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A great first Cadillac. A sporty design, smooth ride, amazing on gas.

It has a lovely design, looks sporty which is awesome. The traction control is amazing in the winter. It cuts right through the snow with little effort. Gas mileage is also very good. The interior has a very modern sleek look. As for a couple negatives the steering is pretty tight it isn't as easy to make fast turns. The sound system also could use an update. I have been in newer Cadillacs and there sound system has great bass and is so loud and clear. My vehicle has little to no base and the music seems a little quiet. I also would like a wireless Bluetooth connection for music. The car does have Bluetooth but it only works for phone calls.

- Amanda N

My silver wagon with black leather.

For a Cadillac, as a young woman, I love it. I feel that it is powerful, it's a cute car and has a lot of character. I like that my car is not brand new but still has a new feel to it inside with black leather, an updated dash, black carpet and the fake carbon fiber look rather than the mahogany wood commonly found in them. The seats are comfortable and overall its very spacious in the back seat which is a plus. I am constantly getting compliments on my wagon which makes me like the car even more. The telescopic headlights are a cool touch that definitely turn heads.

- Heather C

My car is both luxurious and affordable. It makes a big statement when it's on the road, but since I bought it used, it was an economical choice for me.

I like how classy my vehicle looks; it has a custom grill on the front and attracts a lot of attention. I also like all the luxury features it has inside, like heated leather seats and built-in navigation. The only thing I can think of that I really dislike about it is how low to the ground it feels; it's sometimes tricky to go over speed bumps or even up/down my own driveway without having to angle the car so it doesn't "scrub" against the slope.

- Marilia W

I recommend Cadillac for comfort and safety.

My cts wagon is perfect for me. It is comfortable, reliable and roomy. The favorite feature is the cooled seats because I live in Florida. I had a problem with the sunroof leaking, twice, which were very costly repairs my Cadillac dealer which is solely Cadillac gets things right. A multi dealership just does not have the expertise, I learned through experience. And I get so many compliments on how handsome my car is. I really love my car.

- Kath B

Reliable and comfort but can cost a pretty penny down the road.

It handles phenomenally and is great on long distance road trips for a comfortable experience. Reliability wise it's been pretty solid but with all the trips I have made it has needed a fair few repairs on the brakes and suspension. Being a Cadillac they are naturally not very cheap and nearing its 8 year birthday it's happening more and more often. It has never broken down on me and I have put it through its paces more than a few times.

- Chris H

Great looks and fun to drive.

The performance package provides quick response and easy maneuverability for my driving patterns. The vehicle is solid offering a high level of safety and security as I drive. I find the visual space excellent. I can easily see in all directions in the model I purchased. The body design and pinstriping give my car a very classy appearance. Eve though the car is 9 years old, I still receive compliments.

- Kay S

Comfortable and very nice.

I have been hearing a rattling in the wheel or front of my car lately, but other than that it is really nice. It drives really well and has really good visibility. I also wish that it had the dial for volume like the 2003 cts rather than the buttons. I also wish that my particular model had Bluetooth so that I could listen to music from my phone on the speakers.

- Alice F

I love this vehicle and am very happy with the purchase.

The vehicle has a classic design and interior. The interior is comfortable and easy to take care of. The engine has plenty of power and is reliable. Gas mileage could be better but the trade off for performance is well worth it. I does have some blind spots for someone at my size. I am 5'6". Excellent vehicle.

- Terry W

Well rounded family car with tons of extras.

I love how practical and reliable my Cadillac is its sporty but family friendly it has great control and is a safe ride I love all the features that came standard. The sound system is banging and the tint makes it stay cool in the summer. I love the heated seats too they are awesome every morning.

- Rose E

Cadillac cts sunroof beauty.

Great vehicle that performs really well. Awesome luxury experience with smooth driving. Vehicle does have some blind spots but overall not bad. The best part of the whole car is the sunroof. I love how it goes all the way to the backseat of the car and brings in great light.

- Serena C

It's American made. That is important to me. I like that I can get parts easily, and also that this car has been very reliable.

I enjoy the comfortable ride, the good gas mileage, and its sporty look. About the only thing lacking in this car is a good radio. There is plenty of room in the trunk for when we travel and unlike other cars we've had, there is plenty of space for riders in the back.

- Nancy W

First class vehicle for a family of three.

My car is by far the best one I have ever owned. It is reliable, comfortable and very good on gas mileage whether we are going on a long or short trip. The interior is leather and very easy to keep clean. We have heated seats which are very nice to have in the winter.

- Kathy W

Solid car even with >100k miles.

It drives smooth, has just enough "go" without being touchy, blind spots aren't bad. Leather interior is tough and, although tan, does not stain easily - I let my 4 dogs romp all over it. Has a large trunk which is nice.

- Kat L

It is a solid well built classy sport vehicle.

My CTS is comfortable, reliable, fast and is great looking. I enjoy the rapid acceleration and the quiet ride. it has great features including a hard drive to store my music without having to save CDs.


Rides a little rough because of the type tires it requires

Car has an appealing design - sporty. It also uses regular gas. One thing I do not like is that it has a blind spot that makes it difficult to see a vehicle close to the back fender of drivers side.

- Frances D

It is easy to drive and park.

Size and easy to maneuver in traffic and easy to park. There is nothing I dislike about this vehicle--this is the second one I have owned.

- Vicky K

Zoom-zoom. Luxury on the cheap.

The comfort the style and the smoothness of the ride it is very stylish and has good stereo system along with OnStar at your fingertips.

- Lori S

My Cadillac CTS and the awesome performance.

I have a bad wheel bearing. I could use a little more room in the driver seat because of leg comfort. I would like a navigation system.

- Steve A

I love the car and I will be driving Cadillacs the rest of my life.

My car has everything I need, it is a luxury car and it rides like one, however, the maintenance on the car is a little costly.

- Alfred J

It is a sport vehicle with stick shift.

I like the style and body its beautiful car. Its sport do super fast also manual. I do not like the size to small for 3 kids.

- Stacey S

It is a very comfortable car to travel in.

No complaints. Love the way it rides, very smooth. Love the color, crimson. Love the leather interior, very durable.

- First Name M

I love everything. Just take care of it. Keep up with it.

I love my Cadillac cts I never have issues with it. Thank god since I have had it never stopped on me with anything.

- Selena L

It is very fuel efficient.

Its roomy drives really good, dependable and reliable. But it's bad gas. If it had more mpg, it would be awesome.

- Frederick T

It is very comfortable! Your driving the smoothest ride possible.

It is a nice luxury vehicle, nice heated leather seats and smooth ride. Would def recommend, but high up keep.

- Gabrielle G

The one most important thing is that it has voice warnings of traffic jams and also a digital information.

The car I drive is beautiful and fun to drive, It is loaded with lots of luxury and is a four wheel drive.

- Alfred J

rear wheel drive with outstanding gas mileage and no maintenance

dependable, good gas mileage, rear wheel drive , its a station wagon with more room. no dislikes

- carley e

Repairs could be expensive after warranty expires

I love my vehicle, it has everything I want in a vehicle and will buy another in a few years.

- James S

How it handles in the rain and snow. The stopping range, the gas mileage.

It is a luxury sedan. It has 4 wheel drive. It is very comfortable and has GPS and leather.

- Bernie W

It is attractive and handles like a sports car and has great acceleration.

I love the color and the way it handles on the road.

- Kim E