Buick Lesabre is the best car I've bought so far. I would.

I love my Buick Lesabre I bought it from some older woman 2 years ago and I am totally in my Buick gets good gas mileage I've only had to replace the power steering pump and line other than routine oil changes that's the only expensive.I would recommend a Buick to anyone it's a very reliable brand.

- Christopher L

Generally a good car with a few problems.

Uncomfortable seats, heating buttons for seats do not always work, air bag light stays on when weather is cold, otherwise, it is a good car. I like the buttons to lock and unlock the doors and the trunk. It had hail damage when I bought it. Also, there's a dent on the passenger's side by the door.

- Elizabeth C

Consistently reliable car

I have found this car to be consistently sturdy and reliable. Even though the car is fairly old, we have had very few issues with how it works. Parts are easy to come by because of the type of car that it is. I feel safe driving my children around in this car, and it does well in winter weather.

- Bethany W

It is a tan sedan, with very comfortable seats and a strong exterior.

It is a reliable car. It is at 230, 000 miles and I still haven't had any problems with it. I have gotten in a few car accidents with it, but any time it is been dented, it pops back out and basically fixes itself. It is seats are very comfortable and it is great for taking road trips in.

- Lexie D

Spacious and reliable car

I like how even though it is a older car it has buttons to roll down the window. The trunk is very spacious and I like the optional 6th seat in the front. I don't like how low the car is to the ground. I also wish it had a back windshield wiper. Overall I think it is a very reliable car.

- Anna W

It's a roomy for the whole family.

High miles. Power windows needs a set of tires. It is roomy and good on oil needs Freon also need a key to unlock the doors but have a button for the trunk. Has a very small crack in windshield put whole new oil lines in two years ago I only put 10, 000 miles or less on it in a year.

- Sandra H

The best Buick is the leasable.

The Buick lesabre is one of many vehicles I have owned and this is by far the roomiest of all. It rides super smooth and has never given me any serious issues. If I was to suggest a make and model of vehicle for reliable lift or a first time vehicle it would definitely be this one.

- Dustin C

It is a very reliable car good on road trips.

My car is very reliable and is a very nice size to take trips on and have children in. While it is a older model it still a good one it is made with metal and not plastic. I have had it for many years and it is still in really good condition. I would strongly recommend this car.

- Holly A

Reliable, but less than perfect.

My car is extremely reliable, however, with time, it has begun to become susceptible to wear and tear such as a leak in the steering fluid system. It has great fuel efficiency, though the alignment is consistently getting out of whack and my fuel gauge broke several months ago.

- Jess G

Heated Seats and Excellent Ac

It is very reliable seats are leather and comfortable and the seats are heated and power lock windows and doors gets good gas mileage can fit 2 boosters and a convertible car seat drives wonderful the ac is great and the heat is amazing. I Would recommend this car to people.

- Kayla W

Comfortable reliable 'friend'.

I have had no problems since purchasing my car. It is so comfortable riding and driving. As it is a limited edition there are so many extra features that I just love. Warning systems that remind me when time for servicing. It has been so reliable. Great gas mileage.

- Merle Lee B

Good on gas , roomy, comfortable seats.

I bought it used and had to do some work on it. I like that it is mid size which makes me feel safer than small car. Comfortable seats and roomy. I dislike the idea that it doesn't have some new technology such as backup screen so I can see where i'm backing up to.

- Terri B

Good and faithful 2001 Buick car.

My car lasts a very long time before it needs repairs and when there is a repair needed it only cost a few hundred dollars. Its ok on gas as well. The parts are fairly cheap to replace and the labor isn't too bad. Miles per gal. Could be better but overall it's ok.

- Shanna W

Good reliable car, high mileage but still running good.

Reliable after 150,000 miles. Had to fix things like power windows, etc. Had to do some work like alignment, shocks, brakes, new tires, headlights and taillights replaced. Good gas mileage. A few dash lights burnt out. Car was neglected by previous owner.

- Bernice W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets me from point a to point b.

I like the car because it was gift from my husband's uncle because it had been wrecked. It drives well and helps us to get around. My complaints is the dash pad curled up and we have had to have the windows fixed because they broke and would not go back up.

- Carley G

The engines on these vehicles are their biggest asset. They never fail.

With a vehicle that is as old as the one I am driving, there are bound to be a multitude of complaints. However, I can truthfully say that I am pleasantly surprised at how well this car has held up through the years. What I dislike are the issues with rust.

- Mary E

Reliable car, good for long trips

Very reliable. I only change oil, replace tires, wiper blades and brakes. Decent: gas mileage. Smooth ride. Handles well. Good roominess for me and passengers. Quite comfortable for long drives for vacations. I would consider buying another Buick Lesabre.

- Mark H

The aforementioned dash and power window problems. It's darn near perfect IMO otherwise.

I love the size, ride, and reliability. I had that the power windows break (ALL of them) and that they used cheap glue so the dash pulls up. Other than that, my only complaint is mileage and that they don't make them anymore!

- CJ L

That it is reliable, it drives well and has a good engine that should last a while more

I like that my car is large and safe, but I hate the trunk and think next time I'll get a crossover. I wish my car were newer but that's an expense I can't afford, luckily my car has a large motor and has plenty of life left

- Jessica L

It's big, comfortable, and efficient.

This car looks good and runs well. It handles smoothly in all sorts of weather. The heat and the air conditioning keep the vehicle comfortable. Plenty of electronics add to the enjoyment.

- Pat C

It's old, but that's not a bad thing. I have bought Buicks since 1976.

I like it because it looks good & has a nice color. I love having AC, but it's not working right now & needs a new compressor. We had to get a new battery & shocks this year too.

- Mary G

It is old, and prone too minor breakdowns due to its age.

Runs ok,& gets me where I need to go. But is showing signs of its age. Three of the four electric windows have failed. The headliner is also coming loose from the interior roof.

- Elton H

It's a great car for comfort and reliability.

The car is very comfortable to ride in. Even though it is old, it drives well. Great car if you take care of it. Good gas mileage. Looks like a "Grandma" car but rides perfect!

- Michael P

It is reliable and that the gas meter does not work.

I like that it drives smoothly and does well with gas. It is also very comfortable and has given me very few and far between issues. The thing i dislike is that it is very big.

- Selene D

It's very clean and attractive car. Looks brand new and hardly any maintenance.

I purchased the Buick in July of 2010. Has large trunk area and is fully loaded. Excellent mileage and car still looks brand new and couldn't tell how old it is.

- Joel B

ran for a long time, and is still running. rarely has anything wrong with it either.

it's an old vehicle that has gotten me to where I need to go for a long time now. It's not very showy, but it's durable, and that's all I wanted from it.

- tim o

It's a safe and reliable vehicle.

I don't like that it's a manual transmission. It feels safe but that's only because the thing handles like a tank. The windows won't work right either.

- daymon T

The Buick Lesabre is an awesome and dependable family vehicle.

For the age of the car it is in excellent shape. This car runs great and gets pretty good gas mileage. Minor upkeep is all that is necessary.

- Tiffany F

It is 17 years old, but it is still a good primary vehicle for our use.

It has a reliable engine. The transmission needed a rebuild. The gas mileage is not the best. After repairs it has been a very good vehicle

- Chris B

Buick is so awesome I love it

She still runs well for all the mileage she has on her. I would love to have another Buick in my future. I am deeply in love with my car.

- Jeremy P

It is very reliable. The problem that we have is the driver's window control.

Mechanically the car runs great. Problems with the following: electrical system (especially windows), air conditioning vents, headliner.

- Cynthia S

It is a standard transmission and not everyone can drive one.

I love that it is reliable. I live that my vehicle has low mileage and drives smoothly. I hate that my vehicle is not to good on gas.

- Charmaine H

It has been a reliable vehicle. It is a good car. Safe and comfortable

It has been a good car. It has done a lot of driving in the highway miles. It fits a lot of things in it. Lots of room and storage.

- Angie L

This car is massive, so very difficult to maneuver.

I like how sturdy and reliable it is. I also like the automatic windshield wipers. I dislike how big it is! It's hard to park.

- Jasmin K

It gets great gas mileage

I acquired my car when my father passed away. It was his for 4 years. I will continue to drive it till it will no longer run

- Joe G

Reliable and very little maintenance required.

Its reliable has never broke down gets me A to B. And is extremely comfortable and spacious and everything works well in it.

- Nicholas W

Reliable and good gas mileage.

Still running when car is 17 years old; well appointed and comfortable ride for a sedan. Nothing stunning but very good.

- Jean R

Reliable easy to care for vehicle.

Expensive to repair, gas tank is expensive to fill up. Turn radius is large, you have to swing way out to make turns.

- Amy E

The most comfortable car I have driven

I love my car ~ It's nice riding easy on gas. It's reliable I can go anywhere with it with no issues~ no complaints

- Gilbert Z

The Buick LeSabre is the BEST vehicle that you could ever get.

I absolutely love the size of the car and the reliability of how well it works. It's also a very easy car to drive.

- James P

It is a good reliable and dependable car.

Nothing. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. Gets great gas mileage on long trips. Plenty of room for seating.

- Amy P

Love my Buick it's a great car

I love my car it is low maintenance relabeled and last for years without any major issues to fix great investment

- Joan O

Old but works just like you expect.

For the age and mileage it works fine, issues on occasion, I have put more money into the car then I paid for it.

- Liz G

buick makes reliable cars.

it's reliable. color makes it easy to find.it meets my needs. i wish it was easier to tell what is wrong with it.

- terry f

Still looks good after all these years, and ride smoothly.

It's a smooth ride. It has plenty of room for 5 people. Is a comfortable car for a long drive for vacation time.

- trish l

It has some scratches some bumps but it's still very nice

My car is working well it fail in some areas but they were fixed and so far it runs well and I enjoy driving it

- Jess r

There’s really nothing you need to know about it.

Everything on this car works just replaced the whole front end. No problems or issues with this car. I love it.

- Joey H

Smooth ride and comfortable with leather seats and great gas mileage

I got the car from my mom after my dad passed away and other than normal wear and tear I've had no problems

- Joe R

Driving and taking care of my car is important.

My car is a Buick I have had 17 years and have had little trouble with it the mainly normal wear and tear.

- Terry L

It is practical for me, gas efficient, small, user friendly.

It is starting to make a rattling noise which is scary but I love the old Buick it is cute and efficient.

- Rebecca B

My Buick LeSabre has a lot of power. It can accelerate real fast in no time

I like that it has power I like that it has needed very little maintenance I like how it drives smoothly

- Kathy T

It's a good running vehicle.

Buicks are good running cars. I would recommend owning a Buick. I cannot afford to buy one right now. .

- Tracey B

Good gas mileage and it is really comfortable . It has a great engine that has get up and go.

Not much I don't like about it. I like the gas mileage. I love the comfort. Not so much the style.

- Thomas J

The air conditioning works and it's very cold! It also needs work.

It is very comfortable to ride in. It's also not that attractive. It gets me where I'm going, though.

- Emily J

It's paid for. Costs very little to drive. Looks greats.

Best driving car, comfort, reliable, steady on the road, and still looks great after all these years.

- Mary C

The mileage is good the brakes are touchy and the truck and door only open with a key and not the button

I like the gas mileage and the space. I do not like the way the interior look or the trunk space

- Erin M

its roomyand you can move around without bumping on anything

i like it because it is extremely roomy and your not cramped up i hate it because it's a gas hog

- rodney c

it is dependable and good on gas i would recommend it for anyone

It's the right size no complaints i like it alot the lights are great and the features are good

- Karen P

It is mine and I try my best to take care of it.

It is a good strong vehicle. The only bad thing is it is pretty rusty from northern Michigan.

- bill B

AC doesn't blow very hard. It's old. Needs work but it's strong.

Sturdy car, but I've had a lot of problems, recently, with it stalling frequently.

- Maika P

My car has been a good car. There' not anything I don't like about my car.

Buick is very good cars and they last a long time if you take good care of them

- Martha E

The only problems i have now are because of the age. It's been a very good vehicle. My last problem was leaking steering fluid.

It's very dependable. It gets good gas mileage. And it's very long lasting

- Nicole H

Decent gas mileage for a large vehicle. Smooth ride on the road, easy to handle also.

My car is good size vehicle,. Which if comfortable and rides smoothly.

- Jose L

Long lasting and good looking. Tech updated overall very pleased.

Classy look. Tech savvy instruments. Dependable and sturdy.

- Lori T

It's a Comfortable car but it seems to have electrical problems that seem to happen more often than I like

It's a very Dependable vehicle and gets decent gas mileage

- Linda M

It's comfortable. The gas mileage is not is good as my former Park Avenue. The body has no lasting power; it's getting rusty.

It's a good family car. It seats four people comfortably.

- Beth R