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Very Pleased Owner of an Exceptional Family Car

I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne. This car has leather interior. Its has lots of room in the front, back seat, and the trunk is very roomy also. I haven't had a serious problem with this car in the 4 yrs that I've had it. Everything in the car is electric. The only minor problem that I've had is the control on the passenger seat that works the lumbar part works when it wants to. The AC is very pleasing. The speaker system is even great. We even have On-star feature. Garage opener(I haven't had the luxury of using yet). It also has lots of settings, tells you when you should check pressure in tires, remaining oil life, it has a chime volume, and many more features of that sort. It make a great family (1-5 people) vehicle. Have nothing negative to say about this vehicle and if you have or plan to buy this Buick, then you should not either. ?

- Holly A

I own a classy white with navy top Buick Lucerne cxl.

I love this vehicle because it has a lot of bells and whistles. Heated seats, self start, leather seats, self parking, stereo sound, it rides comfortably on the highway and has excellent highway gas mileage. It does not get many mile to the gallon in the city. It had an engine leak problem that cost me $1100. I found out thru researching the internet that this is a common problem with this model Buick. Thank goodness I only had to pay my deductible of $100. My maintenance insurance paid the rest. Although I purchased this vehicle used in 2014, it has gotten me everywhere I needed to go with no problems. I would definitely consider purchasing another Buick.

- Barb D

My Buick. I do like how a lot of the inside features was easy for me, helped me.

One thing I liked about it when we purchased the car was it had a park assist. It gave us an idea of how close we are to the car behind us in reverse. I also liked the idea how it warmed up the seats during winter. The only problem with that is if it goes out, it is hard to repair and can get expensive. I was disappointed to find out there is more than two recalls on this Buick and common problems Buick owners have had in the past that I am learning of now. The recalls is a hassle only because where I have to take the car is not near me, it is kind of a drive and my car is already a gas guzzler to begin with so that does not help in that department.

- Stephanie B

Great reliable Car! Great for families or Older couples!

We love our vehicle! It is extremely reliable, we travel for sports all over and it has never let us down! The car's self diagnostic system has always worked great for us! Let's us know the second a tire needs air or something else needs serviced. The ride itself is very smooth and drives very nicely, it's our family car and we couldn't ask for a better one. The only downfall is the factory rims corrode very easily and cause tires to leak, we knew this when buying the vehicle so we just bought some new Buick rims but a different kind and haven't had one problem!

- Cheyenne M

Buick door problems during the winter season

So far the common problem with the Buick Lucerne are the doors. Let say you accidentally open the passenger door before the driver put the gear on park the door will not open at all. We had to bring it to the store to fix it. The doors also freeze when it is too cold. During the winter it was a huge pain to deal with because when it's frozen it won't open then when you finally get it to open it will not shut. We had to pour hot water on it to thaw. The speakers that came with isn't the greatest either eventually it started to sound like a tin can.

- Denise M

The Buick Lucerne is a smooth riding, luxurious car.

This car has a heater and air conditioning that work beautifully. Very comfortable leather seats that are heated.. Something I have never had before. Power steering and windows. The trunk is very roomy. Adjustable seats with plenty of legroom. I haven't figured out gas mileage yet, but I can go 250 miles on half a tank of gas. That is impressive to me, considering I have driven older Cadillac that we're useless.

- Annette M

Clean, slick, family vehicle

Comfortable, good on gas, big trunk, great family vehicle. Looks nice on the inside and out. My husband works on the car when needed and says that everything is easy to get to, have a lot of space to work. The leather seats are easy to clean, has a lot of options when it comes to the radio and speakers, comes with CD player. Even has charging ports under both front seats. Easy to connect with Bluetooth devices

- Randie M

Buick Lucerne has helpful features it carries where you will not get nervous.

My vehicle problems is mostly the common problems that you have to deal with as your car starts to age. Brakes, tires, and rotors are examples of what I had to change. Regular oil changes needed. I do like the fact that it has features that are helpful like my park assist and letting you know how close you are too another car or whatever by sensors. I also like how it has seat warmers along with cool as well.

- Rachel B

I would say the power of the engine is what I like best. You really feel like you are moving in comparison to other cars.

The Lucerne has a nice, roomy interior which was important to me as I find some cars are rather cramped inside. I also really like the car for the power that the engine has. It was the first car I had that you barely had to touch the gas and the car zoomed forward. Other cars felt week and under powered in comparison. After experiencing this car, when I get a new car I think I am going to stick with Buick.

- Alexander G

My radio will tell me the name of a song and the artist that sings it.

My car is very comfortable. It rides nice and smooth. There are storage compartments that make it convenient to pack up and go. I have had only one problem and it was the power steering. My car is very reliable. It has a big tank so gas for it is not cheap. It's got power everything and it will let you know if something is wrong by displaying it. Overall, it's a very reliable car and full of comfort.

- Penny R

This car has 265,000 miles on it!

I love driving this car. It does have some features that you may not expect because it is a 2006. My car has 265,000 miles on it. I bought it from my mom who has driven it for the last 8 years and drove over 100 miles a day commute for about 4 years. Air works great still, we have taken care of interior. It has had to have transmission replaced a couple years ago, but that has been only major issue.

- Amy A

The pros and cons of the Buick Lucerne. It is a beautiful luxury vehicle.

I love the size and weight of the vehicle. The extra features are a plus and very much appreciated. The seating is very comfortable with lumbar support and electric adjustments. The Lucerne has plenty of legroom and you can stretch out the zone heating/cooling is great and it keeps the car at a comfortable temperature. I love the heated seats. Our problem is that the vehicle is too low for us.

- J S

Has a self starter button perfect for the cold weather and the hot weather.

My car is very nice it's a beast in the snow I've had it for 2 winters never got stuck. It starts every morning and it has a self starting function. Heated seats as well as power everything. I love my car.I have replaced both ball joints as well as the struts. Very easy to do. I replaced all 4 brake pads. As well as 1 headlight the headlight was the hardest thing to do on the hole car.

- James H

Wheel balance. I have had trouble with keeping my wheels balanced on this car.

The only thing I don't like about my Buick. Is the turning ratios. It gets great gas mileage and it has been very reliable. I have own 3 Buicks. I would say that they are comfortable and very trustworthy. The headlights are a pain to change and you have to take it to a dealer to get it done. I use to be able to change my own bulbs. Now it is $40 or more for a $5 Bulb.

- Steven B

My car is a great car, easy to maintain, no major issues and starts every time.

I have not had any problems with my car other than the usual maintenance. My car has power windows, locks, doors and is very comfortable. There is plenty of room and it drives very smoothly. It will alert you of any maintenance issues that are needed such as low oil or low fuel. It has been very reliable and easy to maintain and it is easy to adjust the seats and mirrors.

- Penny R

Life with lucille is lucid.

I love the heated seats I enjoy the smooth ride I do not like that it only opens from the driver side and does not have a switch alarm I like the seats can go all the way back I wish it a back windshield wiper it gets hard to see out back when it rains I am glad it has a trunk that you can Escape from if you get locked inside your trunk by accident or a kidnapper.

- Joyce H

Buick Lucerne: make sure you get one with a 3800 engine and not a NorthStar.

Mine has a NorthStar engine which is a headache and very expensive to fix. It has XM satellite radio. It has a very smooth ride and a power sunroof. I love it, just wish it had a different engine. It has leather heating and cooling seats. Replacing the headlights are expensive. If you are a handyman or an on the side mechanic you will be fine.

- Missy T

The pleasure of electronic high tech machine in my dream car.

I have had very few problems with this car. It is comfortable, smooth ride, has telephone and it is connected to onstar roadside if assistance is needed. Some of the features includes front and rear wheel drive, column lock steering anti-lock brakes, cruise control, air condition door ajar warning with warning chimes assemblies.

- Margaret M

Buick stays on the road better.

Heavy so it holds the road well in all kinds of weather. Dependable only had to replace tires and brakes.. Low maintenance, comfortable. Only problem too low. Hard to get in and out for seniors and handicap people. Also due to size of battery it is under the back seat which is inconvenient if you are giving a friend a jump.

- Sandra M

Plenty of room in my tough big trunk sedan.

It rides and drives nice. It gets good why gas mileage. The trunk is huge, plenty of legroom in backseat. doesn't burn oil. This car is a great one to take on a long trip with children. Its big but does not feel like a big ole Lincoln. It's never over heated. I drive 3 miles on gravel roads everyday so it's a tough car.

- Terri T

Overall good car. Runs really well.

Vehicle is very nice. Runs very well. I would suggest it because it rides very smooth. You cant even feel any bumps! Overall I think it is a very safe car. Awesome car. Very awesome car. I cant believe how well it runs. No sunroof though, so that sucks. But if I could change one thing, it would be to add a sunroof.

- Elizabeth S

Driving a Buick Lucerne daily

This Buick is a very sound vehicle. This vehicle drives well and has been very reliable for my family. I have not had to put very much repair work into this vehicle since we have had it, I believe that we have only had to repair the alternator one time and have had no other repairs to do since owning this vehicle

- Trent Z

That I have the OnStar feature available to me. I would not want to be without it.

I like that it includes OnStar, since that is a very nice feature to have, especially in case of an emergency. I like that it has leather seats, and that they can be heated. It is a white car, so I am not crazy about the color. It is comfortable for traveling on long trips and has a large truck to store things.

- Gayle G

Expensive looking ride for a lower price.

Sunroof drain leaks from the tubes that are supposed to drain the water gets filled with debris. Very smooth ride and comfortable. High end seating leather seats. Classes sharpe appearance. Large truck space for storage. Speak leg room in front and back seats. Heat and air vents in the rear for extra comfort.

- Susie R

Would not recommend the 2006 Buick Lucerne.

I have had the transmission replaced, twice, and it still was hard shifting. I have had a shift kit installed, and that helped the hard shifting, but still has a think, @ times, when taking off. I have had 1 door regulator replaced. The vent that puts ac and heat to the front passenger side has quit working.

- Lloyd G

The cruise control is handy. My car gets great mileage & runs smooth.

The car is great on gas, it's been reliable. I've had no problems except for a few weeks my car started running hot and I ended up having to buy a new radiator. After reviewing my car online I saw that most people with the car I have had that same problem. Other than that I love my car & It runs great

- Elizabeth C

Its grey and it's a 6 seater car.

It's a really great car its a 6 seater car and it got heat and a/c and heated seats and it also have Bluetooth and the engine is really great it drives really smooth and it got 3 cup holders and the trunk is really big and deep it is a really great car to be a 2006 and the color is really great.

- Brooklyn H

My vehicle is grey with white eyes and a huge smile on the front.

My vehicle is absolutely amazing and there is nothing wrong with it. It is very comfy and I adore its generosity to drive my everywhere! Woohoo to my Buick! I call her Betsy because we take lots of bets on if I can make it through certain trails. And of course I have won all these bets!

- Alicia L

I think if there was ever an accident in the car, that whomever is in the car would be pretty much safe. It justs feels secure and heavy like.

A/C is out which is going to be expensive I like that it's roomy in the car but at the same time sometimes I feel like it's too big for me. My piece where you would plug in your phone to charge it, it never worked which is a dislike for sure, I always need to charge something.

- Julissa L

Great car and gets great gas mileage, all the extra things make it awesome.

I love my car but since it's older I have been running into a few problems. I recently had to replace front wheel bearings, front right tie rod, front end alignment and replace the upstream oxygen sensor. It comes with great features such as park assist or rain sensor wipers.

- Stacy S

Sleek but economical and reliable.

Very comfortable, excellent gas mileage. Heated seats, Sirius radio available, adjustable seats, smooth riding, large trunk, Easily fits 5 people. No mechanical or performance issues with routine maintenance, sleek looking but economical. Plenty of leg room and storage.

- Stacy T

Buick with bench seats win the dat.

I love the bench seats and it gives a smooth ride. I had a roomy interior and air conditioner in the back. Between the seats is adequate storage space in the lift up arm. Passenger who sit in the back are very comfortable. The seats are a soft and comfortable leather.

- Carol P

Only two owners... ac works but only the driver side has heat

It is very dependable... my father bought brand new and I bought it from him... it has issues with cutting off... the inside is poor condition needs work done to the engine... had the both front tire rods replaced the whole rear axle also needs all four shocks replaced

- Sally J

Issues with this Buick car.

Since I have gotten this car in November 2017 I have had major wiring issues, and not drive without my radio. We know the problem is in the wiring but not why. This issue keeps draining my car battery. Also overheating issues with this car. Yet no codes are being seen.

- Carol P

The only thing I like is the inside of the car and the color.

The engine and motor has had to have work. One day my fiance drove the car from work and it started smoking and sounded like it was flying. The struts and tires have had to be replaced several time due the struts. Very wide turning vehicle and very difficult to park.

- Shona S

Love the quietness of the engine.

My cars performance is low right now it needs a tune up but other than that I love it when it is fully tuned it drives like butter very smooth ride plus the brand Buicks last forever I used to own a park avenue 1986 and I only paid 200$ for it but it lasted 3 years.

- Misty C

Smooth solid ride, very reliable

Good car and very reliable. A few things have broken inside but nothing that can be fixed. The Buick is great on gas and has a remote start that's very reliable. It has high mileage but still runs great. The lights at night are very bright and so are the high beams.

- Tracey D

Smooth comfortable ride. Good on gas, surprisingly.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It handles well for a large car. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. It is low to the road so any driveways that are not smooth makes the front end scrape. The leather interior is very comfortable and easy to clean.

- Judy C

It is a wonder family car, it is spacious and comfortable.

I love how comfortable it is. The size and weight of the vehicle are perfect to make me feel safe on the roadway with other drivers. The only downfall of the vehicle is that the transmissions in older Buick tend not to last as long as a Honda or Toyota might.

- Catherine N

Favorite car I Have Owned

This is the second one I have owned. I love them. Comfy and nice riding. Only issue is there are blind spots when looking left and right. But it's a quiet ride. It has all the bells and whistles. The gas mileage is fairly good. It's about 19 miles a gallon.


Headlights are impossible to change without going to a mechanic.

It is fine. It gets me where I need to go and has only broken down once. I am afraid to take it on any trip longer than one hour. Trunk space is nice, but in my line of work I need more. Spoiled by the cool features this car offers, like automatic wipers.

- Timothy Y

This old car has served my needs well. It is had regular maintenance on it.

Had this car since 2007, bought it as a used 1 year vehicle. It is served me well. Over 120k miles, so far. Most of these year cars have the Northstar engine that have my make. I do regular oil changes, tires, brakes. Can't complain about this car at all.

- Mary D

high visibility open window space. Auxiliary port for mp3 or other connection.

Great power from a v6 engine, it's very roomy for comfort and family safety. Gets good gas mileage average 20 mile/ interstate cloth powered seats so you won't be seated on hot material. Simple to use controls and a very large trunk to take on any trips.

- John M

That I would not recommend they purchase a 2006 Buick Lucerne.

I bought it used about 4 years ago. It has had many mechanical problems during that time including a transmission rebuild. Latest problem was a coolant leak between engine and transmission housing. Stop Leak has solved the problem (for now).

- Richard Z

Great look and great driving experience.

The performance is great when everything is in good working conditions. But when my tire go bad, the drive is horrible and the abs acts up and the steering is terrible. It is a reliable vehicle and its a luxury car that looks great.

- Ernest J

Buick Lucernes are comfortable smooth driving cars, perfect for a family car.

I love the comfort of my vehicle. The size and weight of the vehicle makes for a very smooth ride. The only complaint I have is that the transmission has a bit of a slip and will probably eventually have to be replaced.

- Catherine N

Reliable, comfortable sedan

Great car, I love the remote start, heated seats, spacious trunk and interior, automatic windshield wipers. My only complaints are that I wish it got better gas mileage and that it looks like an "old person" car.

- Tamara F

That you must obey the alerts. I also think that remembering that the seats are easily adjustable are convenient but if using the other punch pad then they go back to factory setting.

One thing i dislike is the point that the driver side door handle is breaking off. I like the fact that the seats are heated. I also like the color of the car. I like the it looks small but roomy on the inside.

- Ann O

It's important to know that I believe the car is more on the luxury side of cars.

I've had several issues with the coolant system as well as power steering. The Buick Lucerne v8 has powerful north star engine. My car is reliable and runs good as long as I keep water and oil in it.

- Heather M

Very smooth and comfortable for short or long rides.

My car is very comfortable,and smooth to ride in. The only problem I have had with my car is the power steering pressure hose, but other than that it is perfect with no problems at all.

- Stephanie A

Very roomy. There is a third seat belt on front seat

It is very old. The garage door opener no longer works. It is very large and hard for me to maneuver. On the positive side, the heated seats and remote start are nice in the winter.

- Christine H

This car is very reliable and it doesn't have any major issues. The maintenance on the car is affordable.

I bought this car used and it was well taken care of. I love how it drives smooth, the seats are comfy, and it stays relatively clean. The maintenance on the car is affordable.

- Jeff M

Very comfortable, easy to drive, rides really smooth.

I love all the options (heated seats, dimmer on rear view mirror, on star) and it's really comfortable to drive. Cons are that I've already had to rebuild the transmission.

- Michelle B

Great gas mileage compared to my last car. Love all the features.

It is paid for. Have had no major issues. Good on gas mileage. Comfortable riding car. Lots of room in the trunk for hauling what I need. Lots of legroom in the back seat.

- Ellen F

It's more dependable than it looks.

I like the dependability of Buicks. They last an unexpectedly long time with little repair. The size does make it difficult to park in small lots or tight spaces.

- Min S




It has a ton of leg room, which makes it really comfortable for anyone riding in the front or back seat

I like it car. It's a smooth ride and has nice features. The only drawback is that it's a little old so it doesn't have some of the newer features of other cars.

- Virginia S

It is made in the US And the warrantee is great I have no problem taking it to the shop and getting work done on it

I always like a Buick. They are extremely reliable and comfortable. I would tell my friends how reliable and comfortable they are and the gas mileage is great.

- Janice S

You need to know where you can get cng near your house or work.

It is a strong and sturdy car. Has lasted a long time!!.. But it is a little outdated and looks too old for me.. I like that it drives good for the most part..

- Rebekah R

Love my 2006 Buick Lucerne.

Over 7 years and the only problem is the receiver for the automatic door locks went out. It drives nice and is very comfortable when riding on long trips.

- Terri N

Runs well even with high miles.

Very comfortable car, have issues with it stalling on me for no apparent reason almost daily. Really like the style and comfort of the car though.

- Susan Z

Very beautiful and reliable car that does not hog up gasoline.

I love this car so much! I have no problems with it. I recommend buying this car it is very affordable and reliable and great for a family of 3.

- Ariana R

Older cars can look and run great!

I like that it looks new and was a great price. It runs well and has no problems. I wish that it was newer with more of the technology perks.

- Anastasia W

The best riding vehicle I have ever owned.

The car has blind spots. I had to add extra mirror so I could see when changing lanes or backing out of parking places. Otherwise, I love it.

- Beverly T

Buick Lucerne amazing car limited edition.

don't know much. . My first car and still learning about it. . But it does have a transmission problem. . Steering wheel problem and no ac.

- Maris P

The car runs good for now.

The year of the car, the high mileage and it is starting to rust and the drive window mechanics do not work. The one door will not open.

- Connie W

I had bench seats which gives me a lot of room.

I like the bench seats. They are comfortable and the car is very roomy. The car rides very smoothly and is almost maintenance free.

- Carol K

I love it. My family does a lot of road trips.

Great on gas good on long trips very spacious for my family lots of trunk space I wish it would have had a navigation system in it.

- Octavia H

It is hard learning to park the vehicle at first because the car is rather long.

My vehicle is rather large for a car. It handles well, and drives great. It has a sunroof, heated seats, and an automatic start.

- Lexi M

It is a wonderful first car and it is very reliable!

I love my car however it is a little too low to the ground. But I love everything else about it and it is a great first car.

- Samantha B

It has very good gas mileage.

Very easy to care for. Has not given me any problems other than basic upkeep. It has a lot of room and is very comfortable.

- Michelle C

good car to drive when you are going to the store or a on a long trip

it is a very ;comfortable car to drive. it holds a lot of things in the trunk. it has a/c in the rear for the passengers

- Bob T

Thick technology in the vehicle is sufficient even in today's standards

Very nice quality vehicle and reliable on or off road, have never had to put any money into it besides a real radiator.

- Frank U

It dies randomly. Not sure why but it does. It's an easy fix though. Just restart and keep driving and hope you're not in heavy traffic.

It drives smoothly. The interior is comfortable. The exterior is pretty. The one thing I dislike is it dies randomly.

- Billie F

It has air conditioning that work during this hot weather.

I really own a Pontiac G6 2008. So far it's reliable. Needs a tire and a headlight. Wish I had better gas mileage.


It fits a lot of stuff in it.

My Buick is dependable, comfortable to drive and for passengers, handles smoothly under differing conditions, safe.

- Carl J

The bench seat is very comfortable.

I like the bench seats as there is more room in the front.. I do not like the glove compartment as it is too small.

- Carol K

It has Awesome Gas Mileage and Plenty of Foot room

I love that its gets awesome gas mileage, I dislike that it's not a van and wish it had more seats and more room

- Maria C

This car has a V8 engine and hits high speeds very fast.

Love the room and the power in it. I do not like the gas mileage. I also do not like the cost of repairs.

- Heidi S

Above average gas mileage. Really reliable, and riding comfort allows to drive further

It is VERY reliable roomy, above ave on gas mileage stylish. Air and heat positioning provides comfort

- Donald S

2006 Buick Lucerne, comfortable, drives nice.

Transmission is troublesome. Randomly shifts hard. Second transmission so far. Both have had issues.

- Lance D

It is good. It has a quit engine. It has low miles.

It runs quite. Like that it has great gas mileage. Dislike that the battery is under the back seat.

- Ann T

It's functional and will get you where you need to go.

I like that it is functional. However, there are several minor things that need to be updated.

- Gabriel C

it is a solid american ride.

i like the smooth ride . it is too big. it gets much better mileage than i thought it would.

- michelle G

Don't buy one! Although it rides nice, the higher trunk makes it difficult to see around.

It's a Lemon Law vehicle! I didn't know that when I bought it. I am afraid to trust it.

- Cindy B

very comfortable luxury car

like the room and luxury features of the car. very dependable car. terrible gas mileage

- jon K

I like the comfort. I like the ease of handling. It is low maintenance. Picks up a lot of speed going downhill, which means I wear out the brakes more often than others.

This is my 4th Buick, and they were all low maintenance, which is very important to me.


Good car, low maintenance.

Roomy, it has plenty of back seat space. Rides comfortably. Almost like a luxury car.

- Eric H

The ease of adjusting the sound and changing the station on the radio via the buttons on the steering wheel.

I really like the smooth ride. The seats are very comfortable and great adjustments.

- Nancy E

Great quiet ride, low air noise, good sound system.

I love the quiet ride, the visibility when driving. The car gets good gas mileage.

- Lisa S

I don't owe any money on it. I will drive it until it is no longer running.

Gets very good gas mileage. A little too small for my husband. Reliable .

- Sandra B

It's a nice compact car and drives nice

It's the right size. It's good on gas. I like the color. No complaints.

- Cathy m

Don't buy one like it the upkeep can be ridiculous and cost way more than another brand

Too many things have gone wrong with it High gas mileage Rides smoothly

- Krista M

Great ride, handles well, Buick makes a good car

Beautiful vehicle, even though it is getting older it still rides nice.

- Linda D

Reliable and never had a major problem

Looks good Comfortable smooth ride Fair gas mileage A little too long

- Jennifer O

The motor or lever on the windshield wipers is broken so I have no wipers. Shocks,struts in back is bad. It runs good.

It needs work but in all for it being a 12 year old car it is good

- Dynel T

it is a nice driving car. good for families

the car runs nice, very comfortable, has a lot of trunk space

- cassandra O

It drives well. The air conditioning works very well in this hot weather.

I like the way it handles. It is very comfortable to sit in.

- Donna A